This begins 4 weeks ago I was in Newcastle working I travel a fair bit and stay in variety of hotels from real nice to real grotty ,this one was down on Quayside really busy with party folk as was working shifts did not need the noise one night was looking through messages saw one from Joe younger than me great body and a killer ass after seeing his profile and video of him jerking off my cock started to throb .I thought sod this noise I will contact him and meet up I am 37 very fit through various sports I do, hard bodied and well hung this I have been told from gf and previous sexual encounters .I showered shaved was tempted to have wank as was so horny at thought of fucking such a hot ass so I got out of shower changed into smart Tshirt hipster boxers and designer jeans put on my skate shoes grabbed my jacket and headed out door cock getting harder all the time as to the next few hours of fun ahead I walked the 2 miles from my hotel through the busy streets to an apartment building in quiet road rung the buzzer for Joes flat and waited .

After about a few minutes the door opened Hi Scott said Joe sorry about the wait the lifts out that's ok I said as I admired his tight young ass in his jeans as he lead the way up about 8 flights we got to his door he ushered me in to a student kind of pad .He offered me a drink I politely refused as just had bottle of orange on way over we chatted for short while he said Iooked good I thanked him said he looked great to we started to kiss I felt his tongue search for mine we French kissed for a while he reached for my hard cock felt the length through the material and said wow I got to see this I got of bed unbuckled my belt Joe helped me take off jeans my cock sprung out as he took my boxers down right inline of his mouth he smiled and took me in his mouth i could feel his tongue wrapping round my glans ,wwwwwwwow I thought as the feelings shot all through my body I am standing here with my cock in this young guys mouth his hands moved to my chest under my T-shirt that was off and as I stood naked he come off my cock to my lips where I could taste my own cock on his lips . I helped him undress taking his hardening cock in my hand stroking it I bent down taking it in my mouth not as big as mine but none the less a nice cock I slipped a hand round to his ass feeling how firm it was he said let me service you to which we lay on bed kissing he moved down my body nibbling my nipples God that felt amazing he moved further down looking at me smiling till he got to my hard cock I felt his warm breath as he took me full in his mouth right until he buried his face in my groin. I could feel his throat working on me this was better than a porno he then released his grip and started tonguing my slit this was ecstatic this guy knew how to suck he come off my cock and said wanted to massage me ,we got in position him on top rubbing my back and shoulders his cock bouncing off my back as he moved I am a top but when felt his cock near my hole I was so horny.......I would have easily let him in he said he wanted to rim me I got on all fours he nuzzled between my ass the feeling of his tongue licking my hole and a finger nudging my prostate was heaven his tongue darted in out of me I then felt him take my cock he withdrew from rimming to take my cock from behind in his mouth he still carried on fingering my ass as he sucked and licked my throbbing cock .

I so wanted to fuck this guy he said as we moved into missionary position that was a nice cock and how he wanted it deep in him ,he got lube and condom stroking me with the lube then applying the condom hands free he squatted above me lubing his hole he slowly lowered himself to my cock ,he took a few attempts to take it suddenly I was balls deep in him feeling his arse muscles wrapping round my cock it felt so good he started to ride me slowly at first his cock bouncing of my stomach I gripped his ass opening it slightly slipping a finger in as we fucked he loved this and bucked even more Joe leaned forward we kissed our bodies as one we then moved into a doggy style without coming out of him he bent forward in to the pillows so his ass was in air I started pumping him and wanking him at same time could feel a trickle of pre cum from his cock deeper and harder I fucked Joe we fucked like this for ages before going to missionary kissing and fucking at same time I just love it .He wrapped his legs round my back pulling me deeper into him the deeper I got the more his tongue darted in my mouth I then sat up he jerking his sweet cock looking down I saw my cock deep in this sweet hole I then lifted his legs over my shoulders fucking him real fast he was gasping he was coming I moved his hand and I took over jerking his hard cock until he exploded over his tight stomach I put my cum drenched fingers to his mouth to which he licked clean this sight was the one to make me start cumming I come out that lovely hot ass ripped off condom and sprayed Joe with string after string of hot cum the first shot flew past him landing on his pillows the others on his chest face and arm he pulled me close wrapped his mouth round my sticky cock and licked and sucked me clean we collapsed into a sweaty heap kissing hugging and feeling each other's body. Joe got up got a towel and cleaned the cum from his body as he turned I could see his ass still gaping slightly from the action we had ,we lay together kissing he put on movie I stayed another hour but had to leave as had to meet nightshift super about progress of the job we kissed some more I got dressed and started to leave he kissed me deep I could taste my cum on his tongue I started to get erect again I had to go definitely but wish could stay all night he knew this and started feel my crotch I kissed him again and left but I am down there a fair bit so Joe be round 2 next time I am down your neck of the woods .



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