We blame the whole thing on the booze and the drugs. Like they say, that's our story, and we're sticking to it. We'd been on the road for about 100 years, it felt like. Motel after motel, stage after stage, audience after audience. The first part of the tour had been a fuckfest, until that little incident we can't talk about for another seven years. Then the suit from the label showed up, and we became good little boys overnight. Good, bored, horny little boys. I still swear it was Don who first made the joke about fucking Gary's ass. He swears it was me. Gary doesn't remember.

The three of us were sitting around the motel room, blowing smoke and sucking whiskey. We were loose, and started talking about how horny we were, how much our balls hurt. Intellectual shit like that. Don and I were in jeans and nothing else. Gary was lying face down on the bed, bare assed naked. He'd just gotten out of the shower and was letting the air conditioner blow on his damp body. We were all hurting, especially Don. We all fancied ourselves superstuds, but Don wasn't human. When he went on a cunt hunt, he stalked them by the herd. He got rock hard as we talked about how much our balls hurt. He stood, stripped off his jeans and briefs, then sat, threw a leg over the arm of the chair and started stroking his hard cock. One of the reasons we had a love/hate thing: the man just didn't give a fuck.

We talked fucking, lit a couple more joints, and I swear I thought he was staring off into space as he played with his cock. He wasn't. Suddenly, he said 'you know, he does have a nice ass. A really nice ass.' We might have made it past that moment if Gary hadn't raised his head, batted his bleary eyes and said 'tightest fucking hole you'll ever meet. Beg me and I might letcha fuck me.' Then he put his head back down, so he didn't see Don go rigid, his eyes kind of blank. Don got up, walked over, slid onto the bed, and started rubbing and kissing Gary's ass. It took almost a full minute for the sensations to melt into Gary's brain and register as real. He took another good five minutes to realize it was Don. He raised his head, a big invisible question mark hovering over his head. I just sat and stared, my cock suddenly stiff. Fuck it, I thought, and stood and stripped. I plopped my ass back into the chair and stroked my hardon. Gary watched me intently, his eyes following every movement of my hand. I spread my legs wide, reached down and fondled my balls with my left hand and kept on stroking. Gary kept on watching. Don kept on rubbing and kissing. Then all hell broke loose.

Don reached under Gary and fondled his cock, which caused Gary to raise his ass in the air so that Don could get a better grip on the hardon he'd been hiding. Don had always been a backdoor man, so I wasn't suprised at all that he started to tongue Gary's asshole. I was kind of surprised that Gary just closed his eyes and moaned. I was even more surprised when I got up, slid onto the bed, and rubbed my cock right in front of Gary's face. It took a while for his eyes to focus, but when the did, he slurped his tongue all over the head and took me in his mouth. I brushed his long dark hair out of his face so I could watch his tight mouth slide up and down on my cock. It felt great. Better than great.

Don had grabbed a bottle of hand lotion off the nightstand and lubricated his hand. He put a finger against Gary's hole, and I swear I could feel it through Gary's mouth when it went in. He moaned, spread his knees and said something that sounded a lot like 'do it.' It was hard to tell, because he was still sucking the hell out of my cock. Don obviously thought that's what he said, too, because immediately he was sliding his cock up Gary's ass and starting to pump. 'Motherfucker,' he gasped. 'His shithole is tight. He's got the hole of a fifteen-year-old.' Since Don was our resident expert on fifteen-year-olds, I took his word for it.

I leaned back on my hands to let it all happen. It had been a long time, and I wanted it to last. I looked up at one point, and saw two of our roadies standing their with their mouths open. I shrugged at them, and focused back on Gary's suck job. When I looked back at the roadies, their mouths were closed but their pants were open. I came in Gary's mouth and he lapped it up, swallowing it, still sucking me, until I pulled my cock out of his mouth. Gary gave me a big cum soaked grin, then announced 'Next!' Tim nearly knocked me off the fucking bed getting his cock into Gary's mouth. Gary started to suck again, his head bobbing as his ass slammed back against Don's pounding cock. Tim put his hands on the top of Gary's head and bounced his ass up and down on the bed, driving his rod deep.

Don has the loudest fucking orgasm I've ever heard. One of the longest, too. When he started that loud howling cum , pounding Gary's ass faster and faster, it pretty much tore the lid off of everything. Two more roadies and our keyboard player were now in the room, clothes being ripped off and tossed. Tim came in Gary's mouth as Don finally finished pumping cum up his ass. They both fell backwards, Tim off the bed completely. Gary had cum dripping down his chin and his legs. And again, he said 'Next!' He had a roadie's cock in both ends in seconds. He gobbled at the cock in his mouth and shoved back to meet the one slamming his ass.

Joe, the keyboard player, wandered over and offered me a hit on the joint. He was naked, and fingering his cock. 'Gary's pulling a train,' he said. I figured that didn't really need a reply, so I just put a cold can of beer against my forehead. We watched as Gary got another load of cum up his ass. There was another cock lined up for his sloppy ass immediately. Lee pulled his cock out of Gary's mouth just as he began to spurt, and deposited cum all over Gary's face. For some reason, that made Gary hotter than every and he started to howl 'Cum on me! Cum in me! Cum all over!!!' Joe tilted his head and stared. 'Gary's cumming,' he said.

That much was obvious. His back was arched, he clutched at the sheets and his face turned kind of purple. The first thing he said when he could talk again was a loud, clear 'Next!'

Joe wandered over and slid his cock under Gary's face, who immediately took it deep in his mouth. The idiot roadie whose name I could never remember pounded his cock into Gary's cum filled ass. It made a kind of a squishing sound that for some reason, made me hard as a rock again. I hadn't planned on doing it, but rapidly I was kneeling behind Gary, fucking the hell out of his nasty ass. It was an amazing feeling, and I screwed him for all I was worth. I shot another load in him, that immediately ran out.

I have no idea the number of times Gary got his ass fucked, or how many cocks he sucked. I know Don did him twice more. A bunch of the others went around again, too. Then, we all got quiet as our horn player walked in. Jackson was 6'6' tall, very black skin, and no one had ever seen him smile. He sent his eyes around the room until the rested on the very cum soaked Gary, still on his hands and knees on the soaked sheets. Jackson very slowly took off his pants, and turned loose the biggest fucking cock in the world. 12' easily, possibly more and thicker than we could believe. Without even blinking, he knelt behind Gary and slid that huge fucking thing in. Gary looked startled for a second, then began to slam his ass back. They fucked in silence, except for the sound of that huge fuckstick slurping into Gary's asshole. It seemed to go on forever, and I really wished I'd timed it. Gary exploded cum and passed out, and Jackson just held up his hips and kept fucking him. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Jackson slammed it in one last time, grunted, and the largest amount of jism ever seen in one place poured down Gary's thighs. Jackson went into the bathroom with his clothes and took a shower, all without saying a word.

Some of us wandered off and some of us passed out. Most of us never talked about it again. Gary and I have never talked about it. And we've had plenty of opportunities to. We're roommates now.


Morgan Grayson

[email protected]


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