I was back in my hometown visiting with my Dad. It's been a little over six months since my Mom passed away and I go to see him as often as possible, he's had a hard time adjusting to life without her. I saw in the Obituaries of the Local Paper, that our former next door neighbor, Mr. Mooney had passed away. I told Dad that I wanted us to go by and pay our respects to the family. We made our appearance and chatted with both the family and other long time neighbors, classmates and friends.

Mr. Mooney taught American and World History at the local High School. Tall, gangly, painfully thin, a full shock of unkempt brown hair, big ears that stuck straight out from his head and huge, thick, horn rimmed glasses. I remembered he could wiggle his bow tie with his adams apple. Mr. Mooney was a favorite more for his personality than his offbeat teaching style.

I'm Wm. Henry Holland, age 39 and holding, I'm divorced ten years now, the extremely proud father of Alexandra and her twin brother Hamilton, they're 21 now and both are doing well at college, with only one year until they graduate...the good lord willing! Alex is at Duke and Ham at UVA in Charlottesville.

My kids are cool with the divorce; and they know that their Dad is gay. It took them a few weeks, but they came around and are now always on the lookout for guys they think I will like. They were much more upset because they were going to separate colleges and would be apart for the first time, than finding out that their Dad is gay.

Coming back from the refreshment area into the Visitation Chapel, I saw Robert Williams, a classmate of mine from kindergarten all the way through High School. As I approached him I could see that he was trying to figure out who I am. I've changed a lot since High School, after the divorce I started running and working out regularly. While married, I put on a lot of weight, I peaked at 235 pounds. I looked in the mirror one morning after my shower and I freaked out. I'm too young to look like this! I set to work getting an exercise regimen and a healthy diet program to follow.

Now I exercise regularly, eat healthy meals and run every day. For a nearly forty year old father of twins, I'm in great shape. If I bear down hard in a 'muscleman' pose, I can see the beginnings of a 4-pack on my abdomen. My main concern these days is eating healthy foods and keeping my 32 inch waist. I weigh 153 pounds now and have stabilized I guess, I've been at this weight for over eight years now.

When we shook hands I introduced myself.

"Robert! Hank Holland! How are you? It's been a while, since I've seen you, it was in High School I guess."

"Hank Holland! I was trying to figure out who you are as you walked over just now. You sure don't look like the Hank I remember from school, you look really good, you never had a body like that back in school. How often do you workout?

"Thank you, coming from the 'Most Handsome Senior' I consider that a great compliment and truly appreciated. I go to the Gym every other day. It's mostly habit now, I could likely get by with only twice a week but at least I'm with people for a while. I run every day though."

"With that flat stomach and small waist I'm betting you're single and that flat stomach of yours, is the envy of all your friends and coworkers. The Married guys our age get a gut, we single guys watch what we eat."

"Yep, I'm divorced over ten years, and now a confirmed bachelor." I said.

He reached into an inner pocket and handed me his card. Robert was also visiting with family, I was surprised when he said he was living in Wilmington, NC.

"No Way! you gotta be kidding me! I live out on Wrightsville Beach myself, I've been there more than five years now."

"Really? I can't believe we haven't run into each other over the years, I've been there a bit over six years myself. I'm divorced too, eight years and counting! We should have drinks and dinner soon to catch up. Call me, please! Sometimes I can hardly stand the loneliness, not often, but enough to make me want to cultivate new friends. What luck that I'd meet up with an old friend like you again."

I opened my wallet handed him my card.

"You can call me too! Come out to the beach and run with me sometime" I said giving him my card.

I almost live a Hermit's life when I'm writing, I go for days without leaving the house. Our's is a much happier family, since the divorce. It was tough on the kids at first, but I was determined to be there for them and living close enough that they could come over when they wanted. They are grown now and away at college.

Once they were off to college I bought the Beach Cottage and moved there. We all get together regularly me, and the kids; not their mother! She has remarried now, which pleases me to no end. She's always in a good mood and there is never an unpleasant word between us when we see each other, which is only once or twice a year."

"You're a lucky man Hank. My ex calls me all the time about something, repairs on the house or how to do something. I always let her go to voice mail and hope that she's out when I call back. We only had the one boy, but my Son doesn't visit or call me anymore."

"Damn, Robert, that's gotta be tough."

I patted him on the shoulder and then gave a gentle squeeze just before taking my hand away. Another classmate came up and while he and Robert were talking I took stock of my long, long ago dream man who I've known since we were four years old.

I guess my crush on him started back in Jr. High, that's when my hormones all went from zero to red alert in about two heartbeats. In Junior High I knew early on that I wasn't supposed to look at the boys in the locker room, but I couldn't stop it, especially when it was Robert. He was nearly six feet tall in Jr. High, he must have had weights at home because he was the only one of us on the Jr. High Football team with muscles and a trim physique, the rest of us were like all arms and legs on stick men bodies. I remember that Robert was always very calm, never getting to pumped up nor never too low either.

Robert finally stopped growing the summer between Junior and Senior year in High School, he was 6'4" and his 18-year-old body was a symphony in toned muscle and rippling flesh. He had enough chest hair to still be seen as the shower flattened it against his skin. His thickening treasure trail cascaded over his rippled stomach then down that sensuous flesh between his belly button and his pubic hair. I remember seeing a big blue vein underneath his taut flesh, visible from near his navel down into his pubes.

It was maddening to stare at his beautiful body and circumcised cock, never once did it even twitch or plump up the times he was in the shower. I know because I watched him in the showers from the sixth grade on through High School, we started in Pee Wee Football when we were eleven. I did notice that I wasn't the only one whose eyes took in Robert's naked, wet flesh. Most of us were envious, Robert was perfect.

In High School I was careful not to look directly at him, I learned to use my peripheral vision, If I concentrate, I can see him plainly without looking directly at him. I could get hard just knowing he stood naked a few feet away. His long, hairy legs ended at his high, hard, round, muscled glutes, where his legs ended, the hair crept on, covering his butt with wispy, fine brown hair. I nearly always masturbated thinking about his hard, muscled body. When he went under the spray the water cascaded from his broad shoulders, down his veed torso, I took the time to openly stare at him. I worked up more soap lather to cover my cock and balls.

Robert never knew I spent several years thinking of him while, showering, when I masturbated. Ironically, just a year or so ago, I dreamed about Robert again...were together at a beach sitting in those multicolored striped canvas sling chairs in my dream. All I remember is that we were sitting side by side in the chairs, both of us had on a Speedo and both of us had a hard-on...then I woke up.

Robert's Dad died a few years before we graduated and he stepped up to help his Mom with Will, his younger brother, and work as much as he could at the family's restaurant. He played Football, Basketball and Baseball in high school and earned a scholarship to play football at LSU. My academic scholarship at UVA required that I work in the Cafeteria and Library as part of my scholarship requirements.

Now at 39 years old, Robert was physically in his prime, more handsome than I remembered, and although he wore a sport coat, his body looked nearly the same as when we were in High School, except that there is a lot more hair on his body now that he has matured, and is every inch a very desirable man. He was always with the 'in kids' at school, but he remained the same to everyone. I never heard of anyone that disliked Robert. I snapped back to the present when Robert called my name.

"Hank? Hank? are you okay?

"Oh...sorry guy, I had a flashback there...how did we ever live through High School!"

Robert kept close to me during the time we were there. My Dad knew his parents well and asked that Robert tell his Mom he said hello. Dad got a bit restless and we started saying our goodbyes to everyone. As we shook hands Robert held my hand and put the other on my shoulder and pulled me into an arm bump hug.

"If I haven't heard from you in three days I'll be calling you Hank."

I just smiled and waved to him as we left. I left my Dad's on Sunday afternoon, drove to the airport, turned in my rental and caught a flight to Charlotte, connecting on to Wilmington. I was buckling my seat belt when I heard a familiar voice say.

"Is this seat taken?" Surprised again, I looked into Robert's green eyes.

I laughed as he sat down.

"Clearly we need to communicate better Robert, we could have shared the ride here, yes that would have been nice, but we can start now catching up on our lives since college."

"It seems like you went away to school too, yes it was UVA, right?" He asked.

"Yes, I got my Degree in Languages and I've written since graduation. First with a printing Company before I started writing freelance.

"It's really hard for me grasp the fact that we are nearly forty years old, I was thinking about our school days on the drive to the airport."

"Just one look in the mirror proves the years Robert. I was lonely the first few years after the divorce, but now when I start a pity party, I've learned to think about having to listen to my ex-wife and my loneliness disappears very quickly. Hello solitude, my old friend! I pray nightly for her new husband's good health and their continued happiness. If she's happy and fulfilled with him, she's forgotten about me for a while! I'm happy for them, it keeps her off my case and out of my life. Once Alex and Ham are out of College, I'll never have to see her again. Oh Happy Day"

I said with gleeful anticipation of their college graduations.

"I may have to dig into your bag of ex-wife tricks Hank. Lucky for me, there's very little contact between us now that Stephen is grown."

We chatted and caught up with each others lives and before we realized we saw the sign to buckle up for the approach to land at Charlotte. We had an hour and fifteen minute layover so we decided to have a drink while we waited. Spending so much time with Robert brought back my High School Crush with a vengeance. Somehow, my mind always went back to Robert's naked body in the showers at school. (Hmm, imagine that!)

On landing in Wilmington,we headed over to the baggage claim area, Robert was going to catch a cab, but I told him my car was here and I'd drop him off wherever he wanted or he could come and stay with me at the beach for a while. Rob begged off my invite to spend time at the beach due to having to bail his dog out of the Boarding Kennel, but asked if he could take a rain check for the weekend. I smile at him and said...

"Of course you can come on a weekend, it isn't fancy, you know how beach cottages are, mostly basic. But I'd be delighted for you to come and visit, and you can bring your dog too."

We rode the shuttle to the long-term parking and found my SUV, I drove him to his Condo downtown, overlooking the river. We were saying our goodbyes and saying we'd be in touch soon, when we parted I drove east out to Wrightsville Beach. Getting out of the car at my place, I stood still and listened to the roar of the surf. I'm Home! I love the beach at night and I spend every night I can on the sleeping porch listening to the surf.

I rode up the elevator from the parking area underneath the house. I tossed my things down on the sofa and started taking off my clothes as I walked to my room and opened the glass doors to the sleeping porch and decks. It was a warm night and opening all the doors and windows let the ocean breezes freshen the place. In knit boxers and a tee, I went up to my rooftop deck with the remaining survivors in a six-pack of Coronas. I settled on a Chaise, savoring the beer. I Sat there listening to the Ocean and thinking about meeting up with Robert Williams again. I readjusted my package as it started to grow thinking about Robert's body, as well as the time spent with him these past two days. It didn't take long at all for my cock to demand my full attention.

My slow jacking and thinking about Robert had my hand drenched in pre cum. I lowered the back of the deck chair and stretched, tensing my legs as I settled into a fairly fast pace jacking my cock. Once the 'Robert loop' playing in my head came around to his tight, hard butt in the school showers, my cum went all over me and the deck. Not to worry, this wasn't the first time that has happened on this deck.

Okay, so I'm crushing again on the guy I was crushing on when I was in High School. I know how pathetic that must sound, but then you'd have to see the man to understand my obsession. I went down to the bath to clean up the mess and to grab more beers. In the kitchen, the phone message light caught my eye and I hit the play button. I had three new messages said the sexy lady's voice from the message recorder.

The first message was from Alexandra, my 21-year-old daughter. She wants me to come to Durham and meet her new man. She say's he's the guy. I can only hope and pray that she is right about him. He certainly is a handsome devil, I gasped when I saw the email pics she sent of the two of them.

Next up was my Gran, nearing eighty and no one in our family could keep up with her. Gran's most favorite thing ever, is to shop! My sister and I have made sure she always has her cell phone when she leaves the house. She's all over the place and I've often thought that it's a game to her, to see if she can lose us in the crowd. There have been times when she hails a cab and goes home. We're out searching the mall for her and she's out on the Lanai at home with her 'cup of tea' (Hennessy's, Neat in a coffee mug.) Her message made me smile, I could hear the laughter in her voice, She just wanted to chat . I wrote 'CALL GRAN' in big letters on the notepad by the phone.

The last call surprised me a bit. It was Robert. Telling me how good it was to 'run into me' again after all these years, he complimented me on how good I looked again. I was beginning to wonder about him. Could Robert Williams be gay? A bigger mystery still...if so, could he possibly be interested in me? Oh...back to the message. He asked me to dinner on Wednesday evening and I sent a text accepting his dinner offer.

I began to get nervous late Tuesday night. I spent an hour trying to decide what to wear. Since we were eating down on Front Street at Circa 1922, I chose slacks, jacket and an open collar dress shirt and Loafers. By five o'clock Wednesday I was a nervous wreck. I finally convinced myself that it will just be old friends having dinner. Nothing he has ever said, other than telling me how good I look, could ever be construed to make me think he was gay and coming onto me. I could wish though,

Our reservations were for 8:30, so I left the beach at 8pm and drove to Front Street, downtown. I was still in my car when I saw Robert walking up to the restaurant. I got out quickly and waved to him. Smiling, he stopped and waited for me. Being a bit early, we headed straight to the bar after telling the hostess we would wait in there for our call to dinner.

We were called to our table after we had downed about half our drinks. I knew I wanted the Filet Mignon,

so I stayed with my dry martini, while Robert chose Poached fish and a nice Pinot Grigio. The food was absolute perfection and I was extremely pleased to know that our little town has such a great restaurant.

We chatted more and Robert told me he was in between jobs, having sold his Software applications Company, and he could take his time before deciding what his next move would be. In our conversation we discovered that I had 'written' his company's prospectus back when I was working in the Corporate world.

For the last six years I've existed by writing novels. In the world of Romance Paperback Novels I am 'Reena Radcliffe' author of eighty three books, all with the same premiss, Hero rescues Damsel in distress, lures her to his bed, where he overwhelms her with his love and foot long cock.

Robert's mouth hung open while I told him about my writings and he absolutely choked when I mentioned that I write using the pen name Reena Radcliffe.

"Ohmigod...Hank! My ex-wife has every Reena Radcliffe book written. As much as I would like to tell her Reena is a man, I won't, She's happy now and I'm not gonna rock that boat! Oh Man, that's a hoot Hank. " Robert laughed.

As we were leaving we stood in the parking lot, neither wanting to leave the others company. I was heels over head (wishful thinking) crazy for him again. As he turned to go I remembered to ask him to come for the weekend, it doesn't matter when, and bring your pup, I'm home most all the time. We'll pull another cot out onto the sleeping porch, it's my favorite thing about the cottage.

"Sounds great Hank. Is this coming weekend okay with you?"

"Yes, I was hoping you'd come soon. Since running into you back home I realized that I've talked more with you this past week than anyone in quite a while. I tend to be a bit of a Hermit when I'm writing, I kinda become the character, I know it's a bit schizo but I'm every character in the book when I write"

"I can understand that. Say... Hank, I want to take you out for dinner Saturday Night, my treat."

"You're on Robert, it's a deal."

We parted finally and I only got a few steps then remembered and called out to him to bring his Speedo and his running gear. He gave a thumbs up letting me know he heard me.

Now I was excited, I've only tomorrow to get food stocked in, beer, whiskey and Gin. I spent the day Thursday cleaning and setting up another single bed beside mine on the sleeping porch, or he could always choose the guest bedroom if he preferred.

For our Friday Night dinner I would serve Prosciutto-wrapped, Cherry-stuffed Chicken Breasts, Vidalia onions liberally sprinkled with fresh chopped Tarragon, halved and then caramelized in salt free butter. We had a wine from Italy's Piedmont region, Bartenura Organic Nebbiolo, a smooth fruity red, and a nice Chardonay for dessert. I started cooking on Thursday afternoon, making everything I could ahead of time and then double checking that all was in order.

Around Two o'clock in the afternoon Robert called to ask if he there was anything I needed him to bring along or pick up on the way. I have all I needed for our meal, but thinking about his body, I knew I didn't want to see him in board shorts all weekend, with the private my private rooftop deck to enjoy, I told him...

"Don't forget your Speedo."

I took just a moment after his call to think about Rob in a Speedo. With my very hard cock in hand I decided I should go ahead and relieve myself now instead of staying hard all night, just being near him. By 3:00pm I was out of the shower and dressed in white shorts and a electric orange, Tennessee Vols wife beater tee shirt. I remembered to move my old Mustang Convertible to make room for Robert's car in the parking area under the cottage. At four Robert called again saying he was on his way. At 4:00pm on Friday afternoon even little Wilmington has traffic jams, I knew it would take almost an hour from his condo downtown near the river.

I was up on the rooftop deck watching and waiting for Robert to arrive when I saw a new Corvette Convertible slowing down in front of my place. Robert waved, I waved back and ran down through the house to meet him. He took my hand and pulled us into a bump hug with our forearms and hands between our chest like he did back at the Funeral Parlor.

He looked around then back to me.

"Damn Hank this isn't fair. This place is wonderful, you've a classic old car to play in, and looking like you do, makes me wonder where your entourage is."

"I'm not the social butterfly type, mostly I'm here alone, well almost, I can't seem to ever get completely away from Reena Radcliffe for very long. Let's get your things inside."

We took the elevator up and put his things in the Guestroom across the hall from me. I asked his drink preference and he chose a Corona. I grabbed us a cold six-pack and led him out through the sleeping porch to the steps leading to the rooftop deck.

"WOW! This is fabulous he said as he looked around. Why aren't these other houses raised up on poles like yours?"

"This place is the newest cottage around here. Hurricane Ernesto took out the old cottage back in 2006, I bought the property and cleared away the wreckage and built this place. As they're replaced they'll all be raised like mine. But in the meantime, I have the most privacy of any place on the beach. I can sunbathe nude up there if I want. If you like it now, just wait until tonight. Being up here at night is the best, I have a hard time sleeping anywhere but here at the beach. I have a sleep machine for travel that makes a 'crashing surf' sound, it works very well for me away from home.

"Man, it's so private up here...a guy could...uh...never mind." Robert said.

"What? What were you gonna say Robert?"

He looked at me, serious at first, then a little smirky smile.

"I was just thinking how great sex would be up here. I'm sure that you've already figured that out." He chuckled.

"Sadly, I've only pleasured myself up here. I rarely date."

We opened the storage box and took out two folding canvas lounge chairs and a folding table. We settled in and drank our beer in silence, enjoying the scenery and being visited by curious Sea Terns looking for food.

"Hey, Robert, let me know if the sun gets to be too much, we can put up the umbrella when you want, don't want you to get burned."

"It is warm, it wouldn't hurt to have some shade."

I went back to the storage box and brought out a nine foot beach style umbrella with a vented roof and metal pole, I fastened it to the roof mounted stand between our chairs.

We went back downstairs when the beer was gone, it was a bit after six pm and I asked when he liked to eat and he replied...

"Why don't we eat early and we can spend more time on the roof?"

Good idea but I do need to do my daily run first. "Wanna Come?"

"Sure thing! Let me get changed."

We went to our rooms and changed, Robert was waiting in the family room when I came out in electric Chartruse-yellow shoes and running shorts..

"HANK! Damn man...you're freaking unbelievable. Your body is rocking man! I think I'll keep my shirt on...no way do I look anywhere like that!"

Laughing I said "To tell you the truth, you're the reason my body looks like this."

I saw his brow wrinkle, trying to understand what I meant. "Huh?" he asked.

This is kinda embarrassing. All through school, you always had the best body of all us guys. Many of us used to sneak looks at you in the showers, I was one of them. When I started working, out my goal was to have a body like yours. Seeing you there in your nylon shorts and tank top, I can tell it is as fine as it ever was.

"I never knew. I saw lots of the guys looking, but never you."

"Do me a favor before we go out Robert, take that tank top off and let me see your body. You've seen mine, now show me yours! Oh...uh..I mean YOUR BODY!

I felt the blood rising in my face. I know I was crimson. Robert just laughed and put his hands at the waistband of his shorts and moved like he was going to push the shorts to the floor, Laughing, he took the tank top and pulled it pulled the tank top over his head. VERY IMPRESSIVE! His body looks like a guy in his twenties, not a man about to turn forty! His body hair has thickened a great deal, a dense thatch between his pecs and a thick treasure trail diving into his running shorts and matching shoes.

I couldn't stop myself, a little whimper escaped my throat and my hand went to his chest. I jerked my hand away!

"Damn, please excuse me. I've always wished I had a chest like yours. You're even better than I remember. To me, that's a rocking body, man!"

I felt my cock stirring in the jock I had on. Robert was a good looking kid growing up but the man standing before me left good looking in the rear view mirror. He was absolute perfection in my eyes. I would have jack off fantasies for the rest of my days from this one weekend with Robert.

We left the house and ran up Arrindale to S. Lumina, then turned north and ran all the way to the end of N. Lumina and back to my place on Arrindale.

I let Robert run about a half step in front of me so I could watch his body move. BIG MISTAKE! I quickly boned up watching him run, watching his butt move as he ran was mesmerizing. The side vent in his shorts was split to the waistband, showing his furry cheeks with the white jock strap fuzzy from the hair curling over it with every stride. I had to do something so I ran up a bit in front and hoped my body would make him hard too. Wishful thinking I know, but he has made several comments about my body and the way I look now. Back at the cottage we showered.

I was in and out of the shower quickly and was glad that Robert was still showering. I pulled out our dinner and finished the preparations, started the bread and zapped the things I had prepared earlier. By the time Robert came to the kitchen we were almost ready to eat. He opened the wine and filled our glasses.

Robert gave dutiful praise to the meal wanting to know if I had it catered in!

His eyebrows shot up in surprise when I told him I made it all.

"Careful who you let know about these skills Hank, this puts you high on any list of possible husbands these crazy ladies make up."

I blushed again.

"Not to worry Rob...that ain't gonna happen. I've been there and no desire to ever subject myself to that again."

We finished our meal, and I brought out my homemade North Carolina Beach Pie.

"Hank! This is my favorite dessert in the world! How did you know?"

"Uh...I didn't really...just a lucky guess...that and it's just about my favorite too." I added.

Robert helped me clean the kitchen and return things to the fridge, I turned on the dishwasher and went to the liquor cabinet.

"What's your poison tonight Robert?" I asked.

"Do you have Gin?" he asked.

"A man after my heart! I've got Gin by the gallons. Ms. Reena drinks it like water!"

I filled an ice bucket, put the Gin, limes, and an unopened bottle of Martini & Rossi in the rooftop cooler.

Robert laughed "Hmm, what else does Reena do around here?"

"You're in luck Robert, she isn't allowed on the roof deck. I try and keep her chained to the computer. She has her own that only she can use for writing. As long as 'Reena' pays the bills I don't complain about her too much."

I had everything we needed for our rooftop evening in two small coolers and we each carried one up to the roof. Both of us had changed into comfortable light cotton shorts and tee shirts. I was still wearing the jock strap under my shorts; I hoped he was going commando. Robert made his drink and sat down and leaned back, stretched out his legs on the Chaise Lounge chair, and let out a big sigh.

"What a perfect place, Hank. You're a lucky man to have this, what more could a guy ask for?"

"Glad you like it here Robert, remember you're welcome here, anytime."

I was a bit on edge, walking the perimeter of the rooftop deck, really nervous now that we were up here in the dark. I was being careful what I said, I didn't want to do or say something that would spoil this evening.

Finally I went to the chair and sat down beside him. After about two hours of idle talk and most of a bottle of Tanqueray we went down to the TV, Robert opened the DVD drawer and I was glad that I had moved all the gay porno DVD's to my room.

He held up my favorite suspense movie ever. 'Wait Until Dark' made in 1967 and filmed in black & white, starring Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin.

"This okay with you Hank? I remember hearing somewhere that it is really a good movie."

"Yes, that's my favorite suspense thriller, ever."

He put the disc in the tray and closed the tray. When he sat at the end of the sofa I handed him another Gin Rocks. We both drifted off into lala land. I woke at one, Rob was stretched out on the sofa. I got a light blanket and put over him, then cleared the dirty glasses from the Coffee Table. When I switched off the kitchen lights I heard Robert call my name. He was sitting up as I came near.

I held out my hand and pulled him up, then led him down the hall to my room and out onto the sleeping porch. When I flipped the switch, the light bulb in the bedside lamp blew out. I got a spare bulb from the hall linen closet and changed the bulbs, I tried the lamp switch and light flooded the porch. Rob was sitting on the corner, at the foot of the cot, I had to turn sideways to get by him. He quickly stood to make room for me to pass but when he stood up we were chest to chest, for the briefest bit of a moment, I saw desire in his eyes. I blushed crimson again.

Neither of us moved for several heartbeats, then the awkwardness of the moment closed in and we made throat clearing sounds, and an 'oops, sorry, Dude' or two. I was hard again, that one look from Robert had me hoping that we would get to know each other well this weekend, with luck, maybe I could know him intimately. Another pipe dream, I'm certain.

I switched off the bedroom light as he pulled the tee off and shucked his shorts to the floor. Looking over to me he sort of grinned...

"Sleeping naked is one of life's most under rated perks. It even feels good when I'm alone in bed. Bet you do it too Hank."

The sight of my favorite boy, grown into a man and standing naked on my sleeping porch had me hard as stone again. I saw his eyes flick down my body then back up. There was almost a panic stricken look mixed with surprise in his eyes...I knew he had seen my hard cock.

I asked if he needed anything else and he gave a sigh and said that he was fine. Somehow I felt he wanted to say more but held back.

We said good night and settled in to listened to the music of the ocean. Occasionally when the wind stirred I could smell him, he's only three feet away. I settled for dreaming about covering his body with mine. Kissing his 'most handsome' face like I've always wanted. I had to turn onto my stomach when I started daydreaming about what I wanted to do with him...I would be lying on my back and Rob would take my ankles in each hand as he slammed hard into me. That one did the trick, I shot my load into the hand towel I kept under the pillow.

Much later I woke to see Robert lying on his stomach and humping against the mattress. When he came I immediately smelled his semen, Oh god! I'll bet he smelled mine too. I drifted off again and woke at 6am, my usual time. Looking over I saw that Rob's cot was empty and the shorts that lay by the bed earlier were gone. I found him in the kitchen, looking out at the Atlantic while the coffee was brewing.

"Good Morning Hank, just a minute or two more on the coffee. You know, you may have to throw me out of here. I love this place."

"And so do I Rob; I thank Reena every time a check arrives in the mail. The money piles up faster than I can spend it for sure. But then I know I'll need it and then some come Graduation time next summer, they both need cars."

"Well, if you ever need someone to house sit, I'm your guy."

The only problem with that is that I wouldn't be here with him.

"Really Rob, just give me a call, you can visit here anytime you wish."

The coffee finished and Rob reached for the cups.

"Wait Rob, I've got thermal mugs for the roof." I reached into a cupboard and took out two thermal mugs.

"You'll wanna have your morning coffee on the roof, trust me."

"Yeah, I was thinking last night about making love up there, that's gotta be fantastic."

"I guess so, but like I said yesterday, it's only been me up there alone. I'm truly a sexual recluse, it's more than two years since my last sexual encounter."

"Yeah I understand, that's why I go down to Myrtle Beach or over to Charlotte, I'm cautious around home though...two years? For real?"

"Guilty." I said.

"Wait...is it just your choice to be celibate?"

"I don't like going cruising in bars or dance clubs, I'm just not into that kind of thing. I know that's where I could find a sex partner but is isn't worth the hassle...yet. Maybe by the time I've been 5 yrs without sex I'll be over it,"

"I can't do without sex that long. There's just nothing else like that moment when...uh...let's change the subject Hank, us talking about it ain't gonna make it happen for either of us."

"Sorry to be such a downer Rob...I'm used to it. After our twins were born, I was married to a sexless womanoid who happily killed any sexual desire I've ever had for women."

"Uh...I...uh...understand, I've never been two years, I'm climbing the walls by 2 months."

I was pouring refills for the coffee when Robert's cell started ringing. I saw him pale as he looked at his phone. Looking to me with a frightened, shocked expression I heard him whisper

"It's Stephen! ohmigod it's my Son!"

I heard his voice tremble as he said hello. I quietly got up and went down to the kitchen to give Rob some time with his Son. I remembered him telling me he never heard from him these days.

In about ten minutes I heard Rob coming down the stairs. When he walked into the kitchen I could see he'd been crying. I led him to a stool and poured him a double Gin on the rocks, screw the twist!

I handed him a napkin to wipe his eyes, then he looked up and broke into the biggest smile you could imagine. He's coming to see me, he'll be here Thursday afternoon. Hank...he said he's sorry, he just learned two days ago that his Mom wasn't being truthful with him, he wants to spend a week with me. Say...Hank, do you know of any rental cottages out here. Stephen would like it here at the beach."

"There are some rentals, but I'm not sure which ones nor how much. Here's an idea...I'll swap places with you for the week your son is here, Reena needs a change of scenery, I'll get a book or two out of her at your Condo on the river, trust me."

"You'd do that for me? Hank that's way too generous, I can at least pay you the rental rates. Okay"

"I'd really prefer to just swap places for a week Robert. We're old classmates and friends who are well on our way to becoming good friends. Please, let's just swap Rob."

"Okay, but when you least expect it, you're getting a big surprise gift."

"Rob! we just swap! Period! Okay."

"Thank you Hank, I can't remember when I've been this excited. Stephen and I were always close, even after the divorce, it's just been this past year that she turned him against me."

I stood to get the coffee for refills and Robert came over and put an arm across my shoulders and and hugged me to him in a guy hug.

"This means the world to me Hank. I've felt so sad and lost this past year. Hey, maybe you're good luck for me. You and I building a new friendship from our childhood, and now my Son coming back to me. We'll go to dinner while Stephen is here. I'd like him to meet you anyway."

We had three days to do 'the swap' and I was looking forward to sampling the new restaurants downtown. On the elevator to the tenth floor I had an idea for a new Reena Radcliffe Romance Novel beginning with her arrival at a "posh resort' hotel.

I spent the mornings of the first days downtown, walking about and getting to know this part of town again. I was surprised, the Restaurants were Impressive. Later that evening when I went out to eat I was surprised and very pleased to see the streets alive with people walking about, several bars and cafes have outdoor seating and lighting, each one I saw had a good business especially for this early in the week.

Back up on the tenth floor, I opened the River side of the house, a clever garage door type of arrangement that opened onto the garden deck from the great room to the outdoors. I set up her computer and started Reena's new novel. Once I get the idea of a story fixed in my head, the writing part comes quickly. By Saturday afternoon I had Twelve chapters on paper.

I called Robert to ask for a restaurant recommendation and to see how things were going with his son.

"Hank, Stephen and I are going to the Bridge Tender tonight, please come out and join us. I really want you to meet him. Don't say no! Just get in that classic Mustang and get your little butt out here and join us for dinner."

I do love that restaurant, their lobster is the sweetest I've ever eaten. Knowing that everyone at the beach lives 'casual,' I dressed in pastel blue linen slacks with a pale yellow crew neck silk pullover, no socks and cordovan Weejuns.

When I pulled into the restaurant parking lot Robert was standing by his car as his son fastened the top in place. He started toward me and we met about halfway between our cars, again he did the clasped hand, arm bump hug. The smell of him almost made me mess my shorts. His free hand squeezed my shoulder and I shamelessly pushed my groin forward so that I pressed against his leg and hip; I heard a little croak from his throat and he pressed back against me a bit.

He called his son over and introduced us, his handshake was very firm. I looked up to his face and saw his Dad about the time we left High School. It was startling to see how similar they were. I kept looking from one to the other, playing a little game in my head of which would I choose to take to bed. If I were younger....ahh, but I'm not...however, at my age, I much preferred the matured Robert as he is.

Stephen told me about his studies at college, He plans to be an Environmental Engineer when he graduates from college next year. Twice during dinner, I felt Robert's foot against mine under the table, each time I moved, his foot followed and kept in contact with mine. It seemed to be very odd to me but let it pass without comment. Stephen was full of stories about growing up with all his girlfriends swooning over his dad. Robert blushed steadily for nearly half an hour as Stephen told his stories about growing up with the most handsome man in town for a Dad.

I looked over to Robert and said.

'It looks to me like Stephen will be listening to a conversation very similar to this one day from his own son."

Then turning to Stephen I asked.

"You do realize that you're almost of carbon copy of your Dad when he was your age, right?"

Stephen looked to his Dad and said.

"I hope I grow up to be even half as good a Dad as him. He's still a hot guy, you should have seen the women circling round him on the beach yesterday. He was wearing one of those square cut bathing suits like James Bond wore in the movies. I just stood back and watched as the ladies zeroed in on him and laughed as they them made him very uncomfortable with their enuendos and advances."

Stephen asked about my kids and I told him about the twins, I even produced pictures. His eyes got big when he saw Alexandra.

"Ohmigod! I know her...Alex! Alex Holland! We had a class together at Duke last year. She''s one smart lady and much more beautiful than this picture shows."

Looking next at Hamilton's picture he commented on how much Ham resembled me.

"It looks like the apple didn't fall fall far from your family tree either, he'll be as handsome as you one day." Stephen said.

It was my turn to blush! Robert got a good laugh from my embarrassment.

We lingered in the bar after our dinner, talking and laughing like we had been this way forever. Sometime after 10:00pm I said my goodbyes and Robert walked me to my car.

"Thanks for coming Hank. This has been a lot of fun, Stephen thinks you're a 'really cool dude,' his words exactly. I have to agree with him, you're a really cool dude in my book too."

"Thanks for the dinner and it was great to meet you Stephen, you've made your Dad a happy man with your visit. Now I need to get back to work. Reena Radcliffe has a lot of work to get done to finish her second story at Robert's Condo."

I was very surprised at how easily the writing seemed to be in a new or different place. If these two new stories do well I can see myself going up and down the coast on weekend trips looking for places to inspire more books. OH man! Charleston! That will be her next adventure.

On Wednesday evening I got a call from Stephen, Robert's son, thanking me for letting them stay at my place. He told me he had never felt as close with his Dad as he does now.

"I just wanted to let you know that Dad and I truly appreciate your letting us stay there at your wonderful beach house. This has been a fantastic week, I've missed my Dad and feel so guilty that I've missed this past year with him. I'm happy that he has such a good friend in you, he needs someone he can trust and be friends with now. When he had the Software business he stayed so isolated that he hardly ever went out with other folks. Then after he sold the company the vultures came out of the woodwork trying to get at his money. You're good for him Hank. Thank you. Meanwhile, if you're ever in Durham please look me up...and you'll always have a place to stay there, you're the best Hank."

I stared at the phone in my hand! What the fuck was that? It sounds if Stephen thinks his Dad and I are an item, dating or more, plus he seems to be all for it! Hmmm, this ought to be quite an interesting weekend coming up.

The following morning was Thursday, Robert and I were supposed to switch back to our own homes this afternoon. I got a call from my book publisher begging me to fly to New York, another prolific writer had been severely injured in an auto accident and the publisher wanted me to finish the story she was writing.

This was something I just didn't do, I wouldn't let someone finish one of my stories for any reason. However, this writer had specifically asked that I finish her story. I asked for and received copies via email of what she had finished to date and booked myself on a plane to New York.

I phoned Robert at my place to let him know I was on my way there. I have to pack more clothes and get to the airport in 2 hours. Once I got to the beach house I explained that I'd been summoned to Manhattan by my publisher and I would be away for a few days. I heard the disappointment in Rob's voice and saw it on his face. On a whim I said.

"You could fly up and join me for a few days in the city. We could do some serious damage to my temporary expense account. I'll be writing a lot but evenings will be free, we could see a show or a ball game, plus eating at some fine restaurants." I told him.

"I wouldn't have much fun there out on the town while you're in a room writing. I understand that you have to go, it's just that I was so excited about Stephens visit and just wanted someone to talk with about my son." he said.

"Would it be okay if I call you tonight, around 8:00 O'clock?" I asked him.

"Yes, please. I know I must sound a bit silly, but this past week has meant the world to me. Being here at the beach with him was perfect. I've got my son back in my life! I owe you for letting us stay here. Well, you get busy and get to New York. I'll keep an eye on your place while you're away...I may even stay here a night or two. That sleeping porch is addictive and I really love this place."

I told him I had to grab a quick shower but we could still talk if he came into the bathroom. I ran to the bath and turned the shower on. Back in my room, Robert was standing in the doorway and we talked as I undressed. When I straightened up from picking up my shorts from the floor, I was bare ass naked. I saw his eyes roam over my body, suddenly he looked up when he saw my cock plumping up a bit. He couldn't find a place to settle his eyes on, he'd look away then back down to my lengthening cock. I knew I had to get in the shower fast or I'd be showing him all of my hard cock in less than a minute.

I turned as I edged past him at the doorway, my butt brushing against his leg. He actually jumped a bit at my touch, then I heard a noise deep in his throat and he blushed crimson. I hurried into the shower, calling after him to sit on the vanity and chat while I showered. When I turned with my back to the water I watched him as I soaped up my cock and testicles. His eyes never left my groin. I noticed he had his fingers laced together and laying in front of his cock. I hoped he was hard as stone, like I was back when I watched him shower in our school days.

I hear him clear his throat.

"Uh...ah...Hey Hank, it just dawned on me that I should drive you to the airport, we don't want that classic Mustang sitting in the airport parking lot while you're away."

Rob began telling me more about his Son's visit, he was so excited as he related everything they did and the serious talks the had. He told me that Stephen was encouraging him to find someone to be with, telling his Dad that living alone wasn't really living. Life is meant to be shared with someone you care deeply about. I thought to myself that Stephen was very wise in spite of his youth.

When I shut the water off and opened the door to towel off, Robert stood and went back out to the bedroom deck through the sleeping porch. I began to think I had been to blatant, standing nude in front of him, giving him a bird's eye view of all of me in the shower. Then I remembered all the times I had looked at his naked body in school.

Back in my room I pulled on my knit boxers and a tee. I saw him looking in from the deck and I turned sideways so he could see my bulge in front and my hard, round butt out back. I knew I was acting like a shameless slut with him today, but I've wanted and wished for him more than twenty years. I'll try anything to get his attention and hopefully, him into my bed. I saw him adjusting his cock with both hands in his pants pockets.

Finally I was ready to go. Everything was by the front door; before he reached to pick up my bags I walked over and hugged him. Not an arm bump hug either, I flattened myself against him and whispered "thank you" into his ear.

We took the Mustang, top down of course, my luggage wouldn't fit into his Vette easily, I was really glad he would take the car back to the house so I wouldn't worry about it. Before we got out of the car at the airport I reached over and took his hand, I looked into his eyes and thanked him again and told him that we would go to dinner when I get back and have a good, long chat about whatever came up, then I winked at him. I saw his surprise then a smile crept across his handsome face.

"That's a great idea Hank. That is probably the very thing we need to do. I look forward to it."

Having been such a recluse myself, It was a bit awkward for me at first to have someone to talk with often, I've never developed really close friendships, fearing that they would discover that I'm gay and have nothing more to do with me. With anyone but him, I would question their motives, but I know that Robert Williams is a five-star genuine good guy.

I knew that there was more going on with him than his son's visit. He seemed to stay closer to me physically and he touched my arm or shoulders often. I flashed back to his feet touching mine when we were at the Bridge Tender restaurant for dinner with his son.

We had to part in the Lobby area and Robert surprised me by pulling me into a bear hug!

"Thank you again Hank. These past few weeks since we met again back home have been the best in a long while for me. You and I meeting up at Mr. Mooney's funeral, our time together here, then the miracle of my Son coming to stay a week, my time with him was fantastic."

Knowing that I knew better and absolutely shouldn't think about it, I began to have some hope that Robert might be having feelings for me like I've had for him since Junior High. Could it be possible that Robert was a gay man too? This was all too fantastic for even a Reena Radcliffe novel, still I was beginning to have hope where he is concerned.

"Don't forget to call Hank. I've come to depend on you being around lately. I hope it's okay with you. It's been a long time since I've had a good friend."

There it is again! That feeling that it's possible, Little things like that are what give me hope that something good will come from us meeting up again after so long apart.

"It's the same with me Robert, I've needed a friend too. We're good, bud.

Now you think about flying up for a few days in the Big Apple, well have fun. I'll let you know when I finish up the work and we can have a day or so to explore the city if you like."

"Sounds like a plan to me. When you find out when it'll be, book me a room and I'll fly up."

I told him okay. However I knew that if he came to New York, this hotel would magically be full and, gee, Robert would just have to stay in my room with the two queen sized beds. After the little show I put on for him in the shower before I left, I figure that if he comes up, he's interested. I saw the way he looked at me as I lathered up.

I flew into La Guardia and called my publisher Austin Adams, as soon as we deplaned. Austin was falling over himself thanking me for responding so quickly. He told me to take a cab to the Plaza, the company has booked a small suite there for you Hank.

"I'll come by for breakfast in the morning and brief you about our situation, I hope you have some new ideas for Reena's next best seller." Austin said.

Once I settled into the suite (which was in no way small) I called home to Robert at the beach. He and Bo, his dog, were on the rooftop taking in the evening. When I told him I was in a suite at the Plaza he was very impressed and it wasn't hard to talk him into flying up in a couple of days.

After a restless night (I forgot to pack my sleep machine) Austin and I met at the Palm Court for a breakfast of Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise, Canadian Bacon, English Muffin and coffee. Austin briefed me on what they needed me to do and after we parted I went back to the suite and started to work.

I had read all of what the author and put to paper and knew the logical places and incidents to meet what the author had originally intended. Her work only lacked a small part to be complete and I had the logical conclusion wrapped up in a last eight chapters in only three days. Austin was falling all over himself again after reading the chapters I had done. He sent copies to the stricken author and she too was ecstatic with the result.

I refused Austin's offer of a portion of the proceeds of the sales knowing that (1) the woman most likely would need all the cash she can get with her medical bills and (2) I could very well find myself in the same place someday. I told Austin that a week at the Plaza was pay enough for anyone. I was touched when Austin called me later in the month and read me the dedication to be published in her book. It read...

"This book is dedicated to my dear friend and benefactor you know as Reena Radcliffe, without whose help this book would have not been possible."

High praise indeed from one I once considered to be 'the competition.'

Robert flew into La Guardia on Thursday Morning, I met him at his departure gate and we took a cab back to the Plaza. He was duly impressed with our accommodations and did not seem to mind the least bit that he would stay in the same rooms with me.

When Robert agreed to fly up for a few days I called the Concierge to find out what shows were running and when he said that Kinky Boots, the Musical was playing I immediately booked two tickets for Saturday night. Kinky Boots was a British film about a man who had inherited a shoe factory that was going broke. Circumstances led him to meet a large black female impersonator who needed to find someone to custom make his/her ladies styled footwear. There were several 'drag' musical numbers in the show and I thought it might just loosen things up between Robert and me.

Meanwhile for tomorrow night I had tickets for us to see the Blue Man Group in the East Village. We had a wonderful room service dinner before we left for the show. This night was one of the very best times I've ever had. Being with Robert was the most natural thing in the world. We laughed at the same things, liked similar foods, clothing, even our political views and opinions were compatible. I knew I was gonna really be in trouble if did not progress to the intimate conclusion I longed for.

When we were back in the suite at the hotel we were changing into clothes to lounge around in. I froze when I saw Robert pick up a DVD I bought my first night here. I was panic-stricken, it was hardcore gay porn.

I saw him look at the front, then the back of the DVD; then he looked over to me and said.

"I've got this same DVD, it's a pretty good one. Want to watch this?"

I was flabbergasted.

"Y..You...you're gay too!" I stammered.

"Yes, Hank I am gay and I've hoped that you are too. You've just about driven me up the walls these past weeks since we met up back home. That little tease you put on in the shower the morning you flew here had me ready to jump you at the house that morning if you hadn't had a plane to catch. I want to make love with you so much I can taste it. There's only one thing left for us to do to make it a perfect night. You wanna come to bed with me and we'll see what comes up?"

I laughed out loud.

"It's me. I'm up and this damned jock strap is killing me."

I moved to him held out my hand to him.

"YES! I've wanted to be in bed with you for like 20 years."

"Really...20 years?"

"It goes back to Junior High, Robert. I beat off every night in Jr. High and High School and even some at college thinking about you in the showers, Yours was the most beautiful body I had ever seen. I'm betting it still is."

"I never knew. I would have probably responded, I always thought you were a cute kid, but you've grown into a beautiful man. I've had a few fantasy sessions with you too since we met up back home. I wondered about you, at the funeral home, I noticed that your eyes lingered on only the men; and you did get hard when we were shaking hands to say goodbye. Yeah...I noticed and I'm anxious to try it on."

I blushed crimson again. "Couldn't help it. I always get hard when you're around."

"I never saw you show the least bit of interest toward me in anything, we've known each other forever, but we've never been what you'd call close friends. Until now! I've felt close to you all week. Granted I've been mostly a loner, I've had a week go by without speaking to another person since moving here. I don't like the dance bars, I prefer a place like Costello's down on Princess Street. Ha! Is that not the perfect address for a gay bar!"

Robert stopped directly in front on me. I saw him lean in and I closed my eyes. This was the softest, most sensual kiss imaginable. When I opened to admit his tongue I thought my head had exploded. Every old cartoon sound effect you can imagine rang in my ears, I was light-headed, when we finally pulled apart.

Robert moaned. "It's even better than I could have imagined. You're a great kisser Hank and do I love kissing!"

I felt his hard member against my hip, I ran my hand down his side and grasped his hard cock. Even covered by his clothing I could tell his cock was big; my heart rate quickened with his cock in my hand. He kissed me again and I had to let go of his cock and put my arms around his neck to steady my wobbling knees.

"Oh wow! I love kissing you Hank, your lips are so soft and sensual."

"UH...the bed...Come to bed Robert...come to bed! PLEASE!"

Robert tugged at my shirt and pulled it over my head. His lips dived for my left nipple making me gasp loudly. While he licked and nipped at me his hands were pushing my shorts and jock strap to the floor. Sitting back he looked down at me lying naked before him.

"Oh my sweet Jesus! You are so perfect Hank, so beautiful. I sat up and tugged his shirt off and he raised his hips to let his shorts pass over his hips. Robert turned to face me, put an arm over my side and pulled us together in a kiss. The moment our bare bodies touched from our lips to our feet I felt electric shocks all over my body, tremors and chills wracked me. I nuzzled into his dense chest hair, the scent of him was wonderful, he put a leg across my thigh kept us close together. When Robert's hand cupped my butt cheek, my back arched out pushing my butt higher and opening my cheeks enough to expose my opening. No sooner than the thought went through my mind , I felt his finger playing at my opening.

"There's lube in the nightstand, we'll need a lot. It's been such a long time for me; I've never wanted anything more than I want you inside me,now!"

His lubed finger began slipping in and out of me and he soon had me panting and writhing... now two fingers...then three, I felt his fingers twist and stroke against my prostate...

"OHMIGOD! YES...ungh...YES! MR. WILLIAMS! Your cock sir! Please! NOW!"

I flipped to my back and actually gulped a bit. Seeing this handsome man of my long ago dreams between my legs, his hard cock drooling and throbbing, anxious to get inside me was too much like my fantasies of us together over the years, his tongue in my mouth made me know that now, tonight, at long last it was real. The only man I've ever wanted was about to make love to me, it is almost more than my brain can process.

His lips dived for my left nipple making me gasp loudly. While he licked and nipped at me his hands were pushing my shorts and jock strap to the floor. Sitting back he looked down at me lying naked before him.

"Jeez...I can hardly believe this is happening. I've wanted this for as long as I can remember Robert. Your body has always turned me on, but now a grown man, handsome beyond words and more sex appeal than I've ever had to deal with. You're the sexiest man I've ever seen."

"Shh...Hank...now I'm worried that I won't live up to your expectations. Lets just relax a bit and take our time. I love your body too, you're sexy, you're handsome, and we've had weeks of foreplay it seems, everything has built up to this. It's time. I need to kiss you some more Hank... ohhh...your lips, your mouth make me crazy...you taste so good, I want to lick and taste every inch of you."

He bent to kiss me and lay out atop me, a tremor ran through me from my head to my toes, the feel of him against my naked body was exquisite I had to fight to keep my orgasm at bay.

"Oh migod Robert, your body is still the best I've ever seen.

I've wanted this forever it seems, please make love with me. I want you inside me, fuck me Rob, I've wanted this so long. Fuck me hard man, I can take it. Just fuck me now, Please!"

Robert's body is strikingly similar to his High School days only now it's covered in a dense mat of silky hair. His waist can't be more than an inch or two larger than when he was 18. My eyes grew wide when they reached his cock. It was large, my fingers circling his throbbing manhood and had a large gap between them, he's close to 8 inches in length, maybe more, its girth is a good 7 plus inches. Ooo, this will be a challenge I thought as my entire body shivered in anticipation. A few nudges against my opening had me breathing hard and pushing back against the blunt head of his cock.

Leaning over he found my mouth and we lost ourselves in a long, delicious kiss that almost made me forget how much I needed to feel him filling me with his throbbing, drooling cock. Slowly I came back to the present and felt the spongy firmness of his cock head bumping against my opening. Oh yes...that's what I want, his cock inside me, filling me, loving me. Then suddenly he saw my eyes go wide open then slam shut in pain. He's inside me, quickly he stopped all movement once the corona of his cock entered me.

We kissed deeply again and just a few moments I pulled on his thighs, wanting him deeper inside me. All the while he kept a steady pressure with his cock sliding deeper into me, opening me wide to take all of him. I did my best to relax and in a few heartbeats half his shaft was inside me. I winced a bit and pulled his face to mine and another deep kiss. I moaned loudly at the feel of him in me. This wasn't my first time getting fucked. I love feeling filled with my man's cock. I kept pulling at the back of his thighs and he slid slowly inside me, deeper and deeper.

I met his thrust with my hips hard against him. One thrust... then another and I met each of his thrust with my own. He pushed and ground hard against me. Now with him deep inside me my eyes flew open in triumph. There was no pain now. I had all of him inside me and I bucked hard against the stone hard column of his flesh as it churned inside me. THIS IS HEAVEN! My dream has finally come true.

His hard cock pushed me over the edge, my eyes rolled back and my whole world was here in this bed, nothing mattered but his hot, thick cock churning in my guts. This was primal, raw, pure lust expressed in the oldest way known to man, we fucked. We fucked hard and we fuck long. Sweat dripped from him to my torso, his body glistened as he drove himself into me. I met his every thrust as his hard manhood battered my prostate, sending chills and goose-flesh across my body each time his cock massaged my prostate gland. A pool of cum was gathering on my abdomen.

Somewhere off in a remote corner in my brain I realized that this is Robert Williams! He's making love to me! My 20 plus year dream finally fulfilled. His kisses made me wild. I kept throwing my hips up to meet his every thrust. Raw animal lust was all I felt at this moment. This was worth every day of the wait from Jr. High to now. I knew I was doing him right when h Robert began to coo and sweet talk to me, telling me how wonderful this felt, how much he has wanted me since our reuniting as friends. His hips were moving rapid fire, like a jackhammer in my guts, keeping me on edge and in that place where my eyes rolled back. I was lost to his magnificent cock, it felt so wonderful in me, no one else in the entire universe could give me pleasure like this. This is MY ROBERT!

What seemed like hours of him pleasuring my mind and body was in reality less than five minutes, all too soon his body tensed, taut and rigid, his face twisted into a pleasure-pain grimace, then as I felt the first heat of his semen inside me Robert let loose with a terrific roar and our orgasms seized our minds and bodies. I cried out his name and began spewing my scalding discharge between us as he bit and suckled my nips while he pumped me full of his semen.

Robert collapsed on me and by the time our heaving lungs had quieted, we were both asleep. Hours later I woke first and lay there looking in disbelief at Robert lying beside me. His arm across my chest, his leg across my thighs and his head on my shoulder with his lips at my neck. This was no dream, no fantasy. This was the most intense sexual gratification I have ever experienced. Nothing that has happened before could come close to what Robert and I had just done.

Robert stirred a bit and kissed at my neck, made some very contented sounds and drifted back to sleep. I lay there watching him, I was awestruck, my perfect fantasy now come to life.. The man I've dreamed of for more than half my life is lying beside me after sharing the most intimate act two men can do together. I've been crazy for Robert since we were kids, to finally have him here beside, to have made love to each other, was over the top for me. Nothing can ever top this night.

Then a dark thought clouded my mind. "Oh please, please don't let this be a one time thing."

I became scared...when we get back to Wilmington what will become of us, he's sexually active, much more than me according to what he's said.

I worried myself nearly to the brink of an anxiety attack, getting more and more frantic and despondent by the minute. I managed to slip out of bed and went to the sitting room and watched dawn rise on Fifth Avenue. I had called room service for a pot of coffee and was on my third cup when Robert came into the room. I looked up and he smiled at me.

"Here you are...I reached for you in bed and you were gone."

He came and knelt beside my chair, he took my face in his hands and pulled me into a kiss. Just a peck at first, then he straightened a bit and had a very serious look on his face. I was about to ask what the matter was when he pulled me into another passionate, deep and soulful kiss, rekindling every wish I've ever had for him. When we broke apart he looked at me with a questioning expression and said.

"I know we haven't talked much about this part of our lives, the being gay and single part. It isn't the being gay part that bothers me, it's being single that's so hard to face at times. I want a life partner Hank, someone to share life and love with, to live with and to spend the rest of our days together. After last night I think...no...I know...I want all those things with you Hank Holland. We're great together as friends and even greater together in the bedroom. I want more nights like this last one Hank. Can it be with you? Could you possible want me like I want you?"

I couldn't speak, an aching bubble of emotion caught at the back of my throat was rendering me speechless. I just nodded yes and reached for him, my eyes sparkled, brimming with tears of happiness until finally I managed to croak out...

"YES, YES, I've wanted you, just like you said, I want us this way forever."

Robert stood and pulled me up and wrapped me in his arms, Cradeling my head against his chest with one hand..

"After what we did last night, what I felt from you as we made love, I can promise you that no one could ever love and want you more than me Hank.

I worried when you weren't in bed, afraid the you were having second thoughts, wouldn't want us together like this, the forever part, the living together, being a couple. That's what I want with you Hank, you and me together, friends, companions and lovers, I don't want us to ever sleep alone again."

I felt him bend and kiss the top of my head and his body trembled, holding me tightly to him. We went back to the bed, and Robert spooned up against me, his arm across my chest holding me tightly to him. We both dozed, content and secure now knowing that we will be together. No matter what comes our way, we'll have each other to give strength and support when needed and to have and to hold each night in our bed.

We woke a bit after 10am and had a leisurely shower, playing, exploring and experimenting with our bodies. Not very unexpectedly, our shower led us back to bed and more of the exploring of bodies and a major surprise to me when Robert told me he wanted me inside him, like he had taken me last night.

"Hank, I've never given myself to a man this way before but I've never felt like I do with you before either. I saw your rapture last night, when I was deep inside you, I want to feel that too. I want to be yours, like you gave yourself to me. Now Hank, come love me now."

Making love with this man is the easiest thing I have ever done. He opened readily as my lubed fingers probed inside him and he began to lose control when I began massaging his prostate gland. Soon he was begging me to take him. I put a pillow under his luscious, hairy butt, then raised his legs and pressed them against his abdomen. I nuzzled my face in his crotch, inhaling his man scent, kissing, licking and sucking testicles and cock, When I took both testicles into my mouth and laved them with my tongue, Robert howled and thrashed about on the bed. I stretched my mouth around his thick hard shaft and took about half of his cock into my throat. Once he began to moan I eased off his cock and pushed his legs higher and licked my tongue across his anus. He yelped the cried out "Oh fuck."

That was all the encouragement I needed and I licked my way from his testicles to his anus quickly, Letting go of his legs I spread his butt cheeks and dived at his opening.

The roar from him made me worry that other guests might complain of the noise, but not enough to make me change my tactics. I ate his butt until he begged me to stop for fear he would pop his nut in a matter of moments. I knee walked between his legs and he moaned again.

"You're so beautiful Hank, inside and out. It time for you to put your gorgeous cock where it will do me the most good. Please get inside me. Make me know what it's like to surrender to you.


Quickly I covered Robert's mouth with mine, we kissed deeply, tongues battling, the tension in his body slowly relaxed, I remained as still as I could while kissing him. Ohmigod could he kiss! His were sensual, soulful kisses... but at the same time manly and rough; they stirred the flames of unbridled passion in me. Soon, I felt Robert pulling against the back of my thighs, wanting me deeper inside him. I began to rock back and forth, going deeper inside him with each gentle thrust. I noticed his breathing change, gasping now, his whole manner becoming urgent, he wanted all my cock and I plunged in as far and deep as I could go. Instinctively he pushed up against my downward thrust and we both ground hard against the other, Robert roared loudly, feeling that exquisite pain/pleasure sensation that only a hard cock up your ass can give.

Something snapped in him, he was all in for the fuck. He thrashed about, his body fucking my cock inside him hard, while I just held on for the ride atop his thrashing, writhing body. He wasn't acting like this was his first time. Robert has a hunger for my cock inside him. He bucked hard, and he cursed, he shouted, then begged for more cock, harder cock, until suddenly he was transported, his eyes rolled back and he was gone...lost to everything but the cock up his butt. The only thing that could feel any better would a harder, longer, fatter cock churning in his guts. It was all I could do to stay connected, his body was wild as he quickly mastered the art of getting his beautiful butt fucked hard and fucked really well..

I lost all control, my orgasm was imminent, I cried out that I was cumming, my body tensed and as my semen filled his bowels, Robert yelled and shot his semen onto the wall above the headboard. I fell across his torso and chest, his arms holding me in place while we gasped in great gulps of air.

That was intense! I don't know how long I lay on his chest but when I stirred and slid off to his side I could see that his cock was still hard. I didn't know how it could be so after the orgasm we just experienced. He seemed to be asleep but when I wrapped my fist around his cock he moaned loudly. Without opening his eyes he chuckled under his breath.

"Sorry I'm so new at this babe, a couple more times and I'll get the hang of it."

"Yeah, maybe, but it's my time now...you ready for my butt Rob?"

With that I struggled to straddle his hips and slowly sank his hard cock into my butt.

"Mmm Hank, that does feel great, but I'm afraid you'll have to do all the work until I've regained control of my muscles...ungh! Oh yeah you do feel good."

Not surprisingly, we were both too spent to complete the act so soon after moving the earth a few degrees off it's axis earlier. Hours later I woke with Robert spooned against me his cock lodged between my cheeks but not inside me. The most wonderful warm feeling spread through me as he hugged me tighter to him, claiming me as his own. At this moment I felt like the luckiest man in the entire world.

When I woke again it was almost 6pm, Robert wasn't in the bed and I got up to pee and find him. He wasn't in the suite either, I couldn't imagine where he had gone off to. I did my business and took shower, when I got out, still no Robert. I dressed in Jeans and a tee and made fresh coffee, I was into my second cup when the door opened and Robert came in holding something behind his back. He asked that I close my eyes, he has a surprise for me and he's not ready to give it to me just yet.

I did as he said and he went to the bedroom and was back in just a few seconds. He came to me, took my hand and pulled me up to my feet and enfolded me in his arms and gave me a tender, loving kiss that made goose-flesh on my skin. When the kiss ended I lay my head on his chest and hugged him tightly.

"Where did you run off to and when do I get my surprise?

Laughing, he said for me to be patient just a bit longer and he went to the bedroom and came back with a powder blue bag. My eyes got big as saucers.

"T...T...TIFFANY'S!" I stammered.

"Last night you said we could be together as a couple. I wanted to get these quickly so it would be more difficult for you to change your mind."

I fumbled with the box, shaking so much I almost dropped it but I opened the lid and saw two simple, heavy and wide, gold bands. Robert reached over and took the smaller one and slipped it on my third finger, left hand. I did the same for him. We just stood there, looking into each others eyes. He lowered his head and kissed my lips sweetly.

"You've brought me back to life again Hank, I don't want us to ever be apart again. I love you."

"And I love you Robert, always have and I always will."

We flew back to Wilmington the next day. We will always remember our 'honeymoon' at the Plaza and we did have a lot of fun there the short time when we were not in bed.

On the flight home, I asked Robert and Bo, his dog, to come and live with me at the beach and he readily agreed. It was 10:30am when we rode the elevator up to the beach house, the message machine kept a steady pace blinking non stop. I was erasing things as they introduced themselves and almost erased the call from Alex My Daughter.

"Hey Pop, haven't been able to reach you...this message is your last warning, Stan and I are on our way to your place we're on I-40 about an hour and a half from the beach house. By the way, one of my classmates here tells me he and his Dad spent a week at your place while you stayed in Wilmington, He's Steve Williams, his Dad sold his software company last year for something in the 9 figure range we hear. Glad to know you've got friends with money cause we're coming so Stan can ask your permission. Oh Pops? Any chance in you being the 'old friend' that Steve Williams says his Dad's gone GaGa for? Fingers crossed Pops, for both of us. See you in a few, bye."

Robert was beet red but laughing,

"My son was supposed to keep that last bit quiet. However, now I may paint a sign and put it on the roof...Robert Williams is GaGa over Hank Holland!"

I stepped into his arms and a warm hug.

"I still have trouble realizing that we are really together, you and I. After wishing and hoping for years on end then it finally happens...It boggles my mind. I'm GaGa over you too Robert, always have been, always will be."

We got things stowed away and changed into shorts and tees, did a quick clean knowing that we wouldn't get a chance with the twins and Stan here.

"Uh Oh, they'll want to stay here at the beach." I said,

"No problem Babe. We'll go to my Condo for our private bed games and maybe some sleeping."

"Jeez, I'd forgotten about your place. Yeah that will work out fine. We'll all have privacy for our intimate moments."

Alexandra and Stanfield arrived at 2pm, I was so happy to see my girl, it's been over 4 months since our last visit. Robert and I went to help them unload Stanfield's Porsche Boxster. I saw Alex's eyes get huge when she saw Robert.

"Robert, this is Alexandra Holland, my daughter. Alexandra this is Robert Williams, a friend since we were four years old. Stanfield Preyer, this is Robert Williams, Robert, Stanfield Preyer."

Again I saw Alex's eyes go wide as Stanfield and I shook hands. She told Stan to entertain Robert for a moment while she spoke with her Dad. Once they were in the kitchen she reached over and picked up my left hand.

"Now I understand why I couldn't get you on the phone. You guys are together? This is so great! Wow Pops Robert is a hunk, I can see now that Steve favors his Dad a great deal. Spill it Pops."

"I went back home to visit with your Granddad three weeks ago. A neighbor and one of our High School teachers, that once lived next door to us had passed away and Dad & I went to the visitation to give the family our condolences. I met up with Robert there, we had not seen each other since graduation from High School. In Chatting we found that we live less than 10 miles apart. We met up again on the flight back to Charlotte so we sat together and talked all the way there. He spent a weekend at the beach with me, Then his son Stephen called to come and visit his dad; Robert wanted a beach rental so I swapped places with him and wrote two new Reena novels in 6 days while I was at his place.

My publisher called me to NYC, Robert came up later and we stayed in a suite at the Plaza we saw a couple of shows, got into the gin and we got together for the first time in NCY. Robert and Bo, his dog, will be moving in here as soon as we get some renovations and an add-on done. We are so very grateful to have found each other after so many years. Robert slipped off the morning after and came back to our Plaza Suite with these rings for us."

Just then Robert and Stan stepped off the elevator and we heard Hamilton tooting his horn in the Drive. Alex and I left to go greet Ham, while Stan and Robert chatted a bit. He asked Robert if it were true about selling the software company and he said it was true but the rumor carried way too many zeros than the actual selling price. Robert learned that the Preyer family business is the Preyer Corporation, makers of Cold remedies and Cough Drops.

With much laughing and clamor, Hamilton, his Twin and I were next off the elevator. Alex introduced Hamilton to Stan, I introduced Robert to Ham. I told the twins and Stan that Robert and I would be with them during the day but we would go to his Condo downtown by the river to sleep, leaving the beach house to them after dinner together.

This is why we need to make the addition to this place, so we can all stay here together. We'll be getting an architect started on it next week. So for now, you guys will just have to fend for yourselves after hours while I lay in bed at a downtown condo being waited on hand and foot.

The next morning Hamilton called then drove down to Robert's Condo to talk to me. He was a nervous wreck. He had spent most of the night up on the roof deck to give Alex and Stanfield some alone time and privacy. Ham loves the rooftop deck like I love the sleeping porch. Anyway he went to sleep up there in a lounge chair and sometime before dawn he woke up with Stanfield sucking his cock. He freaked out and pushed Stanfield away and jumped up from the chair.

He told Stanfield to break it off with my sister and never see her again or he would tell her what he did tonight. Stan told Ham that Alex wouldn't believe him and Ham just laughed...you don't know shit about twins do you Stan. Alex knows I would never lie to her...especially about her boyfriend liking to suck cock.

I was completely surprised and mad as hell, I grabbed up my cell and called Alex and told her to put Stan on the phone. I told him I was on my way back there and if he was still there when I got there I was going to beat his ass to a bloody pulp and have him arrested on molestation charges for what he did to Ham.

On the way to the beach I was visibly shaking with anger. Robert tried to calm me down and in truth, he did in his own way. Good Robert, never too high nor never too low, always in control of his emotions. He told me that he thought that Stan had a given him the once over too many times yesterday, staring, making sure Robert saw him look at his crotch them back to his eyes.

When we walked in, Alex was crying, saying Stan just left, told her it was over, he was sorry but it wouldn't work out. Ham took her up to the roof to talk with her while I fixed Robert and I coffee then some French Toast for our breakfast. Rob went up a few steps just enough to poke his head onto the rooftop deck to tell Alex and Ham that I had breakfast ready if they wanted to eat.

When Alex and Ham came down, she was calmer, mostly just mad now. Ham told us that he told her what Stan had done.

"I just couldn't keep that from her...you guys just don't know... keeping something that important from my sister, my twin...is impossible...it would have ruined us...I had to tell her."

"I'm glad you did Ham, I really am." I said. Then walked over to Alex and held her to me.

"It's okay baby girl, it's okay. Better to find out now than later."

After breakfast Ham asked me to come up to the roof so he could talk with me. Robert and Alex started cleaning up the dishes.

On the roof Ham was hesitant and shy, totally out of character for him.

"Dad...uh...what happened with Stan...uh...I mean it was a real shock..but...I don't know...Dad it felt really good...am I gay too? Right before I woke up, I thought it was a dream at first, it felt so good I didn't let him know I was awake. Then when I opened my eyes and saw that it was San, I freaked out, I pushed him hard and jumped up...I couldn't let him do that."

"No Hamilton you're not gay because it felt good. It does feel good, it's supposed to feel good, that's why we do it. I don't know or want to know about what kind of sexual experiences you've had. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you and Rick back in High School masturbated together, maybe even more. Guys do that, most all of them, though few of them would ever admit it. It's a part of growing up."

"Jeez Pop! You knew we did that?"

"No Ham, I didn't know it...but you were both healthy teenagers ...it was natural to do that. Some go farther and actually do what Stan tried to do to you. Some reciprocate, some do each other in a 69. It's all just experimenting, and it does not make you gay. At your age if you had turned around and started blowing him...then you might have a chance at being gay.

Don't worry about it....I don't mind...whatever sexual preference you develop isn't a factor in my love and care for you or your sister. What I want is for each of you to be comfortable in your own skin, enjoy being who you are and are happy with yourself and with your life. That's what matters to me.

You and Alex and now Robert are my family, the people I love most. You may want to try that again sometime, get a blowjob I mean, it does feel really terrific. Now...are we okay here...anything else you want to get off your chest?"

"Just that I love you Dad, and I'm really happy that you and Robert found each other. Alex and I both want you to be happy too! He's a real hunk of man too, way to go Pops!

"I'm so glad you like him son, I've been crazy about him since we were in Jr. High, it's still a shock to look over and see him in my bed. We're going to try and make a go of it as a couple, Ham. I know this is new to you and Alex, seeing me in love. I'm just so very thankful that both of you accept me and the person I love for who we are.

Robert has a son, Stephen, the same ages as you and Alex; he's at Duke and Alex knows him, they've had classes together. When he came for a week a couple of weeks ago, I was doing the proud papa bit and showing Robert and Stephen photos of you two and Stephen freaked shouting that he knew Alex, they had classes together and talked often. It sure is a small world."

"Wow Dad, now what would be perfect is for Alexandra and Stephen to get together! I don't suppose he has a daughter too?"

"Oh jeez, my son the pervert! No, Robert does not have a daughter, but you might get jealous of your sister, Stephen is his Dad 20 years ago."

"Really, wow, say Pops, maybe you guys need to have a family introduction party to introduce us youngsters, a Holland-Williams Family mixer."

"Cut it out Ham, Stephen isn't gay and neither are you, remember."

"Well, Dad, you say Stephen looks like his Dad, I look like you, who knows, when Stephen and I meet, he might fall madly in lust with me, or vice versa though it's highly unlikely that one look at someone could turn me gay. One thing is for sure, if there is an attraction I sure as hell won't let it go 20 years before acting on it."

"Hamilton Holland! Just give me a straight, oops...wrong adjective, honest answer. Are you gay?"

Ham doubled over laughing, and he laughed until his side hurt and tears came from his eyes.

"Pops, you should have seen the look on your face, you were turning beet red too! I'm sorry but it's so easy to pull your chain and get you going...but no, Dad, I'm pretty sure I'm not gay...but then I've not tried it either. It can't be all bad or my old man wouldn't like it so well."

"You're impossible Hamilton."

I said as I threw up my hands in frustration, and stomped down the stairs from the roof.

Robert and Alex were sitting at the island with drinks and both looked up and asked in unison.

"What's all the racket up on the roof? What's happened to you?"

"My son, and your evil twin has been having a bit of fun at my expense. He really likes getting my goat, figuratively, of course. That boy will be the ruin of me yet."

On our way downtown after dinner at the beach, Robert asked me about what went on with Ham up on the roof. I told him about Ham telling me how good Stan's sucking his cock felt and he wondered if he was gay. Then after I got all his questions answered and told him all the right things, the little shit starts in on your Stephen, saying how that since everyone says Stephen looks so much like you, and the he's so much like me that when they finally meet, it may be love at first sight and they both may go crazy for the other, even though they are both straight. He was just doing it to get me worked up, he enjoys seeing his old man squirm.

Chuckling Robert cleared his throat and said.

"Well...with all the commotion with the kids...uh...I've forgotten to tell you this. Granted, we haven't had a lot of time alone since we got back from New York, but when Stephen phoned a couple of days ago, he told me he's fairly certain that he is gay!"

I couldn't help myself, I started laughing again and it wasn't long until

Robert joined in. By the time we reached his condo we were tired from laughing at our predicament. Once we were in the condo, Robert pulled me to him and kissed me so gently, so tender, all of the little frustrations of the past couple of days melted away as he held me in his arms.. We stood there, foreheads against each other, swaying to and fro gently, so contented with each other that it made life slow down to a snail,s pace.

Robert moved his lips and nibbled and tongued my ear, I felt my cock hardening, he pulled back a bit and whispered in my ear.

"Ya wanna go to bed and make love, you sexy devil?"

""More than anything in the whole world, babe. When we're together like this, time stands still, there's nothing else that matters but you and me."

The End.


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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