Work blew, and not in the good way. Elijah couldn't stand his job, his customers, nor his boss.

The only reason he stayed was his passion for gaming, and the employee discount. He worked at GameGo, a video game store in the strip mall he had bummed around in his teens. The only saving grace, was his best friend Zach.

They had been friends since high school, and thru both of they're attempts at college. In the end, they had become roommates, and even took the same job. They couldn't have been more different from one another, but they were united by their joint love of two things: weed, and video games.

Elijah was muslim, raised in the U.S from birth, and a bookworm. Zach was the polar opposite, his parents were hippies from Canada, and everyone wanted to be his friend. But Gaming brought them together, especially the Call of Warfare series. The sequel was coming out that very day, and Elijah couldn't wait to blow away some communist zombies with Zach.

" Are you ready for this?" Elijah said, tying his hair back. There was a line outside the shop, stretching back towards the malls entrance. Call Of Warfare fans were pressing against the doors so hard that they bowed inward, and Zach stood ready at the entrance with his keys.

He smiled and shook his head, his blonde dreads swaying.

"Doesn't matter man, it'll all be worth it when I beat your ass in Call Of Warfare." He said unlocking the doors as the tide of unwashed nerds piled in thru the doors.

"Challenge accepted, whitey!" Elijah called out from behind the counter.

The communist zombies head exploded in a cloud of pixelated ichor, and Elijah took a celebratory swig of his Mesa Dew and vodka concoction.

"Blam! Headshot!" Elijah said, frantically thumbing his controller so he could grab a power up.

The rush had nearly killed them, but they had the advantage of saving the final copy for themselves.

The graphics were good, the guns legendary, and gore phenomenal. Zach growled and gritted his teeth as a fascist squid took a swipe at him with its tentacles

"Whatever, why don't put a grenade up your ass and run at them, towel-head." He said, tearing up the squid with his tommy gun.

"Ooh, getting nervous are we? Why don't we up the ante? Loser has to suck the winners nuts for ten seconds, no homo."

Eli said, stealing his kill.

Zach snorted.

"Oh, you'd looooove that, wouldn't you. Gonna lose on purpose now?" He said punching Eli's arm.

As they passed the two liter of soda and had liquor between them at the end of each round, they're ability to play the game worsened.

"Oh thats total bullshit, theres a fucking glitch." Eli said, putting down the controller.

"Yeah, a glitch in your brain, retard. I beat you, fair and square." He said, pulling out a joint from behind his ear. Besides video games, weed was another of their main staples.

" lemme get some." Elijah slurred, putting out his hand.

Zach laughed, and took a puff, exhaling.

" Dude, you haven't even made good on our bet. No weed for you."

Eli frowned.

"You were, like, serious? Oh, well. Fuck it, fine. Ten seconds." He said quietly, scratching his goatee.

Eli reasoned that it was only ten seconds, and Zach always had the best weed.

Zach looked at him a moment, and unbuckled his pants, wiggling out of them until they pooled at his feet at the foot of the couch.

"Ten seconds solid, man , your weirder than I thought."

Eli's heart jumped as he leaned down over the plaid of Zach's boxers until it filled his vision, and he was close enough to see the growing definition of his dick beneath the fabric. He pulled at the band until it unhooked itself from Zach's hips and slid down his thighs.

It was big, the head obscured by the extra flesh of being un-circumcised. He slowly dipped his face down as Zach spread his legs open to give him better access to his nuts. Eli took one into his mouth, and Zach groaned and put his hand on Eli's head.

"Both of them man, both of them, fuck." He said, and Eli drew the other orb into his mouth, dragging his tongue along the underside of Zach's balls. He rolled them around in his mouth

"D-dude, its way past ten seconds." Zach said quietly, leaning his head back. Eli let it fall from his lips with a wet slurp.

" Ok, so yeah, that happened. Fuck. Man, you let the joint go out." Eli said, and Zach passed him the joint. When Eli lit up, Zach couldn't help but notice how wet Eli's lips were.

"Here, shotgun it." Eli said inhaling, leaning towards him. Zach leaned in, cupping his hands, and pressed his mouth against Eli's. He pressed his tongue inwards, past Eli's slightly parted teeth, and breathed in the smoke. Their tongues clashed together, Zach pushing his body into Eli's, the both of them sinking into the plush of the couch.

The only thing Eli could think of was how good Zach was with his tongue, and he wrapped his legs around him and drew him in so they could grind against each other. His breath caught in his throat when the hard bulge in Zach's boxers rubbed against his, rubbing thru the thin material of his pajama bottoms. The friction was incredible.

It was Eli's turn to moan when Zach planted kisses along his neck to his collarbone, gently nipping at the softness of his neck. His hand slipped under Eli's shirt and felt its way upwards, and slowly scraping downward with one of his nails lightly grazing one of Eli's nipples, making him gasp.

"Maybe we should do this some place more comfortable, huh?" Zach whispered, suddenly withdrawing and getting to his feet. Eli sighed.

"Yeah, I gotta take a shower and get prepped." Eli said, and Zach couldn't help but notice the quiver in his voice.

Zach grinned.

"Didn't know you rolled THAT way, but its cool, You have a cute ass." He said, giving Eli a swat as he moved passed him towards the shared bathroom.

Eli could still feel the slight sting from Zach's hand, and rubbed it gently as the hot water sprayed down on him. Despite his original eagerness, he didn't know how far he wanted to go. Zach was his best friend, one of the few friends he had. He wasn't sure if he wanted to risk his friendship for a quick fuck, but then again, he was SO hot. He reminded himself of this when he gently slid one of his fingers inside of him. He sighed when he couldn't find anything he needed to remove and withdrew. He didn't want to stretch himself out too much, and he like it when it hurt just a little.

Meanwhile, in Zach's bedroom...

Zach frantically straightened his room, throwing down a comforter and shoving beer cans and dirty socks under his bed. He shut off the main light in the room and let the blue-green light of the fish tank illuminate the scene. He was as nervous as Eli, but he knew what he wanted. Until Eli, he couldn't stand people. His ex-girlfriend had been annoying, his ex-boyfriend had been unbearable, but his best friend? One half of him said he was to valuable to risk losing, and the other jumped at the promise of taking their friendship one step further. But all doubts vanished when he walked in the door, just as he pressed play on the stereo by his bed.

The light from the tank made his skin glow and his eyes shine, and before

Tom Petty could belt out another line, Eli was on top of him. It was his turn to be aggressive.

Eli crushed his mouth into his, and they tore at each other until they're clothes lay scattered around the bed. Eli undid his hair, and shook it out. He reached down and wiggled his fingers into Zach's dreads. Eli'd always said they looked stupid on a white guy, but his fingers told a different story.

"I always wondered what these felt like. Now I know." He said, his voice only slightly slurred.

After a minute, Eli raised an eyebrow.

"Dude, how stoned are you? Do I need to take charge?" He said, grinning.

Zach rolled him over and gave him a sharp nip on the neck.

"Nope, I owned you in the game, I'm gonna own you now."

Eli guided Zach's cock to his opening, and tried to relax.

The inch, that angry inch, made him wince and he almost told him to stop, but Zach put a hand over his mouth.

"Shh. I got you." He whispered, pulling out and spitting into his palm and stroking his cock, still sealing Eli's eager moans with his palm.

He lined himself up again and shoved in, Eli emitting a muffled yelp, which died down into a low groan. He started by slamming into him to the hilt, then pulling his uncut tool all the way out and diving in again, the pain slowly giving way to a whisper of something else. His movements steadied into a practiced rhythm, agonizingly slower than what Eli was used to, but dragging along all of his sweet spots. The minutes passed by, and Zach was close. He pushed forward until Eli's legs hooked over his shoulders, simultaneously going deeper into the vice of flesh that Eli had become.

Eli was a wreck, and he knew it. He couldn't stop shaking, and it was like Zach was the center of his world. He looked up his face, a curtain of blonde hair shaking with the impact of each thrust. Then and their, he would of done anything for him. But he couldn't think past what was happening then, he could only feel the slow burn of the moment.

"Fuck. Take Me, take me." Eli managed to murmur between breaths, and Zach obliged.

He slammed forward, almost painfully, and leaned in towards his neck with a growl.

The bite was sharp, and Eli clenched around Zach's cock as his orgasm roiled forth inside of him.

Eli could feel his pulse, feel what he put inside him.

Zach unhinged Eli's legs from around his shoulders, trying to stay inside him so that the sheets wouldn't get stained. He shifted himself so that he was against his back, his still semi-hard dick embedded inside Eli. He sighed and pulled him close.

"So, do you mind if we uh, lay here for a bit?" Zach asked.

"You mean cuddle? Sure, just admit that its cuddling." Eli said, rubbing the back of his head against Zach's chin. Zach kissed him on the ear.

"Fine, admit that you suck at Call of Warfare."

" No way, I call a re-match. Same as last time, loser sucks the winners balls. No homo." Eli said, wriggling and pressing into Zach's cock, which had found new life and grown hard again.

Zach grinned.

"Challenge accepted."


Truxton Tanouye


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