A group of us were awaiting reassignment, with little to do. The waiting was boring. I made friends with another soldier, named Jerry. He was handsome, had a good sense of humor, and was always making sly remarks with heavy sexual overtones. You know the type. I liked him. He turned me on.

Unfortunately, I was so concerned about being "found out," that I did not know how to approach him sexually. That may seem dumb, but I had to be careful. They claim that it's easier for young men nowadays, but somehow I doubt it. When turning on to the wrong person could lead to anger, pain and ostracism, I'm sure many 18-year-olds today are having the same difficulties I had then. And I was in the Army.

Jerry had an uncle who lived on a farm about two hundred miles from our post. His uncle had invited him to spend weekends or free time at the farm whenever he felt like it, but until this period of idle waiting, Jerry had been unable to get away. His uncle had always told him to bring a friend if he wanted to, so Jerry invited me to take a three day week-end pass with him and hitchhike over to stay with his uncle. I said okay. We got the passes.

We left as early on Friday afternoon as we could, but didn't have very good luck with our hitchhiking, especially after we left the main highway. We found ourselves in a small town, at a deserted intersection, hoping for any vehicle to show up. It was almost 10 o'clock in the evening, and after having waited for an hour, we realized that we were stuck.

"Why don't we go to that hotel over there," Jerry said, pointing to a dim sign that read "Rooms", "and get some sleep. We'll be luckier in the morning."

I agreed.

The lady who ran the place gave us a big grin as she saw us enter. She was sitting behind a desk, looking like she had escaped from a film about whorehouse madams, and said, "Lookee here, the Army's coming. What'll it be, boys?"

I chuckled and looked at Jerry. He blushed and told her that we'd gotten stuck while trying to hitch a ride to his uncle's farm and needed a place to sleep. Her expression changed to one of motherly concern, and she told us that this wasn't really a hotel, but she could let us have one of the nice rooms for a small fee. It wouldn't be what we expected, she warned us, as it only had one double bed, but it had a nice, large bathroom with shower. She told us that it was the only room she had.

We were grateful for her kindness, so we paid her and she led us up to the room, swinging the door open with a grin. The walls were red. The bed took up so much space there was hardly room to walk to the bathroom. The headboard was a floor to ceiling mirror. She laughed at our expressions, and pulled the door closed as she left.

"Jesus," Jerry said as we looked around. "This looks like a whorehouse. Guess we're lucky to get it so cheap." He grinned at me through the mirror, as we dropped our overnight bags on the floor.

"I'm bushed," he told me, flopping onto his back on the bed, his feet still on the floor. "Why don't you get ready first. Take a shower. Jump in bed. I'll rest here until you're through. I don't know about you, by the way, but you might as well know it now, I sleep in the raw. Nude."

I had figured Jerry was as nervous about all of this as I was, but when he told me that, I felt myself get real flustered. "So do I," I lied, trying to sound casual about it.

I had never been in a bed with a man, let alone a nude man. The idea turned me on. Jerry seemed to me to be about the most perfect man to be nude in bed with. But nothing would happen, I was certain. I was horny as hell, and hadn't had a chance to jack off all day. It looked like I wouldn't have a chance all night either, unless I could do it, on the sly, in the shower. I decided to try. I was carrying around a growing cock in my pants in any event, and I figured, from the bulge at Jerry's crotch, that he was probably planning to do the same.

I started taking off my uniform. I noticed that Jerry was watching me, either directly or through the mirror. As I glanced into the mirror, slipping off my trousers, I saw his hand slide down to his crotch and press on the rising mound there, squeezing it, feeling it, running his hand along the length of the bulge down his thigh. I looked away nervously, embarrassed that he might catch me looking at him. He appeared to be trying to ease the strain of a growing hard-on. It really excited me.

"Great mirror, ain't it," he whispered to my back. I was taking off a sock, bending over in my boxer shorts, feeling awkward. I looked over my shoulder and was startled to see myself in the mirror, tight shorts showing my full ass, naked but for that small white cloth. I looked good. Trim, well developed, athletic. I put my naked foot down and turned slightly towards the mirror and then stopped, shocked. The profile of my erection, pushing down along the short's leg, was obvious. But worse, two or three inches of meaty, red cock were showing below edge of the shorts, looking heavy against my muscular thigh.

I froze at the sight. I had never seen myself naked in a full-length mirror before. I had grown dramatically since entering the service. It was like looking at another man, one I didn't immediately recognize, and I stopped to stare, amazed at how sexual I looked standing there. For a moment I simply forgot about Jerry.

"Yeah, man" he whispered, seductively, "you look great!"

His voice startled me out of my trance. I looked at him below me in the mirror. He had shifted his cock into an upright position along his fly. Its outline stretched to his waist where it disappeared under his belt. His palm rubbed along the fabric of his uniform trousers, rubbing over the thick, long bulge in a lewd, up and down motion, miming masturbation as he watched me watching his hand. Up and down. Up and down. He didn't stop as he saw me watching.

My cock throbbed and expanded at the sight, surging further at the leg of the shorts and pushing upwards, trying to stand upright but able only to lunge straight outward, caught by the material, looking aggressive, dark and moist. My breath drew in as I watched it happen, quicker that I could react. I wanted to turn my back to Jerry, to cover my arousal, but before I could move I heard him moan, sensuously.

Then he said softly, like a sigh, "Man, what a cock. It looks so good. Let me see the whole thing. Take off your shorts." He unzipped his fly noisily. "Here's mine."

In awe, unable to move, I watched in the mirror as he reached in, tugged and lifted an amazingly large erection through the opening. It looked red and stiff, eager and ready. He pumped his hand down the long shaft and back up again, down and back up again, looking at my expression in the mirror. I looked directly down at him and gasped.

He was lying on the bed not two feet below where I was standing. I was looking down the length of his cock as he pointed it directly at my face, the pumping hand beneath the blood engorged cockhead moving slowly. I looked into his eyes. He smiled.

My cock pulsated in reaction to his longing stare and open smile. It reached full erection in one mighty surge, overcoming the constriction of the material and standing in full lust above his smiling face, pulling the cloth upwards as it strained to extend itself.

"Wow!" he said excitedly, "Look at that!"

I looked down to see my cock as full and hard as I had ever seen it; red and fiery, stiff and ready. The cockhead had not yet completely distended, but the shaft was throbbing with an intensive rigidity, an almost unbearable steeliness, as waves of sexual emotion surged through my abdomen more powerfully than I had ever experienced before. I thought I was going to cum without touching myself, standing right there as he looked up at me. I looked in the mirror and could see my right testicle as the stiff shaft held open the leg of the shorts. I realized that he could see both balls from his vantage point a foot or so beneath them.

"Man, you are hot!" he whispered in awe. Before I could respond, he continued, "Guess I should have pounded this fucker before leaving on this trip, eh, Jack? I'm just as hot!"

"Yeah, that's the problem," I agreed quickly, "I didn't have a chance to beat off today. I seem to be hornier than usual."

"Me too," he laughed, diverting my concern somewhat. "You beat off every day, too?"

The question was asked so innocently that I said "Sure" before I realized what I had said.

Jerry grinned and said, "Well, shit, since we're obviously in the same boat, horny as hell, and since we both beat off every day anyhow, why don't we just relax, enjoy it, and jack off together tonight? What do you say?"

Before I could respond, he went on, "It would sure be a turn on for me. In fact, to tell you the truth, I was praying for something like this to happen because I've liked you from the first time we met. I was hoping we might find a way to get it on."

He kept his hand moving on his cock as he spoke, hypnotizing me. He was saying what I had always hoped someone would say to me, what I had heard in my dreams and thought of in my fantasies as I beat off. This time, though, it was a living, breathing, hot sexy friend saying it to me, really asking me to jack off with him as I had dreamed of.

"I was hoping the same thing, Jerry!" I admitted, shyly, before he could change his mind. His eyes widened and he grinned up at me.

"Perfect," he said quietly, closing his eyes and smiling, shaking his head a bit as if from a shudder of delight. "Let's shower first, okay?" he asked, letting go of his cock and rolling onto his side, staring right up at my cock. He studied it for a moment and then asked, laughing, "How're you gonna get those shorts down over that ramrod?"

I laughed, relaxing. "Guess I'll have to try thinking about something else for a while. I'm so fuckin' horny." Then, as if by inspiration, I said, "Maybe you could help."

"Hot dog!" he laughed, jumping up from the bed. "Let's give it a try." He came up next to me with a grin, then sat on the bed below me trying to figure how to get the stiff erection back up into the undershorts' leg without ripping the shorts or causing me to lose the erection, staring at it in front of his face.

"Maybe if I..." he said, reaching out to grab my thick cock, wrapping his fingers around it, pulling it towards himself. It stiffened against his grip and pulled back, taking his hand with it.

"Christ!" he sighed, "it's made of iron." He didn't release his tightening grip. "It's magnificent!" His own erection was vibrating as it stood straight up out of his open fly.

With his other hand, he pulled the elastic waistband of the shorts down, revealing my firm abdominal muscles and the line of dark hair from my navel to my thick cockhair. The elastic pulled the shorts back up a bit. He slid his hand around to my ass and pushed the shorts down over my buttocks as his hand lightly rubbed the smooth skin of my full ass. My cock throbbed at his gentle, intimate touch.

"Man! You are hot!" he whispered, more emphatically than before. He looked up at me. "I don't think these shorts are coming off."

I laughed and said, "Well, shit, let go of my cock for a minute. I'll get them off."

He seemed to smile at the phrase "for a minute". He was reluctant to release his grip on my cock or remove his exploring hand from my ass, but did so as he watched me bend way over at the waist, pull against the elastic band, tug it over the head of my cock and struggle to release the erection from its imprisonment. He kept his head in close as he saw the slow progress, watching with fascination. Finally, it was freed and sprang up sharply, striking my belly with a smack as it did. The shorts were just below my scrotum as I straightened up, my cock and balls inches from his bright, eager face.

With both hands, he reached out and slowly slid the shorts down my thighs, one hand on each leg. As he pushed them further downwards, not letting them fall but rubbing my legs erotically as he moved his hands downward, he leaned closer and closer to my crotch until finally I could feel the heat of his breathing on my balls.

"Wow!" I whispered. "Let me help get you undressed now."

He didn't answer. He simply stood up, so close that our cocks bumped together briefly as he moved. He waited for me to begin stripping him. Not with an aggressive gesture, like a master to a slave, nor a subservient passivity, like a slave for a master, but with the patient air of an aroused man who had just enjoyed undressing me and wanted me to experience the joy of undressing him. Knowing he would enjoy it, too.

My fingers trembled but flew from button to button, from buckle to snap. Uniform pieces slid from his frame, revealing the incredible physique of a healthy, muscular, active body. I studied this tower of horny strength I was unwrapping, looking at his front, and watching his back in the mirror. He liked the attention of my skilled hands as garments slid away. At last he was standing in front of me naked, with only his socks on.

I knelt in front of him and lifted his foot, slipping off the sock. Then the other foot. He was nude. So was I, still kneeling, holding his strong foot, looking up at him through dazed eyes, overcome by the emotion of being with such a handsome man. His cock vibrated rigidly in my face, his balls up tight against the cockbase in their taut sac.

"Come here," he said quietly, and offered me his hand, gently pulling me to my feet. As I rose, our arms entwined and we found ourselves in a close embrace. We hugged each other tightly, pressing legs, cocks, balls, stomachs and chests together, rubbing backs, asses and thighs with our roving, searching, exploring hands. I could feel pre-cum oozing from both cocks pressed against my belly.

"Let's shower," he breathed into my ear.

We moved together into the bathroom, not wanting to break the sensuous contact of our bodies. The room was as large as the bedroom. The floor was like one piece of concrete, sloping to a drain under a showerhead. There was no shower stall or bathtub, the whole bathroom seemed to be a shower, except that it had a wash basin, a toilet and a bidet. One wall, next to the showerhead, was covered from floor to ceiling by mirror.

"Jesus," he said grinning, "I think we really are going to fuck in a whorehouse."

My heart skipped a beat. Who had said anything about fucking? He noticed my hesitation and laughed.

"Not to worry. No one is watching. And if they are, man, we're going to give 'em one hell of an eyeful!" He laughed loudly.

The laugh was contagious and I joined in, forgetting my anxiety. He turned on the shower and pushed me under the spray, watching as I turned, getting wet. Then he slid in under the spray with me. We moved together in an erotic dance under the warm water, lathering each other, turning, watching in the mirror. Touching. Feeling.

It was incredible!

Attention focused on erections. I was lathering up his, he had mine in his hand and was watching the skin move as he jacked up and down on the length of it. Up and down, up and down, hypnotically. Watching it.

My movements on his cock fell into rhythm with his. I pulled when he pushed. Pushed when he pulled. He tightened his grip on my rod, and I tightened mine on his. I started jabbing my hips, pumping my cock up into his hot grip. His hips started jabbing cock up into my grip.

We were both close to orgasm. He looked into my eyes.

"Man, you are hot!" he whispered moving his mouth towards mine. He kissed me lightly on the lips. I trembled, closed my eyes and wondered if I was dreaming. I opened my eyes and saw his gentle smile, his lips near mine. I leaned into them and kissed him, passionately, opening my mouth to his hot tongue as it pressed in to embrace my tongue, which he sucked into his mouth.

"Oh," he breathed, breaking the deep kiss, "I'm going to cum!"

"Me, too," I said, and drew his mouth back to mine. We kissed again, tongues lapping at each other, sucking, trying to get inside each other. We were pressed together, cocks throbbing next to one another held tightly against our muscular bellies by strong fists, when I felt the beginning of my orgasm. From my mouth, up to my scalp and throughout my whole body, the most powerful orgasm surged and pounded, rushing through my balls, into my cock and pulsated out to shoot the thick fluids against our pinned bodies. At the first spurt, I felt his cock expand and force hot semen between us, joining mine. Wave after wave of sensation hit me, sending thrust after thrust of spewing cum onto us, mixing with his cum.

We leaned on one another, resting, as the strength of our orgasm subsided. I reached out and lowered the temperature of the water, cooling us off, refreshing us. We clung to each other for a long time, enjoying the exhilaration of the experience and the relaxation of the water. We toweled off, watching each other in the mirror, grinning like idiots.

We jumped into the huge bed, laughing and poking each other, acting like boys. I had never felt better in my life. Jerry tickled me in the ribs and as I squirmed and laughed, captured me in his arms and hugged me. I hugged back, getting an immediate hard-on, surprising myself so soon after an orgasm.

"Now," he said, excitedly, pressing his fresh erection into my thigh, "let's really fuck!"

I gasped. "I've never..." I started to say, when his lips pressed over my mouth. We kissed as passionately as in the shower. He was now lying on top of me, our cocks pressed next to each other, side by side again but free of constricting hands, squeezed by the weight of his body.

He spread his thighs wide, slid his body and slipped his hips way up, caught the head of my cock under his balls, near his asshole, and slid downwards. My cock was pushed up to standing straight, pressed between his gripping thighs, feeling the sensation of his balls at the base, sensing the pulsing of his asshole near the middle, feeling the firmness of his ass cheeks on the cockhead. He lifted himself up and jabbed his cock into my stomach.

The sensations on my cock were unbelievable, more erotic than the best handjob I had ever hoped to give myself. He repeated the movement, helping me adjust to the newness of it, and then began a steady fucking rhythm. Pull up, push down, pull up, and push down. My hips began a counter rhythm, thrusting against his jabs, pulling back as he did, increasing the length of movement of cock against flesh. The grip of his thighs increased. The pressure of my hands on his back increased.

We told each other, through grunts and sighs, that we were close to the brink of another orgasm.

He lifted his head from my throat, where he'd been kissing and sucking, and looked longingly into my eyes.

"I love you." He said it quietly.

We both came. My cockhead was pushing out between the cheeks of his ass. My first shot of cum flew into the air and landed on the small of his back with a resounding splat. The hot sperm splattering on his body and the noise it made caused him to suck in his breath and he came instantly. I came so much that finally I had to grab and hold him tightly, stopping the friction on my excruciatingly sensitive cockhead.

We lay together like that, him on top of me, for a long time. Finally, he pulled up a towel he had thought to bring along from the bathroom and asked me to wipe him off. I rubbed his back briskly, after absorbing the pools of cum, and as he rose up over me, and I rubbed the front of him, removing the slippery residue. He stretched and turned as he squirmed, sitting on my crotch, grinning down at me. Then he grabbed the towel and returned the favor, rubbing me as briskly, making me feel terrific, refreshed and healthy.

"Christ, you are sexy," he told me enthusiastically. "I feel really lucky that we got stuck here tonight. Don't you?" He tumbled down beside me, his legs wrapped around my thighs, contact with our crotches unbroken.

"Jerry, you will never know how happy I am." I was sincere. "I want to stay right here with you forever. I've fallen in love with you."

He snorted and said, "You'll recover by morning. Let's get some sleep." And he started to rub my back slowly, tenderly, holding me in his arms. He eventually fell asleep. I seemed to have stayed awake most of the night looking at him, but I probably only dreamt it, because the next thing I knew it was morning, I had a terrific early morning erection, and felt a hard-on poking me in the ass.

I had turned in the night and now Jerry's body was pressed against mine, his huge erection probing between the cheeks of my ass. It felt unbelievable. I stretched, moving my shoulders upwards, but pushing my ass back into his crotch, enjoying the heat of the smooth meat of his cock drawn along the flesh. His hand slid over my ribs, pressed on my breast, pinched a nipple and slowly, sensuously, worked its way down to my cockhair. He felt my cock throb against the back of his hand. He pushed further downward and slowly circled the base of my cock, at the very root, fingers touching my balls. He carefully fondled my cock, gently moving his hand to the very tip, exploring its length, and circumference, the flexibility of movement, the pliancy of the skin. Then he began an erotic masturbation, pressing his whole body against my back, sliding his cock up between the cheeks of my ass, pumping my cock in his fist.

There was no better way to wake up. My movements quickly matched his, hips jabbing my cock into his hand then my ass into his cock. The movements continued at this steady pace for as long as we could bear it, staying relaxed. But he pulled his ass back and poked the leaking head of his cock at my tight hole. I groaned softly. He correctly interpreted the groan as desire and slowly, patiently, carefully pressed the hot cockhead into me. I expected excruciating pain, but was overcome with exhilarating pleasures throughout my whole body! We stayed completely quiet as we both felt ourselves adjusting to the welcome intrusion of his big cockhead. But, suddenly I had to have more. I pushed my ass back against his big cock and felt several inches slide inward, while pressing against my prostate gland, which caused amazing waves of pure eroticism to course throughout my whole body. It was unexpected enjoyment! It was spectacular! I wanted more of him inside of me and we worked together, thrusting against one another, until the pace was quickened by mutual demand. His hip thrusts became shorter, more urgent. His hand strokes became quicker and tighter. He kissed the back of my neck. He moaned.

"I'm cumming!" was all I had time to say before the first gush of cum soared so forcefully out of my cock that it hit the mirror at the head of the bed with a ringing splat. I stretched my head to look and saw Jerry looking at me and at my spouting cock in his hand. He had been watching the entire lovemaking in the mirror without saying anything to me. He smiled lovingly into my eyes and heaved his lower body into mine and started to pump cum into my ass. Then, he pulled out roughly and showed me his cum by spewing shot after shot up my back and all over his chest and abdomen. The sensations were incredible.

"What a great way to start the day," he whispered right into my ear, causing it to tingle. "When I saw you coming in the mirror, it was the best thing I've ever seen in my whole life," he whispered, still directly in my ear, tickling it inside and out. Goose flesh covered my whole body.

"When you slipped your cock so carefully into my ass, it was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life!" I sighed honestly.

"Wait'll ya slip YOURS into ME!" he sighed with a chuckle. "Then tell me which you like best!" He hugged me tightly and felt my body vibrate at the thought of fucking him.

It was a great way to start the weekend. In fact, it was a great way to start the rest of my life.

But by Saturday afternoon, we were walking in orchards belonging to Jerry's uncle, Brad. Jerry had mentioned that his uncle was divorced, but not that Brad was only 25. I had assumed he'd be an older man, like a divorced uncle of mine, and I was surprised by his youthfulness. He was healthy, hard working, and had an obvious friendly affection for his nephew. His mature, worldly nature was appealing. We toured the farm, and I listened to them talking about old times. It was great to be away from the army. And I was so excited about the previous night, I wasn't thinking straight. I kept wondering about the sleeping arrangements. I yearned to sleep with Jerry again but I didn't think I'd be able to. Jerry would leer at me knowingly, and I'd wonder if his uncle could see our lust. What would he say if he knew? We crested a knoll and a splendid view of a small lake was spread out in front of us. "Gee, look at that," I said, "what a beautiful view." I whistled.

"I asked Jerry not to tell you about my spring-fed lake, here, Jack," Brad told me with a pleased expression. "Seeing it, unexpectedly, for the first time is memorable. Don't you think so?"

"Oh, yeah, I agree. It's beautiful," I confirmed sincerely.

"This whole weekend is going to be memorable," Jerry said. I blushed and looked away, not knowing what to say. Jerry seemed irrepressible. I didn't know how to handle what I felt were his undisguised sexual remarks in front of his uncle.

"Let's make it even more memorable," his uncle said, looking at me with a grin. "Let's go swimming!"

"Great!" I said enthusiastically. "Oh boy!" Jerry echoed.

"Last one in's a dirty bird," Brad said and started racing for the lakeshore, tearing open his shirt and pulling it off. I ran after him, pulling my tee shirt over my head, dropping it near his shirt. Brad kicked off his shoes as he ran. Mine dropped near his. Socks got pulled off in a hopping, stumbling, laughing, dance of a way. Then, Brad pulled off his jeans and dropped them.

"Oh, shit," I thought. He was naked. He hadn't been wearing undershorts. I was assuming we'd swim in our jockey shorts if we didn't have swimsuits. I have a hard time controlling erections when I'm nude. I slowed down. Brad kept racing for the lake, his muscular ass riveting my attention. As I hesitated, Jerry caught up with me. "Com'on now, don't get shy on us. There's no one around for miles. Swimmin' bare-ass is a blast." He slipped off his jeans and shorts, and started racing ahead. His naked body, gleaming in the sunlight, took my breath away. His uncle reached the water and dove in with a splash. "Don't worry about Brad," Jerry called over his shoulder as he got farther ahead, "he's one of us." With that he bounded into the lake with leaps rather than a dive like his uncle. I stood there with my mouth open watching him. What the hell did that mean, I wondered.

I took a deep breath, pulled the buttons on my jeans, slipped them and my undershorts off and joined the two men in the lake. They were splashing and jumping around like kids, paying no attention to me. The water was invigorating. Cool and refreshing. The kind that pulls your nuts up tight and crinkles the skin on your genitals so everything looks real tiny. The kind that causes your tits to harden and your skin to get firm and taut. We swam, floated, kicked and splashed water at each other, giving ourselves up to the fun of the moment. I liked the way Brad helped me relax, not staring at me, playing and talking with me as much as with his nephew. We stayed in the water until the sun started getting low. "God, that was great" I said as we waded out of the water together.

"Yeah, it always is. I love it here," Brad said.

"Yeah, it always is," Jerry repeated, surprising me. I had gotten the impression his uncle had invited him but this was the first time he'd been able to come. He saw my puzzled expression and laughed, saying, "Before I joined up, I lived here with Brad."

"Yeah, he did," Brad said, "the horny little fucker." We were standing naked in the sun, drying off with our hands, rubbing water off our bodies, shaking our heads to get the water out of our hair. We were in a circle, facing one another. As I watched, Brad started throwing a hard-on right in front of us. I glanced over at Jerry and saw that his cock was even more obviously erect, growing as I looked at it. It was fascinating to see it get longer and longer, standing out from the glistening wet thicket of cockhair, starting to lift itself upwards as it strained outwards. I was unable to take my eyes away. Brad's voice broke my spell. "Yeah," he repeated, this time in seductive tones, "the horny little fucker."

"Jack's a horny fucker, too, Brad, believe me," Jerry announced.

"Yeah, I can see that!" Brad said quietly but enthusiastically. I realized that both of them were staring at my belly. I looked down. "Holy shit," I exclaimed without thinking, "where'd this come from." I was looking at my own full erection. It was stiff without being insistent. In the fresh country air, with a cool late afternoon breeze on my legs, blowing onto my balls, warm sun on my body, the erection felt as terrific as the rest of my body.

"Must be something in the air," Brad said, his voice a seductive murmur, as if reading my mind. "Sure looks terrific. Happens to me every day about this time."

"It does?"

He laughed, throwing back his head, enjoying himself. I watched him. His cock had become as rigid as mine. So had Jerry's. Both men moved closer to me. Our three cocks throbbed in front of us. None had been touched, but we had our hands on our own bodies, as rubbing off water changed to rubbing tits, pulling scrotums, running hands over firm skin because it felt so good as we watched each other doing the same thing. "Wow, you've got a big one, Jack," Brad said. "Look at it pulsate. I can see your heart beat as your meat throbs. You're a hot one."

"I told him he was a hot one, just like that, last night, Brad," Jerry said, surprising me. But I didn't mind. I found it erotic to hear him talk about me sexually. I was enjoying his uncle's lewd stare and frank talk. Listening to them got me even hotter.

"Just last night, did you, now?" Brad said smiling. "What were you boys up to? As if I couldn't guess, you fuckers." He laughed. It was a genuine, infectious laugh and Jerry and I had to laugh with him.

"Never mind about that," I said trying to change the subject. "Tell me what you meant when you said this happens to you every day. I'm curious."

"Well I'm curious too," Brad responded. "So you tell me what happened last night, and I'll tell you what I do here every day." He smirked suggestively.

I looked at Jerry. He was grinning, eagerly awaiting approval to tell all, I could see by the look on his bright face. I nodded my okay, looking down to the gleaming hard-on he was displaying, which was throbbing in the late afternoon sunlight. It looked sumptuous, a shining beacon of healthy male virility, pulsing without being touched, quivering in anticipation.

"We told you we got stuck," Jerry told him, excitedly, "and had to find a motel. Well we ended up in a rooming house in a room with only one bed. We found that we both like to sleep in the raw. Well one thing led to another and we admitted that we both like to jack off, so we did. In fact, we did it twice." It was close to the full story, but his uncle didn't seem to buy it.


I looked up in surprise. He was grinning. "You two horny bastards didn't do it twice. Don't lie to me." He paused. "I'll bet you did it four or five times. I know I would have if I'd been there with the two of you." He grabbed hold of his cock firmly, as if to emphasize his sincerity and eagerness, and began manipulating the large organ, pulling skin up over the fat crown, pushing all the way down to the base, pulling back up, pushing back down again in long smooth strokes, up and down. Thrusting his hips forward, towards us, in lewd exhibition, as he developed a steady beat on the thick shaft. Up and down.

Mesmerized, my fingers slipped knowingly around my own cock, following his lead. I caressed it firmly, bringing it instantly to complete rigidity, beginning a matching masturbation. "Wow, look at this," Jerry said, staring at our cocks, "ain't this great?"

"Fantastic!" Brad said quietly, breathing more rapidly. He was watching the slow movements of my hand on my solid cock. I was captivated by Brad's smooth jacking movements, but noticed Jerry move in, getting even closer. I could watch both of them in front of me, both beating rhythmically on their cocks, keeping pace with me, slowly, sensuously. "He does it so good," Brad said to Jerry. Then he asked me, "How often do you jack off, Jack?" He smiled at me. It was a friendly, open smile.

"I used to do it three times a day. What about you?" I asked, not slowing the beat on my cock.

"Twice. At least." he answered without hesitation or embarrassment. "I wake up in the morning with a hard-on. I love starting the day with my cock in my hand, so I throw a fuck into my fist before I get up. Or sometimes, I'll go outside, if it's a nice day, and beat off outdoors. It's a great experience to have the warm sun on your body as you work your meat. Isn't it?" he asked as he watched us jacking off with him. We both nodded our heads in agreement, aware of the wonderful feeling of the sun on our bodies as we openly joined his masturbation. "After working all day," he continued, "I come here to swim. Then, I love jacking-off while I'm drying, just like we're doing right now. But Jack, you said you 'used to do it three times a day'. I know what happened. No privacy. Am I right?

"Exactly. I'm horny all the time. I've been coming every day since I was 12, but now in the army it's difficult to be alone. That's one reason I think this is fantastic, unbelievable! Standing here with you two sexy guys, doing it right out in the open. It's a real turn on. I'm close to shootin' my wad."

"Me too," Jerry said softly. "Yeah," Brad said, rising up onto the balls of his feet, pushing his hips forward, thrusting his cock up into his hand. "Let's shoot a good one. Fuck those fists. Com'on, pump out that jizz, you fuckers."

"Wow," Jerry said. We had moved in so close together the backs of our fists touched on the upstroke, cockheads on the down stroke. The touching of their cockheads against mine was overwhelming. I couldn't take my eyes away. The feel of the smooth head of a cock touching the smooth head of my cock was incredible. Brad grunted and started spurting cum. A huge glob flew up between us, arched, and landed on my pumping forearm. I looked up quickly from my arm to his eyes. He grinned. Jerry said, "Hot damn" and his cock joined in spewing jets of cum into the air. His first glob landed directly on the head of my cock. "That did it," I said, my voice breaking. My cock jerked upward in my fist and swelled to its maximum. The cockhead pulsated above my tight fist for a moment and then a torrent of cum, more than I had ever seen myself shoot off, came erupting in an almost continuous rope of jism. "Fuck!" Jerry said, "look at that cum shoot!"

"Yeah, man," Brad said, "I'd like that mouthful!" His knees seemed to give, and he lurched forward, spurts of cum still erupting from his heavy cock. Jerry steadied him. "Easy there, man" Jerry said, "there's always more where that came from." And he winked at me. It took my breath away. Cocksucking was such a forbidden subject in the military that I kept suppressed my natural instincts and experience. But here Jerry's uncle seemed to be saying that he did it, and that he wanted to do it. Even before I got soft, I got hard again just thinking about Brad's mouth on my cock. Or Jerry's mouth on my cock! And I almost came again when I suddenly thought of my mouth on Jerry's cock! "Holy shit," I said out loud, more to myself than to them. I wondered if they could tell that I was a cocksucker. They both smiled at me. I wondered what they were thinking.

We swam again to refresh ourselves after the terrific orgasm. We walked back to the modest, comfortable farmhouse in the nude, carrying our clothes. Brad found some sexy short shorts for the three of us and that's all we wore for the rest of the weekend, if we wore anything. After a very hearty meal, I sprawled out on a woolly rug in the living room, relaxing, listening to the night sounds. The two of them sat next to each other, nearby. There wasn't much talking, but I felt completely at ease with them, happy I had met Jerry, and happy he had asked me to come here to meet Brad.

"What are you thinking about, Jack?" Brad said, after a particularly long lull in the conversation, "looks like you're starting to play with yourself over there." Jerry laughed. I chuckled.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," I responded, not hiding the rubbing of my crotch. It was making me feel good. I had built up an erection in the sexy shorts.

"I can guess, then," he said, the seductive tone back in his voice, his hand moving to his own crotch.

"Bet you can't."

"You were wondering what I meant when I said I'd like your cum in my mouth!"

Jerry gasped, then stifled a laugh. "Geez, Brad, what're you trying to do?"

"Shit, how did you know?" I responded, surprised.

"Hot damn," Jerry said, a note of wonder in his voice, "you mean that's what you really were thinkin'?"

"I can't help it." I said, honestly. "You've heard about cocksucking, Jerry, but you've always figured it's something demented, drug crazed zombies do, didn't you. Not something done by nice guys like Brad or me. When Brad seemed to say that he'd like to suck my cock, I almost dropped another load on the spot. It hit me right in the balls and I've been thinking about it ever since."

"I knew it!" Brad exclaimed, excitedly. "I saw it in your reaction." He turned to Jerry. "Jerry, that's exactly how I felt about cocksucking when I was your age. But a couple years ago, a sexy jack-off buddy of mine begged me to let him suck my cock. I let him and I loved it. He was very good. Then he showed me how I could be very good at it, too. If you two guys would like me to, I'll instruct you both."

Before I could say anything Jerry broke in. "My god, why didn't you show me before if you knew. I'm always game for sex, you know that. We've jacked-off together often enough."

"You have to want to learn, that's all," Brad answered. "I wanted to blow you a couple of times, sure, but you just weren't ready."

"Bullshit," Jerry said.

"I got a better idea, Brad," I said with a grin, watching Jerry for his reaction. "Why don't you teach me, and then I'LL teach Jerry!"

"Whoo-ee," Jerry yelled excitedly, "would you do that, Jack? Fantastic! What d'ya say, Brad, how can you refuse such a super offer? Please, please." He was bouncing up and down on the chair like a kid.

"Great!" Brad said, grinning. "It's a deal! Come over here, Jack." I got up, acting hesitant, as if not really knowing what to expect but willing to give it a try. I moved slowly across the dimly lit room to the low straight-backed kitchen chair Brad was sitting on. Jerry was sitting close to him on a matching chair. Light was coming from a dim lamp next to Jerry's elbow, and cast a soft glow over their handsome, eager faces. "Let's get you out of these," Brad said as he reached up and opened my fly, popping buttons quickly. He let the shorts drop. I stepped out of them. I had been barefooted since swimming. I was naked, hard, erect with excitement.

"Wow, look at that," Jerry whispered, "every time I look at your cock I get a hard-on."

Brad chuckled. He grabbed my stiff erection and pumped it slowly. It came to rigid attention. "Man," he said, "you are really iron-hard! That's always a challenge for a cocksucker."

"What do you mean?" Jerry whispered, barely able to speak from the arousal he felt at seeing his uncle fondle my cock and at knowing he was going to watch him suck it.

"A good cocksucker always goes down to the base of a cock, gets the whole meat into his mouth and throat. It can be a challenge when the cock is as large and as steely as Jack's is. That's when it pays to have learned the right techniques. A talent-less, hapless, poor cocksucker, only licks at the tip, like this." He leaned forward and put out his broad tongue in the light. It touched the tip of my cock. It felt terrific. He lingered, lapping at the tip noisily, pumping the shaft with his hand to demonstrate improper technique. My hips jutted forward, unconsciously. "Hmm," he said, straightening up, "you like that?"

"Fuck, yes!"

"Yeah," Jerry said, too. We looked at him. He had his cock out of his shorts, holding it as he stared at mine. He showed it to us as we looked at him.

"Well get your pants off, soldier, I'm going to do you next," I said with a bold grin.

"Man," Brad said, "you are great. But watch out now, here I go. I'm going to take your cock and suck on the head, like this." He bent over to the cock again, but this time his tongue lashed at the smooth cockhead as his lips encircled and sucked on it. It slid smoothly into his extremely hot, wet mouth with a noisy slurp. "Holy Cow!" I sighed.

"Fuck, look at that," Jerry rasped, excitedly, "he's got the whole head of your cock in his mouth, Jack!" Brad said something like, "Yummmm". The sensation of his hot sucking on the sensitive knob was almost too much for me. I was holding back to let Jerry learn as much as he could. I was delighted this was happening. But the eroticism of the experience and the overwhelming sensitivity of my cockhead in the hot mouth were something I hadn't reckoned on. After only a moment Brad looked up at me. "Geez," he said, "I don't think I can keep this up, Jack. Your cock feels so fantastic in my mouth, it's leaking so much pre-cum and it tastes so good, I'm about ready to shoot in my shorts."

"Here, Brad," Jerry said, "let me suck you off so you can cum. Then you can teach Jack better, without distractions." It seemed like such a sensible suggestion as Jerry said it, neither of us fully realized what he had meant exactly. I stepped aside. Brad got up automatically, in a haze of sexual urgency, undid his shorts, and let them drop to the floor. His big cock was standing up strongly, oozing pre-cum, throbbing from the arousal he had felt while sucking on mine. Jerry slipped off his chair, leaned in past my hip and dove onto Brad's cockhead roughly, enthusiastically. He sucked noisily and greedily, bobbing his head up and down. I squatted down to watch from a better angle. I was amazed to see so much of the thick cock disappearing lewdly between Jerry's full lips. He sucked in what he could manage. Brad's breathing became very rapid, his hips humping meat into Jerry's mouth. Jerry grinned at me, backing off to the very tip of the meat then sucking it in again. It was incredible.

I wanted to join in. I leaned forward and put my tongue on Brad's balls, then sucked on them lightly, loving their saltiness and musky flavor. I eased upwards and came in contact with Jerry's lips. If you can imagine it, Jerry and I kissed on the cock he had in his mouth. I felt an expansion along the shaft and knew Brad was coming. The first powerful jolt of jism caused Jerry to gag, backing off of the cock. Immediately, without thinking, I covered the spewing cockhead with my own mouth and sucked as hard as I could.

"Sweet Shit," Brad whispered hoarsely. He doubled over my head, hips jabbing, as thick ropes of sperm filled my mouth to the brim. I loved the taste, but thought better of swallowing the thick, hot load. I was already being too obvious. I slipped the cock out of my mouth. Jerry was ready to take over again, lips next to mine, and went back down on it instantly. Brad kept pumping. He looked me in the eye, still bent over. "A good cocksucker swallows every drop," he whispered, "and comes back for more." He grinned as he watched me swallow. The taste and texture of the semen was rich and thick, musky and intoxicating. It was a great experience, being encouraged to suck cock openly since I'd stopped doing it after joining the service.

When Brad had had enough, he sat back down. He took a couple of deep breaths and put his left hand on my scrotum as I stood up again. He gently pulled my balls towards him, guiding my erection back towards his mouth. Jerry hadn't been satisfied with the taste of honey he'd gotten and wanted more, leaning in next to Brad's head, grinning up at me.

Brad continued his instruction, not bothering to note that Jerry and I had done just fine with what minor instruction he'd given us up to that point. The "instructions" themselves were turning all of us on. "You must remember to take it slow and easy. Concentrate on your breathing. Think about how you hold your breath underwater, breath out through your nose, breath in on an upstroke. But, most importantly, try getting as much of the cock into your mouth as possible, exerting pressure in the back of your throat to overcome the gag reflex. That's what makes the difference between a blow-job and a memorable sexual experience!"

"Wow!" I said, anxious for him to stop talking and renew demonstrating, my cock a willing test tube. He leaned towards it, exhaled hot air onto it, and took in a deep breath. His tongue licked again, roughly, at my cockhead. The entire glans, red and thick, was slurped loudly into his mouth and he sucked on it vigorously, still toying with my balls, pulling them down as they wanted to tighten up against the base of my cock. Then he began to slide his head over the erection, moving downward, filling his mouth, pressing my cock to the back of his throat. He continued a powerful suction as he backed up, breathing noisily. His mouth sucked and my cock pressed the back of his throat again. Then his head pushed down more diligently and I could feel my cockhead penetrate into the rough, gritty strictures of his throat. It was awesome!

"Holy shit!" Jerry breathed in awe, looking up at me, giving me a play by play account. "He's got your cock in over half-way, man! I can't believe it. Jeez it looks great as it slides in between those sexy lips. Look at him work that meat, man." And he returned his gaze to the suctioning mouth filled with my throbbing cock. I was so near coming my hips jabbed upwards instinctively. I didn't want to appear too insistent, but both his hands slid around to my ass and he began a massaging, pulling motion, forcing my jabs harder into his mouth, encouraging even stronger thrusts. I gave in to the lust the hands were urging me to and started fucking his mouth with eager pumping motions, feet apart, balls hitting his chin on the in-strokes. "Look at that," Jerry said quietly. "It's in almost to the hilt. Look at those balls hit your chin, Brad. Wow! You guys are good!"

Looking straight down my muscular abdomen, I watched the thick connector sliding smoothly into the hot mouth. Brad's nose buried itself in my cockhair as the final inches plowed deeper into his throat. I was in all the way. I was ready to explode. He'd just told us that cocksuckers are good only if they swallow the cum, so I knew blasting off in his throat needed no permission. I was ready to. Then Jerry reached in and touched my scrotum. The light touch of his fingers brought me over the brink and I said, "Oh, that's done it, I'm going to shoot off, Brad."

His reaction was to pull me in further, wrap his arms around my body, around my ass and thighs, and force the final millimeters of cock into his throat. I spurted powerfully. He swallowed, creating amazing pressures on my cockhead. My knees went weak, my legs trembled, my head got dizzy, and I pumped out the one of the most vigorous load of semen I'd ever shot off in my life. He took it all. Spurt after spurt. He came up off of my cock an instant before I would have had to beg him to stop. My cock stayed rigid, throbbing, pulsing, wet with saliva and sperm.

"Man!" he sighed, looking up at me, licking his lips. "Yeah!" Jerry whispered in awe, squatting next to him, looking up at me. I staggered back and sat down hard on Jerry's chair, my legs spread apart, my cock throbbing against my stomach, leaking residues of the orgasm. The only thing I wanted to do was give the same experience to Jerry, but I wanted to seem reluctant. "Jerry, that was unbelievable. I can't describe it to you. Maybe you should have Brad give you the same kind of blowjob. I don't think I could ever do it as good. It was terrific." Jerry looked disappointed.

"Sure you can do it, Jack," Brad instructed calmly. "As I told you, you have to want to learn. And I know you want to learn. You just want to be sure that your lover, Jerry, gets as good a blowjob as you got. Well believe me, he will. Anyone as hot as you are is going to do it right the first time."

Jerry's eyes popped open in surprise when Brad referred to us as lovers. He hadn't thought of things in those terms. His eyes softened and he smiled at me. I returned the smile, and I asked, "How about it, you ready for the best blowjob of your life?"

"Hot damn, am I!" Jerry shouted enthusiastically, standing up in front of both Brad and me. He positioned himself between my legs. His cock was pointed at the ceiling, looking sticky, completely wet. He had been oozing pre-cum like a fountain.

"Man, that's a great cock for sucking," Brad said excitedly at my side. "It's so well lubricated that it'll slide right in. And with my own cum still coating your mouth, you should have no trouble at all. Go to it." He kept up a torrent of instruction and commentary as I leaned forward, tongue out, lifting my hand to the cock, pulling it towards my mouth. Contact! It was electrical for both Jerry and me. The cockhead slid smoothly into my mouth. It was fuller and hotter that Brad's. My tongue lashed around it, imitating Brad's motions on mine, feeling the smooth contours of the meaty flesh. I sucked. Jerry moaned. He not only loved it, but he was getting encouragement from Brad. I couldn't have been more delighted. I was doing what I had wanted to do since the day I first saw Jerry, but I was doing it under the guidance and instruction of his uncle.

"Now, remember, concentrate on breathing," Brad whispered at my shoulder, watching the action carefully, pulling on his still erect meat. "Think about holding your breath, now plunge down on that fucker and get some cock in your throat." His sexy instructions diverted my concerned attention, and Jerry bucked his hips upwards shoving cock further into my mouth. I felt the cockhead press firmly against the back of my throat. I was relaxed, thinking about breathing. Jerry bucked again slipping the thick meat down into my throat. The pleasure was intense.

"Man, look at this cock disappear into his throat. And no gagging!" It was Brad's turn to give the play by play. "Fuck, Jerry you're two-thirds home, boy. Ram that cock into this cocksucker's throat, he just graduated into the big-time." The day before, I had to hide the fact that I loved sucking cock. I would have had to act like I'd kill if someone called me a cocksucker even in jest. But now I ate it up, loving the dirty talk, feeling pleasure at having a nude instructor at my side. Jerry had to figure I was simply a good student. His response was to shift his fucking motions into high gear and plug away, driving cock into me with great thrusts of his ass, which I was now holding firmly to guide and encourage. "Remember, relax your throat muscles, breath," Brad whispered hoarsely to me. He was hot again. So was I.

"I'm going to cum!" Jerry shouted, "take my hot load, man. Here... it... shoots!" He accented each word with an urgent thrust of his hips and I felt the cock tube in my mouth expand as cum shot past my lips and down through the tube. It erupted deep in my throat.

"Swallow," Brad said quietly. I did as I was told because I knew that I should swallow right then. It caused Jerry to go wild, refilling my throat with cum. I swallowed again with equally energetic results. Then I backed up on the cock to catch the remaining spurts directly in my mouth. It tasted wonderful. It was wonderful!

I remember that weekend as one of the most exciting of my life. Jerry and I both kept "practicing, and Brad kept giving "instruction" every chance we got, even out in the open at the lake after a swim on Sunday. Jerry got as good at it as Brad and I. Brad dropped us off at a bus station and bought us tickets back to the army post, so we were able to stay with him until the very last minute without worrying about hitching a ride or being back late. We visited him five more times for further "instruction" before we were separated. Jerry got transferred to one post. I was sent to another. But we still visit Uncle Brad every summer. And it surprises me that, as we get older, we get better! And we still call it "instruction" and "practice".


Jack Sofelot


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