Karl, a 21 year-old good-looking gas station attendant, works Wednesday through Sunday at a major supermarket jointly owned gas station. He becomes so attracted to Brock, a 50 year-old regular customer, that he lays a plan to seduce Brock for hot messy Gay sex.


My name is Brock, a 50 year-old successful businessman, who purchases my gas at the station after shopping at the supermarket. I wish to share with the readers, the most interesting and intense dirty sexual experience with the cute twink working at the gas station.

I have been active as a Gay man since I was 18. Although I have had my share of hot men, I have never experienced hot sex with any man that compares with the sex I encountered with Karl, the twink.

Let me explain the event going back six months. I had seen an advertisement that this particular supermarket gave points for each supermarket purchase that could be redeemed at the gas station to reduce the price per gallon.

At my first shopping day at the supermarket, the checkout clerk gave me a gas discount card. As I was leaving the super market, I noticed I was low on gas so I went to the gas station to fill up the car.

The attendant is a young beautiful twink.

As I hand hm $40 so I can fill up my car on pump 7, he gives me a very sexy solicitation smile. He begins talking to me even thou there is a line of customers waiting to pay. He looks directly into my deep blue eyes with his sexy hazel eyes and says: "Sir, my name is Karl and I am here to serve you. Do you wish to purchase $40 of gas and do you have your discount card?" I think I see him wink as he gives me back my card.

Karl ask: "Sir, what is your name? My name is Karl. I tell him my name is Brock and that this is my first time shopping here. I feel an instant chemistry between us. Can this young man be coming on to me a 50 year-old Daddy?

Next Karl sends a definite signal when he says: "Brock, I hope you will become a regular customer and visit on my days on duty. I work Wednesday through Sunday from 1:00 PM until 10:00 PM." I feel a rush of heat in my groin and the beginning of swelling with my huge cock.

I must get out of here before someone sees my growing bulge. But I take time to respond. "Karl, I sure will take advantage of the reduced prices and always come when you are on duty." Karl sprouts a big grin and says: "Until next time, have a great week."

After filling up, I am so excited and lustful of the possibility of getting into this twinks crotch that I have a huge hardon. Soon I feel precum coming from my aching cock. Soon there is a ring of cum in my shorts and pants. I touch and am aware that I have soiled my shorts. I rush home, put away the groceries and get completely naked.

I put on a hot Gay porno movie, begin jacking off and soon shoot a huge cum load over my abs, stomach and chest. I take the cum on my fingers and eat it pretending that it is Karl's wet cum.

I do lots of driving as I own several golf courses in the region. Over the next several months I make sure I am near empty when I get back into town so I can visit this gas station with my new hot potential fuck buddy. As I am a shy man, I am careful not to rush or give away my lust for Karl. I will wait for his next move.

After six months, Karl makes the big move. One Sunday evening as I pay for my gas, Karl hands me a note that reads: "Brock, can I have your phone number so I can call you about a golf outing?" I am over joyed as I give him my pone number while shivers are running up and down my back. Here goes my cock again.

He has learned that I own golf courses and that I am a 50 year-old single man. I assure him that I want to take him golfing.

I go straight home, get naked, lube up my red hot cock and fleshjack. I begin fucking the fleshjack pretending it is Karl's man pussy. I explode with a huge load of thick sticky cum in the fleshjack. I finger the fleskjack collecting the cum and eating it.

A week later on Sunday evening my cell rings and I answer: "Hello, this is Brock."

"Hey, Brock, this is your friend Karl. Do you have time to talk?"

"Oh, yes, Karl, I am so pleased you called."

"Well, Brock, I want to get to know you better. I was hoping you would take me golfing. I am poor and cannot afford golf clubs."

"Oh, Karl, I have tomorrow free and you are off. I have lots of golf clubs. What time shall I pick you up and where do you live?" We agree on 8 AM.

The next morning I pick up Karl and we spend the day golfing as I teach him some techniques. Of course the lesson requires me to often rub up against Karl as he holds the golf club. From time to time, I can feel him rubbing his hot leg against one of my hard thighs.

I take him to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. We are given a booth that is isolated from the main dinning area. As I take my seat, I am surprised when Karl sits down next to me rather than on the opposite side of the booth. WOW! I am getting really hot. We order drinks. Soon Karl ask for a second strong drink. He is now relaxed and brave.

"Brock, I have had sex with some of the guys my own age. But I dream of having sex with an older man. From the first day I met you, I have been lusting after you. I bet you are experienced in making wild steamy sex. There is no teacher like experience. You are a gorgeous hunk who is in great shape. I love the beautiful clothes you wear. You always look like you have just jumped off the front page of a man's hot magazine."

Before I can respond, Karl moves his hot hand up my rock hard thigh soon reaching my crotch and growing cock. He has discovered that I am sprouting a rock hard boner that he begins to massage. I cannot avoid a low moaning sound as precum is seeping through my shorts creating a big round wet spot. I can actually smell the cum.

Now that Karl knows I am in heat, he unzips my pants, pulls out my rock hard leaking wood and begins jerking me off as I wet his fingers with the precum. Cum is mixing with our possible dinner.

I am so excited that I reach over and put my hand on his crotch. He has a huge wet bulge. I unzip his pants and pull out a large cock. I begin jerking him off. Again wet fingers.

"Karl, how big is that prick of yours?"

"Oh, Brock, it is big for a twink. I am 8.5" when totally hard. I also have a large thick girth or cock shaft. Your cock seems very large. How big is it?"

"Karl, let me tell you, baby. It is very big and rough. I am 9" when totally turned on. My thickness is very huge. You would find it like a jack hammer in your ass."

Karl turns red and his eyes bulge as he says: "OH, Daddy. I want your steel rod in my ass tonight."

We stop and have dinner and leave for my condo. We go directly to my bedroom with a King size bed. We break a record of getting naked.

WOW! Karl is about 5'7", weighs around 145 pounds, has beautiful short strawberry hair, hazel eyes, a small well-trimmed red goatee that makes him very sexy, solid arms, flat chest and stomach, and ribbed hard abs. He has a very light fuzzy red stream of hair from his chest to his crotch as well as fuzzy red hair on his legs. He has a shaven smooth asshole that is very pink. His cock is 8.5 inches with large low hanging balls.

I am a 50 year-old with a well trimmed athletic body. I have curly short blond hair, deep blue eyes, stand 6 feet, weight 175 pounds, strong muscled arms, biceps, legs, abs, thighs and strong legs. My monstrous cock is 9 inches with big balls and thick girth. My cock is very experienced from many entrances into man pussy.


"Brock, I want us to suck cock, suck and lick each others nuts, rim ass, fuck ass bareback and eat cum. Are you ok with that?"

"OMG, Karl, yes. Lets get started."

"OH, Karl, you are such a horny lustful sweet bitch, slut and fucking cute sexy guy. Yes, I want to do all those things to you and you in turn do all of them to me. Lets see how many times we can come tonight. Lets fuck over and over. You have a young libido and raging hormones but I am know also for stamina. I want to make you so sore that you will walk funny for days."

"Oh, Brock, I am so horny. Lets shower so we can bareback. I want to feel your raw cock and warm seed in me." We shower and douche our asses.

AS we stand next to the bed, Karl takes me in his arms, hug and kisses me as our bodies melt together, flesh to flesh. We grab each other by our ass cheeks and press hard as our dripping cocks rub up and down against each other. As Karl plants his hot and wet lips up against my lips, I open my mouth to receive his wet tongue. We begin to suck each others wet tongues and produce gobs of spit that is dripping from our mouths and chins---what a sloppy session.

We lie down on the bed facing each other. Karl takes his gigantic sausage and swings it back and forth while hitting my face with this leaking cock. Soon he climbs on top of me planting his hot legs on each side of my face. He places his leaking cock against my lips and slowly parts my lips driving his steel rod deep into my throat. He puts his boner on the roof of my mouth and I use my tongue to massage underneath the ridge of his cock shaft. Karl is driven to a wild rage of fucking my mouth over and over as I swallow his thick precum. I feel something thick and salty on my tongue.

"OMG! Brock, only a guy knows what it feels like to suck another guy's cock. Only a guy can give a great blowjob. Oh, yes, suck my cock." I suck his cock with the force of a vacuum cleaner. As he nears a climax, he pulls out and heads south toward my crotch. He bites and sucks on my nipples, runs his tongue around the fuzz of my bellybutton, and lands on my aching hard cock.

Karl starts spitting and kissing my cock head, my cock shaft, my nuts and going underneath to lick and eat my ass. He sniffs and exhales his breath all over my crotch. I love the warm air. He is so turned on that he takes one hand and grabs my balls while he come down on my cock with his wet mouth. He is devouring my entire cock.

I can feel his increasing wet goatee rubbing against my skin. I love the feel of his goatee hair rubbing against me. I now know why he has grown a goatee. This is really hot.

He gives me a super blow job. A man's mouth knows how to suck cock. Before I come, he pulls off.

As I am flat on my back covered in sweat and spit with my legs high in the air, Karl begins inserting his huge cock deep into my man pussy without any lube as I am already soaked. I spread my legs to let him enter me with great force. Soon he is all the way in and pounding my ass without any mercy. Oh, the sensation is beyond description as to eroticism.

Karl arches his back, thrust his hips forward as he drives in and out of my ass with increasing speed. I use my ass muscles to clamp down on his raging cock. The feeling is intense as his cock and my wet walls melt together.

"Karl, you lustful dude, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, make me feel the pain of your hot rod. Don't stop. I want you to fill me with your thick white seed."

Karl, yells: "OMG, I cannot stop. I have passed the blue line. I am going to come. Oh, yes, here I come. I feel the cum shooting from my piss slit. Baby, Do you feel it?" Karl's toes turn under, his leg muscles strain, his breath grows strong, he lets out a loud grunt and I can feel him fire one load after another deep into my guts.

When he is spent, he pulls out and puts his still semi-hard cock in my mouth to feed me his hot salty cum. I lick it all up. He then fingers my ass to retrieve some more of his cum that he licks off his fingers and kisses me to share his manhood.

I now place Karl on his back, spread his legs wide, and move my face and mouth into his smelly crotch. I lick and suck his smooth pink ass as well as his now purple spent cock head.

I finger and eat his ass getting him ready for my big boner. I take my slightly curved upward tire iron hard cock and begin slowly rubbing it up and down his ass crack. Karl is so turned on that his cock begins to swell again in my hand.

I slowly begin to enter his wide-open pulsating ass that is begging for my cock. I soon fill his entire ass with all my 9 inches. I fuck him harder and harder and faster and faster as I talk dirty to him. He loves dirty talk.

"Karl, baby, my bitch. I am going to give you the fuck of your life. Take my big boy, you dirty bitch, you slut, and whore. How do you like this Daddy, do you like my experienced cock? I will make you my bitch."

Karl is wild with lust as he begs me: "OH, Daddy, I love your big cock. I feel your pubic hair against my ass. Oh, Daddy you are so big. Please Daddy, FUCK ME, FUCK ME! I love you Daddy. Fill me with your jazz. I want your juices to become part of me, Daddy. Oh, Fuck, Daddy, I am your bitch, your horny slut, make me your dirty whore. Oh, Daddy, your horse cock should be outlawed as a deadly weapon."

This puts me over the edge. I fire blast after blast of my huge thick white and sticky cum deep into my fuck buddy. Karl is so turned on as he feels my seed that he shoots another huge load on his chest and face.

I pull out and have Karl suck the last drops off my cock. I suck the leaking cum from his ass and we kiss to enjoy the taste. I also lick his cum off his chest and face.

We continue fucking through the night as I fuck Karl on the dinning room table, the pool table and while holding him in my arms. He fucks me in the shower, on the deck and on the living room floor.

We agree that this is only the beginning of our hot sexual life together.



Naughty Eric


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