by Robert Furlong

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Jake was still a bit offish with me next morning, giving me a wide berth in the house and keeping conversation to a minimum. After lunch we went to meet a couple of his mates and I thought he might be a dork by dissing me in front of them and taking the piss out of my Ozzy accent, but he wasn't like that at all. If he was still annoyed with me, he didn't show it to his friends and we all had a good time together, first playing 'Grand Theft Auto 5' on one friend's XBox and then out at a skateboard park where Jake could show off his spectacularly awful flips.

As a surfer back in Brissy my sense of balance is pretty sharp and, even though it's been years since I last got on a skateboard, I was back into it pretty quickly and was soon putting the other guys to shame. It was good fun, though - no-one was being particularly competitive - and by the time Jake and I headed back to Uncle Rob's house I felt we were starting to get back to where we had been.

He could just be a sooky git. I'd have to remember that.

While his dad was cooking tea, I went up to his room and he was lying on his bed.

I decided I'd try to raise the subject of sex again as he'd said he was keen to show me stuff and try to bolster my confidence. After my freak-out of two night's earlier, though, he hadn't seemed willing to broach the subject himself.

I sat down on his desk chair and said, "You know that photo your dad snapchatted you of his boner...?"

Jake glared over at me, his eyes hostile again. He snapped, "Let it go, dude. I told you it was an accident. What is it with you getting so hung-up about stuff?"

"I'm not mentioning it 'cause I'm hung-up about it," I calmly replied, determined that this wasn't going to turn into some big spat between us. "I just thought that if you want to send him a reply, we could both photo our two boners and snapchat them back to him..."

His eyes lost some of their belligerence but he still peered at me suspiciously.

"Why would we do that?" he asked.

"Our dicks are pretty similar, we could make him guess which one was which..."

Now he smiled. I knew from a couple of nights earlier that he liked taking sexy pics and movies with his phone.

"But how's my dad supposed to know your boned-up cock from mine? I mean he's seen mine a couple of times, but he's never seen yours..."

"He has," I told him, hoping this would swing things back in my favour. "After you'd gone to bed last night, we jerked off together."

"Really?" he asked, looking half-intrigued, half-incredulous.

"Yeah," I smiled. "I heard him whacking off on his bed when I couldn't sleep, so I went to take a look and he asked me to join him."

"Are you for real?" Jake said. He really was struggling to believe this.

"The really cool thing is," I went on, "he was pushing this cream-coloured rod thing in and out of his butt. He called it anal masturbation and he showed me how he does it."

"Wow!" Jake laughed, finally believing me. "That cream-coloured rod thing is the 'Happy Larry' dildo I bought him for Christmas! It was meant as a joke and I didn't know he was actually using it!"

"Well he sure is," I chuckled back. "He even got on all-fours so I could see it sliding in and out of his arsehole... that's when I pulled my boxers down and started wanking off!"

"Fucking hell!" Jake chortled, jumping up from his bed and coming across to just about hug me. "You really are loosening up, Shane!"

"I'm really trying to, mate! That's why I suggested we snapchat our boners to your dad!"

"Come on, then!" he urged me, grabbing his phone from his desk. "We'll stand against this wall with them poking from our flies."

He scrolled through his photo gallery and found the one of his dad. He passed it to me, grinning eagerly, and I realised I had the old Jake back who I'd had so much fun with the first few days of my stay. I wanted things to stay this way and vowed to keep the mood light and upbeat between us from now on. Flouncing off back to my room wasn't an option if things got too heavy; I'd have to explain my issues to him and hope he'd understand.

I looked at the picture of his dad's big hard-on and marvelled at how incredible it looked, standing thick and veiny and with the huge helmet a deep polished purple. His balls were massive too and hung plump and heavy as though packed full with his spooge.

"Your dad's got such an amazing dick!" I told my cousin.

"Did you wank it off for him?" Jake teased me. "Did you bob your head down to give his helmet a good sucking?"

"Did I fuck!" I chortled. I was loving that we were back having fun as we had been. "But I did grab the end of the dildo thing and push it in and out of his arsehole to make him cum."

"Jesus Christ!" Jake laughed. "I wish you'd told me that this morning!"

"Come on, are we gonna get these photos, then?" I asked, standing up and moving across the wall. "Let's take shots of ourselves like he did - with our jeans pulled down and our bollocks dangling down."

"Well you'll have to pull your boxers right down so they're not in shot - if my dad sees our underwear he'll guess rightaway who they belong to. The number of times he's loaded mine into the washing machine..."

I chuckled at that and pulled my jeans and boxers down. My cock was still mostly floppy but I was aroused enough from our conversation for it to rise upwards from my balls with an outward, drooping curve.

"You're gonna have it get it hard, dude," Jake informed me. "My dad's was rock fucking solid when he photo'd it so we've gotta make ours just as horny to give him a proper reply."

I jerked my foreskin back and forth a bit, trying to coax more life into it, and Jake grinned at me, enjoying watching me wank my big cock off in front of him. I grinned back at him cheekily, pleased that we were being sexy together again.

"I reckon it's gonna need a bit a help, mate," I told him.

"I'll load up the porn drive," he chuckled, heading across to his computer. "You wanna see some rimming stuff... dudes stinkfacing each other?"

"I'd rather do the real thing," I suggested, "if you'd be up for it, Jake."

"You wanna lick my butt again?" he grinned. "D'you think that'll get you hard?"

"It worked pretty well the other night," I laughed. "You have no idea how hard I was in my jeans!"

He laughed back and swung round, pulling his jeans and undies down to show off his bare arse. "Stinkface away, Shaney boy... it's all yours for the taking!"

I smiled and walked over to where he was sticking his butt out. "With your arse, I wouldn't call it stinkfacing, bud. If it was stinky, I wouldn't like it. Your butthole's got a really nice smell... sorta sexy and laddish."

I patted it tenderly, enjoying the twin curves of his two muscular buttocks, before carressing the crease between them and easing them apart by pressing my fingers into his hot, furry valley.

Jake grinned at me before seizing on my admission: "So you now accept laddish stuff can be sexy, then, do you? The other night when I said dude sex could be hot you were all like, 'Ooh, Jake, that's too gay for a pure-bred Ozzy boy like me!'"

I guffawed at his silliness. "I didn't say anything like that! I was just thrown a bit because the guys I know are so into girls... I guess I hadn't realised how much fun it can be for the guys to play around on their own."

"Well now you do know, kneel down and do whatever it takes to get that dick of yours ready for the photo."

"You don't mind if I go a bit further than I did the other night...?"

"Like I said," he chuckled, "just do what it takes..."

I squatted down behind him and pressed my face between his big, supple arse-cheeks. Just like before, his thick, heavy smell lurking among the bristling moistness of his crack made my senses reel from how deliciously sexy it was.

How had I not realised how hot guys' odours could be from all the times in the locker-room I'd felt intrigued by the masculine muskiness of their sweaty bodies and underwear? Why had it never occurred to me all the times I'd been clumsy and awkward with girls that maybe I could feel more open and uninhibited with other dudes like myself?

I pushed my nose into my cousin's tight, pungent arse-crack, snorting deep to get the full impact of its earthy flavours and breathing in through my mouth so I could taste it too. I quickly found his rosebud opening with the tip of my tongue and licked at him hungrily, revelling in his rank rich redolence.

"I'm probably a bit ripe back there," I heard him chuckle down. "All those flips I did on the skateboard got me a bit sticky."

My own cheeks creased into a smile, pushing upwards against the insides of his buttocks. Don't flatter yourself, I thought. The only bits of you that got sticky were your knees and elbows from the all the times you grazed them.

Jake leaned further forwards, grabbing his arse-cheeks with his hands to pull them apart. I pushed my tongue against his pucker, squeezing through it so I could taste the meatier mustiness behind it, and he called out, "Oh yeah! Fuck!" Then he grabbed the back of my head to push my face more firmly between his round, chunky peaches, and I licked at his insides like I was feeding from him, driving my tongue in and out as if I was fucking him with it.

It suddenly occurred to me that soon - perhaps, very soon - I'd really be fucking him like this but not with my tongue: with my actual cock. He'd be bent over in front me, lower than he was now, and I'd be slamming my cock through the wonderful hole I was now feasting on, the two of us gasping and grunting at how incredible it would feel.

I pulled off him and stood up. "Jesus fuckin' Christ, Jake - my boner's ready to bust!"

He laughed like he always did when we were getting sexy - it was a one of many cute habits I came to realise he had - and grabbed his phone from the desk so he could photograph my hard-on.

"You sure like my arse in your face!" he chortled, and I stood up in front of the wall, my big pumped-up cock head pounding and dribbling I was so turned-on from his arse.

Jake took a few shots of my upright prick and two great nuts hanging weightily underneath it, then said, "Right - now I've got to do something to get me just as turned-on."

"The other night," I said, resisting the urge to beat myself off, "you seemed to like rubbing your cock inside the crack of my arse."

"Aw yeah!" he laughed, "that was fucking well nice, bro! D'ya wanna let me do it again, but this time so I get to smell your arsehole too!"

I smiled at him and turned to show him my bare bum. "You can slide it up and down without my jeans and undies getting in the way, if that's what you mean!"

"It'll do for starters," he grinned, "and it's sure to get me hard!"

I bent over a bit and he came up behind me to wedge his big half-hard-on between my bum-cheeks. He packed it in, pushing it as deep as he could into my snug solid valley, and then started sliding it up and down so that my buttocks gripped his foreskin, wanking him off by gripping his cock shaft.

"Oh yeah, that's nice!" he chuckled, grabbing my hips to simulate butt-fucking me with only the actual penetration being absent.

I squeezed my cheeks more tightly together, loving the feel of his big cock thrusting up and down within the hold my bum cleft. God this felt so good - why the hell was I getting so turned on from having another guy do this to me?!

"Nice bit of Ozzy stink back here, Shane," he chuckled, jabbing his cock more roughly against the hairiness of my hot, sweaty trench. "Your arse sure as fuck smells different from all the dudes I've shagged at uni..."

"Different how?" I gasped, my cock straining and dribbling long ropes of goo down from its head.

"Much stronger," he told me, trusting his cock even harder against my butt. "Sort of ripe and manly... really sharp and sexy!"

I was so close to cumming I desperately needed to jerk my own cock off, so I grabbed it and started yanking my foreskin up and down as Jake pulled away from me so he could take his photo against the wall.

"Fuckin' hell, I'm cummin', Jake," I gasped, as my cock started spewing all over his bedroom carpet.

Jake tossed his phone to one side and pretty much skidded across to kneel in front of me.

"Feed me with it," he urged me. "Spunk into my mouth... let me eat your jizz!"

I did as he was asking and directed my huge shiny cock head, the surges of white goop already growing weaker and less frequent from its slit, into his eager, gaping mouth. He fed on it hungrily, sucking the spooge from my quivering purple mushroom, and then gasped, "Oh fuck yeah!" as his own orgasm kicked him.

Seeing my cousin's cock firing off from the thrill of drinking down the gushing cream from my balls gave my own orgasm renewed energy and vigour and my cock started spouting with a fresh outpouring of spunk.

Jake loved it, opening his mouth wide for me shoot my load off into, and then swivelled his neck from side-to-side so my cum could spatter all over his face.

When both our climaxes had abated and our laboured breathing had steadied, he laughed that lovely explosive laugh of his and stood up, wiping some of my mess from his nose and cheeks.

I grinned at him and let him know, "That was the most intense sexual experience I've ever had!"

"That's great, bud, yeah... but what's the runner-up on that list? Wazzin' off over a copy of 'Kangaroo Monthly'... hardly a ringing endorsement, mate!"

I laughed but then, to my complete surpise, he lunged across and kissed me, driving his tongue into my mouth and pressing his lips hard again mine. I pulled back, gasping, and he grinned broadly at my reaction.

"Don't sweat it, dude - I just wanted you to get a taste of your own fresh spunk!"

I admit I was pretty shocked at what he'd just done but, in the spirit of keeping things cheerful between us, I just grinned back and said, "Well I guess you got a taste of your own arse too!"

"Actually I did," he replied, rubbing his tongue curiously against his lips. "It tastes... oh my God! It tastes fucking gorgeous... I wish I could rim myself off so I could taste it some more!"

"That'd be awesome!" I giggled. "Do you reckon there's blokes who can rim themselves for real?"

"This couple of twins I know at uni once licked each other's butts to find out what their own would taste like, but I reckon that's the closest anyone's ever got..."

I grinned wide-eyed at him, wishing to God I could see something as amazing as that, just as his dad shouted up the stairs for us both: "Dinner's ready, boys!"

"I love how he calls us 'boys'," Jake chuckled as we pulled up our clothing and went to wash ourselves down in the bathroom.

As we dried off, Jake told me, "I think he always wanted another kid so I could have a little brother. It's probably best he didn't... knowing how randy us Furlongs are, by now the two of us would be fucking like a couple of rabbits!"

I really laughed at that - he could be so funny sometimes - and then we went downstairs to join his dad for tea.

After we'd eaten and were all in the living room with the telly droning away quietly, Jake asked his dad if he'd checked his snapchat recently.

"No, why?" Uncle Rob asked. "Did you hear something pop up on it?"

"Just take a look at it," Jake grinned. "You might find that a couple of things have popped up on it!"

Uncle Rob fiddled with his phone - for an engineer, it was kind of sweet how much he struggled with using technology - and then he grinned when he saw our two big knobs filling up his screen.

"You have to guess which one is which," Jake told him. "One's a Brit prick and the other's an Ozzy schlong."

"Oh how funny!" Uncle Rob laughed, swiping the screen from dick to dick. "What do I get if I guess correctly, though?"

"The next model up of the dildo you showed Shaney-boy last night... there's an eight-inch version you're probably ready to move onto..."

Uncle Rob smirked over at me and I must have blushed uneasily that I'd revealed our moment of intimacy to his son. He recognised the reason for my discomfort and said, "Don't worry, Shane... we're very open in this house. Whatever any of us do together doesn't need to be shrouded in secrecy..."

"So if my dad fucks you up the butt, you've gotta tell me!" Jake guffawed.

"Jake! Don't be crude!" Uncle Rob barked over at him.

He looked back at his phone and deliberated over the two photos.

"Okay... the first is slightly longer, but that doesn't tell me much because you're both very well-hung."

"How d'ya reckon my dad's dick compares with mine?" Jake asked me with a leer.

I giggled at the question, looking from son to father and back again. "I think they're both pretty amazing in their different ways..."

"Cop-out answer," Jake laughed, "but we'll accept it."

"I think the second is Jake's because the testicles are bigger," Uncle Rob said.

I really was enjoying having him pore over our two big cocks like this, comparing and contrasting them.

"Also, the shaft is more veiny," he went on. "I seem to remember last night that yours was quite smooth, Shane."

"I so can't believe you guys wanked off together!" Jake laughed.

"It was very nice," his father said, smiling over at me. "Perhaps not the most orthodox uncle-nephew moment, but very stimulating to share a moment of pleasure together. Did you enjoy it, Shane?"

"Yes I did," I said. "It was very special."

Uncle Robert beamed at me and I expected Jake to bring us both back down to Earth by making some dickhead quip.

But he didn't - he just smiled over at us too. Perhaps, having masturbated with his dad from time to time, he understood how intense such occasions could be.

Uncle Rob swiped the two pictures from side to side again and mused, "It's curious that the head of number one is more moist and shiny, and yet yours was so dry last night Shane that you needed lube from the bathroom..."

"That was exceptional, though," I told him. "I think it was the jet-lag or something, but I was really dry last night."

"But normally you're quite... er... plentiful in your pre-climax ooze?"

I laughed at the way he'd phrased the question. "Yeah... normally I'm bit of a dribbler!"

"Well in that case," he smirked, "I'm going to say that number one belongs to Shane and number two is my son's. So do I get a shiny new toy to play with?"

"You sure do," Jake chortled, making me laugh too.

As we kept talking and joking, a bottle of wine and some beers emerging from the kitchen, it occurred to me how, just four nights earlier I would have been mortified by a conversation like the one we'd just had. I would have thought it obscene - criminal, almost - for three close relations like we were to be discussing such intimate things together. Yet now here I was not only enjoying our chit-chat but enthusiastically joining in with contributions of my own.

After Jake and I had headed up to bed and were about to turn in, I asked him at his bedroom door if we'd what we'd done together before we'd had tea had been okay.

"Okay?" he grinned. "It was awesome!"

"But you... er... drank from my cock," I reminded him.

"And you... er... ate from my butt!" he chuckled. "It's just that we're there for each other... we help each other out... I suppose you might say, it's what cousins do!"

I smiled uncertainly. "Are you really sure it's so simple...?"

"Yeah, I am," he replied, his face more serious. "We're just experimenting a bit... seeing what works for us both..."

I nodded and felt my smile become more confident. "You're probably right... it's just sometimes I'm just gonna need a bit of reassurance."

"You're not still thinking of packing your stuff up and leaving, are you?"

"No way!" I told him. "If it's okay with you guys, I'm gonna shelve the backpacking idea... it's way more fun staying with you two!"

"Nice one, Shane!" Jake laughed. I squeezed his forearm affectionately and turned to head off to my bed in the spare room.

"Since you're gonna be staying with us a while longer," he called after me, "it seems stupid you sleeping on your own in there."

I turned back to face him and he added with a smirk, "How about buddying up with me in my double?"

"Hell yeah!" I grinned, and we both piled eagerly into his room.

Once we were giggling under his doona together, Jake's big boner pressing between the bubble cheeks of my butt, Uncle Rob called in through his bedroom door, "Jake, have you seen Shane? He's not in his room..."

He opened the door and the light from the corridor lit us both up, my face in front of Jake's as he snuggled into my back with his arms wrapped around my chest.

"Oh right," Uncle Rob chuckled in at us. "I guess I can call off the search party..."

"We're just having a little cuddle as long-lost cousins," Jake told his dad.

"That's nice," Uncle Rob smiled. Then seeing our two pairs of undies discarded together on top of the rest of our clothes and realising we were both in the nuddie, he beamed a broader grin at us and added, "That's very nice, actually."

We gently writhed together under the doona, Jake working his dick up and down between my bum-cheeks, and Uncle Rob said, "Well, goodnight boys... have sweet dreams together!"

And sleeping like that, with Jake's stubble rubbing against my neck and his cock nuzzling into my arse, my dreams turned out to be especially sweet.

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