I went scuba diving with a good bud from Georgia and

three of his friends last week. He and I had slept

together before on a trip to Cuba. Nothing much

happened there. We were in a small house with a

husband, wife and two children. He just felt me up

some, kissed, licked, sucked my titties, and I sucked

his big cock and jacked him off, swallowed several

bolts of his cum and licked the rest off my hand before

we went to sleep in bed together.

He arranged the dive trip. I drove from FL to his house

in GA. Then we went on to SC. He had set us up in a

motel with two double beds for three of us. His other

friend took one of the beds, laid on it with his

clothes on and fell asleep. My bud and I were in the

other bed. I sleep naked, so I was.

My bud showered and came to bed. The TV was on, but I

was dozing. He watched TV for a while, one of his

favorite shows. Then he reached for me. He felt my

face, neck, chest, stomach. He kissed my face, neck;

kissed, licked, sucked my nipples and tongued my navel.

I moaned a bit and wriggled on the bed, my hard cock

sticking up, tenting the sheet covering me.

He kissed, licked my cock, and tongued the slit in my

helmet crown, slurping up the flowing pre-cum, slick,

clear juice. While he was doing this, pleasing me so,

as I feigned sleep, he felt my shaft, balls, and opened

my legs.

He felt my butt, kissed, licked, mouthed my balls, and

kissed, licked the inside of my thighs, then my crack,

as much of it as he could get to since I was on my

back. He lifted my legs and rimmed me wetting my anus

with his saliva. Then he put a finger at my hole.

He moved his finger around relaxing my sphincter. He

eased the finger into me while sucking my cock and

feeling my balls, massaging them gently, carefully.

Then he got on top of me, on my chest, his hairy butt

on my belly, his balls on my upper chest at first, his

cock, hard and oozing pre-cum on my chin. Reaching

behind himself he kept fingering my hole, putting in

another finger and another.

I moaned some more, still feigning sleep, but rolled

from side to side and humped my butt up to take his

fingers, now four of them in my ass. I turned my head

from side to side, my mouth open, drooling saliva on

his cockhead as he brought it to my lips.

I licked the slit in his mushroom head, slurping at his

tasty pre-cum. Licking, licking, licking, coating my

tongue with his clear juice, I swallowed. I took his

helmet between my lips and sucked on it, while he

fingered my quivering asshole.

He rose up a bit and pushed his cock past my lips, over

my tongue, to the back of my throat. He felt me gasp,

gag some, I guess, and pulled back. Then he pushed in,

pulled back, fucking my mouth with his cock and my ass

with his fingers.

My eyes still closed, I sucked on his cock sliding back

and forth in my mouth, his balls bouncing on my chin,

hairy butt rocking on my chest, his fingers working in

my assman-pussy, my mancunt. He kept fucking my mouth,

fingering my ass, and at the same time picked up a

bottle of lube from the nightstand.

He reached back and squirted the lube into the crack of

my butt, onto his hand, and worked it into my rectum

with his fucking fingers. He took some long, deep

strokes in my mouth. I choked, gagged, then swallowed

all of his cockhead and as much shaft as I could handle

down my throat. He leaned in and deep-throat fucked my


His cock was slimy with his pre-cum and my saliva, but

he squirted the lube from the base of his shaft at his

hairy pubes to the crowned head. He worked the lube all

around his shaft with his hand, and pulled up a big

dollop of the lube onto his mushroom helmet.

He wiped his hand on the sheet. He eased his four

fingers and thumb by now, out of my open hole, and he

moved down my body, between my legs. Spreading my legs

wide and lifting them high, resting them on his

shoulders, he presented his cock knob to my lube wet,

spread hole.

He reached again to the nightstand for a brown bottle.

Poppers. He uncapped the bottle, held it to one of his

nostrils and sniffed. I felt his cock stiffen, more of

his pre-cum flow against my sphincter just barely

holding the head of his cock. He sniffed on the other

side. He pinched my nostrils with the bottle to my

nose. I sniffed. He moved the bottle to the other side

of my nose. I sniffed again.

A warmth flooded all over me, from my face, neck,

chest, belly, crotch, to my cock that stiffened more,

to my balls, tingling, and finally to my mancunt. His

cock slid right up into me as my manpussy opened for


'Unnnggghhh,' I groaned. 'Oooh, ooh, ooh, yeah.'

Bearing his cock all the way up into my bowels, he

leaned over me and asked, 'Okay? Are you awake? Is it

okay? I am fucking you.'

'Ummmnh, ummmnh, ummmnh,' I moaned as he rode his long,

thick cock back and forth in me, scruffing his hairy

pubes against the cleft of my ass, bouncing his big

balls full of cum for me on my ass crack as his cock

pistoned in me.

'Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, okay, ungh, ungh, ungh,

fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

'Aaaah,' taking a breath. 'Fuck me good, George. Fuck

my ass. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it,' breathing

again, 'good, good, good. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,' as

he rode his rod in my hole, deep, longstroking, slow,

easy, but also picking up his pace to hard and fast.

'Aaaaaaaaaaaah, aaaahhh, aaaah, aaaaah, aaaaaaaahhhh,'

I shot cum out of my cock in burst after burst. 'Umnh,

umnh, umnh, oh fuck, fuck meeeeee!' I squealed.

George pounded my asspussy, fucked my mancunt hard,

fast, deep, strong, as my rectal muscles clamped and

released, clamped and released, clamped and released on

his throbbing, thrusting, pulsing meat stalk. He

started shooting his cum into me, and kept on, on, on,

on, and on, eight bursts of his creamy hot jism up my

ass. Then his cum was squishing out of my still tight

hole, splashing on the inside of my thighs.

George eased his still hard cock out of me. Plop,

squish. A flow ran into the crack of my ass. George

went down and started licking my legs, swiping his

tongue up my cummy, assmusk crack. He tongued his cum

out of my hole. He rose up and gave me his cock fresh

from my ass into my mouth. I sucked it, cleaning his

cock, hairy ball sack with my lips, tongue, mouth,

slurping off his jazz juice, my wet, sloppy ass musk.

George turned into a 69 with me licking my ass while I

sucked his cock, licked his ball sack. I felt the bed

give. George's other buddy, Dan, now naked, out of his

blue jeans, work shirt, underwear, pushed George aside.

Dan rolled me over into a face down position. I raised

my ass up on my knees.

Supporting myself on my elbows, I looked back and

watched Dan lube his cock, do the poppers, pass them to

me. I took two sniffs, one nostril, the other.

Dan ran his long, skinny cock right up my ass in

George's cum. Dan fucked me hard, fast, long, deep,

pummeling into my sloppy pussyass manhole.

He reached around and stroked my again hard cock,

massaged my nuts, kissed me on the back of my neck, on

my shoulders, as I moaned in pleasure at the fucking he

was giving me. Dan pinched and twisted my tit nubs,

slamming his cock into my asshole until he came,

throbbing, thrusting, pulsing as George had before him.

Dan's cum squished in my hole and sprayed out onto my

upper thighs again. His cum dripped down my legs, past

my knees.

I did not know, but George had called his other two

friends, two guys I did not know at all - Ben and Jess.

They had come up from their first floor room to our

third floor room and were watching Ben fuck me.

Ben was chubby, with a short but fat cock in a nest of

black, wiry pubic hairs covering his ball sack. His

nuts were over large, way big. Jess, young, maybe late

20s, early 30s had a long, thick cock, like George.

Smooth in his youth his pubic hairs were light brown,

sparse, his family jewels pouch even lighter haired

with just a few stringy hairs on his balls container.

But his nuts were big.

Ben and Jess turned me sideways on the bed. Someone -

George or Dan - had called up a porn movie on the motel

room TV. A guy was on his knees, cock in his mouth,

cock up his ass, both slamming him hard and fast. Jess

put his cock in my mouth. Ben mounted me from behind

and shoved his cock in George's and Dan's cum up my

ass. His thick cock really spread my cunt.

Ben fucked my ass; Jess fucked my mouth. They turned me

over again on my back, my head hanging over the side of

the bed. Ben fucked my mouth. Jess fucked my ass. They

fucked and swapped, fucked and swapped.

Ben with all his bulky weight was up on top of me

sliding his cock back and forth in my butt. Jess was

driving his cock down my throat. Ben started trembling,

his cock pulsing, jerking in my hot, stretched asshole.

Ben shot his cum in me, in five-six globs. He pulled

out again with a juicy plop - Plop, squish.

Jess took his cock out of my mouth. He got between my

legs, then rolled me over, again to a face down

position. Jess wriggled his cockhead on my open hole,

looking more and more like a cunt. He gave me the

poppers again. I did the two sniffs, and two more for

good measure. Jess ran his long, thick cock up my

pussy, and went right into rapid, deep, longstroking


Jess fucked and fucked and fucked me, young guy that he

is. He came in my ass. He pulled his cock out and

brought it to my mouth for cleaning, and to keep it

hard. He put me on my back, legs over his shoulders. I

took two more, four hits on the poppers as he drove his

cock into me to fuck me more. He did the poppers, kept

fucking me, passed the poppers back to me, took them

back, sniffed, and kept on fucking me.

'Ah, ah, ah, ah, aah, aah, aah, oh, oh, oh, ooh, ah,

ah, ah, ungh, ungh, ungh, oh, ah, ungh, of fuck, oh

fuck, fuck, fuck, oh, oh, ungh, ah, oh, ungh, oh fuck,

fuck, fuck, fuck.'

Jess bent my legs way back. George, Dan, Ben brought

their cocks to my mouth, wet, slimy cocks, oozing pre-

cum, smelling of my ass. I sucked one, two at a time,

tried three, as Jess ran his cock back and forth in my

ass until he throbbed, pulsed and shot another load of

his cum into me. George, Dan, Ben, I don't know who

first or how much came in my mouth and on my face, all

over my neck and chest, stomach.

I rolled onto my side. They left our room - Ben and

Jess. Dan got on his bed and went to sleep. George

cuddled up to me, kissed me on the neck, and said,

'Thank you for taking care of me and my friends. You

are such a sweet fuck.' George pushed his cock, hard

again between my legs, then up my ass. We slept that

way through the night.

In the morning when the alarm clock went off, I moved

away from George's cummy, assmusk, my assmusk, cock,

went down and sucked George off, swallowed all his cum.

We showered together. Dan showered. We met Ben and

Jess, had breakfast and went scuba diving.

I took the prize of the dive day - a 5 7/8' Carchardon

Megalodon shark tooth. The shark would be 60-70' long,

with a mouth you could stand in, the shark close the

mouth and not touch you.

Not a Carchardon Megalodon, I spent the next night in

GA with George, closed my mouth on his cock, touched it

and sucked him off, swallowed his cum. Then he fucked

me. We sucked and fucked all night.

Then I went home to FL with my prize shark tooth,

puffed mouth lips, raked cummy-tasting tongue, raw

cheeks both mouth and ass, strained jaw, and gaped

asshole, aching for more cock - short, fat, long,

skinny, thick, long.

Let's go diving, go down on some cock, get fucked.



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