He was lying on a table in the steam room of the local bath house when I saw him. Asian guy, mid 20's, smooth body, he was exactly what I like. We made I contact. I had just arrived, so I kept going. I wanted to get fucked that morning and he appeared to be a bottom also.

I kept looking for a top who could pound my smooth boi hole good. In the basement I saw him. Rough looking latin guy who looked to be about 19. He had some tattoos and a smooth twinkish body. I love rough looking twinks who have smooth hairless bodies. We gave each other a look and smiled. I grabbed by cock and he did the same. I headed towards my room, hoping he would follow.

I got to my room and left the door open as I removed my towel and stretched out on the little bed inside. The TV was playing a hot porn and I started stroking my hard seven inch cock. Plenty of guys stopped to look at my 20 year old lean smooth body. After five minutes or so, he appeared at my door. The asian guy from the steamroom nodded at me and entered. He stood above me and leaned over and engulfed my cock into his hot mouth. I wasn't there to get blown or top, but I went with it. He removed his towel and we got into a hot 69. He was sucking my cock very well and his ass was in my face. Smooth hairless boy ass was right in front of me. I thought maybe this would be fun after all. I started licking that hole and it tasted so good. Burying my tongue deep into his ass, my cock was hard as a rock. After 15 minutes of rimming his sweet ass, I wanted more.

"I want to fuck you. Sit on my cock." I said.

Without a word, he got up and sat on my cock. That hole wrapped itself around my cock and was a perfect fit. He bounced up and down on my hard leaking pole and was moaning in delight. I wanted to change positions so I flipped him on his back and threw is legs on my shoulders and powered my cock back into his quivering hole. After a minute of hard fucking, I felt a tongue at my hole. The door must not have been closed all the way. I looked back and saw the latin from downstairs. He was naked and had a hard 8 inch cock that I wanted inside me.

"Fuck yeah! Tongue my hole!"

He got my hole ready for fucking and took position behind me. He aimed his ridgid cock at my hole and thrust inside me.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me, boy!"

I kept thrusting into the Asian guy as the Latin guy stood still. I fucked myself on the cock inside me as I exited the guy I was fucking. I never felt so good. Ass wrapped around my cock and I'm being filled with cock.

Sweat was pouring off my body onto my bottom boy as sweat was dripping onto me from the top boy. We were working towards a fantastic orgasm. I was the first, shooting my load with great force into the hole in front of me. Seconds later, I felt the cock inside of me throbbing and shooting sweet Latin boy cum inside of me. My Latin lover pulled his cock out of me and hugged me close to him and spoke for the first time.

"That was hot baby."

"Thanks. It was great."

I pulled my still hard cock out from the Asian guy below me and he spoke for the first time.

"Get down there and clean my ass."

I got on my hands and knees on the bed and began to rim his well fucked hole. As I did, my ass was sticking in the air. I felt the Latin's tongue start rimming my hole. As I'm tonguing his hole, cum started leaking onto my tongue. It tasted sweat.

"You like the taste of your cum?" he asked.


He expelled more and my face became covered in a mixture of cum, sweat and ass. I let some cum run out of my hole and the Latin guy ate it up too. After about 15 minutes of loving each other's holes with our tongues, we embraced and decided to take a shower. We left my room and headed for the shower room to clean up before round two.


versaile boy


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