by Robert Furlong

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Over breakfast, while my Uncle Rob was describing the sight that had greeted him when he'd opened our bedroom door that morning, he said the first thing that struck him was the snarl on my face.

"The snarl?" Marcus had asked.  "Don't you mean smirk?"

"No, Shane was definitely snarling," Uncle Rob chuckled over at us, pouring some milk on his cornflakes.  "Eyes wide, teeth bared, lips drawn back into a primitive, animalistic snarl!"

"I was only dimly aware that you'd come into the room," I chortled, opting for Coco Pops to fill my bowl with.  "I was just way too far gone!"

"From your face I assumed you to be in sheer agony," Uncle Rob said.  "I looked down your body as you squatted there on the edge of Jake's bed and saw that you were masturbating furiously even though your penis had already discharged itself bountifully across your stomach and thighs -"

"Oh yeah!" I giggled.  "That's a bit of a thing I do..."

"Then I peered lower down to your testicles, bobbing wildly between your legs -"

"Still looking enormous, I bet," Jake guffawed, "even though he'd just fired off such a massive load!"

"And then lower still," Uncle Rob went on, "down to the two penile shafts, pressed tightly together to make one grotesquely thick girth, which were directed upwards and which you were pleasuring frantically with your bottom."

"So that's when you realised why he was snarling...?" Marcus grinned after taking a mouthful from his coffee.

"Quite," Uncle Rob grinned.  "That it wasn't from agony... very much the contrary.  That it was the sheer ecstacy of being so extensively penetrated by both my son and his lover's erections at the same time!"

"Male lover," Jake corrected him.

"Oh yes, that's right," Uncle Rob smirked at his son.  "I was forgetting about Ellie, the elusive girlfriend."

"Then what happened?" I asked, having little memory as my head had been so overwhelmed by pleasure.

Uncle Rob chuckled.  "You started whimpering frantically... short high-pitched bursts gasping from your lungs... and then your penis, still being ferociously pounded by your fist, started erupting for what I assume to be a second seminal release."

"That's quite a trick you've got there," Jake grinned at me, reaching for more orange juice.  "I can suck my own dick, you can spooge off twice in a row... I dunno which is the better superhero skill!"

"It's something I've always been able to do ever since I started beating off," I shrugged, smiling at the three of them.  "I've got to be really turned-on to be able to shoot twice in a row and back in Brissy, as you can probably imagine, that doesn't happen very often!"

Uncle Rob laughed over at me.  "And yet you've done it two days running with Jake and Marcus!"

"Yeah!" I laughed back.  "I might even manage three cuff-offs in quick succession at this rate!"

At home it was quite rare that I would go up to my room to jerk off and then, straight after wiping off, bone right back up again and give my dick a second flogging.  When it did happen it was usually after an afternoon surfing, dagging around with the guys and finding myself really horny when I got home.  Once it had happened after a footie game at college when we'd all been messing about in the lockerroom, whipping each other's butts with our towels and trying to grope at each other's semis.

Marcus munched his muesli glumly and whined, "I haven't got a superhero skill..."

"Yes, you have," Jake said.  "You've got that thing you do."

"What thing?"

"You know... that thing," Jake laughed.

"I don't know what you're on about!" Marcus shrugged, amused and confused in equal measure.

"Okay, since you've made me spell it out... the thing where you push your dick back under your balls and work the end of it up your own bunghole!"

"Oh my God!" I laughed.  "That is just too cool!  Why didn't you show me...?"

Now that I thought about it, his knob was pretty long when it was limp and his arsehole was really low down in his crack, practically just behind his nuts.  With a few minor contortions, probably in his bedroom as a teen, he'd discovered he could actually butt-fuck himself!

"It's not that exciting," Marcus smiled over at me.  "I've got to be totally limp or else it doesn't work and, even then, I can only just squeeze the head of my cock inside."

"It must look awesome, though," I marvelled back at him.  "Seeing you with your legs wide open and your wang curved round with the end of it plugged up your own arse!  That'd be so hot, mate!"

Marcus grinned at my enthusiasm.  "The trouble is, though, once it's up there, the feel of it makes me bone up.  As soon as my cock starts getting stiff, it pops straight back out again."

"Have you ever shown a girlfriend you can do that?" Uncle Rob asked, finishing off his cereal.  "I once showed one of mine a particular trick I can do..."

"One of my earliest girlfriends, yeah," he nodded.  "She was horrified by it... she called me a freak of nature and told me to never do it again.  Since then I've only shown other dudes my little... er... party piece!"

"Similar reaction here," Uncle Rob smiled.

"It can be good to get things started between me and another guy if he's staying over with me," Marcus added.

"How's that work then?" Jake asked him.

"You know... 'You wanna see this thing I can do?'... 'Oh wow, that's cool!  Does it feel kinda weird?'... 'No it feels nice, that's why it pops out!'... 'Oh right, I see... maybe we could try something else that won't pop out'... that kind of scenario!"

We all laughed and Uncle Rob asked, "Is that actually successful as a chat-up technique?"

"It's worked a couple of times," Marcus grinned.  "This other time, the lad tried it on himself and found that he was flexible enough to keep his dick up there even when he was fully hard.  He started sliding it in and out of his butt, the two of us laughing... until we both got a surprise when he squirted a bucketload of jizz out of his hole!  I mean, it was disappointing that he'd finished off so quickly... but it was hot to watch him cumming out of his arse with a really doofy look on his face!"

We got on with our breakfast, the room busy and playful, with Uncle Rob heating some water to poach some eggs and Marcus and I spooning some baked beans into a bowl to be microwaved.  We would soon be heading out for the day but I loved the banter we had together in the kitchen: a very sweet man enjoying the company of his three young companions, all chatting and laughing at the fun we were having together.

I awoke because the mattress I was sleeping on was bouncing rhythmically.  When I opened my eyes I was facing the door and, as Jake and Marcus were behind me, I assumed that one of them must have woken up horny and was giving his dick a hasty tugging.

I rolled over to see what was going on and realised my two friends were in the middle of a 'good morning' butt-fuck.  Jake was upright and kneeling behind, roughly ploughing his thick shaft in and out of Marcus' cheeks who was bending over on all fours.  Both faced forwards and both had expressions that were pretty much without emotion.

"G'day," I croaked to Jake when he glanced down and saw that I was awake and watching them.  I smiled to show how much I liked seeing my cousin start his day with a good hard bum-job.

Jake gestured down at the arse he was rooting with his big cock not missing a beat.

"You want some of this?" he asked with the same enthusiasm as if he was offering me a swig from his Coke.

I wasn't sure if he was suggesting I bend over alongside his friend to get serviced by my cousin's crud-smeared dick or whether he was asking if I wanted to have a turn on the blond guy.

"No, I'm good," I smiled.  "I'll just watch you guys."

He faced forwards again and his hard, fast rooting of his mate's chuff continued.  His technique was mechanical and both of their faces were impassive.  There was none of the usual fun in their sex and there was sure as hell no passion.  It was like Jake had woken up with a boner and, since he happened to have a mate in the bed with him, he was using his arse in preference to wanking himself off.  And Marcus was just dutifully taking it, his indifferent cock hanging limp between his legs, hardly even working his body in time with his buddy's as he had his gaping backdoor relentlessly pounded.

I realised there must be two types of dude sex which were indulged in by lads like Jake and Marcus who considered themselves primarily straight.

There was the 'recreational' variety which was enjoyed when boys felt horny and up for messing around together.  That was the type I liked as it was fun and boisterous, wanking each other's big doofed-up dicks off, wrestling on the bed and trying to suck each other's cocks, rimming each other's hot puckers and then taking turns to fuck each other up the butt.  It was playful and lively and it seemed the more guys you could get doing it, the more fun everyone would have.

What Jake was now doing to Marcus looked more like 'functional' sex.  He was using his buddy's trench as a cum dumpster, bumming him as roughly as he could to make himself nut off.  Afterwards they'd get dressed and go out together as two mates, and later, if Marcus felt horny but Jake didn't, my cousin would return the favour by hitching the back of his boxers down and letting his friend do him equally dispassionately up the bunghole, taking it patiently until his mate had emptied his bollocks.

I didn't want my sex with other guys to be like this.  I wanted it to be full of banter and horseplay; for there to be passion between us and laughter together.  I suppose I wanted hitting the sack with another dude to feel 'brotherly' if that doesn't sound too weird!

I was keen to push things back in that direction between Jake and Marcus.  I didn't like seeing my two buddies enduring sex together like they were performing some kind of bodily function, so I moved over towards Marcus' dangling cock and said, "Move this way a bit."

He swivelled around towards and I took his droopy cudger into my mouth.  I quickly consumed the whole of his warm withered rod, sweeping my tongue under his foreskin and tasting the sharp pissiness of his shrivelled helmet, and almost immediately I felt it stirring into life.

"Ah yeah," he sighed, "suck my cock while he fucks me!"

Like the idea of that hadn't occurred to me!

He held the back of my head with one hand, supporting himself bending over with the other, as I started working my lips up and down his rapidly thickening shaft.  It had soon lengthened so much it was jabbing at my tonsils and making me gag, so I withdrew from him a bit and worked on pleasuring the top half of his steadily rising manhood.

I noticed that his body was now flexing in time with Jake's thrusts.  He was getting more into the hard fudging his arse was getting, enjoying the feel of being so roughly buggered now that his cock was stiffening up.

"Oh god, yeah... that feels so good!" he gasped, and I wasn't sure whether he was directing that at the blowie I was giving him or the slamming his arse was receiving.

I slurped at his chopper more forcefully now that it was nearly fully chubbed-up and its slit dribbled thick salty fluid as if in thanks.

"Come on, fuck me Jake!" he panted, grinding his body hard against his lover's driving hips.  "Fuck my arse dead rough, like I'm your bitch!"

Jake chuckled and started banging him harder and faster and I moved my mouth down from his mongrel to lick both of his heavy swinging balls.  The smell between his legs was much stronger and more seedy from where my cousin's engorged shaft was pumping frantically in and out of the hot muddy tunnel just behind.  I sniffed at it hungrily, loving the crude severity of Marcus' brutally stoked arse, and extended my tongue up between his thighs to lick along the hairy ridge leading to his hole.

"Aw yeah!" he cried out, grabbing his cock to start wanking it.  "Rim my butt while he fucks it!"

I pushed my face towards my cousin's thick cock as it pounded relentlessly back and forth through his opening.  Jake's huge hairy nuts started slapping against my chin and I sniffed inquisitively at this most private of acts.  The smell here was awesome - reeking of the most powerful of boy-stinks while being thick and clammy with the sweat from Jake's balls - and I inhaled it in great gulps.  I reached down to start wanking myself now that my own cock was standing upwards with its head throbbing urgently.

"Lick it!" Marcus commanded.  "Lick my arsehole where his cock is sliding in and out!"

I stretched my tongue up into the crevice and licked around the taut muscular ring of Marcus' thinly stretched hole.  It felt fragile and delicate, even though the taste was everything but, and it wept a thick sticky ooze that I let trickle into my mouth.  I flicked my tongue at it, teasing it as it fed with me with its wonderfully acrid dribble, and heard Marcus gasp as his body started to shudder in time with the rhythm of his wrist.

"Now lick my cock!" Jake called down to me.  "And swing your body round this way so I can finger your butt!"

I swivelled towards him and felt him groping between my cheeks to find where my tukhus was lurking among my fuzzy crack hair.  At the same time, I swept my tongue around the base of his broad girth, tasting the hot slime that was smeared along the thick ridge on the underside of his shaft.  The taste was brutal but electrifying - liquified butt-fuck intoxicating my taste buds - and I gorged myself on it, lapping my tongue upwards for more, as Jake plunged his organ endlessly back and forth.

He located my own Aussie bunghole and raised his hand up to his mouth to smear his fingers with spit.  Then he returned it back between my two bubble cheeks and slid two or three of them up me, taking up a firm rapid rhythm as he frigged off my chuff.

Marcus pushed himself upright and Jake shifted his position so that the two of them were squatting one behind the other.  They opened their legs wider to give me better access to where the cock was driving in and out of the dumpster, and I heard them kissing together as I feasted on the exhilerating taste of their bodily connection.

This was more like it, I smiled to myself.  My two friends' sex now had the passion and energy that had been so sorely absent.  My mission had been accomplished but my labours had only just started!

"Lick my bollocks," Jake commanded.  "Then further back so you can rim my arse while I fuck him!"

I moved back to lap at his weighty balls while he pounded his buddy's bushtucker.  His nads were full and swollen: he was definitely his father's son when it came to how over-filled his nuts could get.

"Aw fuck, that's good!" Jake called out as I swept my tongue across them as they swung heavily back and forth.  "Why've we never thought of doing this before, Marky-boy?  Having someone underneath us... licking our cocks, butts and bollocks while we're fucking each other?"

Marcus chose not to answer as he was panting wildly from jerking himself at full throttle with Jake fucking him so violently up the butt.

I started easing my mouth back through Jake's legs.  First, to the underside of his balls, so soft and supple compared to the hairier more saggy wrinkles out front.  And then to the ridge between his legs, bristling with hair and smelling so deliciously of his pungence; becoming more harsh and feisty as I worked my way towards his well-used opening.

"Oh yeah... give your tongue a trip to brown town!" Jake chortled as I lapped further back and pushed my tongue nearer to his hole.

My cousin's hips started cracking loudly and rapidly against his friend's two bubble cheeks.

Uncle Rob would no doubt be woken up by his 'three boys', as he called us, starting our Sunday with some raucous cock-and-bum.  He'd probably be enjoying a nice hard tug of his own listening to our noisy threesome in the next room to his, well aware that his son had his dick up his uni friend's butt and that I had my face underneath them, my tongue tasting all their enticing flavours.

I teased Jake's slimy ring with my tongue as he slammed his thick cock in and out of Marcus' arse.  My cousin has a really big butt-hole - swollen and gaping from being fucked by so many other hung dudes - and I drew circles around it with my outstretched tip, tasting the delciously crude gunge that he must have farted out during the night.

"Fuck yeah!" he bellowed and pushed Marcus' back roughly down.  Then he held his mate steady by the waist and started hammering his thick chub frantically and powerfully up through the tight grip of his arsehole.  I flicked my tongue against his puffy hoop, feeling it open wide as if inviting me in, and tasted the strong salty sourness of my cousin's sweat as it poured down his back and mixed with the slimy sludge in his crack.

Jake clearly preferred a full-on tongue-fuck over a teasing rim-job, so he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face hard between his two muscular cheeks.

"Fucking eat me dude!" he called down to me urgently.  "Tongue me deep... lick my morning dump!"

I slobbered my tongue up into his hole and lapped it as fast as I could in and out of his gaping tunnel.  It was really cruddy inside and it tasted as ripe as the dudes' dunny gets at college on a red hot day.  But I was so turned on by it I daren't even touch my cudger in case I'd spooge off over the mattress.  It was full-on Jake-butt and because of that I loved the taste of it.  It was raw and rancid, but so rich with boy-stink that it was unbelievably horny!

"Aw fuck yeah!" Jake cried out.  "Taste it, Shaney!  Lap at my big hot turd!"

I pumped my tongue wildly in and out of his arsehole, feeling the tip of it grazing against something large and solid.

I knew that Uncle Rob would have heard what Jake had called out and that he would be aware that I was tonguing his son's brown log up his butt, but I also knew that he'd wouldn't be shocked by it.  I could imagine him smiling as he listened to us and his big cock swelling harder in his hand as he wanked it off more quickly thinking about me guzzling at Jake's well-filled cacker.

I pulled off him and called up, "Mate, I so need to get fucked!"

Without the pair of them missing a beat, I crouched down and shuffled fowards in front of Marcus so I could offer him my tight little tush for his taking.

"Sweet!" Marcus chuckled before spitting on his woodie and lining it up with my pooper.  Then, as he started sliding it up me, he added, "I know you're a top but Jesus I just love rooting your arse, Shane!"

He grabbed onto my hips just as Jake was holding him by his and then started briskly bucking his midrif back and forth to drub my bum while at the same time pumping Jake's cock with his butt.

"Ah... ah... ah!" he gasped in time with his thrusts.  "This feels so fucking hot... getting it both ways!"

I pushed myself up to hold onto top of the bedframe and stared forwards at Jake's Arctic Monkeys poster.  I was grinning and panting, loving the feel of being ploughed by a guy who was at the same time using his own arse to wank off the lad behind him.

Imagine doing this as part of a long row of butt-fuckers!  A whole football team of lads all joined together like a chain!

Marcus grabbed me more tightly and the loud clapping sounds of hips against butts became even more frantic as there were two pairs of cheeks being roughly walloped.

"Oh my God!" I called out, slamming my arse back against the pounding of his cock.  "This is fuckin' corker!"

Marcus laughed and increased the rhythm and strength of his humping.

"Doin' it with dudes is so cool!" I gasped.  "It's like there's always new stuff you can try!"

I suddenly wanted Uncle Rob to walk in and see us kneeling three-in-a-row as we fucked one behind the other on Jake's creaking bed.  I wanted him to stand smiling in the doorway with the front of his pyjama bottoms raised high with the huge boner he'd been rubbing while he was listening to our sex.  I wanted the three of us to grin across at him as he watched us thrusting together in a rowboat and to see him sniffing appreciatively at the stink of two fudge-filled boy-butts getting so thoroughly trounced.

But Uncle Rob stayed put in his bedroom, no doubt with his cock out through his pyjama fly and giving himself an especially boisterous wrist-bashing.  He'd be listening to our cavortions, well aware that we were having an especially rowdy morning threesome, and perhaps even in the next room he'd be able to smell the exciting odour of our back-to-back bumming.

"Clench it tighter, Marky-boy!" Jake urged him from the back.  "Come on, really fucking pump it, buddy... hard as you like!"

Marcus started grunting as he slammed his arse up and down's my cousin's massive man-dork.

"Ah yeah!" Jake cried out, loving the force of his friend's frantic pummelling.  "Shit-crank it dude... get it shiny and brown!"

Marcus grabbed my shoulders and fucked me more roughly as he obliged Jake's upright schlong with his squeezing bunghole.

I laughed out loud at how good it felt.  "This is so fuckin' amazing... you're doing us both at the same time!"

Marcus chuckled as he kept up the relentless bucking of his cock and butt.  He managed to pant at the back of my head, "I reckon I learned from the best!"

Suddenly Jake pulled out of his mate and called over to me, "I wanna do you up the butt, Shane.  Squat down and I'll hunch over your back like we're a couple of dogs!"

I turned to peer at him over my shoulder, still getting shagged by his buddy, and said, "I'm so into this, though, Jake... Marcus' cock is making me leak like fuck!"

Marcus grinned back at him, not missing a beat as his big hard-on thumped in and out of me.  "I got here first, mate!  Finder's keepers!"

"Come on, I want my turn!" Jake insisted.  "He's my cuz and he'll be going back to Brisbane soon..."

"Tell you what then," I offered, "why don't I do you both, the way Marcus did those brothers on the movie?"

Marcus stopped his thrusting, surprised by my suggestion.  "You think you can fit two dicks up your arsehole?"

"We can try!" I smirked.  "If you guys lie together with your choppers sticking up, I'll see if I can squat over you and take both of you at once."

"Aw fuck, yeah!" Jake chortled, already repositioning himself on the bed.  Marcus pulled out of me too and clambered over to lie the opposite way to Jake, so that their two big nutsacks were pushed tightly together and their ankles were up against each other's shoulders.

They grabbed their chubs and pointed them upwards, figuring out the best way to align them so that they'd be able to penetrate me together.

While I admit I was taken aback by the thickness of the doubled-up shaft I was supposed to squat down on, I was even more amazed at how oblivious they were to the disgusting messiness that was thickly covering both of their boners.  They laughed together as they positioned their cocks this way and that, completely ignoring the fact that their bell-ends were caked with lumps of butt-sludge and that their shafts were smeared with glistening ropes of brown goo.

The room now hummed with bum-stink and the way they were getting all over themselves was making it ten times worse.

"The two heads have to be pressed together," Jake was saying, with crud all over his fingers as he levelled their two dicks up so they were at the same height.  "He'll love the feel of our two flanges rubbing up and down inside him."

"No, you've got the longer cock, so you have to go in first," Marcus countered, his own hands daubed with gunge as he showed Jake what he meant.  "It'll be easier for him if you open him up, then I'll follow you in a couple of inches behind."

"Bloody hell, guys!" I called out, reaching into Jake's drawer to fish out the tube of lube I knew he kept there.  "Don't you wanna clean up a bit... you're getting mess all over you and it stinks like fuck!"

"Don't get all prissy, Shane... it's just a bit of dude-dook," Marcus smiled at me, his eyebrows raised in surprise that I'd made an issue of it.  "Things pretty often get muddy when you play around with guys first thing in the morning and their butts are still bunged up."

Jake chuckled over at me too.  "Yeah, it's not like doing it with girls, cuz... with boys you get to see and smell each other's brown stuff... it becomes part of the fun!"

I finished lubing myself up and climbed on the bed to squat over their two pressed-together cocks.  "I'm just surprised how much there is... how you've got it all over your hands..."

"You can't be that disgusted," Marcus laughed.  "Most of it's your own and I've smelt a lot worse!"

"Think of it as lube," Jake suggested, reaching under me to smear some of the goop around my hole.  "There... that's got you nice and slippery... the thicker gunge on our knobs will make them just slide smoothly in!"

Marcus did the same, working some of the crud back into my butt to help prepare my tunnel to be cleaved open by their two big prongs, and then I settled myself down on top of their soiled bell-ends, relaxing to open myself and allow them to enter as a couple.

It took a while, not to mention a lot of false starts, for me to get both of their cock heads up into my arse.  Jake's was the bigger and I could easily take his on its own, but their combined girth was almost too wide for my novice hole to manage.  Eventually, after a lot of grunting, farting and a blast of lube-slackened doodie that the guys found hilarious, I got both of their helmets lodged into my straining ring.

"Jesus," I called out, gasping from the soreness of my opening.  "It feels like I'm taking the mother of all dumps!"

"You get used to it," Marcus said, the smile on his face telling me how much he was enjoying sharing my bum with his favourite friend Jake.  "Just take it steady and your arse will gradually adapt to the broader fuck."

"So says the expert," Jake laughed.  "The guy with the widest butt on campus!"

"Like you've never taken two dudes at once..." Marcus quipped back, peering around me to grin at Jake's face at the opposite end of the bed.

My cousin shrugged.  "Actually I haven't... but I once let this elephant-dicked Kenyan post-grad fuck me... kind of the same thing!"

I hunkered down so that their two big dongs worked into me inch by inch and, as Marcus had said, my bung-hole slowly got used to being so completely filled.  My own cock, which had softened a lot and was drooping down between my legs, began to twitch and thicken at the sensation of having my two buddies inside me.  Once I'd loosened up enough to start riding them properly, it was rising upwards again and the head was swelling back up to a shiny purple roundness.  As my confidence increased I quickened my rhythm, and soon I was roughly beating off a full throbbing boner as I bucked my arse frantically up and down their two upright schlongs.

"Fuckin' ripper!" I cried out, loving the way they were both grinning and panting as I pumped their cocks together.  Jake reached under me to grope at my slamming butt-hole, as if wanting to feel how the two thick girths were straining it open to such an obscenely wide gape.  He ran his finger around the tightly stretched ring as I hammered it up and down over their pubic bushes, and the sensation made me whimper with pleasure as I wanked myself harder and faster.

My bollocks were aching from being slapped back and forth so aggressively against their hips and my wrist, but I ignored the pain and kept thrusting my arse as hard as I could down the shafts of my two lovers.  By now they were grunting, pushing their boners upwards and rubbing their helmets against each other as they fucked me together.

I looked at Jake who grinned at me in spite of how breathless he was and how much sweat was pouring from his forehead.  And then at Marcus who gasped, "Squeeze it, Shaney... squeeze your arsehole around our thick cocks!"

I only knew I was cumming when I felt a warm wetness splattering across my stomach and thighs.  I looked down and saw that my cock was roping thick jets of sticky whiteness out from its slit but kept spanking my dick at full crank, determined to ride out my orgasm and bring myself to a second ball-blast.

"Aw fuck, he's blown off!" Jake called over to Marcus, more with amusement than disappointment.  "Jesus, it's squirting everywhere!"

"Feed us with it!" Marcus commanded and I stopped wanking for a moment to get a load of my jizz all over my hands.

I reached across to them both, still drubbing their cocks with my arse, and they licked hungrily at my fingers, swallowing down the white goop I'd produced.

It felt so hot to have two guys eating my seed as they were both fucking me that I kept my hands at their lips long after their eager tongues had lapped them clean.

Then I grabbed my cock again and really went for it on them, bucking my hips like a hammer drill and beating my cock hard and fast.  The two of them were panting, slamming their cocks upwards against me and I let out a wet messy fart as I massaged them in spasms by clenching my arse muscles.

That's when Uncle Rob walked into the bedroom, his eyes wide with delight and his mouth grinning with amusement.

"Good grief, boys!" he chuckled, as if gently chiding a tentful of naughty boy-scouts.  "What a magnificent stink the three of you are making!"

By now I was blown away with sheer pleasure - and I guess the grimacing expression on my face must have showed it - and I jerked myself as fast as I could knowing that another spooge-off was getting perilously close.

Uncle Rob came over to the bed and I noticed that his own huge cock was poking on full chub through his pyjama fly.  It swung from side to side as he walked across the room and its thick solid shaft was ringed with pink stripes from the tight grip of his fingers where he must have just been jerking it off.  The flagrant excitement of his organ showed that he hadn't yet finished off and I think it was the sight of that - and the thought of leaning forwards and sucking on my uncle's fat shiny helmet - that sent me into my second cumming.

Uncle Rob laughed as I spunked off again, although this time my outpourings were a lot less copious than the first.  His big purple cock head throbbed and hardened to a polished sheen as he watched my jizz flinging from my slit and then he said, "My, that's quite a skill you've got there, Shane!"

I gasped, falling fowards, "I don't think I can go in for a third... my butt's too sore!"

As the two cocks were farted out of my massively splayed hole, my uncle said, "I can take things from here, young man... I can see they're quite close..."

I clambered off the mattress, surprised to feel the cool air of the room inside the gaping cavern of my butt, as Uncle Rob crouched by the bed and wrapped his hand around the two upright cocks.  Like Jake and Marcus, he seemed totally untroubled by the thick coating of bum-sludge covering them both and instead just smiled warmly as he started wanking them off with the browness squelching through his fingers.

Jake guffawed, "Oh yeah, dad... jerk it, baby!"  And Marcus laughed too at the sight of father rubbing his son's dick alongside his own.

In spite of the mess, not to mention the wet scrunching sounds of the two sloppy cocks being pumped, it didn't seem that weird to see Uncle Rob yanking off Jake.  After all, Marcus' boner was also in his hand and the fact it was the two of them, as mates, being masturbated together gave it a light-hearted feel like it was just a bit of mischievous fun.

I squatted down alongside Uncle Rob and reached for his big hard-on so I could wank him off too.

He grinned at me as my hand started sliding up and down his long, thick organ and muttered, "That's nice, Shane... work up a strong steady rhythm... just like you do on your own..."

With my other hand, I reached into the back of his pyjamas and groped down his large solid buttocks to where I knew his swollen arsehole would be nestling between them.  Then I pressed a finger into his bristly crack hair and quickly found the swollen ring which, as I expected, welcomed me inside.

He smiled more broadly and said, "Oh yes... that's even better... don't be afraid to go deep!"

The walls of his tunnel were dryer than I'd expected so I pulled my hand out of his pyjamas and had a good lick of my fingers.  Even from just groping him, I could smell and taste the powerful odour he had between his cheeks and I smiled at him as I appreciated it, muttering, "I really love the manly smell of your bum, Uncle Rob."

He chuckled at my admission and said, "In that case, you're in for quite a treat... there's often an abundance of manliness in it at this time of the morning!"

I laughed back and plunged my hand back down the seat of his pyjamas.  I quickly found his opening again and worked my wet fingers up into its velvety interior.  I could feel what he meant by the 'abundance of manliness' up there, but instead of being disgusted by its hot stickiness around my fingers, I found myself enjoying the harsh earthy stink that rose up from behind him as I started frigging him off.

"Ah... that's nice, Shane," he nodded, sniffing to enjoy the smell of his own arse being cuffed.  "Use my... er... natural slipperiness to keep things nice and smooth..."

We chuckled naughtily together as I used both hands on him front and back.  Like Jake had said, a bit of the brown stuff during sex really could be part of the fun.

With my pounding wrist making the back of Uncle Rob's pyjamas thump like a drumbeat, he turned his attention back to pleasuring the two cocks in his hand.  He wanked them both rapidly, making Jake and Marcus gasp with enjoyment, and I tried to match his rhythm on his own enormous hard-on as well as up his bum.

Marcus smiled at me and then peered curiously at Uncle Rob's hand making a brown, bubbly foam as it slid vigorously up and down the two pressed together organs.

Marcus muttered, "Oh my god... that's so nice, Mr Furlong!"

I found it strange that even when he was being shit-wanked, he insisted on using formalities.

"It's so brown and frothy," Marcus went on, "it's like being masturbated with a lovely rich chocolate sauce..."

"Is it fuck!" Jake guffawed.  "It stinks like what it is!"

Uncle Rob laughed at his son and said, "Yes, even your mother's cooking was never that bad!"

Soon Marcus was gasping frantically for breath and, as my uncle's hand pounded up and down the two thick cocks, the smaller of the two started firing jets of cream up into the air.  Uncle Rob ploughed on, his wrist not even faltering, while Marcus' hips bucked in rapid lunges as the squirts from his slit made thick white trails across his chest and belly.

My uncle turned to me and declared, "I love how the male orgasm is so unashamedly expressive!"

Once Marcus' orgasm had weakened to a dribble, my uncle let the younger man's softening cock flop heavily onto his belly and continued wanking his son's still fully engorged and considerably larger member.

Now we were seeing father pleasuring son in all its unadulterated glory.  Uncle Rob seemed not to mind that he was now masturbating just one erection which happened to belong to his son, while Jake seemed to revel in it, eager to be the sole recipient of his father's ministrations.

He urged my uncle on, calling out, "Aw yeah!  Wank it, dad!  That's it... do it harder!  See if you can make it shoot!"

Uncle Rob chuckled like this was just a continuation of their lighthearted horseplay but I could tell from the way his cock swelled in my hand and his butt-hole clamped around my finger that he was seriously enjoying jerking his son.

He muttered to me, "Really fast, Shane... and finger me hard!"

Jake gasped, "Same goes for me," and pushed himself away from Marcus so he could open his legs and offer his back entrance to his dad.  I'm sure it wasn't the most attractive thing he'd ever presented to my uncle: Jake's hole was stretched and bloated with coarse hair encircling it and the huge pair of well-stocked knackers hanging above it didn't exactly add to its appeal.

Uncle Rob hesitated but Jake impatiently encouraged him.  "Come on... do me both ways, dad... like he's doing you."

To my surprise my uncle reached forwards and was soon working an outstretched finger into his son's plump opening.

"You're a bit moist back here, Jake," he said with some surprise.

"That'll be the spit from your sweet little nephew's mouth!" his son chuckled back.

Uncle Rob smirked towards me.  "Gosh, Shane... your tongue certainly gets about!"

He started moving his hand back and forth between Jake's legs and the strong smell from my cousin's fingered bum added its own characteristic pungence to all the other stinks the rest of us had made.

"Aw yeah!" Jake grinned as his dad's hands worked up a rapid rhythm as he pumped him front and back.  "Fast as you can, dad... really go for it!"

As Uncle Rob sped up, frantically fisting the big cock and roughly ramming his hand back and forth beneath the hairy bollocks, Jake started bucking his hips in time with his dad's flexing forearms.

He called out, "Come on, give me to me, dad!  Really work the cock and fudge the butt deep and hard!"

This no longer had the jokey feel of a man having a lark with his son.  This was something far more intense and the four of us knew it.

Uncle Rob went to town on Jake, furiously wanking his son's straining erection and frigging his dick-loosened arse as roughly as he could.  Jake squirmed and writhed, his eyes wincing in pleasure, and splayed his legs wide open to give his dad's jabbing finger full access to his innards.

"Do me the same to me, Shane," Uncle Rob gasped as he attended to his son's boner and bum.  "Fast on my cock... hard up my arse..."

I did as he said, really pounding his huge cock as I rammed my finger viciously in and out of his slimy backdoor.

Marcus managed to gasp, "Jesus Christ... this is so fucking hot!"

Just as father and son started cumming together, their two magnificent cocks sending ribbons of their seed high into the air like a couple of fountains, and finally a trumpeting fart from Jake's vacated dugout heralded that our session had at last reached its end.

That afternoon, Uncle Rob drove us over to see the house he grew up in and where his mom had lived until she'd passed away a decade or so earlier.

As we sat outside the ominous-looking Victorian building, now converted into flats, Uncle Rob gestured up at the window on the far right of the upper floor and told us, "That was my bedroom when I was growing up.  It was behind that very window that I lay in bed one winter's night when I was eleven and discovered the pleasures of masturbation."

The three of us laughed at his unexpected disclosure.  I suddenly wondered if I'd been something of a late-starter on that score.

"That was your dad's bedroom Shane," he went on, pointing at the window to the left of his.  "I once caught him in there self-fellating while his friend Aiden worked his fingers in and out of his bum."

"No!" I gasped.  "That's not the god's-honest, is it?"

"The absolute truth," Uncle Rob nodded so matter-of-factly that I could tell it really was.  "I don't think it was a homosexual thing... well, perhaps for Aiden it was.  I just think your dad enjoyed playing around with other guys the way that we've all now discovered we have a fondness for."

"Wow!" I said.  "I had no idea.  He's so stuffy and formal the way he goes on at home.  I wouldn't have expected to even know what butt fingering is, never mind to have had another dude do it to him."

"Does he still contact Aiden?" Uncle Rob asked me.  "Christmas cards, perhaps?"

"I dunno," I replied, "it's not a name I recognise.  I think my dad would have cast off any embarrassments from his school days."

Uncle Rob looked across at me and smiled.  "Talking of school days, Shane, where are you thinking of going to university?"

"Brisbane," I shrugged.  "I'm starting at UQ next September."

"Are you living on campus?"

"No, I'm gonna lodge at home and bus in each day."

Jake chipped in, "Come on, mate, you'd have loads more fun if you were bunking up with the rest of the boys in one of the residences..."

"I know," I nodded, really wishing I could.  "But it's pretty expensive and I can't afford it..."

"What are you going to study?" Marcus asked.

"Biotech," I said.

"Well, there's a very active biotechnology department at Leeds University here in the UK," Uncle Rob told me.

I nodded.  What had that got to do with me?

"I'm just wondering," he went on, "if perhaps you could transfer your course to Leeds as a Commonwealth student.  You could flat-share with Jake and come to visit your old Uncle Rob at weekends.  I'd be more than happy to act as your sponsor..."

My eyes must have opened so wide that it probably looked like were about to pop out of their sockets.

Jake laughed his usual response to something he approved of: "Fuck yeah!"

Marcus chuckled excitedly too.  "Just think... the three of us could share a house together..."

"Oh my God!" I managed to stammer after I'd regained some sense of reality.  "That would just be... so... fucking... cool!"

Uncle Rob beamed at me and said, "We'll phone your dad this evening.  There's probably a course transfer application we can download from the university website.  Next year you could be coming back to England carrying more than just a backpack!"

I leaned across to hug him and he surprised me by pressing his face forwards and kissing me on the lips.  At first I pulled back but then I thought, "What the hell?" and leaned back in to kiss him properly.

Jake and Marcus cheered delightedly.  I wasn't sure if they were so pleased that I'd just smooched my Uncle Rob or whether they were so made up that the three of us could soon be shacked up together in Leeds.

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