This incident just happened to me today evening and it turned out to be a really hot, wet

Encounter for me, so I thought I'd share my true experience with everyone

Around here.

I have a fetish for hot sexy (revealing too) underwear, and so underwear

Shopping always turns out to be an enjoyable time for me. Most departments

Stores around have pretty mediocre-looking guys who cannot even talk

Properly, forget make a good impression, but of course, many a number of

Places do have some interesting, good-looking men. And obvious as it seems,

I was a common customer of these few stores with amazing hunks working

There. So I went to a renowned department store in town, which of course,

had a lot of hot guys working there, all built gym-hunks in their uniform

white shirts, revealing their beautiful cut bodies below with 6 pack abs, and

black pants which accentuated their beautiful butts.

As I walked in, I saw all the usual salesmen who were there to provide

assistance, but my eyes suddenly fell on a guy, who I guessed to be a new

salesman. He came towards me with a warm cheerful smile, extending his hand

forward in a hand-shake and introduced himself as Keith. As we exchanged

pleasantries and introduced myself to him, I gazed into his brown hazy eyes

intently. He was a masterpiece in himself.

'How can I be of assistance to you, Mr. Davis', he asked. 'Got a dinner

party later this week, so I thought I'd get a new suit for myself', I

replied. 'What brand and which size would you prefer, sir?' 'I think I'll go

for Louis Philippe', I said, as I checked him out from top to bottom

thoroughly. 'This way, sir', he said as he guided me through the various

sections of designer selections available. Little did he know that my eyes

were set more on his beautiful physique and paralyzing smile, than on the

various suits he was showing me.

'Would this size be fine, sir?' he asked. 'I'm not too sure, it's been

quite a while since I got my measurements taken' 'No problem sir, I'll be

glad to help you with that', he responded with a smile. As he kneeled down

to measure my waist and pants length, all I could think of was how HOT it

would be if this amazing muscle jock was on his knees with my long rod in

his mouth, moving up and down over it, my hands ruffling through his jet

black hair, pushing him more into me.

'I think size 30 would be fine for you, sir', he said, taking the right

choice from the stand, and handing it over to me. 'Would you like to try it

on to see if it fits perfect?' 'Of course! I wouldn't buy it without trying

it!' I said with a smile. 'Most certainly, sir. This way to the trial

rooms', he said, directing me to the trial rooms. 'I'll be waiting outside,

do let me know if you have any trouble', he continued.

As I went into the trial room and slowly unbuckled my jeans and took off my

t-shirt, I noticed that my cock was now semi-hard with the thoughts of this

hard stud in my mind. It was dying to be released from the white Van Heusen

thongs I was wearing. It was oozing pre-cum lavishly now, from the wet spot

I had on my underwear. I gave it a few jerks till it started

throbbing. Here I was, having a massive hard-on in the trial room of a

department store trying to do something wild! After trying on the suit and

ensuring that it was the right size, my mind started racing on how to get

this young jock to see me in just my underwear. I knew I was taking a big

risk, but the devil in me just could not resist it! So standing there in

just my underwear, I opened the door partially and called out to him from

inside. When he came closer, I told him what length to stitch the pants and

some other minor alterations etc. As he was getting ready to leave, I

called him back saying I had a query. He gave the suit to another salesman

and came back to me promptly. The trial rooms all have mirrors on all four

sides and I noticed him looking inside the trial room, at the mirror he was

facing through the partially open door. From behind the door, I now came in

front exposing myself in my underwear to him and asked him, 'Do you, by any

chance, have these Van Heusen thongs, preferably in a colour like black?'

'Aah, sir I'll just have to, umm, check and see', he stuttered now as he

stared straight at my tented undies which I slowly rubbed and stood there

watching his amazement. He returned with the black thongs which he handed

over to me. As I returned them back to him, saying I'd take them, I noticed

him looking intently at my crotch.

'Looks like you're surprised and pretty interested in what you see, huh?' I

commented, rubbing my cock even more through my undies. He promptly looked

back up and said sorry to which I replied saying, 'Its fine, do you like what

you see?' 'Yes sir, oh yeah I do. You have some sexy underwear on there',

he replied. Things happened so fast after that, I pulled him into the trial

room and latched it from inside, locking our mouths in a kiss, rolling our

tongues and running my hands down through his shirt. He slowly ran his hands

through my undies and slowly pulled them off, our kissing getting more and more

hotter by the minute. I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled his pants off too,

revealing the best red thongs I'd seen EVER! Looking down at them made me

get even more horny for him and I commented, 'Dude! That is so fucking sexy,

your red sexy thongs!' I now started sucking on his lovely pecks, his

nipples so taut and by now, his cock as hard as bone. It must have been about

7 inches or so, and as I looked down at his wet rod and moved towards it, he

pushed me off and now kneeled down in front of me and took my cock into his

mouth, all The way. I couldn't help but moan so hard with pleasure, but he

put one hand around my mouth and continued to suck me off, harder and faster,

sucking on my balls and fingering my ass slowly. He kept alternating between

Deepthroating me and swirling his tongue over my cock-hole and then I couldn't

take it. The pleasure was so intense and out of this world that I had a

mind-blowing orgasm within 2 or 3 minutes! This guy seemed like a pro at

this! I now began to cum so hard in his mouth that it started flowing down

the sides of his mouth, filling his mouth completely. He instantaneously

pulled himself up and closed his mouth over mine, sharing my hot salty sticky

jizz load with me! That was just so fucking HOT! I had never really tasted

my cum this way and this was way too much for me to take any longer, I pulled

him over and shoved his 7' inch boner deep down into my mouth, lovingly moving

it in and out of my mouth. He held my head in his hands and now started fucking

my mouth, bobbing his cock in and out so fast, literally gagging me. I

awaited his magnificent release into my mouth as I sensed him beginning to

have an orgasm. I opened my mouth wide, fingering his asshole to increase

the pleasure, as he shot his huge load deep into my throat, and still

continued to fuck my mouth. Once again, he pulled me up really fast and

started kissing me, rolling his tongue over mine, with all his priceless

sexy cum. It felt just too good to jus stand in each other's arms, kissing

and sharing our hot salty jizz, our saliva, everything...The chemistry was


I looked into his eyes and said, 'That was really amazing, Keith. I loved

that!' 'Oh trust me, I'm the one who enjoyed you more! Your huge cock in my

mouth! That's the first cock I've had in my mouth, but it was definitely

better than anything else I've ever done with girls!' he replied.

We kissed passionately once more and then he quickly got dressed and left,

checking to see if anybody was around to notice. I closed the door, got

dressed myself and went to pay. Before leaving, I went up to Keith and asked

him whether he wanted to meet up sometime again at my or his place, to

which he gladly agreed. As happy as I maybe, I took his phone number and

left, waiting for the next time I get to meet this hunky stud.




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