Gavin woke up with a jump. His eyes half focused, sunlight illuminating his bed from the arched window high above him. He focused on the large whale printed canvas on the wall across from his bed. In his peripheral vision, he could see the blades of the white striped ceiling fan high above him. He heard another thud, and realized his stepdad must've been working on the project upstairs. It really wasn't an upstairs, but an attic. His Mom had purchased the 3 story home with her husband a few years ago, and they wanted to make the attic into a hobby loft, for her painting, sewing, and pottery. Gavin had always had the large room on the third level, since he was an only child, and his mother wanted him to enjoy the privacy.

He reached up, stretching with an arched back, to graze his fingers against the white tufted headboard. He felt a surge of arousal, as he curled his toes, and clenched his fists. He looked down, remembering he was completely naked. His dick was hard, and pointing up toward him, begging for attention. He giggled to himself, reaching down to caress the smooth underside of his throbbing shaft. He loved his body. He worked hard to maintain its shape, and figure, meticulously trimming every area of body hair, to keep it short, but soft enough to enjoy the feeling against his fingertips. He clenched his sphincter, and watched his dick rise, to point straight up at the ceiling. He had measured himself at 7 and 3/4 inch hard, with a 5 1/2 inch circumference, at full arousal. He was 17, but already a man. He'd been shaving since he was 13, and learned to jack off at the age of 14, when he'd walked in on his older cousin up at the cottage. It was embarrassing at the time, but he secretly thanked his cousin. The poor guy was the youngest of 6 children, and the only boy. He had latched the bathroom door that day, which always slipped loose, and Gavin had walked in, and saw his red-headed cousin stroking away, naked, leaning against the back of the toilet seat. There was no way to hide the fact, and he was so close to orgasm, that he yelled at Gavin to leave, only to start cumming right in front of him. Gavin stayed for a second, watching the white fluid spray across the floor, almost landing on his feet. He was shocked, pleased, aroused, and very curious at this discovery. His cousin never spoke to him again after that, but the image still remained as clear as day in his mind. He liked women, but that image had always intrigued him as to the pleasures men could enjoy with each other, that women would never be able to relate to. The art of ejaculation, and the ability to spread your seed freely, Fathering offspring, or making a sexual connection with another being, marking your territory so to speak.

He felt another surge of arousal, letting his dick fall against his hairy abs. He kept clenching, watching his dick stand up and fall down, several times. He soon had a steady flow of precum oozing out of the puckered tip of his dick head. He pulled down on the skin of his shaft, and pushed his dick to point straight up at the ceiling, focusing his eyes on the head, with a large drop of pre cum forming. He watched it slide down the upper side of his shaft, over his thumb, and down toward his trimmed bush. His bush of dark brown pubes spread over his inner thighs, and up toward his abs. They weren't rock hard, or even a six pack, technically, but he had a swimmer's

type build, and a flat stomach. His pubes turned into smooth dark hairs, which tapered toward his stomach, and formed a straight, soft line up toward his chest. His pecs were forming nicely, and he had dark curly hairs around each dark nipple. When he was with a girl, she always played with his nipple hairs. He felt masculine and strong with a girl laying across his chest. He enjoyed feeling powerful. He'd often wrestle with friends, pinning them down with his hands and legs, holding them back with his body weight. He'd often become erect while wrestling, and would joke about his opponent being so submissive, he wanted to dominate their ass. He never thought about following through with the threat, but somehow, he knew he could if he wanted to.

He watched as precum continuously flowed over his thumb, soaking into his dark bush. He slowly worked his thumb and forefinger up the shaft, pushing out more precum. After a few minutes, he had enough to completely lube himself up, and was enjoying a steady rhythm of strokes. He closed his eyes, only to open them immediately. He enjoyed watching himself jerk off. He arched his back, thrusting his dick out into the soft breeze from the ceiling fan, feeling his rising body eat being enveloped in the cool air flowing around him. He rested back against the bed, and stretched completely, reaching his left hand up and behind his head. He continued stroking with his right hand, turning his head to rest his cheek against his slightly bulging bicep. He got a slight whiff of musk from his open arm, and smirked, enjoying his manhood. He was starting to rock his hips a little, fucking his hand, when the door opened, and his stepdad walked in. "Oh shit!" He dropped the laundry basket he was holding, and backed quickly out into the hall. Gavin jumped out of bed, covering his dick with his hand, knowing he'd already been caught. He walked quickly to the door, shutting it softly, hearing his stepdad shuffling down the hall. He turned with his eyes clenched shut, sliding down to the wooden floor. He didn't know what to think, other than he'd been seen. He opened his eyes, relaxing his shoulders, and had to laugh at the situation. He didn't mind the fact that he'd been caught, or that it was his stepdad who caught him. Freddy was an awesome guy, and kind of hot when he thought about it. He stood up, and walked over to his bed, laying back down on top of the mattress, resuming his position. He grabbed his semi-hard dick, and vigorously jerked himself, quickly cumming in a fountain of spraying orgasm, coating his chest and abs with white fluid. He let out a few quick gasps and a deep moan, and let go of his dick, letting it fall into a puddle of cum. He got up, walking to his bathroom, cum dripping from him, leaving a love trail behind him. He turned on the shower, and stepped into the glass cube, completely soaking himself, and washing every crevice, from his toes, to his hairy ass. He turned away, letting the water spray against his strong shoulders, and tilting his head down. He opened his eyes, to see his stepdad in his room, putting his laundry away. He turned and shut the water off, stepping out of the shower, and grabbed his towel. He slowly toweled off, and looked through the open doorway, seeing his stepdad mopping at his floor with a towel. "Hey Freddy, I'll clean up after myself." He walked through the doorway, loosely holding the towel closed at his hip. "Oh, sorry for the intrusion earlier. I didn't realize you'd be awake this early." He eyed Gavin up and down for a moment. "It's cool, I just had to get off, you know?" "Oh, I know the feeling. I haven't gotten off in awhile." Freddy almost looked nervous, looking down at the floor, and reaching his hand up to rub his left shoulder. "Are you sore Freddy?" "Well, I've been trying to get this project done, and your Mom has been working a lot, so I haven't had a chance to bug her for a back rub." "Dude, I can rub one out if you want." Freddy looked shocked. "I meant a knot. I've done sports massage before." "Yeah? Well, if you want. It's no big deal." "Yeah, sure, just let me know when you're free, and I can give you a full massage." "Well, I'll go shower off, and you can just come down then." "Alright sounds good." Gavin let the towel fall open, and he walked to his dresser. He waited, and heard his door close a few seconds later, smirking to himself. He didn't know what had gotten into him, but being caught jacking, had opened a door of voyeurism in his mind.

Gavin pulled on a pair of cotton shorts, and toweled off his hair. He walked down the hall, and made his way down the open, spiraled stairwell, to the second floor, going down the hall to his Mom and stepdad's room. The door was slightly opened, and he pushed it, walking through, into the open bedroom. The bathroom door was also opened, and he walked around the corner to see Freddy toweling off his hair, in a pair of boxers. "Hey." Freddy jumped, and turned to see Gavin standing there. He had a boner in his boxers, and quickly wrapped the towel around his waist. He stuttered a greeting, and walked past Gavin. Gavin noticed how fit Freddy was, for a man in his 50s. He had grey tousled curly hair, and a scruffy chiseled face. His chest was sprinkled with freckled, and he had a flat stomach similar to Gavin's, but hairless. He did noticed some grey and black pubic hair showing around Freddy's lower abs, and guessed he didn't trim. "So how do you want me to do this?" "Well you're the expert, I'll just lay down and you can do the rest." He took off the towel, and lay on top of their large bed. Gavin got on the bed, and straddled over Freddy's ass, slowly massaging his shoulders. He felt himself becoming aroused again, without the confined of underwear beneath his shorts. His dick slowly made its way down the left pant leg, growing with every knead of his hands into the freckled shoulders of his stepdad.

He'd worked his way down Freddy's back, and his stepdad had let out a few moans of pleasure and relaxation throughout the session. Gavin started working on the upper mounds of Freddy's ass, and heard him say "Oh, Gavin, that's not necessary." "Oh okay, sorry, it's just part of the massage." "Well, I appreciate what you've done already." "Do you want your chest massaged?" "No, no, that's okay. I feel better though, thanks." He got off of Freddy, and waited while his stepdad sat up. His dick had softened, but was now a semi-hardon, and he glanced down, to see an outline down one leg of the light cotton shorts. Freddy sat up, and draped the towel across his lap. Gavin crossed his arms, and waited a moment, but Freddy stayed there, and chuckled. "I, I guess I have to wait a minute. I'm quite erect right now, and wouldn't want to embarrass you again." "You think that would embarrass me? You walked in on me jacking my dick. Let's see what you've got old man." Freddy looked shocked. "Oh, now I'm old? I've got an 8 inch dick , that still works I'll have you know." Gavin shrugged, and Freddy begrudgingly scooted to the edge of the bed, standing up, and pulling his boxers down, leaving his 8 inch dick standing straight out. Gavin tried to act natural, but it really was impressive. He had never seen an older man's dick before, and a freckled dick at that. It was almost a work of art, the way his salt & pepper pubes swirled around the base. It was a little on the veiny side, and darker than Gavin's. Freddy's dick was slowly bobbing up and down, begging for release. Gavin wondered when the last time Freddy had fucked his mom. "Seen enough?" "Yeah, that's impressive Freddy. I bet you get Mom off every time." Freddy laughed sarcastically. "Yeah, if she'd ever let me inside, I'd get her off. She's always tired when I want to be intimate." "Do you take care of yourself?" "No, not really, it's not something I find the time for." "How about now? I can show you a couple things old man." "Hey, enough of the old man shit, I'm only 56." "Well, I can show you a few things. You should take care of that, it's begging for it." He adjusted himself, as he felt a full on hardon coming.

Freddy seemed uneasy, and shrugged at the idea. Gavin persisted, telling him to relax, and they wouldn't have to touch each other, he would just walk him through the moves. "Okay, well, we can't do it here though. I just wouldn't feel right about it." Gavin walked out of their room, and down the hall. "We can go back to my room." He led the way up the stairs and down the hall to his room. Freddy stayed hard the entire time, bobbing up and down inside his boxers. Gavin entered his room, dropping his shorts to the floor, and waited for Freddy. He slowly slide his boxers down, as his dick sprang to life, freely bobbing in the open air. "Do you want to jack off together, or just watch?" "No, I'll just watch, and follow along. I haven't done this in awhile Gavin, I really don't know if this is appropriate." "Sure it is. You've already seen me jacking off, this time you're invited." He flopped on his bed, and adjusted a few pillows being, so he was practically sitting up. He started slowly stroking his dick, watching Freddy's eyes stroll up and down his body, while he did. He really loved being watched. He would occasionally pull at his hairy balls with his left hand, tugging at the head with his right. Freddy slowly started to mimic his actions, and he saw a shutter go through Freddy's body. "You ever use a vibrating cock ring?" Freddy shook his head no, and Gavin pointed to his dresser. "It's in the back of the bottom drawer. You'll love it." Freddy slowly walked to the dresser, kneeling down, he opened the drawer and reached to the back. He pulled out the cock ring and studied it, slowly standing up. Gavin noticed Freddy's balls were tight up against the undercarriage of his shaft. He bet anything Freddy would cum quickly, his dick was just waiting to spread that seed. He kept stroking, while Freddy adjusted the ring around the base of his shaft. pushing his thick pubes out of the way. He turned it on, and almost doubled over with a loud moan. "Fuccccck, shit. I'm gonna cum already." He turned it off quickly, and leaned against the dresser. Gavin laughed. "Go ahead man, enjoy it. You need to get off. It's the best feeling." He scooted to the edge of the bed, and stood up, facing Freddy, who appeared to be on the edge of orgasm. Gavin reached out slowly, and grabbed Freddy's dick. Freddy closed his eyes tightly, and moaned. "Ga-vin...I really...I don't know about this." He gulped loudly, and moaned. Gavin spit in his other hand, and rubbed his palm against the head of Freddy's dick. "Fuck. Dude, I don't know...God..." He let his weight lean against the dresser, tilting his head down in anticipation. Gavin kept rubbing his palm against the head of Freddy's dick, feeling the heat build. With his left hand he reached back and turned on the cock ring. Freddy jumped, and moaned loudly. "Fuck...God I'm gonna blow, I know it. I ca-cannnnt deal with it. Fuck." Gavin slide his fist around Freddy's dick, and jerked him a few short times, feeling Freddy explode with a powerful orgasm, shooting against Gavin's abs, and dick. "G-g-g-g-goddd..dammmm" Freddy's eyes remained closed, and Gavin continued stroking him, as he pumped out shot after shot of cum. Gavin turned off the cock ring, but continued to pump Freddy's dick. He grabbed himself with his left hand, and using Freddy's cum as lube, jerked himself a few times, feeling his orgasm rise quickly. "Fuck, oh fuck, fuck fuck." He thrusted his hips out, and shot a load against Freddy's abs and dick, coating him with the white fluid.

He let go of Freddy's dick, and shuffled back, falling against the mattress, exhausted. He felt his dick throb against his abs, and kept his eyes closed, enjoying the afterglow. He heard Freddy leave, and shut the door behind him. After a few minutes, Gavin opened his eyes, and sat up, seeing the mess of cum on the wooden floor, and over his abs and crotch. The cock ring was on top of the dresser, also coated in cum. He got up, and used his towel to wipe himself off, and wipe up the majority of mess on the floor. He went into the bathroom and showered off, fully dressing afterward, and walked downstairs. The house was completely quiet, aside from the shower running upstairs in his Mom & Stepdad's bathroom. He smirked to himself, and walked out the front door, heading for his car. He was going to try this voyeur thing out in public...



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