I'm driving home from LAX at about 1:30 a.m. returning from a business trip

back east. Having just returned from muggy, hot weather I'm enjoying the

feel of the cool night air coming in through the car window, rustling

through the hair on my arms as I drive alone down the Century Freeway in

Los Angeles. Suddenly, the car starts having trouble. I nurse it down the

freeway offramp, sputtering and bucking all the way and manage to turn into

a little parking lot for a bunch of boarded up reatil stores in Compton.

Shit! I realize that I'm in the middle of South Central LA! As I look

around for some help I notice that there are no stores open and no gas

stations in sight.

Across the street I see that there is a pay phone on the sidewalk facing

the street. Although I have a membership in the Automobile Club, I'm

skeptical that they would agree to send one of their drivers into this

neighborhood at this time of night, but it's my only alternative. I run

across the street and huddle closely to the phone booth as I dial the Auto

Club. There are no cars in sight on the street - which is both comforting

and disconcerting at the same time. The Auto Club's phone system answers

and an automated voice tells me that the first available operator will be

with me shortly and puts on some inane, synthesized music. Who in the

hell else is calling them at this time of night' I wonder. Suddenly I

notice in the distance that a Cadillac has turned off the freeway ramp that

I came down and I see it turn down the street heading towards me. I

quickly hang up the phone and hide behind a parked car.

Since my car coasted to it's final resting spot, it's not parked normally.

In fact, I just managed to make it over the sidewalk and the car's now

sitting at a cockeyed angle in the parking lot with the driver's window

down. The Cadillac slows and comes to a stop, and three burly, black

gangsta-type men get out of the car warily. They slowly circle my car and

then finding no one in it, they open the passenger door and find my carry

on bag in the front seat.

Stupidly, I run across the street and claim ownership of the car and the

garment bag. I explain that the car has broken down, I've called a tow

truck and the driver should be there soon. You really think so white

boy?' the driver replies. They ain't gonna send no one into this

neighborhood for anyone - even the President of the fuckin' United States!'

From behind me I hear 'Hooooooeeyy!! Lookee here boyzzzz, looks like we

have ourselves a faggot!' Unbeknownst to me one of the other guys was

going through my carry-on bag and found a gay magazine. They decide that

they can have a good time with me and throw me in back seat of their car.

They take me into a house where two more black guys are. When it's

explained who and what I am, they start taunting me and pushing me around.

They command me to strip and get down on all fours to service them like the

faggot I am. In a moment of bravado I tell them if I'm gonna service them,

I want them to strip too so I can see what I'm gonna be servicing. As they

shuck their clothes they ask what a faggot like me can do for them that

their girlfriends can't. I reply that I can suck cock better, suck on their

nuts better, rim their asses (which they admit NONE of their girlfriends

will do) and I tell them I have a tighter ass than their girlfriends'

pussies. As I tell them this they start to get hard and stroke their


I take a look at them all standing there naked and it's hard for me not to

stare. These guys are STUDS! Well muscled and handsome, even their

tattoos are beautifully done and their cocks are fuckin' incredible. I

tell them they've all got nice cocks and I'll make a deal with them. I'll

service all five of them with my mouth and my ass, and if I can take them

all, they have to give me my stuff back and take me back to my car. They

don't think I can do it, so I challenge them further: I tell them they can

fuck the shit out of me, but if I can hold out, I get to pick one of THEM

and I get to top HIM while the others watch. If I can't hold out, they can

call over as many of their friends as they want and rape the shit out of

me. Surprisingly, they agree to my bet!

Guy #1 - The Leader of the Pack. Beefy, handsome, cocky, nice chest,

awesome tats and black as night. He was the driver of the Cadillac. He

taunts my mouth with his dick and asks 'think you can handle this white

boy?' When I start licking and sucking him though he really enjoys it and

tells the others that 'this boy is gooooooddd' He smells and tastes good

down by his private parts like only an athletic black man does after he's

worked up a nice sweat playing or workin' out.. After 10 min. of fucking

my face, he lays down on his stomach, butt up in the air slightly and

commands me to tongue his hot, tight, black ass. After he is satisfied

that I have sufficiently taste tested his gorgeous butt, he goes around to

my backside. I feel his huge cock push up against my ass and brace for the

worst. With one thrust of his hips he buries his 10' dick, with it's thick

veiny shaft and meaty head up my ass all the way to his balls and starts

fucking me for all he's worth. This guy is an excellent fuckin' top!

Guy #2 - More of a Gentle Giant and a hanger-on type. I'm not really sure

if he's in the gang or if he just hangs with them. 6'4', 265 lbs. built

like a linebacker for USC. His skin is average darkness, not too dark and

not too light, and his features are unremarkable. He looks like a big

teddy bear and has that wonderful kinky fur in all of the right places.

He's sporting a 9' dick, average thickness but it's hard as steel. He is

more hesitant when he walks up. He's obviously turned on by the first guy

who's now fucking me and the fact that I'm apparently enjoying it seems to

intrigue him but he lets me take the initiative on servicing him. He

visibly stiffens when I touch his dick, but relaxes when I start licking,

sucking and playing with it. I'm far more gentle with this one because I

don't want to scare him and make him go soft in front of his friends. At

my request, he lets me give his musky armpits a tongue bath and I briefly

get to roll his balls around on my tongue. He tastes absolutely fuckin'

awesome. He lets me suck and lick him till the first one blows a load up my

ass (he's just POUNDING me when he does), then he asks me if he can fuck me

too. I simply swing my butt around till it's in front of his cock, look

back at him and smile.

Guy #3 - The Enforcer. He and The Leader are the ones who arrogantly

agreed for the rest of the group to let me do one of them if I can handle

all of them because The Enforcer doesn't think I'll be able to last long

enough to take them up on it. He's lighter skinned, handsome and has a

shaved head. Although he's only about 5'10', he's built like a brick

shithouse and his presence radiates a 'don't fuck with me' attitude. He

obviously works out a lot and he has thighs like tree trunks, huge arms, a

ripped stomach and pecs for days. He's got some awesome tattoos on his

arms, chest and his back, his nipples are luscious and he's got the cutest

bubble butt. His dick is 10', uncut and pretty thick with a slight upward

curve to it. The Enforcer is rough with me. He commands me to 'open

wide', puts one beefy paw behind my head and drives his dick all the way to

the base. I start to gag and try to pull off, but he holds me firmly on

his cock.

The Enforcer seems determined to put me through my paces. He commands me

to give his balls a tongue bath, he turns around, bends over and commands

me to lick and tongue his smooth, tight ass 'like the good little faggot

that I am', he lifts up first his right arm, and then later his left and

commands me to lick his sweaty pits (which smell and taste wonderful). I

hold onto his torso to help balance myself while licking his pits and when

I do, I play with his nipples which he then commands me to suck 'since you

like them so much'. Each time I finish orally servicing another part of

his body (an armpit for example) he guides my head back to his cock and

buries it in my throat again. Once he's feeling good down there, he

commands me to move onto the next part of his body. It's incredibly erotic

and a huge turn-on to be man-handled by a beefy stud like this guy. When he

finally moves around back to fuck me, he puts the head of his dick against

my hole, grabs me with both hands on my waist and swings his hips forward

thrusting into me - burying his dick inside me in one thrust. I literally

see stars in front of my eyes! Once inside me, he fucks me like I have

never been fucked before. He alternates between slow/deep thrusts,

gyrating thrusts and quick/powerful/deep thrusts. The whole time he's

asking if this is the way my 'other faggot friends fuck me'. In spite of

all the gruff talk and commanding tone of his voice, he's enjoying this

every bit as much as I am. If this keeps up, I'll never want another man

but him!

Guy #4 - The Sexual Connoisseur. He's been walking around me the whole

time 'checkin' out the merchandise' and suggesting techniques to the others

when they're doing me. He's constantly purring about how fine his dick

will look sliding in and out of my mouth and my ass. Although he's

handsome, he's got that slimy, used-car salesman feel about him. He's too

smooth for his own good. He's 6' tall, very dark skinned and of average

build, but with nice muscle definition. He has a mustache and one of those

melt your heart smiles. He has furry legs, a furry butt and some fur on

his arms and his chest. His hair is cut fairly short. His dick is 10' but

not terribly thick - the kind that I can easily deep throat - which is

exactly what I do when he walks up. Everyone else has been difficult for

me to deep throat, and by inhaling his dick immediately, I'm hoping to kind

of humiliate him and get him to knock off his jive talkin' manner. When

his friend's razz him about my ease in deep throating his 'skinny little

dick' though, he gets mad and starts forcefully face fucking me to teach me

a lesson. Between him and The Enforcer who is drilling my ass I am now

being brutally fucked at both ends. The Enforcer is clearly enjoying

himself and The Connoisseur is just trying to make me sorry I ever tried to

take control of the situation. After a few minutes of this, they are both

dripping sweat all over me as The Enforcer finally shoots his load up my

ass with an explosive roar. The Connoisseur then moves around back and

drives it into me in a pathetic attempt to copy The Enforcer who was easily

the best fuck I've ever had.

Guy #5 - The Shooter. He's only 21 or 22 and has sort of a muscular but

lanky build. He's the quintessential wanna-be and hanger-on who feels the

need to prove himself to the others. I notice that as he struts up to me

with his dick bobbing, that he's rock hard and oozing a little pre-cum out

the tip of his dick. Calling me 'pussyboy' and 'faggot' repeatedly he

taunts me with his dick like The Leader of The Pack did. Forgetting all

about the pathetic Connoisseur banging away at my backside, I play along,

eagerly opening up my mouth and letting my tongue hang out waiting for his

beautiful 12', uncut, thicker than average cock. He's got a beautiful set

of balls too, and a nice round butt that you just want to grab and squeeze

- which I do when I pull his dick deeper into my mouth and down my throat.

His upper body and arms are nicely defined, smooth and V-shaped from

working with weights, presenting a marked contrast to his legs which are

firm and muscular, but leaner and more like those of a distance runner.

His skin is medium dark brown and he shaves his head, but has a goatee and

mustache which makes him incredibly sexy.

He grabs me by the ears and slowly guides his dick into my mouth - all 12'

of it. At about 8' I feel the head of his dick hit the back of my throat

and then I feel the foreskin peeling back as his head continues to slide

down into my throat until the remaining 4' are buried down my throat. As I

start to deep throat him, I hear him moan with satisfaction. The other

four are quite impressed that I've been able to deep throat the longest

dick in the group.

The Shooter is known among his friends for his sexual prowess with the

ladies and his sexual stamina. I'm told that he can easily shoot 5-6 times

in a night, and they figure that with him being last, he'll wear me out and

the group will win the bet. When he admits that he already blew his load

three times with one of his ladies earlier in the evening, their mood turns

a little sour. The Shooter does a good job though - he expertly fucks my

face for 20 minutes before he gushes a load of cum all over me. He stays

hard and orders me to swing my ass around because 'boypussy comes to ME,

not the other way around'. I position myself so that I am looking directly

at the other four who are now sitting naked (some still stroking their

hardons) on a big sectional couch. They are clearly enjoying the show, and

they all cheer The Shooter on as he slowly buries all 12' of his cock up my

ass. He gives it one last extra nudge when he's all the way in to get my

attention which makes me moan. The others all get a laugh out of that!

The Shooter is a very sensual fuck. He fucks me like he does his ladies -

using the full length of his tool to his advantage. He takes his time and

makes sure that his dick is touching all the right places - almost like

he's done this with a man before. When his friends comment that my dick is

hard, he reaches under me and grabs it and strokes it for me to the same

motion as the plunges of his dick up my ass. I am now nearly delirious! By

now, I'm sure he's done this before. He knows how to touch another man's

dick and he knows how to fuck a man's ass so that he feels it and enjoys

it. He reaches around again and expertly works my tits, and when he sees

that I like it he keeps working them. I am now squeezing his dick with

what's left of my ass muscles and he responds 'that feels good white

boy...reeeaaaalllll gooooooooooddd'. Soon he picks up his tempo and he

grabs my shoulders and pulls me back onto his dick with each of his

quickening thrusts. I can tell he's about to cum, and when he does it's

like an earthquake for me and for him. He twitches and thrashes while his

dick spurts creamy white jizz all over my insides. After he's done

shooting he collapses on top of me breathing deeply. I can feel his cock

begin to shrink inside my ass. I suspect that The Shooter is out of

bullets - I may have won my bet!

I maintain my position facing the other four guys on the couch and when The

Shooter finally admits that he's done, an evil grin spreads across my face,

and I watch a look of fear spread across the faces of the four guys on the

couch. No fuckin' WAY man!' cries The Connoisseur. Ohh SHIT!' comes the

reply from the Leader Of The Pack and The Enforcer. The Gentle Giant is

silent, mulling the idea that he might actually have to acquiesce to having

a white boy faggot fuck him. I'm sorry guys, but I'm outta jizz. I've

shot 5 loads today' replies The Shooter.

Seizing control of the situation, I tell them it's time for them to live up

to their end of the bargain and I command them to line up in front of me so

I can 'inspect the merchandise' before deciding which one of them I'm going

to fuck. Although there are some protests, they quickly quiet down when

The Enforcer reminds them that they agreed to the deal so they should just

shut up and live with it. As I walk up to each one, I do my inspection of

their bodies. I run my hands over their chests, tweaking their nipples,

sliding down their backs, and then I push them to bend over and pull their

ass cheeks apart so I can probe and inspect their assholes - visually and

with my tongue. Then I finish by making them turn around so I can grope

and quickly taste test their cocks and balls again. All of them are

visibly uncomfortable with this except The Shooter who almost seems to

enjoy the inspection and seems to get semi-hard when I taste test his cock.

As much as I want to pick someone who will not be a willing participant, I

pick The Shooter. He briefly looks uncomfortable then flashes me a knowing

look that tells me he knows that I have him figured out. I command him to

get down on his knees and service my cock like I serviced his, and feigning

reluctance he does so. He is an excellent cocksucker, and sucks just as

sensually as he fucks. I notice when I look down that he has one hand

casually draped over his ever growing hardon as if to hide it. I quickly

ask for a pillow to be thrown down on the floor and I tell The Shooter to

lie down on his stomach so I can fuck him properly (and help him hide his

cock from view). He quickly complies and I straddle him with my dick

riding in the crevice of his ass crack. I lube my dick up and use the

extra on my fingers to start working his sphincter muscles. My thumb and

fingers go into him easily, confirming that his hole is not a virgin hole,

and although he protests that it hurts, he doesn't clamp his hole down on

my fingers which tells me he's enjoying every minute of it. His friends

don't know that however and they urge me to go easy on him.

Putting my dick up against the opening of his asshole, I gradually work the

head in. The Shooter moans and carries on, but at the same time he's

lifting his ass slightly as if to tell me he wants my dick in him deeper

and faster than I'm doing it. Eventually I get it all the way in and give

him an extra nudge like he did me to get his attention. Slowly and then

gradually faster I fuck him. He has a wonderful ass and he clamps down

firmly on my cock as it invades his 'virgin' hole. I play along with him,

goading him on as he winces in mock pain. Smacking his ass, I ask him if

he enjoys having my big, white dick up his ass. He protests that it hurts

but when I reach underneath him I find his cock to be a rod of steel buried

in the pillow. After 15 minutes of working his ass good I finally shoot my

load all over his back, much to the relief of his concerned friends. The

Shooter lays on the pillow for a few more minutes feigning pain, but

actually allowing his dick to go down again. When he gets up finally, I

notice that there is indeed a wet spot on the pillow where his dick had

been, thus confirming my suspicions about The Shooter.

After showering and getting dressed I was able to slip a personal business

card with my phone number and pager number to The Shooter and The Leader Of

The Pack. I also slipped one to The Enforcer when he drove me back to my

car while my head bobbed up and down on his throbbing cock.

I now am casually dating The Shooter, and I regularly play with The Leader

and The Enforcer - usually separately, but on a couple of occasions we've

had some wild three ways together where we traded out as to who was in the

middle getting dicked at both ends. I've even sent The Shooter out to play

basketball with his friends with a but plug up his ass. He came back so

revved up he fucked me for 2 hours straight and came 6 times. I got my stud

The Enforcer to meet me halfway down on an 18' double ended dildo - was

THAT ever hot! I tried getting them to bring the Gentle Giant, but they

indicated that man to man sex wasn't really his game.

I even arranged a gang bang to take place at a party they were having to

celebrate the 18th birthday of some gang members. They blindfolded me and

handcuffed me to the bed in a back bedroom and then told the other gang

members that I was a party favor that they had hijacked off a street corner

in West Hollywood. That's not true of course, but I really got off on it.

You should have seen they way they fucked my mouth and my ass! I took on

18 of them that night and smiled throughout all of it, then 10 of 'em had

me again the next morning before I was 'released'. You've never seen so

much cum in your life. And the sweet smell of cum, sweat and sex - well,

that defies description! I had the musky taste of a sweaty black man on my

mustache for 3 days!

Although we sometimes use their crash pad in South Central when we play, I

generally have my three primary playmates down to my place in Long Beach.

My neighbors look at my gangbanger friends with fear and suspicion in the

morning when they leave but I don't care. I'll have to have car problems

in South Central more often!!


P Holman

[email protected]


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