On a trip to my parents met inside a truck that has a black cock astronomical. Not resesti wanted to feel that huge stick in my mouth ... It was one of those days when nothing sanava my 'heat' ... Was weighed in every way and we could climb on top of a cock, even if it was wood, I still believe that it would not be enough. My cock was purple, and even an auto blowjob was not working. I lay down, bending my legs over my head and "sent to see" the poor man, I came across my face, but I wanted more, much more ...

Saturday night, a day that was definitely in the club, but never really liked these dives, I decided to go to my parents' house, on a farm, 18 km from the city where he lived. The night was cool, great for a walk in the moonlight. Although crime rates in inner cities may not be far below the big cities, felt that there would be many problems in walk anyway as it was summer time, seven hours it was still light. Was out of town when I sign for a box truck. The driver stopped a few feet from where I was. I've been running - despite the distance is not much drive, I would walk two hours to get where I wanted, if not more.

I climbed into the cab of the truck and threw my heavy backpack on the floor. The man who was waiting for me there appeared to be very old, should be in his thirty-five or eight. It was black, was shirtless, had no very definite abdomen and seemed to be very self, almost a gorilla. His smile was as white as my shirt from Nike. I greeted him and said it would follow that direction, at least 16 or 17 miles, depending on where he would go. He smiled again, malicious. Curious, and with a very active imagination, I tried to imagine "how" it should have for me and that day would be all too little. It was at this moment that I noticed the bulge in his pants volume of tectel true that "God congo". Or he was thinking the same as me or I was being very relaxed, preferred the first option.

The truck continued slowly down the road until I let "slip" one apalpadela the "brat". Maybe he cashed my impudence and smiled in return. Any mortal smart face of this planet understand that sign. Behind what I was saying: "Hey! I want you to fuck my ass ". He licked his lips thick and fleshy. He said he was willing to take "water knee" and entered a deserted dirt road, between a sugarcane plantation. Yes, I was thrilled to think what he would do when he came down. Maybe masturbate to pass the will, I thought. But contrary to what I imagined, it did not come down. And he said with a deep voice: - You think I do not know what you are wanting to? - Morbid light blinked on the cab, turning to my side and supporting her shoulder in the seat. I swallowed hard, after all was in a desert place, in a dark and chilling with a man that much worse than a "serial killer" could be a homophobe crazy to beat me to death. I was afraid the first time. Do not know what to answer and his voice continued, serious and seductive. I felt a twinge of desire mixed with the terror that might follow ...

- Do you know ... - Said rubbing her hand between my legs. I'm no day without fucking a delicious pussy or ass burning offered, and when you started teasing me with that apalpadinha ... - His huge hand opened my zipper and pulled my volume - I felt that today could do what he was trying for days ... I'm kind of tired of masturbating ...

Even before I could say anything, my cock was already in her hand, hard and rhythmic movement. I groaned as he masturbated. - I do not need a woman to have a good fuck ... Anyone who can give your ass to my anaconda now serves ... - He kept me jerking off, getting stronger ... - It's good pleasure for all the ways that are possible, no?

- So - I said - no problem if I will swallow your cock? - Smiles, depraved ... That was already jacking off leaving me in total bliss. He told me no and lay my head on his lap. - Are you feeling the agony of my little boy? - Said. He contracts the penises doing fierce movement. Looked wild ...

In one swift motion he dropped his pants revealing a cock that surprised me ... There was legend blacks are gifted, and this was proven by me. Looked to be about 27 cm, and was still partially erect. Not much thought, grabbed his tool and stroked my face, left all the perfume that huge head soak in my face ... My cock was about to explode. I struggled to shove it in his mouth, was huge and I thought that it would not count. I sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked ... Until foaming, every lick, every deep thrust I gave was a guttural sound of pleasure that skirt between her teeth, caught by the joint. He contributed, forcing my head against that enormous sledgehammer.

When I stood up, his mouth and stuck his tongue in my desperate invaded my interior, sweeping across my mouth. He kissed all over my face and started licking my ear. It almost made me cum. Soon his mouth desperate, crazed sucking my rod, shy and insignificant near his ... He was manly and mammals and that excited me even more. Each suck me cowering with incredible ease and he shoved my whole cock in her mouth. I was washed saliva ...

We went back to the box truck. Inside there was cargo, which indicated that he had returned from a service. The room was well lit and had some wedges that he used to lessen the impact entres carrying loads. Threw some on the floor and ordered me to kneel. I did as he had commanded, and again he grabbed my hair and started to shove his cock with everything in my mouth, I thought I would die choking.

- Sounds like you like it ... - Said with an evil grin on his face and shoving increasingly stronger your cock in my mouth. He pushed me on the mats and jumped on me, her weight was crushing. But could feel every molecule of his body, including his cock rubbing my crazy. I was still shirt, and he, without any effort, tore it. Rolled my body on him and continued kissing me demented. But this time his thick fingers braved seized and pressing my ass. That mixture of pain and pleasure was the point I needed.

- I want to feel like your little hole ... Sit in my mouth - I quickly fulfill your request and I was in a position to give him licking wildly, my ass. I sat down as if to defecate, I started rubbing my ass and mouth. Each lick was filled with hard and it drove me crazy. He kissed her, and sooner or later, nibbled my ass. Their tapas burned, but it was a pleasurable pain. He licked his thumb and penetrated with everything in my hole, groaned loudly. Each thrust was a mad desire to want more.

I turned around and lay on her hot body, licking every part of her naked body exposed, to get where I wanted ... The moans drove me crazy. After lubricated well that enormous dick he asked me to hit him a hand job, and got up nigga, knees, grabbed my cock and began to masturbate, licking time or another and sticking his tongue out, waiting for my hot milk . Took control and got the beats, strong and urgent, until my head, big and purple, spat in his mouth. Soon his tongue was full of cum. He started to kiss me and I could feel the cum sliding into my mouth and falling from our mouths.

Enough of passion, he said. In one swift motion he threw me against the walls of the chest, the sense of danger began to excite me again. He held his huge body to mine and started sucking around my neck. And, suddenly, I felt something huge and wet compress my ass. - Let's see if you can stand all this - the black man said with a giggle. It was kind of hard to get a little aggressive that snake inside me, but when he came started rubbing, going forward and backward, crazy. The pain was a seasoned longer, and I was enjoying it and wanted more. I asked him to penetrate strong, and my request sounded like an order.

I was awash in sweat when he took his cock and grabbed me by the neck. - It is now four - said, throwing me on the mattresses. That made me mad imperial air. When positioned myself grabbed my rod and began to masturbate to the rhythm fero what was behind me. He stopped, urgent, and I posted on my knees. It did not take two hits before he filled my face with cum. I washed all. He still seemed to want more and began to lick my face. And there we lay clinging, sucking our tongues. After the rest, we started Batidão again til you drop and fall to the ground exhausted.

When he took the wheel to follow the road, leaned over his lap and breastfed until arriving at my destination, and before he had stopped, had enjoyed back in my mouth. Wear other clothes and washed my face in a water tank that was attached to bag the way. He said he had never tasted anything so good in his life, and he wanted to repeat the dose. I blinked, saying maybe caught a ride again next week, and sumi through the trees from the road leading to ranch I would. I never went to see this man, although he liked, he'd almost burst. Would only get something smaller from that day ... good, not so much ...



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