Ive known that i liked men since the age of 10 but i never told anybody nor did i do anything with another man until my 21st b-day. Me and my best friend Justin went to one of his favorite bars to celebrate my b-day like men,i always wanted my first time to be with Justin but never had the guts to tell him until i had afew drinks in me.When i finally got the nerve to say something i turned to face him and told him that what i was about to say might end our friendship,he looked at me and told me that i could tell him anything and it wouldnot affect our friendship(but i knew this would one way or the other). So i told him that i was gay and that i wanted my first time to be with him and he told methat he was happy i told him b/c he has had the same feelings about me for a couple years now,he then told me that if i really wantd to we could go find a secluded spot and see how far we were both willing to take this,i agreed to this and we left to go find a spot.We finally found a spot out in the country somwhere inthe country about a half hour away from the city,he put the car in park and asked me if i was sure about doing this and i said absolutely.He turned the car off and leaned over and planted his flat lips on mine forcing them to part with his tounge,we were making out for a good 3mins when he reached for my zipper and pulled my hardening cock out and took it in his hand and started rubbing it.He broke our kiss and bent down and wrapped his lips around my 9 1/2in uncut cock and started me the best blowjob of my life,it did not take me long to shoot my wad down his throat,he swallowed every last drop of my cum and then proceeded to lick my cock clean making sure he got every last drop.He then asked me if i would suck his dick and i told him that it would be my pleasure,he immidietely pulled his pants down to his ankles and i went right down inbetween his thighs and took his huge balls in my mouth.I then licked the shaft of his huge cut cock and then wrapped my lips around his swollen cock head,he put his hands on the bavk of my head and forced me to deepthroat him(which is when i found out that i have no gag reflex).He held my head there for about a min and then he started to face fuck me forcing his cock to hit the back of my throat with every thrust,this went on for about 4mins and then he held my head at the base of his cock and told me to swallow his cum.Before i knew it rope after rope of his sweet hot cum was my throat,there was so much cum i was having a hard time keeping up,when he finally finished i made sure that his dick was spotless except for my saliva.Justin told me that blowjob was better then any other on he has recieved in a very long time,we sarted making out again and then he asked me if i wanted to take this to the next level and i told him that im ready.So we moved to the back seat and i stripped out of my clothes and he told me to get on all fours and spread my ass cheeks,i gldly did what he wanted b/c i have wanted this to happen for along time.Justin spread some lube in and around my virgin hole and told me that it would hurt and first but after the initial pain i would get feelings ive never felt before,i took his word for it and told him to just do it already.I felt his cock pressing against my opening and he told me to breath and relax my body he would not tear apart my asshole,when i relaxed his dick slid in almost all the way and it hurt like hell at first but when he was all the way in it stopped hurting as bad.Justin then began to thrust in and out of my ass faster and faster until i could hear his balls slapping against my bare skin,he continued to fuck me for about 5mins and then he pulled out of me and told me to face him and when i did he shot another load all over my face and told me to lick it off(which i gladly did).He then asked me if i would fuck him b/c its been a while and he really wanted my dick inside of him,i told him that i would love to and he bent over and told me to just ram my whole length inside of him w/o lube b/c he was already stretched enough to handle my girth,so i did exactly what he told me to do.It felt like nothing i have ever felt before when i was all the way inside his ass with every thrust and it did not take me long before i was ready to shoot another load off,he told me as i was about to pull out to just unload in his ass b/c he loved the way it felt and before i could say anything i started emptying my balls up inside of him.When i pulled out of him we both got dressed and headed home in complete silence,when we got to my house he told me that he really enjoyed tonight and he hopes that we could do it again sometime.I told him that that was the first time but it would not be the last,we kissed on last time and i went to bed with a hard on just thinking of the nights events.




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