Glory-hole Days

There aren't many things I really miss about my youth. I am very happy with my life (and my love-life), but I do miss the "old days" when every rest area had a men's room full of glory holes. You could cross the country and suck cock practically every 50 miles or so. And when I was in my twenties, I took every advantage of the fact.

To my good fortune, however, I didn't have to travel cross-country. In fact, I only had to drive 10 miles from home to find three stalls full of hot action. Let me set the scene...

The rest area was located off a very busy highway in Michigan. It sat in a clearing in the middle of a forest. There were two parking lots... one for cars and one for trucks. The building sat between the two parking lots. There were two doors that led into the men's room, and the outside one was very heavy and loud opening and closing. It was a great alarm system! The doors led into the washroom with 6 sinks. Beyond the washroom another doorway led into another room with a trough-style urinal and three stalls. Each stall had a glory hole into the next stall, so the center one was (naturally) my favorite.

Every trip to this "glory hole heaven," was memorable, but I will only relate one of them here. I was home from college for a weekend, so I decided to check out the action. I drove into the car park, noticing two cars, and a motorcycle. There was a single big-rig in the other parking lot. Before I even got out of my car, one car pulled away filled with a family of five. As started into the men's room, I bumped into a man coming out... literally. He practically knocked me over! He was about 40, 6' tall with salt and pepper hair, and a "Tom Selleck" mustache. He apologized, and continued to his car. "Damn!" I thought. "I guess I won't get his dick."

I walked into the second room, and into my favorite stall, noticing someone was in the far one already. I looked through the glory hole and saw what I assume was the owner of the motorcycle. He was wearing faded and torn jeans, a t-shirt and beat up boots. A leather jacket hung on the inside of the door. He made no movement as I lowered my jeans and sat down. I was already hard and started stroking, looking occasionally through the hole.

Suddenly, the outer door opened, and then the inner. In moments the other stall was occupied... by non other than "Tom Selleck." He pulled down his pants (no underwear, like me), unbuttoned his shirt (revealing a chest and belly fully-furred, not like me) and stuck his already hard cock through the glory hole into my stall. Shit! I didn't know what to do. I really wanted to suck that cock, but I was worried about the biker. But, before I had time to think twice, I heard the him whisper, "Go on, suck it... I wanna watch."

That was enough for me! I was on my knees sucking on a gorgeous uncut cock. It was about 7 inches long, with a decided curve to it, and although it was fully hard, the head was still covered by the longest foreskin I had ever seen. I wrapped my lips around it and slid down to the bear's bush, pushing the skin down as I went. Immediately the cock began pumping in and out of my eager mouth. I could see the man's hands grasping the top of the partition for stability as he really fucked my face. The cock moved like lightning! Faster and faster and harder and harder, the bear's crotch pounded against the partition between us. Then, there was a gasp and a moan, and my mouth was flooded with a huge load of the sweetest cum! I almost drowned! Faster than I could swallow, the cock slid out of my mouth, the man pulled up his pants and disappeared from the restroom.

"Wow!" said the biker. "Me next?" I turned to the other partition, to see a fat 5" of cock come through the hole. "That was really hot," whispered the biker, "It won't take me long." "Take as long as you want," I replied, "I'm in no hurry." I noticed he had also pushed his ballsack through the hole, so before I sucked his cock, I took one, then the other, into my mouth. "Jesus!" the biker moaned. "You're gonna make me cum doing that." I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, wrapped my lips around it and slid to the base. Three more trips from base to head, and the cock erupted. Not as much as the bear had shot, but just as sweet. The biker moaned and let me hold his dick in my mouth until it was soft again. He pulled it back through the partition and said, "Thanks, I needed that." He pulled up his jeans, put on his leather jacket and said, "I'm gonna be passing this way in three days at about this time... if you're interested." Then he was gone.

I sat, contented, stroking my cock for a few minutes. Then I heard the outer door open. The inner door soon followed, and seconds later the biker's stall was occupied again. I looked through the hole to see a big red-headed guy staring back at me. "I thought they would never leave," he whispered. "I've been waiting in my truck for fifteen minutes... How about a blowjob, kid?" I smiled, nodded and dropped to my knees.

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