I needed to do something with my garden and had decided to gravel it to accomplish this i first needed to remove the turf a job that was very challenging.

David a young guy up the road i knew from helping out at the local football club , i say helping out my friend happened to ask me to come along one day and help him with first aid as iam qualified so thas the sum of my involvement.

Well david played for 18yrs team and often passed my house in his football shorts on match days,he was more than cute with an athletic build and slim with it i often hoped he would need my services as a masseur when he played.

Well i decided that i would ask david if he fancied helping out with my garden so one day after the match i called him over.

He said he would help me the following saturday as he had no football i agreed that i would pay him for his help and treat him to lunch.

One week later i was witing expectantly for my young helper i am quite fit myself as i swim and i had dressed in my old cut off jeans and t shirt as the forecast was for a hot day.

My skip arrived early and i got to work shovelling grass into it i hadnt been working long when a voice said hi Pete, it was my young helper and i was pleased to see that he obviously had the same idea about the weather he had a skimpy top on and an old pair of football shorts as well as a base ball cap shading his eyes.

It didnt take us long to half fill the skip and it was fast coming up to lunchtime the midday sun had indeed appeared and both Dave and myself were very hot and sweaty i was more so by watching daves cute bum as he bent over to lift another sod of earth it had been quite a distractio which had ensured my cock was like a rod of iron under my skimpy shorts.

I hoped that david hadnt noticed as i had plans for him later and didnt want to give my game away.

I suggested we take a break and we moved into the back garden i fetched some cool drinks and a couple of sandwiches which we preceded to eat during the break i looked my young helper over he was certainly fit his long tanned legs met his cute arse and having taken off his hat his floppy black hair lay in a loose fringe over his eyes

his eyes were piercing blue and he had the cutest little nose and the sweetest lips oh my god my fantasies were off again and i had to bring myself back to earth.

I started to ask david about his social life did he ever go out much?

No he replied he was nearly always training for football or having a kick about.

What about girl friends i asked anyone special naw not really had a girlfriend but didnt last she wanted to see me all the time and i was to busy for that.

We chatted about his ambitions and he told me he hoped to make it as a footballer.

I joked he may be the next Beckham he laughed and said he would rather be like ronaldo cos he was good looking and talented.

I said you mean you think ronaldo is good looking ?

Dont you he asked mmm i suppose i do i lied i really think ronado is sooo cute anyway david continued saying he had seen ronaldo in the paper when he was on holiday and he looked really cute in his swimshorts and tanned body.

I was beginning to wonder about my young friend had he sussed me out, i suggested we return to work and gave him a playful slap across his bum he turned and i was worried i ahd gone to far , he flashed me a wide smile and said hey carefull you may damage my modelling career i laughed and we got back to it after a few more hours all tghe turf was gone and the skip filled.

I invited david inside and offered him a cool beer thanks he said but i dont want to sit down on your sofa in my dirty gear.

Well you can always take a shower if you like i said hopefully yeagh if ya dont mind that would be cool i have some clean clothes in my bag cos i was gonna go straight to a mates from here and play x box.

i showed david where the guest room shower was and left him to it.

I stripped and went into my shower soaping myself up i gently stroked my hard on which still was rigid at the thought of my young friend only yards away naked and soaping himself down.

i finished up and threw on a skimpy pair of briefs and a pair of jogging bottoms i didnt put on a top as it was so warm even now in early evening.

David came out of the guest room as i walked along the landing i nearly fell over he was only wearing a pair of yellow boxer shorts which hugged in all the right places and omg he had a very nice bulge in the front i nearly came there and then but composed myself.

Soz he said but i left my bag with the rest of me clothes downstairs ,dont worry i said it still hot and what ever you are comfortable in ,

we went downstairs but David didnt make any effort to add to his clthing (i was beginning to get a strange feeling that maybe he wasnt as green as i thought )anyway he got his beer and we retired to the sofa he sat and lounged out saying what a nice place i thanked him and asked if chinese take away would be ok for food he agreed that he loved chinese but his mum rarely bought it.

I ordered a set meal for 2 and settled down i asked david what time he had to be at his mates aw dont worry he said i can eat first he will expect me when i arrive.

Ok thats cool i said david asked me about my job and i tried to answer keeping my mind on his questions even though he looked so cute in his little boxers stretched out on my sofa and my cock was stirring in my pants.

i told him that i worked full time as a pysiotherapist mainly in private clinics with allsorts of things from accidents to strains and sprains.

The doorbell rang and our food arrived we sat down and soon only empty plates were left we really had worked an appetite.

After dinner david told me that three weeks earlier he had had a pain in his calf and it was still niggling even now.

Did he want me to look at it i asked would you he replied, my heart skipped a beat i asked him to lie on the floor and gradually started working on his foot i massaged his foot then moved uo the back of his leg to the claf muscle gently massaging david moaned and said how nice it felt i reached the top of his leg and approached the leg of his boxers, i asked david if he minded taking them off as the muscle group ran into his bum and i would need to work on them (this was rubbish but i hoped he would swallow it)

oh ok he said and gently lifted his but enough for me to slip his boxers down and off his ankles.

I was met with the most wonderful sight of the cutest tight little arse, i told david to realx and that he would feel my hands on his bum but not to worry it was all part of the treatment.

I gently massaged his buttock and spread his legs slightly this revealed a very inviting but hole so pink and youthfull, by now i had a raging hard on and was doing all i could not to simply throw myself on my young victim.

as i continued i rubbed a finger past the love hole and david gave a little shudder oh he moaned that was nice.

i asked david if he had a pain anywhere else and he suprised me by saying yes here as it did so he turned over and put his hand on his crotch i was taken aback and he said oh dont worry pete i know you are gay and ia also knew you couldnt resist me if i showed you my boxers now would you like to massage this and take away the ache i have in my balls.

A pleasure i said and lowered my mouth onto his rigid cock i licked away the precum and sucked hungrily david moaned and said oh yes suck me dry i stuck a finger into his arse and he really started to moan oh yes please make me cum at that i felt his balls tighten and my mouth was filled with his young sweet boy juice he pumped and pumped and i was about to gag but kept on swallowing eventually he subsided and i took a mouthfull of his cum and opened his cute mouth with my tongue allowing him to taste his own cum.

Oh god he moaned that was mega dont worry i replied i havent even started over the next hour i rimmed my dear little helpers cute arse fingering him before finally entering that little cavern with all my manhood as i slowly fucked him david cried like a wild animal urging me to drive deeper and deeper into his love hole and fill his arse with my seed. something i felt i had to comply with after all my garden boy earned his reward for a hard days work.




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