A couple years back, just after I finished college in Boulder, CO I was chatting with a guy online and we decided to hook up. It was the middle of the night and neither of us could host, so we decided to meet up at a local intersection and find a place nearby to play. He told me he was 21, bisexual with very little experience and the pic he sent showed a nice athletic body. Other than that, I wasn't exactly sure who I should expect.

There was almost no traffic and nobody around on foot, so when I saw a young guy walking down the street, I figured it was him. He had on a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up over his head so no one could see his face. He seemed to see me as he walked by, but made no comment. I followed half a dozen steps behind him, neither of us saying a word. I had no idea where he was headed, and wasn't sure he did either. Was this even the guy I was expecting? Maybe it was just some random college kid headed home. He didn't seem too freaked out that a stranger was following him, so I kept going.

He followed a meandering route through a series of apartment complexes, occasionally pausing to scout a spot, then continuing on. I generally trailed behind, but sometimes caught up with him, hoping to see his face. He kept a pretty brisk pace and never let me get a good look. I was definitely on edge at this point, but my nuts were churning and desperate to blow a load. We continued on silently.

Finally, he made his way through some trees toward a chain-link fence. I thought he was finally going to stop and we could find a hidden place among the bushes, but he quickly scurried up the fence and jumped down to the other side. I followed and landed on the ground to find myself standing on the edge of an enormous soccer field. I'd driven by the area but never knew there was anything besides apartment buildings and a business park. He continued a good 75 feet further before finally turning to face me. We were standing in the middle of the field, right at the center circle. I silently approached him as he pulled back his hood. Besides having a great body, he was also very cute. There was a little scruff covering his face, and from the smell of his breath, he seemed to be drunk.

Our hands slowly began exploring each other's bodies. I slid my fingers under his sweatshirt to feel his taught stomach and lightly toned chest. There was a smattering of hair on his chest, and his nipples were small and excited. I helped him pull his shirt up over his head as he did the same to me. We stood there shirtless in the warm summer night air, lightly caressing each other. I stepped forward, pulling him toward me and began planting kisses on his soft neck. He moaned a little as I continued up toward his face, but pulled back as I approached his lips. His discomfort and obvious sexual excitement were both pretty obvious, so I decided to get things going before he chickened out.

I sank to my knees, rubbing my face against his bulging crotch through his athletic shorts. My hands ran up and down his muscular thighs and I suddenly remembered that he had mentioned being a soccer player when we chatted online. I realized he must have known exactly where he was going ... maybe even fantasized about getting blown there while he was playing a game! I couldn't resist any longer and eagerly pulled his shorts down around his ankles. A beautiful cock sprang back up, hitting me in the face. He was about 7.5 inches cut with a nice pair of nuts to go with it. What is it with hung soccer players?! I grabbed his sack, pulling him toward me as I slid his rod into my mouth. My left hand made its way up to his chest, seeking out his nipples, which I twisted and squeezed. He groaned and put his hands on my head, feeding me his stiff prick.

Within 30 seconds, though, he abruptly pushed me back and his cock began spurting streams of glistening white cum. I was shocked he had cum so fast, and was eager to suck down what was left. I grabbed his legs and shoved his cock into my mouth, pumping it as he let a few more spurts of salty juice into my mouth. His entire body shuddered and he stepped back to catch his breath.

I expected him to pull up his pants and make a run for it, but he pulled me up and dropped to his knees, releasing my dripping cock from my shorts. His mouth was warm and soft on my aching prick, but he was certainly no pro. He bobbed a bit on the head of my dick, nervously playing with my balls. My hand guided his head forward, trying to get him to take a bigger mouthful, but he only stayed on the tip. After a couple minutes, I pulled him up to his feet and began jerking myself. My left hand traveled over his chest, tweaking his nipples occasionally, then moved over his taught stomach to his still half-engorged cock and hanging nutsack. His hands ran over my chest and kneaded my nuts, pushing me closer and closer to cumming. My dick was rock-hard as my hand furiously jerked back and forth. My nuts jumped up and down until I finally felt a huge orgasm approach. Finally, I ceased all motion and cum erupted from my cock. Jet after jet flew out and landed on the soccer field, the first landing a good eight or nine feet away and the rest coming closer and closer. My entire body was glistening with sweat and I was totally out of breath. A dribble of cum remained on my hand and I brought it to my mouth, licking the last bit of jism up.

We pulled up our pants and he donned his sweatshirt, safely disguising himself under his hood. He made for the fence, jumped over and wordlessly disappeared into the darkness. I turned around and looked again at the enormous soccer field. The faintest bit of light was making its way over the horizon. I thought about whether he'd play again on this field, remembering the time he shared loads with a complete stranger. I decided to walk home without my shirt, enjoying the warm breeze on my moist skin.



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