written by: Bill Hudley

Growing up, mine was the poor family from the wrong side of the tracks. At school the other kids made fun of my brothers and me because of the clothes we wore, bought from the Goodwill Store. Most times they were patched, mended and then passed down to the next brother as we grew out grew them.  The only part of school that I liked was reading. I could forget all my sorrows when I read a book, even get lost in another time, I could imagine myself as the hero in the story. In retrospect, books likely saved my life. Without them I'm certain that I would not be near my goal of becoming a Doctor in the next few weeks. One more semester and I will be through with Medical School and ready to start my residency.

Back then, when we were the 'poor' kids, we depended on welfare, food stamps and housing assistance. There were four of us, My Mom, my brothers John, Kenneth and me, David. We're the Weaver Boys. I'm the oldest, John is two years younger, and Kenneth is three years younger. Our father was killed in a car accident when I was just seven years old. Our Dad was working two jobs, trying to keep us clothed and fed. His car veered into the oncoming lane and hit a semi rig head on. The Police report speculated that Dad nodded off while driving home. He had worked two consecutive eight hour shifts at the hospital, where he was an orderly and janitor.

After Dad died, our mom worked part-time on the late shift in the stockroom of a big, national retail store. The store has 100 employees working there, only twelve of them are full time, the rest are part-time, with low wages and virtually no affordable health care. After deductions and paying the rent, there was never enough to feed the four of us without government food stamps. When we were old enough, my brothers and I worked after school, John and I both had paper routes and little Kenneth made deliveries for Mr. Haile at the drugstore.  Each night we would leave our pay and the few tips we received on the kitchen table for Mom.

My brother Kenny had the hardest time facing our Dad's passing, Kenny turned to me for comfort and just being someone to hold on to while Mom was at work, but it was John that worried me the most. He kept everything inside, never showing any emotion, we knew that when he went to our room and closed the door that he wanted to be alone for a while. Kenny became even more dependent on me as the year progressed. We slept in a double bed together and before Dad's accident, He kept to his side of the bed, now since Dad's passing, Kenny is always right against me, sometimes even holding on to me.

After lots f experimenting with us sleeping together, we discovered that we liked me spooning up against his backside the best. We both slept nearly all night that way. The only problem was that I'd wake up with morning wood, if you know what I mean.  That first time Kenny woke up and felt my cock poking at him, he didn't know what it was, he even pushed back on it a bit.  When I got out of the bed, Kenny raised his head and when he saw the tent in my shorts, he blushed redder that I've ever seen anyone blush.  He apologized later that day when we were alone.  I told him to forget it, it's no big deal, and that it would be happening to him very soon now., It's just part of growing up.  I already knew I liked to watch the guys in the showers at school.  The girls held no interest for me whatsoever,  I was concerned though when Kenny began making a habit of pushing his butt back on my morning erections.  I let it pass for a while, thinking that perhaps he'll grow out of it.

He didn't!  About two months after that first morning he saw my tented shorts, I would wake up with my cock against Kenny's bare butt.  He was pulling his shorts down to feel my cock on his skin.  The following Saturday afternoon when all our chores and work was finished, I told him to come with me.  We needed to have a talk.  

“Kenny, I know that you sort of look to me as a father figure and that's fine with me,  I want to be there for you anytime you need me.  The thing is, we need another bed,  What we’re doing is wrong.  I'm your brother, you pushing your butt against my morning erection shouldn't be happening  You shouldn't do it with me.  Kenny looked crushed, I took the few steps between us and pulled him up into a hug.

It's not right for two brothers to do that Kenny,  There's a word for it.  Incest,  look it up when you're at school Monday.  And another thing, Kenny.  Do you know what 'being gay' means.  

“I...I..think I when a guy likes other guys...instead of girls...right?”

“Yeah...that's pretty much it.”  I said.

“David...I...uh...I kinda think I'm that way...liking guys I mean.   It's just what I feel, I have to stare at the walls in the showers at school to keep from boning up.”  Kenny said almost whispering.

“It's okay Bro,”  I said to him  It isn't your fault, there's are lots and lots of gay guys in this world. and if you're careful  and don't jump into bed with everyone you meet. One day, when you least expect it, he'll find you.

The one thing that our Mom insisted on was that each of us read at least one book a week.  She would bring home the classics from the lending library and make sure we read them.  It was the same with our homework from school.  We all sat at the table doing the assignments while Mom kept an eye on us over the edge of the book she was reading.  She always helped us to find the right answers.  It was important to her that we learn how to solve problems instead of just telling us the answer.

With our very determined mother, pushing, pulling and often screaming at us, her three boys all managed to graduate from High School, with grades good enough to get into college if we had the money. Mom taught us well.  I'm  the oldest and the first to go to college.  I had to work to pay for school the first year, I started at the local Junior College in our town and did well enough my first year to earn a full work scholarship to the State University twenty miles away in the next town.   

At eighteen years old I had grown to be almost six feet tall, and I weighed in at 149 pounds, tall and skinny as a rail. Mom said I looked just like my Dad when he was my age, I have his dark chestnut brown hair, sapphire blue eyes, and dark complexion, My face is mostly pleasant, not handsome (in my estimation) but not butt ugly either. My brother John has yellow blond hair and lighter blue eyes, he is the shortest at about 5'8”, John has the Southern California surfer bout look about him, even though we've never been near there. We live in eastern North Carolina, near Asheville. Kenneth or Kenny is the youngest of the three of us and the handsome one. He's almost as tall as me, but he has the most angelic face, at only fourteen I can see that he will be a major

heart breaker as the matures. With both Kenny and I being gay, it will be up to John to produce Mom's grandchildren.

The day I enrolled at UNC-Asheville was amazing. I never dared to dream about college until my High School counselor sent an application to a local Junior College in my name. I was completely surprised when the acceptance letter arrived. Mom cried while I read and reread the letter at least 10 times. I applied for a work scholarship and at first a partial scholarship was offered. After the first semester, I received a full academic/work scholarship. I took on a part time job to fill in the gaps when I needed clothing or anything not provided by the scholarship. It was at Junior college that one of my professors took an interest in me and became my mentor.  My dream was to become a doctor, Professor Eaton guided my studies in that direction.  After the first year, he helped me apply for grants and additional scholarships, without his help I might not have been able to continue  to pursue my dream.  After I graduated and enrolled in Medical School.  Professor Eaton contacted a colleague of his in the Med School, a Dr. Ross, to inform her about me and my goal to become a Physician, the two of them mentored me through Pre-Med and later Med School.

It was at University that I had my first sexual encounter.  After working eight hours after classes, I went to my dorm room and collapsed on my bed, sometime later I woke with my pants around my ankles and my roommate had my cock down his throat.   To say I was startled would be a gross understatement.  Mostly I was conflicted.  What Billy, my roommate, was doing felt wonderful, but I was fairly sure it was wrong, still I didn't know what I should do.  I could push him off and away from me, but then the wonderful sensations I'm feeling for the first time would come to an end.  I decided to pretend sleep and enjoy what Billy was doing.  Finally, the inevitable happened and I filled Billy's mouth with my semen.  I couldn't pretend to be asleep any longer as I roared loudly when my orgasm occurred.

I raised up to a sitting position and Billy settled back on his heels.  He seemed to be scared of me now.  I looked down and my cock was still standing tall and it was shiny and wet from his saliva.  I looked up and into Billy's eyes and I thought he was going to cry.

“It's okay Billy, I'm not mad at you, but this certainly was a surprise.  I've never had any sexual contact with another person before.  My oldest brother and I have jacked off together, but we never touched each other.  I guess you must like doing that but I'm not so sure about swallowing the cum...what does it taste like?

Billy still didn't say anything.  When I stood to pull my pants up, Billy quickly put his hand on my cock, circling his fingers almost all the way around it.

Finally he spoke.  “Yours is the biggest I've ever seen David.”  He said while slowly jacking my cock.  He raised his free hand and cradled my testicles, letting them roll through his fingers, then gently tugging on my scrotum.

“Oh!  Jeez, that felt so good.”

Encouraged, Billy tugged harder and pushed me back onto the bed.  

“There's more I'd like to show you David.  I'd really like it if you fucked me.”

“I've heard of two guys doing that but I never thought it is real, can guys really do that?”

Telling me to stay on the bed, he turned and typed a few keys on his laptop then moved it to the bed.   Two naked guys appeared on the screen kissing and fondling each other.  My cock twitched in Billy's hand.

“Jeez look at that!.

The video showed the guys in a 69 position and sucking each other.  Billy's hand moved faster on my cock.  I was mesmerized, seeing two guys suck each others cock, my own cock was leaking pre-cum again.  Never missing a beat in his slow jacking of my cock, Billy leaned over and licked the clear pre-cum off my cock head.  I moaned loudly.

Billy stopped jacking on my cock and I saw him put something in his mouth just as he leaned over and took my cock into his mouth again.  After several head bobs on my cock, he pulled off and my cock was now sheathed in a condom.  Lubing up his backside, Billy lay face down and pulled his cheeks as far apart as he could.

“Please fuck me David.  I gotta feel your big cock in me.”

I kicked my feet free on my pants and shorts and turned to position myself between Billy's wide spread legs.  I slathered another layer of lube on my sheathed cock and placed it at his hole.  Nudging against him I didn't seem to penetrate.  Finally he told me to shove it in.

The first sensation I remember was the heat inside him.  A couple more thrusts and I was balls deep in Billy's hot butt.  Nothing I have ever know felt like this.  Instinctively I knew what to do.  Males are born to fuck, it's their job.  I tried fast thrust which seemed to make Billy uncomfortable; I switched and did long slow plunges,  and grinding hard against him.  This made Billy push back and try to get more cock inside him.  

I don't know how he did it, but Billy managed to turn over onto his back while my cock was still deep inside him.  He raised his legs and I took them and pressed them against his chest, then I started fucking him.  Without his glasses off and lying on his back with my cock up his butt, Billy became a sexual turn on.  Looking at him lying there and wanting my hard cock inside him was sexual stimulation beyond belief.  Soon I was pile driving my cock into him, his face contorted with the pleasure we were creating.  He became quite active, fucking back on my cock deep inside him, bucking against me and throwing his ass up to meet my descending cock.  When the moment came, I was totally unprepared for the sensations assailing my mind and body.    If he's willing, Billy and I will be doing this a lot!  I like fucking his hot butt!

We never did talk much about our having sex together.  It just sort of happens for us, we just know when it's time to fuck again.  It wasn't long after that first time that I took Billy's cock into my mouth and discovered the wonders of cock sucking.  I liked that too!  His cock is over seven inches long and about six in circumference.  Curious, I decided that I need to know what getting fucked feels like.  I surprised Billy when I asked him to fuck me.  He reluctantly agreed, saying that he much preferred to bottom.  That first time I had to fight hard to keep from pulling off his cock.  It hurt so much,  Then I remembered that he didn't take the time to open me up like I had him.  He had told me about inserting fingers into his but and stroking against his prostate.  We tried it again after he had loosened me up and it did hurt about halfway in, then as he was balls deep in me the pain changed to pleasure.  

There was another first for me this night.  I was completely surprised as I lay on my back, Bill's cock deep inside me, I'm lost to the sensations in my body when I feel Billy's tongue slide across my lower lip.  My lips parted on their own and when his tongue touched mine it was like an explosion inside my head.  Our tongues explored each others mouth, tongues probing deep giving me new sensations to add to the sexual experience.  I like kissing too...I really like it a lot.

Sadly, my time with Billy came to an end after the second semester.  Billy flunked out of school academically and had to skip a semester before he could return.  My next roommate would have run down the hall screaming pervert, pervert if he had only seen me naked after a shower.  

At Dr. Ross's  urging, I doubled down on the books, my first two semesters had been less the stellar.  Dr. Ross told me that If I want to be a doctor, it will take a lot more effort than I've put in so far.  I managed to remain celibate by watching porn on my laptop given to me by Dr. Ross.  

In my second year at University I was required to take a course in PE.  I've never been athletic, always the last chosen for team sports.  However, I did find a redeeming value in the PE course.  Communal Showers!  I soon developed a way to watch these young naked men without looking directly at them.  Training myself to use my peripheral vision to ogle their wet, naked bodies.  I was fascinated by the physical development of the most athletic of these students.  Trim, fit bodies with rippled abdomens, muscled limbs and magnificent bubble butts. 

I reasoned that the only way I would ever attract one of these marvelous bodies would be to have one, myself.  The problem was that there were precious few minutes in my day that I could work on building up my body.  I gave up my daily sessions with porn on my computer to work out in the gym each evening.  I changed my diet to healthful foods and in six weeks time I saw a marked improvement in my physique.  

The new physique brought with it new friends.  Guys that barely spoke when I started the course were now chatting with me daily.  There was always someone ready to spot me on the weight bench. (my favorite place in the gym)  With the spotter standing at my head, most times I could look up the legs of his shorts, some guys went commando in the weight room just for that purpose.  To me seeing a full jockstrap on my spotter was almost as exciting.  

There was one guy in particular that I admired.  He is very handsome and has what I consider to be a perfect body.  He's lightly muscled, just enough to show his muscled arms, strong sturdy thighs and calves, and the quintessential bubble butt.  It's his rippled abdomen that I think about when I'm jacking off at night, and that handsome face.  I've heard some of the guys call him Rick, I asked around, discretely, and I've found that Rick Baxter is Junior, and is one of the better player s on the Varsity Tennis Team.  Although he dates regularly, he hasn't had a steady girlfriend since he's been here.

I found him to be the most sexually alluring person I've ever seen.  I always maneuvered to get into position to watch him in the showers whenever I could.  

Rick was not quite six feet tall, with streaked blond hair, plus his well muscled Tennis player body.  Just calling him handsome was not enough, to me he is. Stunning. The embodiment of everything I would want my partner and lover to be.

I got to know him strictly by chance when I was asked to step in for an absent player in a pickup basketball game at the gym.  Rick was guarding me every time I had the ball.  With him covered in a sheen of sweat, his dark hair mussed and hanging down, partially covering his startling Jade Green eyes, I felt my cock harden just looking at him.  His hand partially blocked the shot I made and he grinned at me.  

“Good try, Dude.”  He said as he caught the rebound.  

Charging down the court after him, I made a flagrant foul on him as he went in for a layup.  He wound up on his back near the wall under the basket.  I extended my hand to pull him up.

“Sorry Dude,”  I said,  “Didn't mean to knock you down.”

He smiled and winked at me as he leaned in close to my ear.

“You can knock me down anytime stud, anytime.”

He whispered as he stood beside me.  He slapped my butt as he went to the free throw line.  He missed both shots, and I had an erection straining against my jock strap.

From that night on, we ran into each other everywhere we went it seemed.   I saw him with the guys in the Student Union, out on a date, or in passing on our way to classes.  He always spoke and winked at me.  The wink kept my hopes up for a whole semester.  Then one night on a Semester break when I stayed on campus we met up at the burger joint just off campus.  We  nodded and said hello.  I took my food to a corner table and I was surprised when Rick came over to join me.  We laughed and chatted for over an hour.  I felt Rick's leg against mine and I liked the fact that we were touching.  When I didn't move my leg, he upped the pressure and I knew then that he was sending me a signal of some sort.  After our meal, we were leaving together when he asked if I wanted a ride back to my dorm.

“Sure, there's  not many folks there though, the place seems empty.  I'll get to watch whatever I want on the TV in the rec room.”

Rick looked over to me, his smile mesmerizing me.

“Or you could come over to my apartment and keep me company, if you like.”

Stunned that he would ask me over, I nodded yes, not trusting myself to speak.

His apartment over a garage, was only one large room with an attached bath.  There was a study table with his laptop sitting on it and a chair.  A tiny refrigerator and a 2 burner hot plate making up the kitchen.  A single bed was in one corner, two upholstered chairs and a small table faced the wall where his TV stood.  Very basic, not in the least bit attractive with one huge exception.  It was very private. The creaky stairs announced anyone climbing them, giving anyone who wished it, the time to prepare for a visitor.  Like I said.  PRIVATE!

Rick opened two beers from the fridge and we sat in the upholstered chairs facing the TV.  After handing me a beer, he remained standing and tilted his bottle and drained in a matter of seconds.  He reared back as he drank the beer and his tee shirt rose up with his arm high in the air.  I saw his rippled stomach again and got a boner in seconds.  He held out his hand to pull me up from the chair, without thinking I took his hand and stood, with his help.  Rick saw the tent in my pants and his eyes jerked up to mine, then back to my very obvious boner.  Looking back to my eyes, Rick smiled, winked again and dropped to his knees and put his arms around my butt, pulled me close and mouthed my erection through my jeans. With the combination of my surprise and the wonderful feel of him mouthing my hard cock I was completely speechless. After a moment,

Rick stood, still smiling.

“Thank god!  I've been trying to figure out a way to get in your pants since we played in that pick-up game.”

As he talked he grabbed my erection through my clothes and then he leaned close again.

“I want to Kiss you David.  There are lots of things I want from you.  We may never leave this bed during Semester break.  Stand there and let me undress my prize, David.”

As he slowly disrobed me, he took turns, a piece of clothing, then a kiss that curled my toes, another piece of clothing, another kiss.  So it went until I was naked standing before him/  Another kiss, then Rick started sliding down my body.  Taking my hard, leaking cock in hand he looked to me and we locked eyes in a sensual stare.  His eyes never faltered as he  slowly fed every inch of my hardness deep into his throat.  When he started swallowing motions, I had to stop him, I was just about to cum.

I quickly pulled Rick up and began tearing at his clothes, quickly we were lying naked, our arms and legs entwined on the bed.  True to Rick's prediction, we spent most of the semester break in his bed. By the time that the break was over, I was hopelessly in love with Rick Baxter.

We had one whole semester together before Rick would graduate. It was a magical time for me. I studied harder that I ever thought I could, Rick had drilled the idea into me that good grades equals a good job once we are out of school.

We both worked hard at our studies then we played hard in his bed. I learned to love in those twelve weeks.


Each time we've been in the showers together, he's always been on the same side of the room as me, two or three places down, making it hard to get a good look at him naked.  I've dreamed of him in my bed but I'm sure that will never happen.  I look a lot better than I used too, but I doubt that I will ever be in Rick's league.

With Dr. Ross's admonitions to study harder, I increased my study efforts and let the gym work outs slide from daily to weekends only.  Over the course of the next two semester the work I had done on my body faded away and I was the same nondescript guy I'd always been.  

The next few years seemed to fly by, I got my undergrad degree and then on into Med School.  In my first year of Med School I found a kindred soul, sexually and we managed to have sexual relations about once a month, sometimes less, seldom more.  There was one time though that was sort of a dejavu moment, I was in one of the hospital's intern sleeping rooms after a very long shift.  The bed was behind a curtain and for the second time in my life I awoke with my cock deep in someone's throat.  I moaned and put both hands on the head bobbing in my lap, I pulled him up and was shocked to see Dr. Harry Harper's

very handsome face.  Harry is the same class as I am.

“Harry, are we alone?  I asked he nodded yes and I quickly turned into the 69 position.  I smiled, said “Surprise” and dove onto his huge cock.  It only took a moment for him to recover and go back to my cock.  It only took us about three minutes to bring each other off.  We sat on the side of the bed and talked in hushed tones to one another.

“David!  What a surprise, I had no idea you were so inclined.”

“Ditto, Harry.  It was a shock when I pulled you up and I saw your face full of my cock.  A pleasant shock for sure and I'll extend an invitation for a repeat if we can ever find the time and place to indulge again.  I would truly like to be naked with you for a while.”

“I guess you already know I've had a crush on you since we first started Med School.”

“You?  Crushing on me?  I never had a clue.  If we live through Med School we need to spend a couple of nights together before we start Residency.  I've crushed on you since the day we met.”

I reached up, my hand behind Harry's head and pulled him into a long, long kiss.  We were both steamed up after the kiss.

“When is your next off day David?”

“Next Wednesday.  You?”

“Next Wednesday. Even if I have to kill the scheduling nurse.”

He leaned over and kissed me again.

“Your lips are so soft David.  Jeez you turn me on.”

Harry and I became great friends and what the guys call Friends with benefits these days.  We get along great and we have fantastic sex.  We do hold back a bit though, with our schedules and studies, there's no room in our lives for emotional attachments now.  When we're finished with residency, that's when I'll try to get Harry interested in us being more than FWB's.   For now getting finished with our residency seems like it will never happen.  Sometimes I envy my brothers.  They both followed my path.  They excelled at Junior college and Professor Eaton helped them get into University with work scholarships, where Professor Ross helped them as he did me.  John works for a  Large and prestigious Bank and Kenny is a fraud investigator the largest  insurance company in the United States..  With the three of us in the same town, we talked our Mom into moving here.  Now we see her regularly and she has a nice job as a paralegal with a law firm.  John and Kenny paid for her training.  Once I'm a licensed doctor, I'll repay them.  I've told them that I'm gay,  it didn't bother John at all.  Kenny looked really bashful and just said...”me to.”  The three of us are very close.  We know how easily we could have slipped into the slimy side of life if it had not been for our Mom.  She was determined that we would be successful in our lives.  

With Mom working at the Law firm she had to look the part, she got new clothes and started having her hair done weekly.  It wasn't long before she caught the eye of a visiting Lawyer, he asked her out to dinner and they've been dating for almost a year now.  She's given up so much for us that it is a joy to see her living for herself now.

It seems that the years have flown by like those old movies where you see the pages of a calendar peeling off in rapid succession,  Harry and I graduated from Med School and started our Internships.  Sadly Harry was in Arizona and I'm in Asheville, NC.  Asheville is a wonderful town, full of artists and craftsmen.  The Hospital there treat a lot of mountain folk, many who have never visited a doctor in their lives.  My time there was informative and very humbling.  There needs to be some way that these mountain folks can get proper care that they can afford.  Harry and I talk infrequently , the time zones and our hectic schedules make setting a time to call almost impossible.  When we have a moment we call, if the other is there we talk, if not we leave a message and hope for a call.

About halfway through our one year residency Harry and I started applying to Hospital's in cities with two or more large hospitals.  We each had plenty of offers but none put us both in the same city.  We kept trying and finally we hit the jackpot.  Harry got a job in the ER at Piedmont Hospital in Midtown Atlanta and I got hired  for the ER at Northside Hospital in Dunwoody, approximately 20 miles away.

We found an apartment almost halfway between the two Hospitals and easily fell into living together.  There were many nights when each of us was alone at the apartment due to the other working the night shift.  The times we were at home together were fun and we nearly always made sex a big priority.  As time wore on, I found my self caring more and more about Harry.  It reached the breaking  point one night in the throes of sex when I said, “I love you, Harry.”

Harry freaked out and in two weeks time he moved out of our apartment.  I was totally and completely crushed.  I couldn't understand why.  Regardless of his reasons which he never shared with me, I never saw him or heard from him again.  I started apply at places far away from Atlanta.  I landed a resident job in Chicago at Northwest Memorial, an 885 bed hospital.  I would miss My Mom and brothers but I knew I had really lucked out and got a job with Chicago's best hospital.  Being a resident meant that I didn't have to keep the irregular hours of those doing their residency requirements.

One afternoon when I was riding the El from work to the station near my apartment an extremely good looking guy stepped over to me.

“Pardon me, but you look very familiar to me.  I've been trying to place where I knew you but so far I've drawn a blank.  He names his hometown and I shook my head no, then he asked if I went to Elon University.  I was stunned.   Immediately I knew him.  It's Rick!  The hunk from the showers in the work out gym.”

I smiled at him.  Yes I did go to Elon.  I remember you.  You're Rick Baxter!   I remember you well.  

He blushed a bit.  “And I remember's David if I remember correctly.” 

“ Yes, I’m david. .  Do you live in the city here, Rick?”

“No, I live and work in New York, I'm a Lawyer with Hosteller and Brakeman, LLC.  Where are you David?”

“I'm a resident Doctor at Northwest Memorial.  Rick, my stop is coming up soon.  Do you have any plans this evening?  If not, please get off with me and we'll have a drink and some dinner later.   We'll catch up on our lives since college.”

'I in a local Hotel,  It will be wonderful to not dine alone for the night.”

I'm excited, I never dreamed he would accept my offer.  Jeez, I thought he was handsome in college but look at him now.  In his early thirties and drop dead gorgeous!  My condo is only half a city block from the train station.  We walked to my front door in about three minutes.  T

he Condo is super nice and furnished with elegant but restrained taste,  No one knew that I only lease it.  I hung up our coats, show Rick where the powder rooms are and made us our drinks.  Rick took his Scotch neat so I made sure I poured him the Johnny Walker Blue Label.  For me my usual, Tanqueray Gin on the rocks.  We settled in the great room, sipped at our cocktails and made small talk for more than an hour.  After his second drink, Rick opened up and began talking about the good old days back at Elon.  As it usually does, conversations between two men eventually turns to sex.  Rick asked me about my first time.  I told him about waking in my dorm room with my cock down my roommate's throat.  His eyes got big and he leaned forward on his chair.

“Holy're putting me on aren't you? That didn't happen, really...did it!

“Yes it's true,  Billy Boyd was my roomie that first year, he flunked out and never came back to Elon.”

“What about you, what was your first time, Rick?”

“I was 13, a Freshman in High School.   Two buddies and I were jacking off together, no touching, and the oldest suggested that we hold each others cocks , palm it and wrap our fingers around and slow jack each other.  The older guy timed us with his watch.  A few days later we were all holding each other’s cocks when the older guy bent over and started sucking on my cock.  That was a shock, but then when I looked up all of us were sucking the guy the cock of the guy to our right.   

That lasted a few minutes then we straightened up and jacked off in a blur of fists, cocks and flying sperm.  The next day the older guy came around by himself and we wound up on my bed doing a 69.  He and I  became good friends and went on weekend camping trips together.”

“Odd isn't it that both of us had our first sexual experience with another guy.”  I said.

“No not really.  In reality most guys fool around together sexually before they begin to date.  Most grow out of that stage then there are some of us who never grow out of it.  I've been gay for as long as I can remember David.”

I tilted my glass and drained the last of the gin.  “Me too Rick, I've never wanted a woman but there are plenty of men I wanted.  Present company included.”

It took a moment for that comment to settle in through the Gin fog in my head.

“Wait!  You mean that you wanted to get with me back in college.  Jeez, Rick you were the guy everyone wanted to fuck or be fucked by.  How on earth could you have ever wanted me?”I stammered.

“Back in our college days, you were the one I always knew I couldn't have, no one had any idea that you were gay back then David.   The best that I remember there were five of us in the gym class that were gay.  We all took turn rotating at the shower head beside you,  Each day there was a different guy there to feast his eyes on you,  We all wanted you then.  I bet that if they were here with us, they would say the same,  They all wanted you then like I want you now.  I couldn't believe my luck when I saw you this afternoon.”

I stood, holding my glass of ice, while Rick paced back and forth in front of the sofa.    

“You just said you want me now, did you mean that or is it the Scotch talking?”   I'd love to take him to bed right now.  Nothing would please me more than realizing a long held fantasy of making love with you, David.   I'd put it on you so many different ways you would have to like one of the.  I've pumped out gallons of cum over the years thinking about loving you David Weaver.

I sat my empty glass on the mantel and walked the few steps between us.  I held out my hand and pulled him to his feet.  Letting go of his hand, I pulled him to me with my hands on his waist.  We kissed a long, slow and delicious tongue bathing tongue kiss.   We pulled apart from that kiss, our foreheads resting on each other.  Rick let out a long sigh.

“I've wanted to do that since we were at University, David.”

“So have I Rick, so have I.”

I'm a couple of inches taller and Rick looked up to me.  “You're ever better looking now than when we were at Elon.”  

“I suppose it's time for the tour of the Condo, come with me Rick.”

I guided Rick with his hand in mine , when we entered the bedroom Rick let out a low whistle.  

“Hmm, Doctor Dave has done alright!  This place is fabulous.”

Thank you, but it's all leased.  I'll add pieces of my own a little at a time, I want to see everything available and buy things that I truly love and will last a good long time.  Now then, new furniture is not what I want to concentrate on.  As we leaned in for another kiss, I felt Rick's hands undoing my belt.  In turn, I loosened his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt.  It only took a few moments for both of us to be naked.   As we lay on my bed, Rick ran his fingers through the thick mat of brown hair covering my chest and pecs.  

A thick treasure trail runs down the middle of me, ending in my neatly trimmed pubic bush.  My abdomen is flat and smooth under the hair.  No bulging muscles, just a nicely fit 32 year old man.

Rick pulled our bodies together wrapping our arms and legs about each other.

'I knew you'd be like this David.  I could lie here with you for a very long time.  You feel so good in my arms.”

Rick nuzzled at my neck and nibbled and kissed me there.  He reached between us and adjusted our cocks so that they lay up, trapped between us as we rubbed against one another.  We locked in another deep kiss and I felt Rick’s hand moving downward between us.

“Jeez David, I love the feel of you cock.  It seems just the right size to fill me up.”

“There's only one way to find out Rick, your in control with that, We'll do whatever you want. Making love with you has been a dream of mine since we were in college. I'll do whatever you want.”

“First I want to let my tongue travel over every inch of you. You're truly my dream come true David.”

With that, Rick kissed my closed eyes and made his way down my face to my lips, we spent quite a while tonguing each others mouths in the most voracious kiss I have ever experienced. I felt like Rick was eating me alive. He spent even more time at my pecs, searching our my nips in the dense mat of hair on my chest. As he made his way down my body, he left a trail of pre-cum that leaked from his very stiff cock as he toured my body. With his head at my hip and his face at my lower groin, I heard him take in deep lungs full of my man scent. He even groaned as he licked at the spot where my legs and crotch met.

Rick held my cock in his fist, tracing his tongue over every inch of it. Twice he took the corona in his mouth and swirled his tongue about it, making me groan aloud. He continued on, liking and kissing my inner thighs, then sucking on my kneecaps which were an previously an unknown erogenous zone. I almost shot off with my left kneecap in his mouth.

I was relieved when kissed his way down my legs, then onto my feet which he kissed and licked. Sitting up, he took my foot and began sucking my great toe, making me nearly insane with the pleasure it gave me. After bathing each toe with his mouth and lips he inserted all five into his mouth at once. That was my limit, I drew back my foot just before I would have ejaculated. I began begging him to come up and kiss me, I was fearful that I would ejaculate if he took my other foot into his mouth.

On his way back up my body, Rick suddenly wrapped his fingers around my leaky, stiff cock and took it to the root in one swift plunge. Just as quickly he pulled up and moved to lay beside me.

“You need to calm down a bit David, let's rest a moment.”

“You've aroused me in places I never knew were sensitive, Rick.”

“We're just resting David, I intend to finish what I started.”

While we're on a rest break, there's something I need to do Rick. Just lay there, it's my time now. I leaned over and took his cock in my hand and I pressed it against my cheek.

“Your cock is just as beautiful as your are Rick. I've waited so long for this.”

Without another word I took his long, hard cock into my mouth and guided it to my throat opening I forced him deep inside me until my nose pushed against his neatly trimmed pubic hair. With his cock deep inside me, I took his testicles in hand and gently pulled them taut until  he thrashed about on the bed, moaning and begging for more.

“Off! David, Off! I don't want to cum yet. I want you inside me, I want to feel you inside me, please.”

Time for another rest break. Rick lay on the bed, his chest heaving as he fought to keep his ejaculation at bay. Pulling on my shoulders, he brought me back to lay beside him. He put his leg over mine and pulled us into a most sensuous kiss. Rick moved to lay his head on my chest and I cradled him in my arms. That was the exact moment that I knew that Rick Baxter was more than just another sex partner. New strange feelings came over me as I cradled him against me. Looking down, I kissed his forehead, he stirred and tightened his arms around me.

“I could lay like this for ever David. You're so much more than I ever expected.”

“You can lie here as long as you like, I like having your here. We're very, very good together, Mr. Baxter..”

Fearful that I had said too much I looked down and saw that Rick had drifted off to sleep. Relieved I closed my eyes, readjusted our holds on each other and

we both slept like babies until 9:00 am the next morning. I woke to Rick deep throating my cock, too surprised to act in time, my ejaculation filled him, he had trouble swallowing all of it and when he looked up, his chin was covered in semen. He moved back up the bed and started to wipe his mouth when I stopped him and licked my semen from his chin. I moved to reach his cock when Rick stopped me.

“Please David. I want you inside me. This time with you has been magical, I want your cock in me, fuck me please.”

Like he had been there before, Rick turned and opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out lube and a condom. He put the condom in his mouth and moved it about in his mouth, then took my cock and slowly took me deep into his throat. When he pulled up, my cock was sheathed in a condom. Handing me the lube and turning to lie on his back, rick raised his legs. I pushed them against his chest as I leaned over his beautiful body to kiss him while I filled him with lube. We were still locked in our kiss when my cock eased into him. In one long slow movement, I ground my pelvis against his. He moaned and wrapped his arms and legs around me holding me deep inside him.  

Slowly Rick began to circle his hips and push back against the hard cock in his guts. In just moments we were into the rhythm, the act as old as man himself. The rhythm of the fuck. 

This was something special, I felt it, and I was fairly sure that Rick felt it too. It's much more than two men fucking.  I watched Rick's face, his eyes were closed and a look or rapture on his face. I tried to concentrate on the job at hand, his body moved with mine, as we both climbed our way to orgasm. Once Rick reached for my face and pulled me down into a sweet sensuous kiss. His eyes opened as the kiss ended.

“I'm not through with you David Weaver. Right now, I don't think I'll ever be through with you. You're wonderful, you make me feel things I've never known before. Making love with you is the best. It's almost time now, I can feel it starting. Fuck me, fuck me…, ohmigod love me David!

Rick's body went rigid first, with mine a heartbeat later. I ground hard into him as he pushed back on my hard cock deep in his guts.

We both yelled out in unison, Rick calling out my name and me calling out his.

The moment was epic, I never knew that sex could feel like that. Waves of emotion flowed over me, one after the other. Rick's arms tightened about me so much I was afraid I couldn't breathe.

In that moment of pure ecstasy I heard the angels sing. My body felt like I was floating. As we slowly released our tight holds on each other, I felt a tear fall onto my chest. Not sure if it was mine or Rick's I tilted his chin up to look into his eyes. We both had tears streaming down our faces. Slowly we regained our earthly senses, both quiet, letting what had just happened sink in. trying to capture each feeling and sensation to remember that perfect moment for ever.

As we lay entwined, once our breathing was normal,I heard Rick speak against my chest. Not hearing what he said I asked.

“What did you say, Rick?”

“I said that I'm yours, David...whenever or wherever you want me, I'll be here. I know I'm ruined now, no one else will ever do for me..”

“Then stay with me Rick, I want you here all the time. I'm ruined for anyone else too. I need you.”

We repeated our love making several times over the rest of that Saturday and Sunday. Rick had a final appointment with his Chicago client Monday afternoon and had to catch a flight out to New York that evening. Seeing him walk down that boarding ramp and out of sight was like a fist to the stomach, I thought for a moment that I was going to throw up right there at Gate 28. I managed to get to a nearby Airport bar and quickly tossed down a Gin & Tonic and it wasn't long before I left for the drive back to my Condo.

With Chicago weekend traffic, Rick reached his apartment before I got home to mine. The message light was blinking, when I opened my door. There were three messages, the first from, my Mom, which I saved, a second from a colleague, one of the Hospital's Residents and the last was from Rick. I couldn't help myself, when I heard his message I completely lost it. I cried like a baby. Rick had simply said, “I love you David.”

It took me a few moments to calm myself before I could phone him. When I did

call, he answered on the third ring.

“And I love you Rick.” I said, my voice nearly choked to silence by emotion.

I'm due a few days off, is there any chance you could take a few days off as well?

“I made some phone calls last night and I'm waiting to hear from them. After that call, I'll know more about what free time I'll have available. I'll let you know as soon as I hear.

“Meanwhile,  I would like to spend the next couple of hours telling you how wonderful; our time together was, and that no matter what, I'll be flying to Chicago to spend the weekend with the man I love.”

The tears started again

“I wish I could say that I could take a week or so off and take you to some exotic place where we could lie about and make love forever. However, Resident Physicians are usually on call 24-7.

We talked for nearly two hours more before Rick had answer an incoming call.

“It's the call I've been waiting for David. I'll call you back ASAP.”

I closed the phone and leaned back in my leather Barcalounger.

I felt as if I were still floating about the earth, such blissful happiness has rendered me giddy with just the thought of him.

I closed my eyes and replayed our chance meeting in my head. I didn't intend it, but I fell asleep and was startled awake by the phone dancing on the side table.

“Hello, Rick.”

“Hi babe, are you sitting down?”

“Yes, I was remembering all that happened over the weekend.”

“Well, there's something I need to let you know. uh...I called my Chicago client last night like I told you earlier. What I didn't tell you was that I accepted a job offer with their firm. I'm Moving to Chicago in two weeks.”

“You're coming here to stay? For real?”

“Yes Davey boy, I'm not letting you get away from me again. I love you and I have to be with you.”

“This is unbelievable! Wonderful! Beyond awesome!”

I'm still coming for the weekend too. I'll be there Friday night.”

“Davey, I need to call my current boss and make my resignation official. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Okay.”

“I have never felt more 'okay' in my entire life Rick. This is almost too much to process. Everything happening so fast and pieces falling into place. We'll be together. My Mom and brothers are going to love you, too. Till tomorrow!”

There is no official way to confirm it, but I'm fairly certain that there is not another Resident Physician in Chicago any happier than Dr. David Weaver. Rick flew in at about 4:30 Friday afternoon, we picked up right where we left off, we jumped into the bed as soon as we possibly could. I guess the old adage is true, 'absence does make the heart grow fonder.'

We ventured out Saturday afternoon to pick up food, liquor and uh...the other necessary supplies for our bedroom. Right now I can't remember a word that was said Saturday, but I know I loved every second of it. On Sunday morning I made coffee in my knit jockey shorts while Rick retrieved the Sunday Trib from the hallway.  Shooing me out of the kitchen for 30 minutes Rick surprised me with the most delicious breakfast. We had hot buttered English muffins, Canadian-style bacon, and poached eggs. Topped with a heavy drizzle of hollandaise sauce and served with roasted red potatoes, freshly made Orange Juice and French Press Coffee."

“Umm...umm! All that good lovin' and a great cook too! This man is a keeper!

Reflecting back on our first weekend, in my mind it was perfect.  After that delicious breakfast, we took the paper and our coffee on a tray and we piled onto the bed,   Each reading, while keeping body contact,   Playing footsies,  napping and waking up spooned together.  Watching a movie an Oldie, “All about Eve” starring a ‘fierce’ Bette Davis.  All Shoulder pads and big hair with her inimitable clipped speech and dramatics arms all over the place style.  It really a high camp hoot these days.

More cuddling after the movie and that led to a clearing of the bed of papers, coffee cups and bed covers.  My Rick wants me to breed him again tonight.  My most enjoyable moment of the day.  

Incredibly, we somehow managed another seismic explosion (he made the earth move for me). I can hardly wait until everything is finalized.  Rick permanently with me here in Chicago.  Looking back the week seems a blur. 

ONE YEAR LATER……………………………………………………………………………….

What an incredible year we have had,  First Rick settled into his new job and moved in with me at the leased condo.  At Christmas we hosted what we hope will become an annual event,  We had our both of our families join us for christmas.  I managed to cajole our Condo rental office to let us have two empty condos in our building for the holiday season.

It’s been ages since Mom and the her three sons were together at the same time,   rick and P planned a get together mainly for Mom and the bro’s  to meet Rick, and Rick’s Mom and Brother to meet the Weavers.  Rick’s father passed away several years ago.  As I predicted, Mom took him in like one of her own, My brother John and his new wife shared the news that Mom would be a ‘Grannie’ in about seven more months.  Rick’s younger brother and his fiancee also made the trip.  Sometime in February we received notice that our our Condo building has been sold and lease rates will be increased as well as the Association fees.  The new rates will take effect on July first of the new year.

Rick got a tip from his new boss about the Michigan Avenue Loft Condominiums.  We were both wowed by the Condo’s and the view over the lake.  We bought a 16th floor unit unit facing the lake .  the building was built in 1911 and has undergone several remodelings.  We dearly love our ‘Loft style’ condo.

We’ve learned that life is full of miraculous surprises!  We both know how lucky we are to have found each other again.  Our wish for everyone to have Love and Happines in their life.. 

The end.


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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