I would like to say Jim forced me but he didn't. He only made the suggestion that planted the seed and let me explore and discover my own feelings. Jim was older than me; he was twenty one, and looked older. Maybe he looked older to me because he was in the Marine reserves. I was barely eighteen, still in high school, and I looked younger. He was bigger, too. A lot bigger. He probably weighed a good forty pounds more than my one-sixty-five. He didn't consider himself a bodybuilder, but he lifted weights and he was all muscle. Jim was working for my dad as a mechanic after classes at the local college, which meant he worked a lot of nights. I helped out, cleaning parts, cleaning the floor, getting Jim a coke or water or whatever he wanted, and learning from him. He was like a big brother to me, only more; he was almost my idol.

I was delighted the day the plumbers came to install the shower in the back of the garage behind the office. It was so Jim could shower and clean up before he went home or out on a date. He liked to work without his shirt after closing and I loved seeing him with grease smudges on his muscles and on his handsome face, but the prospect of seeing him in the shower excited me beyond belief.

It was nine o'clock on Friday night and I was sweeping up the oil-dry that I'd sprinkled on the floor, working around Jim and the car that he was still working on. He was under the car on a roll-about with his bottom half sticking out, his long, muscular thighs and his bulging crotch and about six inches of his hard abs showing and I just stopped to watch. More than once I'd thought about dropping a wrench on his manhood when he asked me for one then scramble to get it and get a good feel, but I never had the nerve. Someday I would. I knew something was going to happen with me and Jim, I just didn't know when or how. Jim shoved himself out from under the car and his abs tensed and rippled as he sat up.

'That's it for the night,' he announced. 'You about done sweeping up?'


'I'm gonna go shower, then I'll drop you off at home,' he said.

'That's okay, I can walk,' I said. My car was in the next bay, waiting for Jim to look at it. I wanted him to drop me off but I wanted to appear independent, too, and I didn't want him to think I was afraid of walking home in the dark. Actually, I wanted him to do more than drop me off. I wanted us to drive out in the country and...well, I hadn't quite formulated the details yet but if we ever did end up out on a country road together at night, I was sure I would think of something. I hurried up with sweeping the bay so I could go clean the office, closer to the shower. If he left the rear office door open, you could see right into the shower. When I heard the water running I left the broom against the wall and rushed into the office.

'Hey, Ace, get a towel from my locker, will you?' Jim called out.

'Yeah.' My hands were shaking as I got a clean towel from his locker which was out in the garage. I didn't think my legs were going to get me back through the office, I was so weak with excitement, for this meant only one thing; I was going to get to see big Jim Robinson naked!

'I got your towel,' I told him over the spraying water.

'Yeah, thanks.'

I didn't hang the towel on the hook. I stood there holding it and shaking all over, waiting for him to turn off the shower. He startled me when he opened the shower door and I had to stifle a gasp at my first glimpse of him naked. He gave me a funny look. 'You could just hang it on the hook,' he said as he reached out and took the towel out of my hands. The funny look was because I was just standing there holding the towel, waiting for him to come out, and then when he did I couldn't even hand it to him; he had to reach for it.

I tried to keep my eyes busy elsewhere as he dried off but they wouldn't stop focusing back on Jim's magnificent naked, muscular body. I should've turned and went back through the office so I didn't have to look at him. I tried, but my feet wouldn't move and I doubted my legs would either. So there I stood, transfixed by the sight of the big stud in all his naked glory, especially his manhood. That was the focal point of all of his muscles; the draw that wouldn't let me look away or leave the spot. God, he was big! I thought I was pretty good sized...and I was, compared to other guys my age...but Jim was BIG! I wondered how big he got when he was hard; and how many girls he'd ever found who could take him. Dam, he must drive a woman crazy with a cock that size.

Suddenly Jim slowed his drying off, like he was moving in slow-motion, then he stopped altogether. He held the towel in one hand and I saw a faint smile come across his face. I didn't know why he was smiling till he looked down at his own nakedness, then I knew. He was on to me! And why not? I'd done about everything but yell it from the rooftop.

'Ace...?' he said, with a curious, frowning grin.

'W-what?' I said, glancing at him. I loved him calling me Ace.

'Tell me I'm not thinking what I'm thinking, Ace,' he said.

'I don't know, what're you thinking?' I asked cockily.

'I think I'm thinking what you're thinking,' he said.

'H-how d-do you know w-what I'm thinking?' I stammered.

'Well, maybe I don't know, for sure, but the way you're looking at me and stammering around, I'm gonna take a wild guess.' He reached down and cupped his hand over his manhood. 'You want some of this,' he said.

I did a double-take and stepped back a couple of steps, shocked. I hoped it looked convincing.

'What?' I gasped. 'W-why w-would I...?'

'Curiosity,' he said. 'Hey, it's okay to be curious. I was when I was your age,' he said.

I was still frowning with indignation but I was still there, looking at him but trying not to.

'You were? What is there to be curious about? I've got one, too,' I said smartly, thankful that I didn't stammer this time.

'As big as this?' he asked, pulling on his rubbery cock.

'No. But I don't get any complaints,' I said.

'No complaints from who?'

He knew I was bragging and lying; I was still a virgin and right then I was sure it was written all over my face...across my forehead in neon lights. Jim kept pulling on his cock, causing it to expand. He laid his towel over his shoulder and cupped his balls and pulled on them. I could see his cock getting bigger and my mouth started to water. Shit, I hoped I didn't start drooling. I still didn't know exactly what I wanted to happen, in detail, but I guess my mouth did. I felt a little twinge in my ass, too, but I shrugged that off as a nervous twitch. Yeah, my ass was nervous all right, I just didn't know why. Then he let go of his cock and balls, letting his cock sway out in a wide arch.

'Do you want to touch it?' he asked.

'No,' I said.

'Okay,' he shrugged. He bent down to get a clean pair of shorts that were lying on the small bench outside the shower and I got a good look at his butt. Fuck, he had a great butt! I'd been noticing guys' butts lately and I loved the way Jim's muscular buns rolled and flexed and churned inside his jeans when he walked and it stuck out nice and big and round, like a couple of soccer balls inside his jeans. He got a big kick out of the girls going ga-ga over his butt. It was more than just a glimpse at his naked glutes. I got a good look between his buns, too, at his asshole and I was strangely proud that I was probably one of the very few people in the world who had ever been privileged to see his asshole snuggled deep between his muscle buns behind a light flurry of hair. He straightened and turned back to me as he put his shorts on. He pulled them up his muscular thighs then paused.

'Last chance,' he said, jokingly, only I knew he wasn't completely joking.

I tried to laugh and shook my head and he pulled his briefs up. I cursed my cowardice as the white material slowly concealed his manhood. It was almost like the white cotton was caressing his manhood as it molded to its shape. I liked the way the thing bulged against the material but it was covered and I wanted to see it raw. He already had me pegged, why not just admit to it and get what I wanted? But I was a gutless wonder. Jim hefted his shorts up and ran his hand lovingly down over the bulge and reached for the clean jeans off the bench. It struck me then that maybe he'd planned this; he had his clean clothes out of his locker, but I had to go get him a clean towel. Or maybe he just forgot to get his towel.

'Did you finish up, ready to lock up?' he asked me as he pulled his jeans on.


'You want a ride home or not?' he asked.

'Yeah, I guess so.' I changed my mind on the slim chance that he might not take me straight home now; that he might drive out in the country like I'd dreamed of. But he acted like nothing unusual had happened. He talked about sports as he drove, like always, and cars. In front of my house he doused his headlights which meant he wasn't finished talking; I knew that much about him.

'Hey, Ace,' he said as he reached over and squeeze my thigh. 'I'm working tomorrow and I've got a date tomorrow night, but I'll meet you Sunday evening, back in woods. You know that big old gnarled tree back behind the frog pond?'

'Yeah, but...why..?'

'I'll meet you behind the tree,' he cut me off.

I tried again to ask him why he wanted me to meet him, but I couldn't get the words out and he had turned his headlights back on, signaling that he was ready to go. I got out and walked on trembling legs up to the door. My hand was shaking as I turned the knob. Inside, I made a bee-line for the stairs to go up to my room. I didn't want to talk to Mom and Dad.

'Get everything closed up?' my dad called out.


'Did you turn all the lights out?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Do you want a bite to eat?' my mother asked.

'No, thanks, mom, Jim and I grabbed a hamburger on the way home. I'm going on to bed.' I hated myself for lying to my mom, even little lies. I struggled up the stairs and made it into my room. I closed the door behind me and leaned against it. My bed looked so far away. I began taking off my clothes as I walked to the bed. I wanted to be naked and in the dark. I wanted to feel my hands on my own body as I conjured up images of Jim in my mind and pretended they were his hands all over me. Man, I had to jack off in the worst way.

I had to work Saturday and I was both dreading and looking forward to it. I loved being around Jim all I could, but I was scared that he would bring up the night before, and I didn't want to hear anymore about it. Well, I did, but I was embarrassed and scared of what he would say, what I would have to say back, and where it might actually lead. I knew where I wanted it to lead, but I was scared to go there. But he didn't mention it and I didn't bring it up. It was as if it were totally forgotten and that's exactly what I intended to do. After sweeping up I left at five, it being Saturday, leaving Jim to work the additional two hours till closing time. I wanted to stay and watch him shower again, but I didn't dare. I couldn't without looking obvious and without raising the issue from the night before. I stuck my head in the bay and told Jim I was leaving.

'Okay, Ace. See you tomorrow,' he said.

A chill ran down my spine; I almost winced. He hadn't forgotten. He was still assuming that I would meet him. Well, he had a big surprise coming. He would find himself sitting out behind the big tree listening to the bullfrogs all by himself.

I didn't have a date but I went downtown to the old drugstore which was still a teen hangout as it had been for the last fifty some years. I ended up with Theresa Wells but all we did was go to a movie and I held her hand, up on the arm between us. She put my hand on her thigh and I took my cue, as was expected of any red-blooded just-turned-eighteen-year-old. I squeezed her thigh and she let go of my hand. I started playing with her leg and getting brave and moving my fingers down between her legs and I was shocked that she spread them out for me. I got braver and moved my hand up into the apex of her thighs where I got the surprise of my life. I felt bare, smooth flesh! She didn't have anything on under the short skirt she wore and she was smooth as a baby's butt. I left my hand there, even though I was so shocked I almost pulled it back. I moved my fingers and felt her smoothness some more than found her pussy. Her cunt lips were soft and pliable and so warm and I tweaked them with my thumb. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her close her eyes and her mouth became slack. I curled my

fingers up against her pussy and felt the wetness there. Shit, she must be drooling all over the seat, I thought. I rubbed my fingers around her pussy, squeezing her cunt lips together against the knuckle of my middle finger. Then I got brave and shoved a couple of fingers up inside her pussy. She stifled a little gasp and tried to keep from tossing her head back. She tried to keep her eyes fixed on the screen but she kept closing them. I must really be making her feel good, I thought. I started

finger-fucking her, twisting my wrist so I could get my three middle fingers deeper inside her. She squeezed her thighs against my hand and grabbed my wrist to stop me. But I held my hand still till she let go and relaxed her legs then I started on her again.

Somewhere along the ling, somehow, I found her clit. I'd heard about the magic button but I'd never felt one. This was the first time I'd ever felt a girl's pussy so boldly, and certainly the first time I'd felt up inside one. Anyway, I touched something up between her cunt lips and she brought her hand up to her mouth real quick to stifle a little squealing gasp and I knew I'd struck gold. I could see her eyes bugged out. I kept playing with her clit and she started humping my hand while trying to pretend to be sitting still. She was going nuts from the waist down. I was too, but I ignored the raging hardon pounding to get out of my jeans.

I wanted to do everything I could to make her feel good. I didn't really know if girls came like guys do but she was sure working up to something. I worked two fingers up inside her pussy again at the same time I was rubbing her clit. That drove her over the top. She grabbed my wrist to stop me but held my hand between her legs as she humped it and trembled and tried to hold her hand over her mouth casual as she could to keep from screaming. Finally, she pushed my hand away and I put it back up on the arm between us to let it dry off. Gradually, she calmed down and laid her hand on mine. It was still wet from her pussy and she pulled her hand away.

After the movie Theresa met up with other girls who had gone to the movie and we parted ways. It wasn't really a date, so neither of us felt obligated for me to take her anywhere else or see her home. She had come with her friends and she would go home with them.

Someone came up behind me and clamped his arm across my shoulder.

'Goddam, Ace, what were you doing to Theresa?' he asked, laughing.

I turned with a scowl and a half-smile. It was Jason Downs. The smile won out because I was so proud that somebody had seen what was going in.

'Nothing, why?' I said.

'Nothing, your ass. She was fighting to keep from screaming,' Jason said.

'How many fingers did you have in her?'

'Three,' I said truthfully. 'Sometimes two when my third finger was busy with her clit,' I added.

'Aw, Shit! You found it?!!'

'Well, yeah...it wasn't exactly hiding from me,' I said smartly.

'It hides from me,' Jason said. 'I've finger-fucked my share of girls but I've never been able to find her clit.'

'How the fuck can you not find a girl's clit?' I asked. 'Shit, Jason, it's there, all you gotta do is...'

'Just tell me one thing. Is it up insider her?'

'No, dumb-fuck' I said. 'It's up between her cunt lips.'

'Oh, well, fuck, that's the reason I was never able to find it. I thought it was inside her pussy. That's where I was looking.'

'You're a fuckin' idiot, Jason.'

'I won't be after my next date with Linda,' Jason said.

'You want me to come along and help you find her clit?' I joked.

'Fuck you, no,' he said. 'Have you ever eaten pussy? You know, used your tongue on her clit?'

'Yeah, but you gotta find it first,' I told him. I was proud that I was able to pull off such a big lie. We had a great time all the way home talking about fingering and eating pussy and tonguing clits and I was so damned proud that he'd seen me with Theresa. And Jason wasn't one to keep his mouth shut. Word was going to get around, and once it did, I could brag about anything now and be believed. I thought more about girls, especially Theresa, when I went to bed that night. Jim was barely a footnote in my mind. Till the next morning...till the early afternoon. Till I forgot all about Theresa and pussy and clits and no matter how hard I tried not to, I was thinking about Jim and his cock and his muscles and he would be out there at the frog pond waiting for me in an hour or so. I had to decide if I was going to meet him. I had to decide what I was going to do, or allow him to do to me, if I did go meet him. I was clueless so I didn't know how I was supposed to make a decision. Truth be known, I don't think there was ever a trace of doubt that I would go meet Jim.

Looking back, I think that decision was made the moment he said it but I managed to keep it at bay till the last minute and pretend that I was in control of my senses and my feelings. But when the time drew near, I had no control. Shit, I was on my way.

I rode my bike back through the woods that bordered two sides of the town. There were paths worn through the trees, but closer to the frog pond I had to get off my bike and walk it through the brush and weeds and undergrowth. Finally, about fifty yards off the path I parked it against a clump of bushes, hidden where nobody could see it unless they came right up on it. The big gnarled tree loomed up ahead, just past the pond. I circled the frog pond, way out around the edge so I didn't sink into the soft ground. The frogs went silent when I approached which made me wonder if Jim had come. The frogs didn't usually croak if there was anybody around. I went around the curve of the pond and around and through the thick brush and trees and saplings to a small opening on the other side of the pond and the tree. I stepped into the clearing and got the shock of my life.

There sat Jim, leaning back against the tree, sitting on a chunk of a log, naked except for his work boots and heavy socks and his baseball cap. His legs were spread out and he was pulling on his balls and working his hand up and down his big, hard cock. When he saw me, he slammed his fist down to the base and squeezed his cock. It throbbed terribly, sticking up about six or seven inches out of his fist. It was almost as gnarled as the tree. I could see precome glistening up at the center of the head. He moved his fist up the shaft and squeezed the stuff out and caught it with his finger. He held his finger out to me but then put it in his mouth and licked it off.

'I didn't know if you would come,' he said.

'I d-didn't...know if...if I w-would either,' I stammered.

'But you did,' he said as he continued to stroke his cock. 'So, do you want to suck it or sit on it?' he asked.

'Hell no, it might slip right up in my ass,' I said.

'That's the point, fuckhead,' Jim said, laughing. 'I guess that leaves sucking it, then.'

The seed he'd planted suddenly bore fruit. All the feelings I'd been harboring and the thoughts I'd kept buried so deep suddenly erupted into the truth that Jim had known all along. I understood...I knew, now, what I wanted to do; what I'd wanted to do for such a very long time.

Jim kept stroking his cock, up and down, with long, determined strokes. It was a long way up and down his cock. Those inches I'd seen swinging between his legs when he showered had grown, it looked like double in size. Nobody had a foot-long cock, but Jim had to be awfully close. My throat was too dry to speak for a moment, even though my mouth was watering. And there was that little twitch in my ass, like it was wanting what I said I didn't want.

'Come on, going down on it don't make you gay. Suck a cock one time don't make you anything but curious,' Jim said.

'Would you?' I asked him.

'No, but I'm not the one who's curious. I wasn't the one staring at another guy's cock out of the shower,' he said. 'If I was curious, I would do it, though.'

'You said you were curious when you were a kid,' I reminded him.

'Not that curious,' he said. He didn't make real good sense.

Jim had big hands. I was always attracted to his long, thick fingers, and wondered how far he could reach into a girl's pussy with his middle finger. I thought of Theresa and how she would like to have Jim's big, thick fingers poking around inside her pussy. I had visions of Jim and I working on her together, Jim fucking her with his fingers and me playing with her clit. I think I was wondering something else now, but I shoved it aside. At the moment I was mesmerized by his big hand wrapped around his thick cock. His fingers didn't reach all the way around and that awed me. I didn't think I could do what he wanted even if I wanted to.

'We can't hang around here forever,' Jim said as he straightened his legs out in front of him, his powerful thighs growing thicker with the bulging muscles. 'If you're not going to do anything, I'm gonna jack it off. I can't get this stuffed back in my jeans like this.'

He started moving his hand a little faster. Not as fast as I did when I jacked off; I jerked my cock like a jack-hammer. He was pounding his fist against his loins like a pile-driver, hard and firm. I felt a powerful tremor of excitement that I would get to see him shoot off. But, dammit, I didn't want him to jack it off. I wanted...at the least, I wanted it to be my hand wrapped around his powerful cock, making him come. More than that, I wanted to..

Suddenly, I found myself stumbling toward him. Stumbling because I hadn't told my legs to move and I felt like I didn't know where they were taking me, but my eyes were fixed on Jim's manhood and my mouth was still watering and his cock was a like a compass. He had given me this chance before when he came out of the shower and I was afraid if I didn't do something this time there might not be a next time.

'I g-guess I...I c-could j-jack it off for you,' I stammered. By that time I was almost between Jim's heavy boots and Jim had a smile on his face. I don't know what look I had on my face, but I'm sure it was wanton. My knees were going weak, threatening to buckle under me, and if they did I would collapse to my knees right there in front of him, between his legs, face to face with his huge cock.

Why did I care? That's exactly where I wanted to be, why was I denying it? What was I afraid of? I put my hands on his massive thighs for support as I went to my knees in the thick grass. They were hard and warm and hairy. Jim kept pumping his cock, slowly, almost teasingly now. I swallowed hard, so loud that I knew he could hear me. My mouth was watering from sheer want of the big hunk of meat. But I didn't know whether I should reach out for it or not; he wasn't offering it to me. I didn't, but finally, I reached down and cupped his balls. They were heavy, and so big, like two baseballs in a satin sack. But suddenly he reached down and grabbed my wrist; it scared me.

'Hey, you are eighteen, aren't you?' he asked.

'Yeah, two weeks ago,' I said.

He let go of my wrist. 'Okay, suck my balls first,' he said huskily.

I only wanted to touch them, I hadn't intended to suck on them. I didn't know if I could even get one in my mouth. I was having doubts if I could get my mouth around his cock, if I ever did work up the nerve to try it. I had to swallow the overflow of spit again. Jim put his hand on top of my head, urging me down to his balls. My neck was no match for the strength of his powerful arm and I let him push me down and push my face into his crotch. I loved his smell; a gentle aroma of sweat and deodorant or something that smelled good. I sucked it into my lungs and it made me heady with desire. I nuzzled my face into his balls, with the help of his hand on my head and licked them. He moaned and squirmed and hunkered his crotch into my face and I sucked one of his nuts into my mouth.

'Awwwhhh...be careful,' he whispered.

I was careful. I rolled it gently around in my mouth, licking with my tongue and sucking it real easy. He liked it.

'Aww, fuck, yeah...suck it a little harder,' he told me.

I sucked it. I locked my mouth around it and pulled on it and he yelped with pleasure. I guessed he liked it sort of rough and I mauled it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I smashed it and he cried out, wincing with pain, but it was a pleasurable pain, for he kept my face smashed into his crotch. Yeah, he was forcing me. I couldn't get away; I couldn't do anything but suck his balls like he wanted me to.

'Now do the other one,' he said.

I popped his right nut out of my mouth and sucked the other one in. It was renewed pleasure all over again. He moved his hand from my head but I didn't raise up. As much as I tried to convince myself, he was no longer forcing me. I continued to suck his big meaty balls like a hungry puppy.

When he had enough, he gave me a gentle nudge against my forehead. I raised my head to see his cock pointing out at me. It looked huge. It was huge. The head of his cock was easily the size of one of his balls, and there was lots of precome oozing up to fill the wide slit to overflowing. Jim caught some of it with his finger and licked his finger off again without offering it to me. I wondered what it tasted like. I think he knew it would make me wonder and want to find out for myself. More of the stuff boiled up and he caught some more of it.

'Wanta try it?' he asked, offering his finger to me.

I didn't even hesitate. Far from it. I took his wrist and guided his finger to my mouth and sucked his precome off of it. Fuck, it tasted good! A nice, gentle sweet-sour, salty, acrid-sweet taste. I saw more of the stuff forming a big pool in his piss slit. He started to use his finger again but then changed his mind and wrapped his hand around the back of my head.

'Here, just get yourself some,' he said, urging me to his cock.

Again, I was helpless but to do his bidding. His bicep, bulged the size of a grapefruit, easily overpowered the strength of my neck and I let him pull my face to his cock. I swallowed hard again in anticipation and instinctively wet my lips on the way down. They touched the head of his cock and I opened my mouth to let it in. My mouth was quickly filled with the head and a couple of inches of the shaft. He was so big that here was no room for the remaining inches...six or seven, at least...in my mouth.

Jim gave me barely a moment to get used to it before he began hunkering his butt, forcing his cock to slide back and forth through my lips. It was like he was trying to fuck my face. I wouldn't care if he did fuck my face, but I sucked his cock instead. Of my own free will, for he had removed his hand from around my head. I was sucking his cock! Godd, and I loved it! I'd never felt such power as I felt in the steady throbbing of the huge hunk of meat.

'Awww, fuck yeah...suck it...shit, I knew you wanted to...but I didn't know you would be so fuckin' good at it. This ain't your first time, is it?'

I raised up off of his cock long enough to answer him. 'Yes. I never did this before, with anybody,' I told him.

'Okay, I believe you. But you're a natural. Those lips were born to wrap around a big, hard cock. You were born to suck cock.'

I wasn't sure how I felt about being such a good, natural cocksucker but I knew I loved sucking Jim's cock. Maybe I was born to it. I tried to imagine doing it for a living; I could do it if I found enough guys who wanted it.

But Jim had more in mind for me than sucking his cock, although I thought that was the ultimate goal and I couldn't imagine anything else that two men could do with each other. But Jim knew. He got me off of his cock and shoved my head down between his legs again. I started to take his balls again but he held them up out of the way and shoved my face down under them and spread his legs way out farther and hunkered his butt up till my face was smashed into his butt.

'Use your tongue,' he whispered.

Confused, I didn't know exactly what I was supposed to use my tongue on; all I could get to was the beginning of the crack of his ass and that was a revolting thing to force anybody to do. But I began lapping and licking the crevice that separated his taut butt and suddenly it wasn't so revolting. It must have been what he wanted, and once I started it was what I wanted too. He hunkered harder, slumping down from the big tree so he was half lying down.

Liking the feel of his tight, muscle-butt, I got into it and began paying oral homage to the twin mounds of fuck-power. He whinnied and squealed with delight. Suddenly he raised his legs up and slumped down farther so he was lying on his back with his legs up in the air and wide apart.

'Go for it,' he said, his voice quivering. 'Eat my ass... tongue my hole.'

This had not entered my mind, not even in my wildest, hottest dreams. But it was there now, and not a dream, but a reality to be faced. I barely hesitated before I began licking between his buns, lapping at his asshole.

He let out a loud, whining squeal and clamped his hand around my head to force my face tighter into his butt.

'Aww, yeah...eat it...tongue it...get your tongue in there...eat me out from the inside.'

I could think of nothing more horrible than sticking my tongue up in some-body's asshole, but I was doing it. I had to. He was forcing me again. But only till I got the taste and the feel of his hole. Then he wasn't forcing me...he had both hands pulling his butt apart for me...and I was doing it on my own. Willingly. Even Hungrily. And wondering what else he could possibly show me.

I got so into it that I took him by the ankles and shoved his legs up over his shoulders, bending him in half. His butt spread completely open and I could see his asshole clenching, opening and closing, like it was winking at me. I dove into it with my tongue rigid. He squealed and I moaned. I dug my fingers into the crack and tore his hole wide open. I could see the inner lining, so soft and pink, palpitating, beckoning to me. I drove my tongue deep inside him and found the soft muscles more powerful than I imagined, squeezing my tongue.

'Aww, Fuck! Aww, Mannnnn! Tongue it...Tongue it...Fuck, you like that don't you?'

'I love it!' I gasped. Yeah, where had revolting gone?

I sucked and tongued Jim's ass till he made me stop. I was making him get too close. That was okay with me, I was so hot I wanted to take it all the way. I wanted him to come, right in my mouth! I wanted to see what his come tasted like.

'You gotta stop...give me a rest...I don't wanta come yet,' he gasped as he let his legs down and sat back against the tree again.

I wanted to make him promise me that I could have his ass again but I didn't want to sound that much like a whore. I only prayed that he would let me tongue him again. I'd never done anything that excited me so. I sat back on my haunches, waiting for Jim to cool down. I wanted to get back on his cock but he kept his fist around it and he wasn't offering it to me.

'I want you to sit on it, now,' he said.

I blinked with surprise and gaped at him in disbelief. 'If I do that....'

'Yeah, if you do that its gonna slide right up inside your ass, and that's the point. That's how you fuck,' he said.

I was stunned, and suddenly numb with fright. He'd never said anything about fucking me; not outright. That remark a few minutes ago, I thought he was just saying it when he invited me to sit on it or suck it. He was serious! I couldn't do it. There was no way anything the size of Jim's cock would fit through my tiny asshole, not to mention where it would end up if he made me sit all the way down on it. Where the hell would all of that cock go up inside a guy? A girl was built for it, but a guy...

'Come on, sit on it,' he urged me as he held his cock straight up. He spit in his hand and lubed it up. 'Just step up here astraddle my hips.'

I didn't want to do it...I couldn't do it...but I was. I obeyed his command and stepped up to straddle his hips. My knees were shaking and if they collapsed this time I was going to be skewered...impaled on that giant tower of meat. Jim spat in his hand again and worked the stuff around my asshole.

He slipped one finger up inside me to slicken up the tight muscle. I winced before I was hurt; it didn't hurt. In fact, it felt kind of good, and if his finger felt good...then he put his hand on my thigh to press me downward. But I was still scared.

'I don't wanta d-do this...I c-can't d-do it,' I stammered timidly, but Jim wasn't listening. He pushed on my thigh and the strength of that one arm was enough to make my thighs give way and I felt the head of his cock pressing up between my spread butt. It pressed against my asshole and I knew I was doomed. Want it or not, like it or not, I was going to get fucked.

'I think you're too big,' I said, as a last plea.

'Naw, you'll stretch to fit,' he assured me.

My thighs were having trouble holding my weight up. If they couldn't, I was screwed; literally.

'Just ease down on it. Stretch your asshole. Get used to it a little at a time.'

He was making it sound so easy; it would have been easy to be lulled into his mind-set that it was going to be such a wonderful thing to be fucked by his monstrous cock. He was sort of right. As I let some weight down against his cock it stretched the pliable muscle around my butt-hole and it did feel sort of good. Then it was feeling better and I exerted a little more pressure. I started moving up and down a little and for a second, I wondered if this was what it was like getting fucked; if I was, in fact, being fucked. I was never so wrong in my life.

'Okay, let's go for it,' Jim said as he clamped one hand around the side of my butt. He handed me his T-shirt. 'Here, you might want something to bite down on, stuff it in your mouth so you don't make too much noise,' he said and clasped his other hand on the other side of my butt. That scared me, that I would need something to bite down own...that I might make too much noise...? I tried to gather the strength in my legs to raise back up, but they was already sapped, over-powered by the strength of Jim's big hands and his muscular arms, and I found myself being forced down onto his huge cock. Really and seriously forced this time, for I would have resisted if I had the strength. But Jim was sort of bouncing me up and down, stretching everything out and I could even feel my asshole began to stretch open. All I could do was tremble as I gripped the thick muscles of his shoulders, and my eyes welled up and I closed them and tried to prepare myself for the worst. It came when the head of Jim's cock suddenly popped through my hole.

'AAWWWGGGHhhhhhhh!' I cried out before I thought to stuff the T-shirt into my mouth. I bit down hard and I think I screamed. Jim didn't seem to care.

He didn't even give me time to get used to it. He began easing me down on his cock, driving the huge bludgeon up into my guts. It hurt so bad I thought I was going to black out. For sure, I was seeing stars.

'Awwww...Ohhh...Ohhh, Jim...Jim, p-please..I c-can't take it...you're too big!' I gasped, jerking the T-shirt out of my mouth to beg.

But Jim wasn't hearing me. He kept pulling me down on his cock and it kept going right up inside me, pushing everything out of its way. I was helpless. I didn't have the strength in my legs to raise up off of it. The only thing I could do was topple to one side and I was afraid I might cause some real damage if I did that. I pleaded with him again.

'Please, Jim! Godd, don't...Ohhh...Ohhhhh, Geezusss, it's going in so deep! Too deep. I can't take it! I can't do this!'

'What do you mean you can't take it? You've go it,' he said.

In that moment I realized that I was sitting on his pubes and his thighs! I had his entire cock up inside me!

'You took it just fine, Ace,' Jim was saying. 'You've got all ten inches buried in your ass.'

He sounded so proud of me and I thought I should be proud too, but it hurt too much. My asshole, which had endured the slow penetration of all ten inches of Jim's thick cock, was still stretched beyond belief around the base. But it was good to feel my thighs relax. Jim wrapped one hand around my shoulders and pulled me to him.

'Just lay up here against me now till you get used to it,' he said.

His hard, smooth muscles felt good against me and to my horror, his huge cock inside me wasn't feeling so bad either. Each throb of the mighty cock seemed to pulsate a tiny bit of the pain away, till soon, those pulsations were drumming up some really good feelings.

'You doing okay?' he asked.

'Yeah...I think so,' I said, a little out of breath.

'Want another minute to get used to it?'

'I don't know, I don't know what I'm supposed to get used to.'

'Well, it ought not to be hurting so much, and pretty quick now there ought to be some good feelings,' he said.

'Yeah, I am feeling something,' I said.

'Good. I'm gonna fuck you, make you really feel it.'

'No. Aww, no, I don't think I can stand that. Your cock is so big...I don't even know where it all went, but I'm afraid...Awwwwhhhhhhhh!' The movement of his cock, about three or four inches of it, sliding back and forth through my asshole sent me suddenly into a tremble of pleasure.

'That didn't sound like it's hurting,' Jim said with a grin.

'No...no, it didn't...hurt,' I gasped, surprised.

'Then you're ready to fuck, dude,' he said. 'Raise your butt up and down and I'll meet your ass with my cock.'

I raised up rather timidly, surprised that I'd suddenly gotten the strength back in my legs. At the same time, Jim sort of hunkered downward then we both moved together and I felt a huge bunch of his cock sliding up inside me.

'Awwwhhhhh...OHhhhh...Ohhhhhh, Jim...ohh, Goddd!'

'Which is it, now, Jim or Godd?' he asked, laughing.

'You're cock is touching something in there,' I said.

'There?' he asked as he twisted his butt a little and probed at a certain angle inside of me.

'AAhhhhhh! Awwwwhhh. Yeahhhhh. There!'

'Sounds like you want to really get fucked,' he said.

'I do. Oh, I do. Godd, I want you to fuck me.'

'You can fuck yourself on my cock, make it feel as good as you want,' he said.

I gathered my strength, which was considerable now, and began pumping my butt up and down on Jim's cock. I shoved myself higher and higher, using more and more of his length for my pleasure. Higher, still, till his cock slipped out and I cried out with a sudden new pleasure. Jim quickly grabbed his cock and held it up for me to sit on again. I raised up off of it again for another jolt of pleasure as the head popped through my hole.

'You like that, popping your hole with my cockhead?'


'Go ahead, then, pop up and down on it, I'll hold it for you.'

I fucked myself on Jim's cock till my legs began to shake again. He felt me trembling and he took over. His movements were just as effective, the way he managed to pound his cock against that spot that was causing me so much intense pleasure. I clasped one hand on his shoulder and wrapped my other arm around his head to hold on. His face was smashed against my chest and he started sucking my tits. I went nuts and regained a surge of strength and took over the fucking for a moment. But I weakened again and he had to do the work.

'This...right here..' He prodded my spot and I yelled with pleasure. 'This is gonna make you come,' he told me. 'I'm hitting your love nut, and it's gonna make you explode. It's okay to come on me.'

I looked down at him, into his deep, dark eyes and felt weak at his handsome face. He was smiling and my mouth was slack and so was his, and our mouths were so close...drawing closer...till suddenly, Jim clamped his hand around the back of my head and pulled my face down to his and we were kissing. He was dam sure kissing me and I think I was kissing him back. I sucked on his tongue and he lashed his tongue into my mouth. I squealed with pleasure, and he moaned as he pumped his cock into me. The pleasure of it all was too much for me.

'I'm gonna come!' I gasped, breaking away from his mouth.

'Yeah, do it,' he said. 'Shoot it all over me...I'll try to come with you.'

We worked in tandem till I was unable to utter a moan, let alone a scream. Jim was driving me out of my mind. I clung to him for dear life as my climax overtook me. My body convulsed and suddenly my come was spurting out on Jim's chest.

'Ahh, yeah...shoot it...give it to me, stud...Geezusss, you come a lot, don't you? Fuck, give it to me...drain your fuckin' nuts all over my chest.'

I think I drained come out of my nuts that had been there for years. They felt dry and yet my cock kept throbbing. Jim's cock was still throbbing inside my ass.

'D-did you c-come?' I asked.

'Nope, didn't make it,' he said.

'You gotta come,' I said frantically. I felt strangely like a failure for leaving him with a painful hardon.

'It's okay, I don't have to.'

'Yes, you do! I'll suck it.' I raised up off of his cock and scrambled to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

Jim was too surprised to protest. He lay back against the tree and moaned his pleasure as I sucked his cock. I didn't know where I got my talent; how I knew how to suck a cock so well, and I realized that I was sucking his cock fresh out of my ass, but it didn't matter because I was making Jim feel awfully good. It took a few minutes before he announced, or warned me, that he was coming. I was scared but something made me stay on his cock.

'You don't have to finish me off, I can jack it the rest of the way,' Jim said.

But I kept sucking and he gave himself up to me. Suddenly his cock bolted in my mouth and began spewing hot, thick come. It shot out in powerful ropes that blasted against the back of my mouth. So much of it! Godd, he wouldn't stop! He just kept coming. My mouth was filling up, my tongue was flooded with the stuff, giving me the full flavor of his manhood. Then there was just too much. I had to do something...swallow, or get off of his cock and let him finish it by hand. Shit, I wasn't going to do that; quit before the job was done. Bravely, I swallowed and kept on sucking. I had to swallow again before I finally had him finished off.

We stayed together for a long moment after he'd finished shooting his load. I was lavering his cock with my tongue, loving the after-taste of his come. I didn't know why it tasted so good when it tasted so awful. He gently urged me up off of it.

'You got it all,' he said breathlessly. 'I ain't got no more come.'

'You've still got cock for me,' I said.

'Later. Anytime you want it,' he said. 'Fuck, I think you like sucking cock.'

'I do, thanks to you,' I said.

'I never had very many guys eat my load,' he said.

'I will,' I said. 'I'll swallow your come every time, I promise. I'll suck your cock anytime you want me to, and eat your ass. I love eating your ass, Jim.'

'Yeah, I like your tongue in my ass, too, but you left out something.'

'What's that?'

'Are you going to let me fuck you again?'

'Aw, yeah...anytime,' I said. 'You can fuck me again right now if you want to.'

'No, we can wait,' he said.

'We can do it at the garage,' I said.

'Yeah, and have your dad walk in on us? Can you even imagine what he would do to me if he caught me fucking his teenage son? Fuck, man, he would cut my balls off and feed them to me.'

'He won't catch us. We'll be careful,' I said. 'It won't be all that much different from taking a chance out here.'

'We'll see,' Jim said.

Despite all of my enthusiasm out at the pond, I began to feel some remorse afterwards. I shouldn't have done it. Jim didn't force me...not really...I had to take full responsibility for what I'd done and I didn't like it. I didn't like that I might be gay. Jim gave me several opportunities but I tried to pretend that nothing had happened and I turned the conversation to girls every chance I got.

'You're awfully interested in girls lately,' Jim observed.

'I've always been interested in girls,' I said.

'You weren't thinking about girls that morning at the pond,' he said.

'That was just experimenting around,' I scoffed. I might have been more convincing if I hadn't acted like such a little whore that morning. I figured he would give me a hard time over it but he went along with it. Him hearing about me and Theresa helped. God bless Jason and his big mouth.

'What's this I hear about you and Theresa Wells?' he asked as he was closing up his tool chest at the end of the day.

'What about her?' I asked coyly.

'Don't give me that shit. You and her at the movies, that's what about her,' he said.

I blushed with pride.

'You ever fuck her?' he asked. When I didn't answer him right away, he pretty much guessed. 'I know you were a virgin out at the pond, but are you a virgin with girls?'

'Yes, and no,' I replied.

'Yes and no what?'

'Okay, I never fucked Theresa or any other girl. I'm a virgin,' I admitted.

'Well, you're a man to admit it,' Jim said. 'But don't worry about it; it's a temporary condition in every guy's life. It can be cured. Hey, I know about your dad lifting your license. I'll drive you on a date if you want me to. You guys can have the back seat.'

'That would be kind of awkward,' I said.

'Shit, man, she let you finger-fuck her right there in the movie theater, she's not going to give a dam if I'm in the front seat,' he said. 'Ask her out. I'll drive you wherever you want to go.'

I was scared to have Jim drive me on a date. It would be like taking a test without studying and he would be there to grade me on my performance. It would be embarrassing if Theresa wouldn't put out; more embarrassing if I couldn't' get the job done. I didn't think I could ever live that down. But I had two more weeks without my license. A month is an eternity for a teenager to be without his license.

'Hey, I would let you drive my car if your dad had just grounded you, but you've got no drivers' license,' Jim said.

Something...a sudden surge of desire and courage and bravado...made me take Jim up on his offer. I called Theresa and got a date for Friday night. She half accepted, saying we should get together at the drugstore to talk about it. I didn't know what there was to talk about; she either wanted to go out with me or she didn't.

She was sitting in the back booth when I arrived at the drug store. It was quiet and secluded and not as well lit as the other booths and the tables. It was usually where you sat to talk about very private stuff, like breaking up, or going steady. I soon figured out why Theresa wanted us to meet; she had some very private stuff she wanted to talk about. I ordered two cokes as I went past the counter then slid in the booth opposite her. She was all smiles.

'Jason saw us in the movie theater, you know,' she said.

'I know. Jason can't keep his mouth shut, I'll take care of it,' I said bravely. Jason was a big kid and I had no intention of taking on Jason and his big mouth but it sounded good.

'I don't know who all he told or what all he said, but people think we went all the way,' she said.

'In the movie theater?'

'No, but all the way, some other time,' she said.

I noticed she wasn't acting at all upset or concerned about her reputation. It was like she just wanted to talk about it. Little did I know.

'Have you ever gone all the way?' she asked.

'No,' I replied without hesitation.

'I admire you for admitting it. Most boys wouldn't,' she said.

'I don't see that it's anything to lie about or try to hide,' I said. 'How about you?' I asked.


There was a short, awkward silence.

'Have you ever wondered what it would be like? I have,' she said.

'Yeah, I've wondered a lot,' I said.

'Would you like to find out?'

'That's the mother of all no-brainers,' I said.

'Its too bad Jim will be with us, watching our every move,' she said.

'Jim won't be watching our every move. He's cool,' I said.

'I'm glad we met like this,' she said.

'Yeah, me too. I'm glad we have an understanding.'

'Understanding?' she asked.

'I might not have a lot of experience but I know when I'm being led on.'

'Led where?' she asked.

'You tell me,' I said. 'How come you wanted us to meet here? What've we been talking about for the past hour?' I fired the questions in such a way that she would know that I wanted answers.

'I'm only kidding,' she said with a smile. 'I'm not like that. You should know.'

I still didn't know if she was going to let me fuck her. Jim wasn't overly pleased when I told him about our date; he had a date Friday night himself. I was happy and impressed that he broke his date to drive me on mine. We talked about it all day Friday. I told him I thought I had a pretty good chance with Theresa, if things worked out.

'Things don't just work out,' he said. 'You make 'em work out. You gotta make it happen.'

'I intend to,' I said with great confidence. Fucking Theresa was about more than my own pleasure or shedding the curse of my virginity. It was a chance to regain my manhood with Jim. If he knew without any doubt that I'd fucked Theresa, it would be easier to put what happened between us out at the pond behind us. It could be racked up as curiosity; an experiment that didn't mean anything beyond the moment. It was as if I had to prove my manhood to Jim so he could give it back to me.

'Hey, don't wear jeans, wear cut-offs. They're easier to get off,' Jim told me. 'And no shorts underneath. She let you finger her in the movie theater, chances are she's not going to be wearing anything under her skirt.'

Later, he dug something out of a drawer of his stool chest and handed it to me. It was a packet of condoms.

'Here, you might need these,' he said.

I was a little embarrassed but thankful and relieved. I hadn't yet faced that dilemma of working up the courage to walk in and buy condoms.

'Thanks,' I said.

'You didn't have any, did you?'

'No. I was going to the drugstore to get some,' I said.

'Well, when you do....' He took the condoms back and held them up to my face. 'I've seen you hanging out in the restroom. Get the large size,' he said.

I hadn't noticed that they were large size.

'You didn't know they come in sizes, did you?'

'No. But thanks for telling me. Thanks for everything you're doing for me, Jim.'

'Hey, I'm always here for you,' he said. 'If you want me to fuck her for you, I'll be there for you for that, too.'

'Thanks, but I think I can manage that on my own,' I said.

Jim pretty much made the plans for the evening. He drove us to a movie theater in the next town. I knew why; to save me the embarrassment of not having my license. I don't know where he went while we were in the movie, but he was parked way on the other side of the lot, waiting for us when we

got out.

'You guys wanta get a bite to eat?' he asked.

Theresa looked at me. I said yes. I needed the time to gather my thoughts and my courage and it would give her time, too. Theresa and I hadn't done anything in the movie except hold hands. She didn't come on to me and I didn't come on to her, which made me wonder if she was cooling it for the night; or maybe saving the best for later.

He let us out back behind a Burger King, again so I wouldn't look like a dork who didn't have his license yet.

'Aren't you coming in with us?' Theresa asked as we were getting out of the car.

'No, I'm going to get some gas. I'll meet you back here,' he said. 'I'll drive by the front but don't be in any rush when you see me drive up. I'm in no hurry; I've got all night.'

Theresa thought Jim was cool.

'I told you he was,' I said.

I went into the rest room before we left Burger King and tore open one of the condoms and tucked it inside the top of my pocket. I didn't want the noise of tearing it open in the car. To be on the safe side I tore open another one and tucked it into my other pocket, just in case something went wrong. I was surprised how clearly I was thinking

When Jim picked us up, Theresa and I got comfortable in the back seat. I didn't know where we were going from there; whether he was going to drive straight home or stop and park someplace along the way. I trusted Jim to do what needed to be done. He took a back road out of town. While he drove, I started on Theresa. We'd had our little understanding and it was time to find out what she had on her mind. She was as ready as I was. It wasn't so different from the movie theater except I started out kissing her, and in no time at all I had my hand under her very short skirt. Jim was right, she wasn't wearing anything underneath. I didn't know for sure how much time we had so I worked fast. She readily welcomed my three middle fingers inside her pussy. When she started moaning, Jim turned on the radio to some soft mood-music.

I didn't have to take anything off of Theresa. Her skit was so short it pretty much took care of itself, sliding up out of the way, and it was simple to tug the elastic front of her blouse down to get to her tits. I undid my cutoffs and tried to work them off with one hand but they were too tight. I raised up and took them off and dug out one of the condoms and rolled it on. I didn't know how much 'love-making foreplay' Theresa wanted but as for me, I was ready. I guess she was too, because she didn't try to stop me or slow me down when I crawled up between her legs. I guided my cock to her pussy. It was nice and wet and I had no trouble lodging the head between her cunt-lips. She gasped a little bit but lifted her legs up and held them out wide. I was going in...heading home...plowing new field....

giving up my virginity...taking hers....I was going to fuck! I thought I sort of knew how she felt as I thought of being fucked myself...how it hurt, then how wonderful it felt.

Suddenly I realized we weren't moving. I looked up and saw trees on one side of us where we were pulled off the road.

Theresa moaned a little as I began to pry her apart with my cock. I got about half way in when she started whimpering.

'Ohh...Ohhh, Ryan...Ohh, you're so big!' she whined fearfully.

I hoped Jim heard her.

Just then I saw Jim's arm come over the back of the seat. He held a condom between two fingers.

'I've got one,' I said hoarsely.

'Are you USING it,' he said.

'Yes. Fuck, Jim, take a walk,' I said.

He laughed softly. 'If somebody comes by, you would be caught before you could get your pants up. I think I'd better stay right here behind the wheel,' he said. 'Just pretend I'm not here.'

'You pretend you're not here,' I said.

He laughed again. In a way, I was sort of glad he was staying. I wanted him to be witness to this momentous occasion. Theresa whimpered and moaned all the way in and I was glad Jim was hearing it. He would know what a stud I was and he would hand me back my manhood that he'd taken from me out back of the pond.

Theresa was awesome. She was hot and ready and oh-so-willing. I was sliding my cock in and out of her pussy and she started hunkering against me and pushing back and we were pushing at each other and I was fucking her like a stud. I wished we were in a bed so we could change positions. I wanted to fuck her on her hands and knees like I'd seen in pictures, but getting into that position would be awkward. Finally, I did it anyway. I started out by maneuvering us around so I was on the bottom and she was riding my cock like she was busting a bronco. I fucked her like that for awhile.or she fucked me.... then I whispered for her to turn around. She managed to turn around with her back to me without losing my cock and from there I urged her to lean forward and I squirmed out from between her legs and mounted her from behind.

'Ohh, Ryan...OHhhh...OHhhhhh,' she moaned.

I would learn later that I went in deeper from behind. I glanced around to see Jim watching. He gave me a wide grin and a thumbs up. I was so fuckin' proud and I was glad he hadn't gone for a walk. I was going to come away with my virginity left in the back seat of his car and Jim knowing that I was a stud and not a fag. I would wonder later, how dam dumb can you be.

I didn't last as long as I wanted to but it was getting too good. I wanted to bring her along with me. I reached down and found her clit with my finger and began rubbing it gently. Theresa went nuts. She acted like a wild woman. The car was bouncing and rocking like we were driving over a plowed field. The way she was acting made it impossible for me to hold off. I managed to more or less overpower her and take over. I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock into her like a pile driver till her head and shoulders were wedged in the corner of the seat. I fucked her like an animal. I felt like an animal. Like a big stallion servicing a mare. Finally, it was upon me. I was coming. I was shooting like a stallion and I wished I didn't have to be wearing the damned condom so she could feel me shooting inside her. Of course I knew how dumb that was. And besides, she didn't have to feel my come shooting inside her. She was feeling plenty with my cock.

Jim put the windows down for air and waited till we were breathing normally before he drove off. I got my clothes on and Theresa got her clothes adjusted. We didn't talk much the rest of the way home. There wasn't much that needed to be said. We had pretty much said it all with our bodies.

At her house, I walked her to her door, rather awkwardly I was afraid, because the condom was sticking to my leg; I'd forgotten to take it off. I kissed her goodnight and told her I would like to take her out again and she said she would like to go out with me again. Back in the car, Jim eased away from the curb without saying a word, with a big smile on his face. I wished he would say something. I wanted to know what he was thinking.

'Are you going to wear that smile all the way home?' I asked him.

'That was some fuckin' performance you put on back there. And I do mean fuckin' performance. Shit, nobody would be able to tell that was your first time.'

I was glad he thought that. It would follow that he would know I wasn't a fag, just because he'd fucked me in the ass and made me suck his cock.

'Did you leave any for the next guy, for chrissakes?' he asked.

'I intend to be the next guy,' I said cockily. 'And the next, and the next after that.'

'You fucked her eyeballs out,' he said. 'I'll probably have to have my springs and shocks replaced. Is she a blabbermouth?'

'I don't know.'

'If she is, you're gonna have so much pussy lined up to ride that big cock of yours, you won't know what to do with it.'

'I think I'll know what to do with it,' I said.

'I believe you will.'

I squirmed in the seat and tugged at the front of my jeans.

'You still dripping and oozing?' Jim asked, laughing.

'Naw, the condom is sticking to my leg,' I said.

'You've still got it on?' he asked surprised.

'Yeah, I didn't have a chance to take it off and I was afraid I would make a mess on your seat.' I thought I sounded pretty convincing but I could tell Jim saw right through me as usual. 'I'm going to keep it,' I added shyly.

'You're going to keep a used condom? How perverted is that?' he said, laughing.

'I don't care if it sounds perverted,' I said.

'It's not,' he said, more seriously. 'I kept my first one too.'

'You did?!'

'Yeah. After you wash it out good, be sure to dry it real good. Turn it inside out. Then sprinkle a little talcum powder on both side and wrap it up in a handkerchief or something. I've had mine for over five years now.'

I quickly did the math. 'Wow, at that age? Who was it? Do you remember the girl?' I asked.

'You never forget your first piece of ass,' he said. 'But it wasn't a girl, actually. It was a woman, older than me. Two women, actually.'

'You fucked two women?'

'Yeah, I cut lawns to earn spending money and I had some lawns in some pretty upper-class neighborhoods. I was mowing this one lawn and there were two women sitting out in the yard next door, at a white table, drinking something. I was thinking I would like to get that yard to do, too. It was big and nice and level. I glanced over there and one of the women gave me a little wave. On the return trip with the mower I looked over again and they both waved at me. I waved back and one woman got up and walked over to the fence. I had my shirt off and I saw how she looked at me. An older guy had told me to cut grass with my shirt off and I would get better tips and it worked. She asked me if I was available to take on any more lawns. I told her yeah, and asked her when she wanted me to do it. She said I could do it anytime I wanted to. The way she said it, the tone of her voice and the way she was looking at me, I was thinking she was talking about more than doing her lawn.

'She asked me to come inside when I was finished so we could look at a calendar. I finished up pretty quick. She told me where the gate was but I jumped the fence, easy. They were so impressed that they applauded. I was wiping sweat from my chest and face as I walked with them up to the house. One woman led the way, the other one came in behind me and closed the door. The way she stood there in front of the door, it was like she wasn't going to let me out. Me and the other woman worked out a schedule and she asked me how much I charged. I told her she could pay me whatever I was worth. That usually brought more money than I would've charged. She said she would wait, then, to see how my work was.

'I didn't know who the other woman was, but while I was there, I asked her if she had any yard work or any other kind of work I could do for her. She said I could do hers anytime. That's how she said it. I could do hers, and I was thinking, this woman definitely was not talking about yard work or cutting grass. I was a little scared but being a horny teenager and naturally aggressive, I decided to make a little play just to see if I was right; if she was coming on to me. Hell, I was fifteen, she had to be thirty... they both were...and I was getting mind-boggled over the idea that they might want to have sex with me. She told her friend, why didn't she fix me a glass of iced tea to cool off before I left.

Then she said, 'As if a boy your age ever gets cooled off.' She took the ice tea from her friend to give it to me but instead of putting it in my hand she pressed against my bare chest. I yelped and stepped back, laughing and we all started laughing and she attacked me again with the iced tea glass, rubbing it up and down my abs. Some of it spilled out and ran down my abs and soaked into my gym shorts. Her friend said she was going to get my shorts all wet and the woman said so what, I could take them off.

'Well, hell by that time, I was feeling cocky and bold as hell so I took her up on it; I pulled my shorts down to my knees. They squealed with delight as I stood there in my jockstrap. She said, and they both agreed that I looked so much better in a jockstrap than their husbands did. We were on a roll, heading for only one thing, and the woman told me to go ahead and take my jockstrap off too if I dared. I dared. I pulled my jock down with my shorts and pulled them off and there I was in my work boots and socks. Well, it went from there. I fucked them both, one of them sitting back on the kitchen table and the other one bent over the table. Then they both bent over the sink cabinet and took turns fucking them. Turns out I was better than their husbands in that department too, and bigger, and I signed them both up to do their yards. And to do them.'

'How long did you do them?' I asked.

'Oh, about a year. Just past my next birthday then out of the clear, they told me they didn't need me to cut their grass anymore. I don't know what happened unless their husbands got suspicious that somebody was taking care of business in the bedroom better than they were.'

'Whew, that's a hot story,' I said.

'Did it give you a hardon?' Jim asked, laughing.

'Yeah,' I said, groping at the front of my shorts.

'Take 'em off,' Jim said. 'We're a long way from home, take 'em off and take care of that thing.'

I was only too anxious to do as he suggested. I shoved my shorts down and took them off. I carefully pulled the condom off .

'Tie off the end and wrap it up in this,' Jim said, handing me his handkerchief.

I wiped the come off of my cock first then wrapped the condom up in the handkerchief. As I started pulling on my cock, Jim tugged at his shorts. He was going to jack off too.

'Help me get these off, will ya?' he said.

I pulled on one side and we got them pulled down around his knees. We took about a mile to work them off his feet and toss them on the dashboard, then he started pulling on his cock. It got hard pretty quick, and so big that it was in the way of the steering wheel. Jim pushed the seat back and tilted the wheel up and splayed his legs out. He glanced at me a couple of times while we both jacked off.

'Getting hot in here,' he said as he turned up the air conditioning. He looked over at me again with a cocky grin. 'Wanta suck it?' he asked.

I was crushed. After the way I'd just fucked Theresa... fucked her eyeballs out, he said...I thought for sure that I had my manhood back and now he was jacking me around, gonna take it back. But I couldn't blame Jim. Not completely. I was just as excited over him as before. My mouth started watering and my asshole tightened up with a little itch and yeah, I wanted to suck his cock.

'You don't have to,' he said as he stroked his cock. 'I just remember how much you seemed to like it, and how good you are. Or we could fuck if you want to; I can find a place to pull off.'

My asshole did spasms and I had to swallow my spit. I made the mistake of looking over at his cock again and I was doomed. It stood up between his hairy thighs like the jock-rocket it was, tall and thick and so inviting. Godd, I wanted to taste him again, and feel the warm hardness throbbing in my mouth. I was like a moth drawn to a flame. I leaned over across his thigh and took it in my mouth.

'Ohhhhhhhh,' he moaned softly as he squirmed his butt in the seat. 'Aww, fuck, that's good. You know what makes it even better? Having a real stud suck it. Shit, you just fucked that girls brains out and now you're sucking my cock... that's a real turn on.'

With that remark he hadn't exactly given my manhood back to me but he was dangling it in front of my face. I sucked him with a hungry reverence, thrilling at every throb, lapping up the precome that kept boiling out of his cock while I jacked my own cock. I must have sucked him for five or six miles.

'Are we getting close to home?' I asked.

'Naw, I'm driving around,' he said. He laid his hand on my hip then started playing with my butt. He wet his finger and probed at my hole. I whimpered when he shoved his finger through. I squealed around his cock when his long, thick fingers drove into my prostate.

'You want me to find a place to pull over?' he asked huskily as he fucked my hole with his finger. 'Your ass is telling me it wants something bigger than my finger. Is it telling you that? Huh?'

'Yess!' I hissed. Godd, I wanted his cock. I had to have it. I wanted him to fuck my brains out like I'd done to Theresa.

I was aware that he was pulling off the road into a bumpy lane. I saw tall corn again. He turned off the car and opened his door.

'Let's get you in the back seat,' he said.

I got out of the car and Jim led me to the back and urged me onto the seat on my back. He positioned my left leg over the back of the front seat and the other over the back seat then pulled my butt to the edge of the seat.

'Remember, this is going to hurt a little going in,' he said. 'Just don't make too much noise and bring some farmer running with his shotgun.'

I rose above the pain. I knew how great it was going to feel when I got used to it and I didn't care about it hurting a little at first. Jim bore his cock deep inside me, held it there for less than a minute, then started fucking me.

He fucked me for an hour; I timed it. We were bathed in sweat, his sweat dripping down in my face and in my mouth when I moaned. I wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his shoulders to cling to his muscular body, pulling him in as deep as I could. I licked the sweat off his shoulders and his neck and his chest. It was like snorting poppers.

'I'm not going to come in your ass,' he said. 'I'm gonna pull out and shoot on you...open your mouth and see if I can hit it.'

I braced myself but it was too soon. He fucked me for awhile long before he suddenly pulled his cock out.

'Open up!' he gasped.

My asshole gaped open and I whimpered from the loss of his man-meat. Jim was pounding his cock with his fist and I raised up to with my mouth open to give him a target.

'Here it...comes!'

He was right on target. The stuff shot out and hit me in the face, right at the corner of my mouth, and I put my tongue out to lick it off. The next one sailed right into my mouth. He kept shooting till my face was streaked and dripping with come then he lowered his trajectory and the thick ropes of come began landing across my chest and my abs. He boiled some out in my pubes then let his cock lay in its own juice. He raised up, his mouth slack with a satisfied smile, sweat pouring down his face and his muscular chest. His eyes were raking over my naked, come-streaked body.

'Fuck, you're sexy with my come all over you,' he said.

'I feel sexy,' I said.

'You know what I'm gonna do now?' he asked, with his lop-sided smile.

Before I could answer he leaned down and began lapping up his come from my abs, up my stomach and across my pecs then licked it off my face. I was almost shaking with excitement. It was the last thing I ever expected Jim to do, but then it was his own come so it wasn't like he was licking up mine. I was even more thrilled at the idea that he might swallow it. But when he had my face licked clean he hovered right over my face, his lips pursed, still in a smile and I realized that he had it all in his mouth. He put a thumb in the corner of my mouth to pry my mouth open then he lowered his face right over mine and opened his mouth. His come and spit ran into my mouth in a big slithery globbed rope. I welcomed it with a tiny squeal and swallowed it.

'Now that was fuckin' hot,' he said as he raised up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. 'Man, kid, I could do this all the time.'

I told him I could, too. And we did. Jim serviced the cars and I serviced Jim. We did it every chance we got, every place we could think of. Up on the hydraulic lift. In the back seat of people's cars. In the shower. On the cot in the back room. It depended on the circumstances whether he fucked me or I sucked his cock, but I found out just how virile Jim was. He couldn't get enough sex, and he had awakened the same trait in me. I sucked him or he fucked me at least every day, and sometimes twice a day when we had the chance.

When my parents went on vacation and my dad left Jim in charge of the garage he stayed over at our house. We messed up the bed in the spare room so it would look like it'd been slept in but Jim slept with me. I kept a little journal of that stay. In the two weeks my mom and dad were gone, Jim fucked me thirty one times and I sucked his cock and got him off in my mouth twenty two times. He said I was phenomenal, but I didn't know how any one man could produce so much come.

We liked it best of all in the garage. The smell of oil and grease was like an aphrodisiac. Most of the time we did it back in the tiny room where the shower was, on a cot in the corner. We got so used to having sex all the time that we got careless and my dad almost caught us. He was supposed to be away at an auto-parts conference of some sort and he took mom with him. They were supposed to be gone for three days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and they would drive back on Sunday. Luckily I didn't have Jim stay at the house or we would've been caught for sure.

We were both working Saturday, it was late afternoon and I was sweeping up while Jim was putting his tools away.

'Hey, Ace, you wanta come and help me finish putting my tools away?' Jim called across the bay.

I knew what he was up to. I dropped the broom and walked around the car he'd been working on, the hood still up. Jim stood at his tool chest, his coveralls open all the way down the front and there was a big pair of pliers hung in the crotch of his coveralls. Smiling, I took the pliers out of his crotch with one hand, laid it aside, and drove my hand down inside his coveralls for his manhood.

'You don't wear shorts anymore?' I asked as I groped his cock and balls.

'Not much sense, is there, when you're always tearing them off of me? Come on, get out of your jeans, I want some hard, tight boy-ass.'

I was out of my jeans in a flash, and tore off my greasy T-shirt. He took my jeans and spread them over the front of the car and bent me over with my head and shoulders under the hood. I cocked one foot up on the front bumper and Jim started squeezing my butt and poking at my asshole.

'When's the last time you had this beauty lubed?' he asked.

'I don't remember the last time,' I said.

'Well, you're way overdue for a lube job. I'm gonna give you one,' he said.

I heard him rummaging around in the drawer of his tool chest to find the lube. Then I felt the stuff being applied to my asshole. There was a pause and I knew he was lubing up his cock.

'I think you've got the wrong tool for this job,' I said over my shoulder.

'You trying to tell me how to do my job?'

'No, sir, but...well, I think that wrench you've got is too big for this job. I think it's a Cadillac wrench, or a Buick, not a little Honda.'

'It's a Humvie wrench, but I've used it on Jeeps a lot of times.'

We liked to play little games with each other, and this one, as did the others, ended the same way. Pretty quick he was plowing his cock in my ass and I was sprawled over the car engine taking it like a whimpering puppy. He loved it when I acted like it was hurting me even when it wasn't. Jim stepped up and stood on the bumper and really pounded it to me. We were going at it, the front end of the car was bouncing up and down and I was crying out and moaning with pleasure and he was grunting and fucking me like a horse when suddenly we heard the rattle of the front door and the little bell jangled.

'Fuck, it must be your dad!' Jim gasped, jerking his cock out of my ass. He stepped down off the bumper and scrambled to get his coveralls pulled up.

I was naked. I grabbed my jeans and rushed around on the side of the other car in the second bay and crouched down to scramble into my clothes.

'Getting ready to shower?' my dad asked as he came into the bay. 'I hope you're not working with your bare chest sticking out like that. Not a good image for the customers.'

'No, sir, I was just going in to shower,' Jim said.

'Where's Ace?'

'He's around here somewhere. He was sweeping up. Hey, Ace?'

I raised up and came around the car, grabbing up my broom on the way.

'Dad! You weren't supposed to be back till tomorrow,' I said.

'Wasn't much reason to stay another day,' he said. 'Things go okay while I was gone?'

'Everything went fine,' I said.

'Good, sir,' Jim said.

'Well, I'll leave you guys to finish up,' he said, and he left.

We both heaved a big sigh of relief.

'That was too close for comfort,' Jim said when Dad had left. 'We gotta be more careful and start thinking with our heads instead of our balls.'

'Does that mean we can't do it anymore here at the garage?' I asked.

'No. Hell, no, I'm not gonna give up that tight, hard ass of yours,' Jim said. 'We'll just be more careful.'

Dad never caught us. Allen Crain did, though, and that changed things for us. Allen was a young, married car salesman who brought his cars to the garage for Jim to check them out before he put them on the lot. When he caught us he let me know that he only way to keep his mouth shut was to let him in on it.

So for the next year or so I was getting fucked by Allen and Jim both, and sucking their cocks. Till Jim got another job in a town about fifty miles away. It was a move up for him and I was happy for him, but I missed his big cock and that tight, muscular body against me, driving it in my ass. Allen thought he would keep right on fucking me but I stopped him in his tracks the first time he came by after Jim left.

'What do you mean, it's over?' he asked, surprised.

'You're gonna have to go find yourself a knothole,' I said, not kindly.

'I've got me a knothole, right between those tight, hard buns of yours,' he said.

'That hole's been plugged up,' I said.

'Oh, yeah? By who?'

'That's none of your business.'

'Well, a word to your dad might just make it my business,' he said.

I laughed in his face. 'A word of warning,' I said. 'My dad's already been asking how come you're coming around to hang out at the garage so much when you've got a nice wife and two kids at home. Leave me alone, or I'll be the one to have a word with my dad.'

It was the end of Allen Crain. My dad hired another mechanic but he was an older guy who did nothing to turn me on. Then the damndest thing happened. One day Gerich and I were working when Danny Crain came riding up on his bicycle. He was Allen Crain's oldest boy, though he looked older the way he was built. He had his shirt off and was wearing a pair of those skimpy onion-skin shorts that showed right up to the side of his butt.

'I need some air in my tire,' he said.

'Help yourself,' I told him.

'Now that is some prime young meat, there,' Gerich said under his breath.

I gaped at him, shocked. I'd never heard Gerich talk like that, and he'd never made any move on me whatsoever.

'Hell, not for me, I've got more woman at home than I can handle. But you...you oughta cultivate that. You ever fucked another guy before?' Gerich asked.

'No. No, I never even thought of doing something....'

'But you're thinking about it now,' he said, laughing. He poked me in the side. 'Look at that and tell me you wouldn't like to plug that nice, smooth, tight, virgin ass, and that he ain't wanting to get it plugged.'

I looked around at Danny bent over his rear tire putting air in it. His shorts rode up high, revealing the sides of his smooth butt.

'How do you know he's wanting it?' I asked.

'He ain't bent over like that for nothing,' Gerich said. 'Don't most guys bend down or crouch down beside the tire to put air in?'

'You might be right,' I said thoughtfully.

'I know I'm right. Go on, go walk up behind him and brush against his backside. It can be accidental till you see how he reacts.'

I was scared shitless. It was the first time I'd ever made a move on another guy and I didn't know how. But Gerich had me convinced and so hot just talking about it that I dared to try it. I picked up a big open-end wrench and walked across the bay, up behind Danny, and brushed the wrench across his backside.

'Hey, careful with that wrench,' he said over his shoulder.

'Sorry, I was just on my way to the tool chest to put it away.'

'Well, careful where you put it,' he said.

I was thinking Gerich was right!

'You got a better place?' I asked boldly.

'I don't know, that's a fuckin' big wrench,' he said.

'All the better to fix your bike with,' I said.

'My bike doesn't need fixing. All it needed was air in the tire.'

'Got anything else that needs fixing before I put my tool away?' I asked.

'Not with a tool that size,' he said.

'I might have something smaller in the tool crib in the back room, but not much smaller.' I rubbed my hand up the side of his butt as I said it, then walked to the back room. Danny followed me. Inside, I closed the door behind us.

'What about the mechanic?' he asked.

'He won't bother us,' I said.

He seemed nervous. 'Man, I've been wanting to do this with your for a long time,' he said as he shoved his shorts down and stepped out of them.


'I want you to fuck me.'

'That's pretty direct,' I said.

'My cousin fucked me last summer and it was great, but I haven't been fucked since.'

I straightened from taking off my shorts and jockstrap and my cock was already suspended out in a rubbery arch.

'Oh, Fuck!' he gasped. 'You said you had something smaller in here.'

'Depends on whether you want to get fucked with this or a monkey wrench.'

'I don't know if I can take that,' he said. 'You're a lot bigger than my cousin.'

'And your ass is a year older and has had a year to grow,' I said. 'You want it or not?' I asked, as I stroked it to a full hardon.

'Oh, fuck, yeah! I want it! Godd, it's beautiful! I want it, no matter if it hurts or not.'

He got it. He took it fine after the initial pain. I fucked his little ass off that day and he came back for more, almost every day after that for the whole summer.

Gerich would just smile or chuckle when he saw Danny walk in the garage and I would lay down whatever I was doing and go into the back room with him.

'Listen, you need to scrub that room out with Lysol and spray in there, it's beginning to smell like young sex and old come,' Gerich told me after one session.

Gerich never tried anything, with me or with Danny. When Danny went off to a private school I was left alone again. Till this big marine named Brad Holt was discharged and came home. Godd, BLESS the Marines!





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