It was almost the end of school in this rural southern Mississippi town. Our town was a little weird as the High School was only big enough to house 3 years of students. So our Junior High schools kept the freshman. Football season was over for the Jr. High and we couldn't attend the HS practices either. So, the freshmen were broken up and placed into PE classes rather than the football class. That didn't bother me as most of the guys were nerdy anyway and we still had a few buddies to joke around with. The football players definitely stood out in this group.

Our old football coach was called to the High School for a planning session. I thought this would be the week we could really goof off. One of the baseball coaches filled in for him instead. He was much tougher than I thought and he didn't care that a few of us were 'seniors' at Junior High.

We had PE the last period of the day since it was supposed to be football. You would have thought Coach would be tired by that period, but not him. He had brought out every piece of equipment from the storage building onto the practice field for his other classes. This may not seem like a big deal, but the practice field was down hill from the storage building. Getting it down there was the easy part. We weren't lucky enough to get to play with any of it. Instead, we had to run sprints around the track.

We were broken up into 5 small groups and we all paced ourselves as we ran around the track. The last person in each group had to sprint to the front of the line then the new last person had to sprint to the front of the line. It was early May, but the heat and humidity felt like August. Another football jock, Daniel, was in my group and in front of me in line. I always had my eye on him in the locker room as he was absolutely gorgeous. As we ran and ran, our PE uniforms became transparent. We wore the required white T-shirts and white shorts. We were allowed to pick our own shoes and socks. Also required was the standard issue jockstrap. Everyone was sweating profusely from the heat. The only difference was Daniel was held back a few years to play Jr. High football so he was more developed than the other guys. He was around 17. I was held back only one year so I was a little older than these guys.

Even tough his uniform was transparent; he thought it would be cooler to take his shirt off. Am I ever glad he did. From the rear, I could see his broad shoulders tapering down to his waist. His shorts had fallen down to expose the waistband of his jock. In fact, they were so low, most of his ass was showing. All I could do is stair at that beautiful, hairy white ass. You could even see where the top of his Speedo stopped-well below the jockstrap waistband. If it wasn't for that view, I don't think I could have run for the entire class.

We were still running when the bell rang to dismiss school. I guess our coach was deep in thought about something else and forgot that we need to get back to the locker room and go home for the day. As we all turned and began walking up the hill, I heard Coach yell, Stevenson, Brooks, come here!' What had we done wrong? All we did was run. How could we screw that up?

As we got closer to Coach, he told us that we had been elected delegates of the class and that meant we would put all the equipment back in the storage building. Why didn't he let everyone take something up? Why did we have to take all of it? I'm taking baseball bats, bases and a bucket of balls. Soccer goals and balls. Volleyball net and balls. Badminton rackets and birdies. Horseshoes and everything else that was stored in there. All this would take us several trips up and down the hill to get the gear stored away.

We both moaned and groaned but did it. I enjoyed walking behind him because he still had not pulled up his shorts. When we crossed paths, the view was even better. He didn't have six-pack abs, but there was no flab anywhere to be found. Well tanned and toned and everything was covered with a light coat of hair. For 17, he was one of the hairiest guys I've ever know.

He finished his last load before I did so I was the one to lock up. This wasn't a simple lock the door, but 3 padlocks and miles of chain. After what seemed like an eternity. I was also done. All of the students were gone and the teachers were beginning to leave. Both Daniel and I had our own cars so missing the bus didn't matter. As I made it into the locker room, I heard a shower going. Man, did I ever need a shower! I walked back to my locker in the very back. That way I could get a good view of everyone on my way to and from the showers. I stripped down, grabbed by towel and soap and headed to the shower. My dick was a little chubby after staring at that ass all class long, but not bad enough to be too noticeable in the shower. As I walked past Daniel's locker, there was his clothes-just like mine thrown everywhere in a mad dash to get into the shower. I walked up to his locker thinking I would be safe since the shower was running. I searched for his jockstrap, but didn't see it. I thought he may have hung it up inside his locker so I carefully opened the door so it would creak. Nothing. Where the hell was his jockstrap?

As I turned to go through his pile of clothes again I heard a voice that scared the crap out of me

'Son, you cain't take a shower in yo jock. Take that thang off.'

Oh shit, Coach is still here!

While looking for his jockstrap, I had been stroking my dick. I knew I could shoot off a load pretty quick if his jock smelled as good as I though it would. Now I was sporting a full blown hard on. How in the world was I going to take a shower with Coach, Daniel and a hard on?

I quietly pushed Daniel's locker door shut and walked towards the shower with my towel wrapped around my waist. The closer I got, the more I could hear.

'Get over here son-I've got something for you. That's it son, take it all the way down. Take it all. Mmmmm. Now lick my balls. You like those big hairy balls in your mouth don't you? Alright, keep sucking my dick. Don't forget about my dick.'

Oh shit, Daniel was sucking off the coach. The thought of this was keeping my dick hard. Then I thought, should I walk in and join them or should I let them finish. Surely the coach new I was still there.

'You're doing a good job there son-just about to get your prize. Pull on my balls. That's it, give 'em a tug. You ready, here it comes. You want it son? FUCK, I'm cumming. Come on, take it. Take it all. Don't spill any. You know you love that jock juice son.'

I was just about to join them and was hanging my towel on the hooks outside the shower when Coach walked out. Talk about cum and run. His dick was still hard and he was slightly stroking it with some of his fingers wrapped around his balls. He didn't say a word. He grabbed his towel, threw it over his shoulder and gave me a nod as he walked by. I don't think he even noticed my hard on. I did have to stare at his bubble butt with no tan lines as he walked back to the offices bare assed naked. I guess that wasn't a big deal since everyone was gone.

After he was out of my sight, I make my way to the shower. As I walked in, Daniel was standing next to the stream of water playing with his ass with one hand and jacking off with the other. I stopped in my tracks amazed at the sight.

'Guess you saw me and Coach, huh?'

'No, but I heard you all going at it. When did that start? I didn't know you were gay?'

'I'm not gay, I'm bi. It started when Coach Wilson caught me sniffing some jockstraps I found in the locker room while I was jacking off after practice last year. He told me that I like the smell of those jockstraps, I would love his since he never washes it. He walked up to me while I was still sitting on the bench and dropped his shorts. His jockstrap was cum and piss stained and smelled as good as it looked. It was even damp. As I was sniffing his jock, his dick started to grow so I decided to lick it and chew on it. After a while his jockstrap was so tight, I lifted the side up and his dick sprang out. He never said to suck it or anything, but I did. He just stood there and moaned while he fucked my throat. After he came in my mouth, he told me if I ever told anyone about it, he would tell the other players I was gay and was stealing their jocks to beat-off with. It didn't become a regular thing, but he has me suck him off a few times a here and there. That's why I get picked to put away the equipment after practices. I guess he told Coach Burns about it. That was our first time together. You want to do me a favor?'

I am still standing there, in the middle of the showers with my dick pointing straight out in shock from what I just heard.

'I really like my ass played with while I come. Can you put your dick in there while I jack off. You don't have to fuck me or anything, just put it in.'

As he said that, he reached out with the hand that was playing with his ass and started stroking my dick. I don't know if it was lube, soap or what, but he was greasing up my dick good. I never even got to answer him either. He turned around after he stroked it a few time and backed up onto my dick. He took it all the way down until my pubes were nestled in his hairy ass. That is in fact an awesome feat. While my dick is about 8 inches long and straight as an arrow, it is thick and I mean thick. I cannot get my fingers around it. And the head is much larger than the shaft. He did let out a moan and yelp as he took it all in.

He was getting used to the size and stroking his own cock. This went on for a couple of minutes then the fun began. I was standing there not knowing what to do since I had never fucked a guy or girl before. He started moving his add up and down and in small circles. He was getting into this and I loved the view. He was bent over slightly so I could see his asshole gripping my cock. It was stretched to the limit. I started to pull out a little and then slowly push it back in. I loved the way his ass-lips stretched out and clung to my dick. He seemed to like it because he was moaning more and he didn't tell me to stop.

This was all new to me and not knowing exactly what to do, I pulled out a little more each time until I could see my giant head almost ripping his ass apart. I thought I was hurting him until he said to pull it all the way out and then ram it in. So I did. The feeling was fantastic and he was enjoying it too. I could see his arm moving faster and faster so I thought he was getting close to cumming. I repeatedly pulled my dick all the way out and rammed it home. Each time, my dick was getting harder and harder. The sight of his gapping asshole as I pulled it out was really turning me on. Even tough we were not directly in the shower stream, the sweat rolling down his back was keeping the hairs on his ass wet. They were standing straight out when I pulled out and I could feel them tickling my dick as I pushed in. I knew I wouldn't last much longer so I told him I was about to shoot and pulled my dick out to jack off. He told me to seed his ass and slammed his ass onto my dick. That was all it took. I fired off the biggest load I've ever released into that hard, hairy, jock ass. When I was about done shooting, he said he was about to shoot. I started to pound his ass again and that put him over the edge. I couldn't see him shoot, but I could feel the contractions of his asshole on my cock. He was squeezing every last drop of juice out of my dick.

He stayed bent over while we both caught our breath. Then very slowly, he slid off my still hard cock and turned to face me.

'That was fucking incredible! Who else have you fucked like that?'

'No one. You are the first.'

'Damn. I think I could get used to that. Come on, you are still a virgin with a dick lick that?'

As we made small talk, he stroked my cock. With that type of attention, it was not going to go down. Then, he leaned in and kissed me. A gentle, passionate kiss. One hand on my dick, the other on my shoulder and his tongue in my mouth. I had to be dreaming. This went on for several minutes until he broke the kiss and said.

'Do you think there is another load in there I can have?'

'I've never done it two times this quick, but I can try. I usually get tired when I try to jackoff twice in a row and just give up.'

'This time I want to lie on my back while you plow me.'

In a flash, he was lying on the shower floor with his legs hoisted in the air. His asshole was starting to return to normal, but not completely shut. There was a small trial of white stuff coming out. I knelt down in front of him and started to play with his ass. Shit, that was my cum running out of his ass it dawned on me. I took my finger and picked up the leakage and rubbed in on my rock hard cock. I scooted up close so the head of my dick was resting at his asshole. I tried to gently push it in, but it wouldn't go. I fingered his ass with one then two fingers and tried again. It still wouldn't go in.

'You're gonna have to push harder to get that ramrod in there.'

So I did. One huge push was all it took until I felt my balls slam his ass and the floor. My balls usually hang low-several guys have commented on how low they are- but I've never had them hit the floor like this. It hurt but it also felt good.

Daniel was holding his legs so I used a free hand to jack his cock. He told me to stop or he would cum too soon and he wanted to wait to come with me again. I didn't know if I could come or not, but I was going to give it everything I had.

After a few minutes of pounding his ass on my knees, I leaned down and started kissing him. I could feel his hairy pecs pushing against my chest and his chest hair was rubbing against my nipples. I leaned to the right and used my left hand to play with his nipple. His nipples were bigger than mine and harder. I gave it a tweak or two and felt his asshole constrict each time. That was making my cockhead grow bigger. I couldn't tell if I was pulling all the way out but if I wasn't, I was very close.

We were just getting into a good rhythm when I heard, 'Shit. They left the water on.'

In walked Coach. He was carrying a gym back and wearing a red jockstrap. I'd never seen a colored jockstrap until them. We were still lying on the floor tangled up together when he entered the shower. I raised my head to look up and Daniel bent his head backwards.

'Sorry guys. I thought you left the shower running. Just be sure to lock the door on your way out. Take your time and have fun'

Talk about putting a damper on the mood. Thinking you've been caught in the act makes it hard to keep it up. Luckily, my dick was still planted in his ass. While a few more kisses and squeezes from his ass, my dick was hard again in no time.

It took a while longer to cum this time and I think Daniel was wearing out. As I got closer and closer, I got off my elbows and onto my knees so I could stroke his dick. He didn't want me to pull it all the way out anymore so I just rammed it in his ass with shorter, harder strokes. My balls quit hitting the floor as they began to draw up. Now they were slapping Daniel's ass with each stroke. The change in temperature from the cold, hard tile to his hot, hairy ass was enough to push me to the point of no return. As I filled his ass for the second time, he took over jacking his cock. He closed his eyes, rolled his head back and arched his back. This put my dick in his ass farther than it had been before. As he licked his lips, the gusher exploded. The first shot hit him in the center of his chest. The second shot landed on the left side of his neck. Everything else ended up around his bellybutton. There was so much cum on him, it looked like I shot off on his chest as well.

I leaned down and kissed him like he had done to me. I could fell the cum sticking to my skin. After a few minutes I broke free and pulled my softening dick from his ass. I was enthralled by the sight of cum sticking to his chest hair. I leaned in again and took my first taste of cum from the center of his chest. I was hooked. I lapped it from his neck next and then headed to his stomach. Both of our cocks were soft by the time I finished. We both stood up and walked to the single shower still running. I washed him and he washed me. Our dicks were down for the count.

As we dried each other off, a thought ran through my mind. Where was Coach going with a gym bag wearing just a jockstrap so I had to ask Daniel?

Let's see if he is in the workout room?

Still naked and without a towel, we walked towards the weight room. Right before we go there, Daniel said we should go upstairs to the walking tract that circles the weight room. You can look down into the room and get a clear view.

We climbed the stairs together and made the turn to the door. We slowly opened the door and headed to the left. The open railing didn't give much protection, so we crawled next to the wall. Daniel was in front giving me another view of that gorgeous ass. His asshole still wouldn't close all the way. About half way down the track we saw Coach working out in his red jockstrap, only it wasn't a regular workout.

His gym bag was open and there were dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs everywhere. It seemed every time he changed stations, he change toys too.

We watched for awhile and then headed back to the locker room. This time, Daniel got a good view of my ass. Just before we stood up at the door, Daniel got close enough to eat me out. I'd never felt a tongue on or in my ass before so this was heaven. As he started licking my hole, I stopped. The sensation was so pleasurable, I couldn't move. He licked and poked, poked and tongue fucked, and tongue fucked and licked over and over again. By the time he finished, I had spit running down my balls and legs.

Finally we reached the door and stood up. Both of us had raging hard ons. We cautiously made our way back to the locker room and decided it was my turn to get fucked.



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