I had just picked up Landon on my way to the party. It was a pool party and a whole bunch of people were going to be there. I figured he was on the way, so why not save some gas and carpool? Anyway, we got there early and got to the munchies before more people started showing up. By the time others started snacking, we were already in the pool, just having fun, playing games in the pool, Marco Polo, you know, all the dumb shit that kids do.

I loved every minute of it! I especially enjoyed watching him run around the pool is his trunks and nothing else. He's kind of a short guy, maybe 5'4'. He's white in the winter and golden-brown during the summer. He's got curly dirty-blond hair. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to just play with his curls while staring into his beautiful sea-green eyes. His smile melts me every time. Even though he's short, his body is really well-proportioned. He plays soccer a lot, so he's in really good shape, but not what you'd call 'muscular.' Any chance I have to see his body, I soak it up. I took in every inch of his body from the tips of his toes to the top of his tallest curls.

After a lot of beer and a lot of swimming, he was really relaxed and had a huge buzz. Since I was the driver, I was just relaxed from the swimming. I'm really glad I didn't drink that night or I would probably not have had nearly as much fun as I did. It was late at night when we decided to leave the party. I helped Landon into my truck and fastened his seat belt. He was barely conscious, but definitely in a happy place.

I got in and started driving. I guess I had already decided I wasn't going to take him straight home. He was in perfect condition for some more fun. We were near his neighborhood where the subdivision still had a lightly wooded area. I drove my truck a little ways into it and killed the engine. I looked over at him to see that he had passed out. Excellent!

I reached over to undo his seatbelt and called out his name. No response. I shook his shoulder, trying to wake him up. He moaned lightly; something like about five more minutes. I got out of the truck and went around to his side. He almost fell out of the truck when I opened the door! Lucky for me I was ready for him. He stumbled and I caught him in my arms. I scooped him up and carried him to the bed of the truck. I laid him down on the tailgate and hopped up in the bed, so I could pull him in. He was totally out.

I don't know what happened to his flip-flops. I guess they probably fell off between the door and the tailgate. It didn't matter. His feet are too beautiful to be covered, even by flip-flops. I kneeled to pick up his foot. It was soft and heavy with the smell of chlorinated water. I rubbed his foot, enjoying this part of his body. My massage continued up his leg as I approached his trunks. Did he bring his shirt from the party? I don't remember. Oh well.

I caressed his chest. There was some muscle there, but I could still easily count his ribs. One of these days I'd have to tickle the shit out of him and make him beg for me to stop, but that's for another day. I rubbed his chest, his stomach. I leaned over to kiss his belly button, my tongue washed his abdomen. I looked at his face to see that he was still out cold. I untied his swim trunks and loosened them a bit. Still out. I reached inside to feel his cock. It was soft and flaccid. He had big balls, considering his small frame. Still out. I pulled down the drunks to reveal his beautiful body. I had just taken his trunks off and gotten him completely naked when he started to wake up.

'Oh shit!' I thought to myself. What was he going to say? The adrenaline started to pump hard. He looked around and started to sit up, using his arms to prop himself up. He looked and saw that he was naked and then looked at me. He looked confused.

'What's going on, man?' he asked. He covered himself up with one of his hands and was looking for his trunks. 'Where are we?' I had no words. I wanted him more than ever. To see him there naked, to have touched the more intimate parts of his body, this much teasing was just mean. No. I would have him tonight; if he remembered a little bit, so much the better.

I sat next to him, my hard-on already starting to tent my trunks. He saw it and started to back away from me a little bit. I lifted my leg to straddle him. My hand grabbed his as they came up to push me back. I straddled him and sat on his chest. Thankfully, he was still weak from all the beer he'd chugged. I could tell he was trying to throw me off his chest. I folded his arm in front of him and held them there with one hand to see how weak he was. He was trying to unfold them, to get loose, but it wasn't working.

With my free hand, I undid my trunks just to get them loose. Then I had the idea of using the string from my trunks to tie up his hands. It wasn't really strong, but then neither was he. I took his arms and stretched them out again, inching my way up his chest. With my crotch just inches from his mouth, Landon, was trying to back away. I pinned his wrists with my knees as I sat on his chest. His eyes widened as I reached into my trunks. I pulled out the string and kept pulling on it. Relief covered his face; still not sure why.

Eventually I'd pulled out a good two feet of string. I started on his right hand first. After I tied it up, I lifted up a little bit to roll his body over. Of course his other hand came loose. I grabbed the one I'd tied up and wrenched it behind his back. He let out a muffled scream and tried to push up with his other hand. I grabbed it and forced it behind his back so I could tie it with his other hand. Within minutes, his hands were tied up quite securely behind his back. The knots were really tight. Even sober, it would be hard to get those out, but that didn't stop him from trying.

I rolled him over again and sat on his chest. I covered his mouth with one hand. 'This won't take too long,' I told him. 'I've wanted to have you since the first day I met you. If you just relax and let this happen, it will be over that much faster and with a whole lot less pain. If you fight me though, you're only going to make it more fun for me and very painful for yourself.' That counts as fair warning right? I could see anger start to boil through on his face. I didn't care though. 'Whichever you choose, remember that it IS going to happen.'

He started to try and throw me off of him. I got off him and took off my boxers. He started pushing back with his feet to the edge of the truck bed. Just like that, he hopped off the edge of the truck and started to try and run for it. Shit. I flew off the truck bed and caught up with him quickly. Again, I'm glad he was still drunk. Remember, he's a soccer player. Those fuckers can run! I tackled him and he started to scream for help. I punched him hard in the stomach to shut him up. Then I shoved my trunks in his mouth. I picked him up and threw him over my shoulders, so I could keep a tight grip on his legs. I trotted quickly back to the truck, this hottie wiggling and screaming for help through my make-shift gag. When I got back to the truck, I threw him in the cab instead of the truck bed. If the gag came out, I didn't want people to come running to help him out.

I closed the door and came towards him. He'd already rolled over and was backing towards the other door. I grabbed one ankle and pulled him back towards me. He started to kick me. Even drunk, his legs were really powerful. I had both of his ankles in hand and pulled him in closer to me. He continued to try and kick, but I was between his legs so they couldn't do much more than flail uselessly. I put one of his legs on my shoulder and looked to my left. There in the back seat were a few bungee cords that I used to strap down stuff in the bed. I let go of his leg and reached for the bungee chord. He took the opportunity to kick the shit out of my head. I had the chord in my hand as the world was ringing and slowly coming back into focus. Landon was up against the other door, try to open it with his hands tied behind his back. I reached for his ankle and pulled him back to me. He was kicking again and sobering up more and more. I wrapped the bungee chord around his ankle and hooked it onto the frame of the back of the cab. His free leg was doing everything it could to kick me and get away.

I got in close and put his free leg on my shoulder. He was twisting to try and get away from me, but I had him this time. I licked one of my fingers and put it near his asshole. I looked at him. He was breathing hard and had a look of desperation on his face. I wanted him to hurt now. I wasn't going to take it easy on him. He fought to save his ass. I fought to have his ass. I shoved my finger in quickly all the way to the knuckle. He screamed through his gag and tried to kick me away with his leg. I smiled and my cock twitched eager for its turn.

I twisted my finger in his tight hole. He squirmed, trying to wriggle away from this intruder. I pulled it out and then shoved it back in. He was so tight! Just my finger up his ass was making him scream like this. I shoved my finger as deep as it would go and then started to work in another finger along side it. He was screaming, trying to push the fingers out, but it wasn't working. Tears started trickling down his reddening face as I finger-fucked him. He was still trying to kick away with his other leg, still trying to twist away from this unwanted invasion. I pulled my fingers out. He was still really tight. Getting two fingers up his ass was such an accomplishment, I couldn't imagine how I would get my cock in there, but you gotta' try.

So I did. I put my cock at his asshole and started to push. He pulled his leg back and kicked me in the chest and away from him. I fell back, but recovered quicker this time. I grabbed his ankle and pushed his leg back over his body. I put my cock at his asshole again and started to push as hard as I could. He was squeezing as hard as he could and doing everything he could think of to try and get free. His whole body was tense; his face was red, tears of rage flowing unashamed. I could see in his eyes: fear, anger, betrayal, hate, disgust, disbelief. I reached up and pinched his nipple as hard as I could. He screamed loud and I felt his body relax for a second. I pushed the head of my cock into his asshole and then he really screamed. Even through his gag, it was blood-curdling!

The walls caved in on my cock. I felt like I had just stuck my cock into a vise grip and it was tightening on me. Landon freaked out. He was struggling maniacally. The bungee chord had already given him a rope burn on his ankle. His arms somehow had a little more slack than when I first started. I pushed harder to try and get some more of my dick in this tight hole. That's when it happened. One of his hands popped out of nowhere as I leaned back, narrowly missing the right hook of a man being raped. The other hand came out and started to try and push me away. Fuck yeah! I thought. Now this is going to be fun.

I leaned forward and grabbed his bloody wrists, the remnants of the string still knotted around his wrists, various parts of it still frayed from where he had cut them on the edge of the door handle. I held his wrists to his chest, his leg slipping away from my shoulder. My cock popped out. I was pissed. I let go of one of his wrists and wiped the blood on my cock. He started to punch me with his free hand before trying to free his other wrist. My grip tightened on that arm. He was really hitting me hard to get free! I took my cock, covered with his blood and put it as his asshole for the third time that night.

I shoved the head in with no problem this time. I knew I would be home free. I grabbed his leg and put it back on my shoulder. His other hand was held firmly, his free hand tried to go for the invader at his asshole. I grabbed that hand and had held him--my cock slowly gaining a little more ground. He screamed some more, struggling, his face turning redder and redder, but he couldn't stop me. He squeezed, but the blood was doing a good-enough job as a lube.

When I felt like there was nothing he could do to stop me, I shoved my dick all the way in. I let it sit there for a minute, enjoying the feeling of his body convulsing, bucking, doing everything it knew how to do to get free. He felt so good; his hot, tight hole clenching my dick. I pulled out a little bit and rammed him hard again. Oh he was mine now. He had somehow managed to get the gag out of his mouth by this point, but he wasn't screaming as loudly anymore. He was sobbing between cursing, grunting in pain with each thrust. He wasn't even really fighting anymore.

I let up a little bit and untied his other leg to get a better angle. I spread his legs wide and got deeper. I think I must have hit a nerve or something. He started speaking really fast, begging to stop, to pull it out, that he was going to pass out. I leaned in really close and long-dicked him. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he went limp for a few seconds. He woke up after a minute, confused for a second; maybe hoping it was a nightmare. I felt his asshole clench and then he screamed as he realized there was a dick in his ass. I punched deeper still as he screamed again. He wanted to curl up into a ball. I held him in place as I fucked him. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I kept pumping my cock in and out of his ass. Then I came, each blast of hot seed coating his insides with years of desire and want. He was mine.

I pulled out my cock and was enjoying the feeling of having conquered him. It was such a high. I looked up at the window and saw his room mate. I panicked. Landon looked at me and then looked to see what I was looking at. He cried. His roommate opened the door and helped Landon get out. Landon didn't see what I saw though. Against Steve's pants was a cock just begging to be freed.

I got out of the truck, eager to see what would happen next. He carried Landon to the truck bed and sat him down. Still sore from the hard raping I'd given him, he winced and cried out. His ass was still tender. He laid back to take the pressure off his ass. Still sobbing, Landon was looking at me and backing up into the truck bed to get as far away from me as he could. That's probably why he didn't notice Steve taking off his pants and boxers. He noticed soon enough though.

Steve jumped on the truck bed and started stalking towards Landon. He looked at me. 'Are you done for the night or do you want to help me with round two?' He grinned. Landon panicked again. I jumped on the truck bed and casually walked over to Landon. He began to cry again and looked to his roomie desperately for help. I grabbed his arms and held them behind his back. Steve stood in front of Landon to be sure that he got a nice look at his cock. This enormous monster curved towards the sky, eager for pleasure. Steve knelt down, grabbed Landon's ankles and spread him wide.

Even after all he had already been through, I could feel Landon tense up again for one last attempt to flee before getting brutally raped by this beast. I held him tightly as Steve began to feed his cock into the tight little hole. Landon screamed, trying to get away, but there was nowhere to go. He screamed. Oh how he screamed. His body went limp in my arms while Steve continued to pound his ass. Though he had passed out, his face contorted with each thrust showing a great deal of pain. Seeing this and having Landon's body rubbing up against mine had me ready for a second helping.

Since he had passed out, I relaxed my grip and helped rearrange Landon while Steve lay down in the truck bed. I put Landon in a sitting position so that he was riding Steve's monster. I watched Steve fuck Landon's limp body, that huge cock burying itself deep into that sweet hole. I couldn't wait to be back inside of Landon again!



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