"I don't believe it!!!"exclaimed Adrian while reading her text message

"What?" Bryan asked looking worried

"Tyler is such an idiot" said Adrian

At the sound of Tyler's name Bryan smiled.

"Why is he an idiot?"

Shaking her head. "He went back to that bitch and he got his heart broken again. He just texted me about it."

"What?" Bryan asked looking shocked. "You are right for calling him an idiot. That bitch is up to no good.

Sensing hostility in Bryan's tone. "Are you OK Bryan? Adrian asked. You seemed hostile towards Jessica."

"I am fine." Bryan snapped. "It just that idiot doesn't know which person is good for him and which is not. That just pissed me off."

Adrian smiled. "Are you sure that's it. It got nothing to do with you having feeling for Tyler?"

"Yeah." Bryan responded to quickly. "It got nothing to do with that."

Adrian looked at her friend unconvinced.

Sensing this, Bryan grinned. "Fine you're right. I liked Tyler more then just a friend."

"Really? squealed Adrian."That's great. I have been waiting for you to say that. That idiot will not go back to Jessica when he finds out that you like him."

Looking shocked. "How do you know?" asked Bryan.

Adrian grinned mischievously. "I have my ways and my people."

Grinning at his friend. "I doubted that he is even gay or bisexual."

Adrian grinned."You might be surprised." Ask him on a bro date and talk to him. You need to find a way to ease into the conversation that you are bisexual and that you liked him."

Bryan looked at Adrian liked she is crazy."You are crazy. This is my best friend for seven years for crying out loud."

"You are smart guy. You will figure something out. Like you said, he is your best friend for seven years. He loves you and will except you no matter what."

Shaking his head his friend. "How do you know?" he asked.

"You told me that you are bi, and I am still here."

She got up to leave. She turned to Bryan.

"Thanks for the coffee, I really needed it."

"My pleasure."

He got up to leave also.

Chapter 2

The next day, Thursday, Bryan went to his class of the day. After class, he went home. He thought about what his friend Adrian said yesterday and thought to himself, how am I going to tell my best friend of seven years that I am in love with him.

Tyler was a football player and starting quarterback. Bryan had fallen in love with Tyler since they started high school. Bryan decided to tell Tyler through a sleepover. So Bryan decided to text Tyler. On the phone through text

Bryan: Hey what's up big guy. How are you?

Tyler: I am good man. What about yourself?

Bryan: I am good man. Hey, I was wondering, are you free tomorrow night so we can have a sleepover?

Tyler: Ya I am free man

Bryan: cool see you tomorrow.

Tyler: ya see ya tomorrow

Bryan thought to himself, that was easy. Now comes the hard part. Bryan had been practicing with a mirror to help him to tell Tyler that he is bisexual and that he likes Tyler more than a friend. After dinner Bryan did some homework. During this time, Bryan's parents came up to say good night. In the process, they told him that they will be leaving tomorrow to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary and won't be coming back until Sunday.They told him to watch the house, and to take are of himself. Bryan asked his parents if he can have Tyler sleep over tomorrow, bracing himself when they decided to say no. Unexpectedly his parents said yes.

The next day, Friday, Bryan and Tyler had two classes together. After their last class, Tyler took Bryan to his house so he can pack for the sleepover.

"Hey Ty, if you want, you can stay until Sunday." said Bryan

Grinning at Bryan's proposition. "I will stay until Saturday night but I think about it."

Bryan smiled."OK"

After loading the truck, Tyler took Bryan to Bryan's house. When they got there, Tyler headed to Bryan's room to unpacked his stuff. After that, Tyler came out to the family room where Bryan was watching TV while he waited for Tyler. Tyler then turned to his friend and smiled. Tyler let out a fart.

Laughing his but off. "We have the house to ourselves, what do you want to do?"

Bryan grinned, shaking his head at his friend's immaturity."How about dinner then a movie?"

Tyler turned to his friend. "What? Like a date?"

"No," Bryan said. "Just two guys hanging out and catching up."

Tyler smiled "Alright, but first let change since tonight will be cold."

"OK" Bryan replied.

The boys were wearing shorts, and T shirts since it was hot during the day. This is why people love Southern California weather. Any ways Tyler started to stripped and change, so did Bryan. While changing, Bryan couldn't help to notice how nice Tyler's body was. He has amazing abs, arms, and pecks. It took all of Bryan's will power to keep him from jumping Tyler. After they changed into jeans and dressed shirts, Tyler and Bryan started to head to Tyler's truck so they can go to the Old Spaghetti Factory. After dinner they decided to go to the movies to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Tyler and Bryan enjoyed the movie a lot. After the movie, the boys were going back to Bryan's house and were discussing about the movie. During this time, Tyler stop short- mid sentence and was in mid thought while he was driving. Sensing this Bryan turned to his friend.

"Hey, you OK man?" Bryan asked

"Ya." Tyler said."Just thinking."

"About?" grinning at Tyler

Tyler grinned "How hot Jennifer Lawrence is."

Bryan grinned. "Ya she is pretty hot man. Thinking to himself, Damn it. He's definitely not gay, probably bi. I really don't want to embarrass myself Probably I should back off. Stupid Adrian might be wrong but then again she might be right.

Tyler grinned. "What are you thinking about?

Bryan thinking to himself "how hot you are" but said "I love the movie, but the books are so much better."

Tyler grinned. "Ya the books is awesome. That's what people always said, the book is better than the movie."

"Yup." Bryan responded. "Like the Harry Potter series

Tyler looked down while driving, but looked sad. Noticing this Bryan looked at Tyler.

"You OK man?" Bryan asked.

Tyler looked at Bryan. "I am an idiot."

Looking at Tyler, stunned at what he said. "Why?"

"I went back to Jessica and got my heart broken again. I was so stupid. I thought she had changed."

Bryan looked at Tyler with empathy and sympathy "You are not stupid. You are human. Hey, anyways I will messed her up since no one gets to messed with my boy and get away with it."

Tyler grinned. "Thanks man, but please don't do that."

Bryan grinned. "I know just kidding man. At least I got you to smile."

Tyler smiled. "Thanks man I really need this night out and sleep over."

Bryan grinned."No problem Ty."

Tyler parked in front of Bryan's house. Bryan got out of the truck and started to walk towards the house, but turn around because he sensed that Tyler was not following him. Tyler was still inside the truck and was barely getting out of the truck. Bryan walked up to Tyler, looking worried.

"Ty, you OK man? You seemed to be very distracted." Bryan asked.

Tyler looked at Bryan. "Yea i am distracted. There is no easy way to say this so I am just going to say it. I love you Bryan, ever since I saw you for the first time in high school."

Bryan looked at Tyler. "I love you too Tyler. Ever since I laid my eyes on you.

"Ya?" asked Tyler

"Ya" Bryan replied.

Tyler grinned and kissed Bryan. Bryan reciprocated.

"Let's take this inside." Bryan said.

Bryan grabbed Tyler by the hand and walk Tyler to the door. After he unlocked it, Bryan started to kiss Tyler again. This time, this lead to a hot make out session. While making out both Tyler and Bryan got hard.

"Let's remove our clothes babe."

"OK" Bryan responded.

While making out, they helped each other out by taking each other clothes off. Once they are in their boxers, they started to make out again.

"Let's take our boxers off." Tyler said

"OK" Bryan replied.

So they removed their boxers. After they removed the last article of clothing, they faced each other. Bryan is 6 inches hard and uncut while Tyler is 9 inches hard and is cut.

Tyler grinned. "You are not circumcised.?"

"Ya." Bryan responded

Tyler reached for Bryan's hard cock and start to stroke it. Bryan put his hand behind his head while Tyler stroke himself and Bryan.

"That's it baby. Stroke my cock." moaned Bryan.

"Ya?" Tyler said. "You like it like that?"

"Hell ya." Bryan groaned.

Tyler kept on stroking Bryan's cock while stroking his.

"Baby, I am close but I don't want to cum yet."

"OK." Tyler said.

Bryan reached down and started to stroke Tyler's dick then leaned in to suck it.

"That's it suck my cock" moaned Tyler

"You like it like that ?" Bryan responded.

"Hell ya. But I don't want to cum yet babe." Tyler moaned

Bryan stopped for a moment so both of them can calm down from the edge. They started to jack each other off, dock with each other and suck each other off for 45 minutes. After that time they decided to cum.

"Let's cum babe." Tyler said

They started to jerk each other off. While they do this, they started to moan and groan.

"I am close babe." groaned Tyler.

"Me too babe." Bryan responded

"Let's cum together." Moaned Tyler

"OK" said Bryan

"OH shit, I am cumming" shouted Tyler

"That's it babe. Shoot it big boy. Cum for me." moaned Bryan

"OHH YEAHHH" moaned Tyler. " Here it goes." He shot 7 ropes of cum onto his chest, stomach and Bryan's hand.

Seeing this set Bryan over the edge

"FUCK I AM GOING TO CUM!!!" groaned Bryan


"SHIT HERE IT COMES" moaned Bryan. He shot 6 ropes of cum onto his stomach and chest and onto Tyler's hand.

After they came down from the high of their cum, Tyler grinned. "That was fun."

"Let's do it again some time babe." replied Bryan

"OK babe. Hey, I am just saying if we do have sex, let's do it with a condom on." said Tyler

"OK babe, let's do that. But after awhile, we should get tested so we don't have to use a condom every time" Bryan said

Tyler grinned "OK babe.

Bryan kissed Tyler and his cock while Tyler did the same to him. They then fall to asleep in each other arms.




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