My name is Sean. I'm a city kid, having spent all my life in Sydney,Australia. I don't look like your typical Aussie stereotype. My heritage is predominately European, and you can see that in my dark features. Black thick hair, shaved short on the sides with a bit of length on top. Strong brow, dark brown eyes, prominent jaw line and stubble (I HATE being clean shaven). I'm what you would definitely call "handsome".

I've spent most of my life being a slim guy, my body has just started to tone up how I'd like it. You'll hear more about my body later in this story...but the point is I'm pretty shy. Not the most confident kid in the world.

The same can't be said about my friends, who have organised a game night that I reluctantly agreed to go to. I knew all the guys going were gay, and this put me off because I knew there would be a lot of strong personalities. But my closest friend David insisted I go so here I am.

I knocked on his apartment door and David answered.

"Holy shit, you're actually not that late for once!"

David is a great looking guy. Wearing a singlet and loose gym shorts, you could see his defined arms and legs. His singlet curved into his back, showing off it's muscled definition. He's about the same height as me, 5'10, but he's much stronger than I am. His singlet was quite loose so that at least one nipple was on show at any given time. He had a great body, and he liked to show it off. He's cute as hell as well. With longish blonde hair and a face of an 18 year old, he's always been popular with the guys.

There's no denying it, he's a looker. But we've been friends since highschool so we've never done anything sexually together. Haven't even seen each other naked. I have always been curious though.

"Come in, will just be the four of us tonight I think. A few people bailed last second."

I walked into his lounge room and saw two guys sitting on his couch. I immediately recognized Marcus, who is much closer to David than me. If David is a muscle man, then Marcus is a muscle GOD. He's a personal trainer so he is built to perfection. Light brown hair and boyish features, he has the most adorable cheeky grin. He's wearing a tight black t-shirt that looks like a second skin to his perfectly toned body. He was wearing short board shorts that showed off his muscular thighs.

Marcus and I never really got along. He is incredibly arrogant and cocky, the fact that he's only 19 probably doesn't help. But I will admit, I would give anything to see him naked. Thinking about him makes me hard and I'll often catch myself day dreaming about him in a shower...or in my bed.

"Hey Sean looking good, starting to beef up a bit I see. Quite a long way to go though."

"Thanks Marcus...I think." Marcus just laughed in response. "Well it sounded like a compliment in my head."

I turned to the other guy sitting on the couch, someone I didn't recognize.

"Sean this is Phil. Phil, Sean."

Phil was cute as hell. He also had light brown hair and he facially reminded me of Dave Franco. Only difference is Phil was TALL. He looked at least 6'5. He was wearing a baggy t-shirt and shorts that showed off nice defined arms and legs. But because he was so tall there was a lanky awkwardness about him...something I related to. I was immediately attracted and found myself wondering if he was single...

"Alright!" David shouted. "Drink time! What should we play first?" Marcus chimed in immediately. "Let's play Tekken Tag 2 on the PS3!"

And so the night began. I started out being awkwardly shy (like usual) but as we all began to drink and loosen up I found myself having a good time and joining in on the loud conversations. Marcus was as obnoxious as ever, making crude anal sex jokes pretty much every 30 seconds. David was a gracious host, making sure we always had drinks in our hands (or on Phil's lap at one point thanks to Marcus acting like a tool). Me and Phil talked quite a bit as well. I learned he was 26 and had only been out of the closet for a year and was getting used to the "gay scene". My heart dropped when he told me how he had met Marcus...on grindr for a hookup. But I tried to not let that bother me even though I was extremely jealous (of them both).

We played Playstation, played old board games and even played poker. By midnight we were all heartily drunk and running out of games to play.

"This is getting boring. Let's do something exciting." Marcus said grabbing the deck of cards. "Let's play strip poker!"

"No way!" I shouted, and looked to David and Phil for backup. But I could tell they didn't hate the idea. "don't be a faggot Sean, It will be fun." Marcus was already dealing out cards.

I was torn. There was no way I wanted to be naked in front of these guys. They made me feel way too self conscious. But at the same time, the idea of seeing their naked bodies excited the hell out of me. Plus, I won most of the hands when we were playing regular poker, so I was confident I could beat them again.

"Won't it be weird if we see each other naked?" I asked David. "Honestly, I'm too drunk to care. It will be fun." I could tell David was excited. Phil didn't say anything the entire time. But when he was dealt his cards he picked them up almost a little too eagerly.

"Ok, fine. Deal me in." What have I done?

"Ok, person with the worst hand each round has to take off an item of clothing. To be fair, let's take off all our shoes and socks now." We did, all of us rushing so we could start.

The first hand went perfectly. Marcus lost. He stood up took a step back and peeled his black t-shirt off. His torso is beautiful, his nipples looked hard on his perfect pecs and he has an 8-pack that moved down to a sculpted V. He was completely hairless, probably because he did body building shows.

"It's cold in here!" He laughed as he sat back down.

David and Phil both lost the next hands. One by one they each removed their tops. I've seen David shirtless countless times, but he looked even more toned than usual when he threw his singlet off. Phil had a swimmers build despite being so tall...he had a tuft of chest hair and his nipples were quite small and pink...I immediately imagined my tongue around them. So far so good.

The next hand...shit. I lost. I stood up and removed my t-shirt. My body was slimmer than theirs, but I had definitely made progress lately. My chest is flat, but my stomach has developed a nice 6 pack. And I've finally managed to develop a V shape that frames my black curly treasure trail that leads down my shorts. My nipples were immediately hard and I could tell all three guys noticed as they were staring at me so intently. I awkwardly sat down and tried not to think about it.

The next had was dealt. Fuck sake...I lost again.

"That's two in a row Sean, lose the shorts!" Marcus chimed. David and Phil said nothing, but they looked at me as I got up and slowly unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. I regret my underwear choice.

Tonight, for some reason, I decided to wear the skimpiest pair of light blue Emporio Armani jocks. They were at least a size too small because they were skin tight. You could clearly see the outline of my semi-hard dick, and from where David and Phil were sitting I knew they could see my balls from where the underwear stuck out.

"Fuck, nice jocks Sean! Give us a twirl!" I slowly turned around and and could feel the underwear riding halfway up my ass cheeks. Even before I started to tone up I always had the most perfect little bubble butt. It's probably my favorite part of my body. But it was still embarrassing having Marcus wolf whistle and David and Phil laughing as I spun around. I took a seat without saying a word and Marcus dealt the next hand.

I was starting to freak out. I didn't think I would do so badly. If I lost one more hand I would have to get completely naked in front of these guys. I don't think I could do it. We played the hand.

I lost. I fucking lost.

"WHOOOO!!!" All three guys started cheering and clapping when they realized I lost the hand. I felt sick. There was no way I could get naked in front of these guys. I tried to back out.

"No way, you agreed to play and you lost. Stand up and take them off!" I couldn't believe these words came from Phil. "He's right Sean, fair is fair." said David with a grin. All three guys were against me.

I stood up and took a step back, all guys staring at my crotch intently. I hooked the waistband of my jocks with my thumbs and slowly started to pull down, displaying my trimmed pubic hair and the base of my dick...but I stopped.

"I can't do it guys, please don't make me."

Before I even knew what was happening Marcus jumped up, grabbed my jocks and yanked them down to my ankles, my semi hard dick hanging out freely. I was shocked for a second and just stood there, dick on show. Then I covered my crotch out of modesty.

"Nope, we want to see it. no covering it." And with that Marcus stood behind me and grabbed my arms, forcing them behind my back exposing me once more. I tried to break free but there was no way I could get out of Marcus' iron grip. As I struggled my cock bounced around for Phil and David to see, getting harder and harder until it was at it's full 8 inches and straight as an arrow. David, my best friend for years, was staring right at my hard cock and balls...and I have to admit it turned me on. I could see Phil readjusting his own crotch as he saw me completely naked and exposed against my will by Marcus.

"We've all seen it now, no point covering it." And Marcus let me go. I didn't try to cover it this time. I just stood there a bit out of breath and let all three men stare at my naked body. After what felt like an eternity, I sat back down.

"What happens if Sean loses the next hand? He's already naked?" Phil asked. "We'll just make him do something else. Something fun" Marcus said with his trademark cheeky grin. I still wanted to see the other guys naked, and at this point it felt like the worst had happened anyway. So I played the next hand. I was wrong.

For the fourth time in a row, I lost the hand.

"I think we should see Sean's ass, what do you guys think?" Marcus asked. David just nodded with a smile while Phil looked me right in the eye and said "fuck yeah." This boy was getting bolder. I figured they had already seen my dick, so showing them my ass wasn't a big deal. I stood up and turned around so they could see my perfect bubble butt. I grabbed at my cheeks a bit and even gave it a light spank before turning around to sit down again.

"That's it? No way. Get on all fours on the floor with your ass facing us." I was shocked. "There's no way I'm doing that guys." Marcus just grinned. "You know I WILL make you if you don't." I did know this. He had proven that before.

I turned around once more, and got onto all fours on the floor, my ass pointed right in the direction of David, Phil and Marcus. "Arch your back more!" shouted Marcus. "And spread your legs a little bit so we can see your hole." Phil added in.

I did as they asked. I could feel the air on my pink hole so I knew it was visible to the guys. I also knew they could see my balls and hard cock dangling in between my legs. I was humiliated. I was shocked. But most of all...I was turned on. The idea of these three guys being so eager to see the most intimate parts of my body made me rock hard. My inhibitions were lost.

"I want to see his hole more clearly." I looked back to see Marcus walk over and kneel beside me. I felt his hands grab both of my cheeks and pull them apart as far as they could go. "That a better view guys?" I looked back and I could see that both David and Phil had pulled their dicks out and were stroking them slowly. They didn't say anything, but Phil moaned a little after Marcus had made my hole completely exposed. "I want to see as well, Sean, keep your ass apart like this."

I used my hands to keep my ass cheeks pulled apart, but to do so I had to have my head on the ground and could no longer see the guys. I had never been more vulnerable in my life.

"Well we've all got our dicks out now so let's change the rules. The person who WINS the next hand gets to play with Sean's ass." Hearing this excited me and I was eager to hear who won. I listened as they played the next hand.

"Well, I guess I'm the lucky guy then." It was Phil! I stayed in that same position and waited for Phil to approach me. He was right behind me, but he wasn't touching me. I was getting impatient. I started to play with my hole with one of my fingers to encourage him to start. He swatted my finger away. "Don't." That's all he said. "don't". After what felt like an happened. I felt his tongue flick at my hole. The sudden impact of his touch made me moan loudly, much to David and Marcus' enjoyment.

"Fuck yeah...FUCK YEAH." Phil's tongue started gently, playing with my balls and taint before swirling around my exposed hole. Before long he grabbed my thighs and was burying his tongue into my ass, forcing it deeper and deeper. I was moaning like crazy. Not just because my wet hole was being stimulated but because I knew I was being watched. By my best friend and a muscle God. Both of them stroking their hard cocks as they watched me submit to the pleasure Phil's tongue was bringing me. And just like that...Phil stopped. He got up, with a smirk on his face, and went back to his seat.

"He taste's amazing."

I was lying on the floor shaking at what had just happened. My ass was still in the air, my hole felt cool as the air met the moisture left by Phil's tongue. I was stunned and silent as the guys started playing the next hand.

"Well seeing as Phil has lubed Sean up, let's make this the last round. Winner gets to fuck him until he cums." Hearing this made my body tingle. I was about to be fucked by one of these sexy guys. I didn't care who it was, I would be happy with any of them. "Fuck YES!." Marcus won the final hand. And the prize was my ass.

"Get on your back, I want to see your face when I fuck you." I did as Marcus commanded. All three guys surrounded me. David to my left, Phil to my right and Marcus between my legs. I got to see them all naked properly for the first time. David's cock curved slightly upwards and looked to be about 7 inches. He had no pubic hair and his full looking balls hung low. Phil's dick was average length, but it was THICK. His black pubic hair was bushy and untamed, something about this turned me on. But it was Marcus' hard cock that excited me the most. It must have been 9 inches at least. He also had no pubic hair, but his dick would look enormous regardless. I knew I was in for a bit of pain.

Marcus slid a condom on as Phil pulled my legs up and started to rim me again. This time he was rough and occasionally spat on my hole. It felt amazing, but he was buttering me up for the main prize. Marcus grabbed my legs and pulled me into him. He positioned the head of his giant cock and pushed it against my slippery hole. "You may want to distract yourself with something, because this is going to hurt."

I knew he wasn't lying. "David", I said, "Sit on my face." David seemed a little stunned for a moment, but he quickly raised one leg over my head and started to lower his perfect ass over face. With one hand I grabbed his hard cock, and with the other I grabbed his thigh and eased his hole onto my mouth. As I felt Marcus' cock enter me, I flicked my tongue over David's hole. I had heard him moan a few times, but from a room next door. To be the one causing my best friend to moan like this excited me so much I barely noticed the pain of Marcus' throbbing dick stretching my hole. Meanwhile Phil's hands were exploring my body, playing with my nipples, stroking my cock.

Before long I could feel Marcus' entire member inside of me and once the pain subsided all I could feel was insane pleasure. He started to thrust and as he did I moaned and my tongue delved deeper into David's smooth hole causing him to shout out in pleasure.

"Get off him David, he's my prize." David climbed back over and I was disappointed at first. But then Marcus grabbed my waist and started to pummel me harder than I have ever been fucked before. "FUCK, FUCK YES! FUCK MEEE!!" I had never felt pleasure so intense in my life as Marcus continued to plow me as Phil and David watched stroking their own hard dicks.

"I'm going to cum!" Phil shouted. He positioned his dick beside my face and I instinctively opened my mouth. Next thing I feel Phil's hot cum all over my face and in my mouth. The taste of his sweet cum made my dick hard as a rock, bouncing back and forth as Marcus continued to fuck me. David lent down and started kissing me. Our tongues deeply exploring each others mouths, both of us tasting Phil's cum that was left on my lips. David began to moan and kiss me harder as I felt him cum over my chest and neck. Next was my turn.

"I'm going to cum, fuck me harder!" I screamed. Without touching my dick, I could feel my orgasm brewing from the mere pleasure of Marcus's dick massaging my prostate, and before I knew it I was cumming everywhere. All over myself and all over Phil and David. Marcus' thrusts intensified and he began to quiver as I felt him cum inside me.

All four of us collapsed on the floor, me completely drenched in three people's cum. We were all naked and covered in sweat. David continued to kiss me gently as the four of us layed there out of breath for a good ten minutes.

After we all recovered and showered (together of course) we left David's apartment.

"Sooo, mind if I crash at yours Sean?" Phil asked.

One thing is for sure...I won Game Night.




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