In my Early twenties I was involved with Amateur theatre productions mainly chorus Singing dancing etc, it was here I first encountered several gay members of the Chorus, This was in the Seventies and Gay sex was still against the law, and I had not met any gay guys as the tended to keep them selves to themselves for fear of being caught. I had a mate who I had originally met in another society. They only did one show a year, whereas this one did two and more ambitious modern shows which meant there was more opportunity for dancers/singers as the other society tended to do the old faithfuls - The Desert Song , Merry Widow etc . With those types dancers and singers very rarely mixed you either danced on some nights and the chorus rehearsed others. Dave and myself got to know each other through a show a dance teacher got in touch with me as she wanted some male dancers and she had been asked to choreograph the show.

The Show they had chosen was Brigadoon , a show I had not much idea about but knew it was set in Scotland, Gene Kelly appeared in the Film and did the choreography and gave credence to the saying a Good Dancer does not make a good Choreographer. However David and I and another guy named Jeff started rehearsals at the teachers school to start with. Jeff was particularly effeminate and only petite in size but a lovely guy, they were my first connections with two gay guys. Rehearsals progressed until we eventually joined up with the principals and the chorus for some group Reels etc required for some of the bigger numbers. About a week before the show was due to open the costumes arrived, mainly kilts for the men and period dress for the women. Mine Jeffs and Daves kilts were a black and white tartan Menzies ( but called Abernethy clan for the show) The try on was an hilarious affair - we weren't allowed to go true Scottish as the stage was somewhat higher than the stalls seats. The dancers all wore black briefs, Dave and myself wore black Adam nylon briefs which were slightly see thru and I saw the outline of Daves cock for the first time. Jeff got his underwear from a guy in London who was one of the first mail order places then. He stripped off and was wearing the tiniest yellow sheer briefs Id ever seen that hid nothing. You cant wear those Dave said! Jeff ignored him and reached into his duffel bag and fished out an equally skimpy sheer blk pair which he pulled over the top. The show passed without incident and was well received. On the Saturday we had a matinee and eve performance with only a couple of hours between shows. So Jeff who lived quite close to the theatre went home for a break , whereas Dave and myself stayed with some sandwiches at the theatre. We were the only ones in our dressing room so after showering and removing makeup - was still the greasepaint type then we chilled in just our pants eating our snacks. I reached in my bag and fished out another pair of briefs and made to go to the shower to change. Stop here Dave said your not shy are you? To be honest I was, but didn't say so I stood up and slowly took off my briefs back to Dave who started laughing at my coyness. I thought oh what the hell and turned to face him as we were both in fits of laughter, Dave stood up and whipped off his and he had a lovely thick semi on, He was fascinated by mine as I am cut and he wasn't I went to put the new pants on - No dont said Dave weve got an hour or more before we need get togged up lets cool as we are, Ok I said and he put the bolt on the door, It seemed very horny being naked with Dave his semi was now sticking right out and mine followed suit. There he said no way would you have got that in those little briefs, anyway ur dripping. you don't want precum in the nylon. Looks like I will have to help you with that and suddenly his hand went around my erect length. then he suddenly knelt and started to lick the precum off licking my bell and saying hmmm you taste good all I could do was groan in pleasure he was giving me my first cock sucking and I wasn't fighting him off! He then proceeded to trace down the shaft to my ball sack and before I could do anything both my balls were in his mouth and he was sucking them. I was in heaven Is been very reserved sexually and Dave was the first to pleasure me like this. I d fooled around with a schoolfriend in my teens but nothing like this. Slowly he lifted my balls and put his tongue between my balls and arse opening. Wow you taste so good he said licking for all he was worth Without realising what I was doing I eased myself onto the table and Dave lifted my legs higher so my area was fully exposed he explored the area with his tongue and I just yielded to him.

Just a minute said Dave put your kilt on but no pants always had a fantasy about kilts he said , I did and he lifted the kilt and carried on pleasuring my private parts, though no longer private, He continued and then up my shaft and took my rock hard cock fully in his mouth right to my balls. He then proceeded to slowly slide his tongue around it all rising up and down till I could stand it no longer! Im going to cum I said Go on then Dave said and my legs shook and he swallowed what must have been about five bursts of my cum. Wow Wow Wow I said and I looked at Dave my cum was dribbling from the side of his mouth. Good he said with a smile, Fucking marvellous I said !!! That was the first time that I ever had a guy suck me and have never forgotten it. Dave and I had many good times like that but he always sucking me and he loved to give pleasure.


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