I'm Robert Daniels. For most of my life I was called Rob, but in the marines there was another Rob in my unit so I became RD, a combination of my initials.

I was raised in several foster homes and at the age of eighteen I joined the Marines, being assigned to security.

After four years and two deployments to the middle east, I wanted a life without all the tension. I had heard from a bud of mine in the Marines, that was from Broken Branch, that the police force there was usually hiring and things were extremely quiet in the town. That's what I wanted.

I applied, was hired, assigned to patrol duty working nights as all new officers are. Each night patrol officer was given an area and our work was nothing more than driving around and making sure everything was quiet.

We had the occasional family disturbance, auto accident, speeders and drunk drivers, but for the most part things were quiet.

About a month after I started, I got a call on the radio. I was assigned to unit 4 and suddenly I heard, "Unit 4, check out a domestic quarrel at 1616 Oak Street. Unit 5 will back you up, but wait a few houses down the street for him to get there. He'll fill you in on them. We get calls there a couple times a month."

"10-4" I replied.

"Go in silent and dark," I was told, meaning no siren or lights.

I heard Jim in unit 5 say "Five minutes, Rob."

"10-4," I replied.

I arrived and parked and waited.A couple of minutes later Jim arrived and as I got out of my car he walked up.

"What's the deal here?" I asked.

"These are two gay lovers. About twice a month they get into an argument and usually start throwing punches. Usually, by the time we arrive they have patched things up but according to the law if we see evidence of physical abuse, the take the other in."

"I see. Let's see what we got tonight."

We walked to the house and knocked. When the door was answered, we were invited in and I saw two nice looking guys in their late twenties. Both showed signs of having been in a fight. They explained what happened and said everything was okay and over. We explained the law and took them both in for domestic violence.

I really hated to do it being gay myself. All couples have disagreements but the law is the law.

Jim and I loaded them into my car and I took them in for processing. Forgetting procedure, I failed to call in that I was bringing both in.

I arrived at the station to find a couple of the other night patrol officers cars in the lot. As I entered the back door used for booking, I could hear hurried movement in the squad room.

I got to the booking desk just as the booking officer walked up, looking slightly messy in his uniform. I wondered what he had been up to.

About that time, the night sergeant came up asking why I hadn't called in.

"Sorry, Sarge. I just forgot. It won't happen again."

I noticed that the sergeants uniform as well as the other two officers uniforms were slightly in disarray and became extremely curious. At roll call all their uniforms had been in perfect order.

On the night shift there were six officers on patrol and our shifts were twelve hours. We took our dinner breaks two officers at a time. Jim and I were scheduled for 2 a.m.

When our time arrived, I heard Jim call in saying he was taking his break. Seconds later I did the same. I went through the all night drive through at a fast food joint and ate as I drove. I was headed for the station to do some undercover spying.

I arrived and parked about a block from the station. With my portable radio clipped onto my belt, I eased up to the station. I turned the volume low so i could still hear if anyone called in that they were coming to the station.

Easing around to the back, I peered into the squad room and froze at what I saw. There I saw the booking officer, Jim, Sarge, and the two guys I had brought in. The two 'prisoners' were nude and the three officers were nude from the waist down.

Jim and Sarge were a couple of the long desk each in a sixty-nine with one of the prisoners. The booking officer was on top of the sarge, fucking him in the ass while he and one of the prisoners sucked each other.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I knew then that the reason for the uniforms being in disarrays earlier was that they were engaged in sex when I arrived with the two lovers.

I watched and as I did, my own cock became rock hard. All of them were hot as hell but the sarge was the hottest of them all; hairy and muscular. Jim was extremely weak hung and it was obvious he liked to deep throat a cock.

Easing my cock out, I began jerking off as I watched. Soon, the booking officer climaxed up the sarge's ass and climbed down. seconds later the other four also climaxed and I watched as all four eagerly swallowed. As I shot my load out onto the wall under the window, I wondered how i could start enjoying the pleasure that they were enjoying.

I put my softening cock away and hurried back to my patrol car and returned to my area. A short while later I heard Jim say he was back on patrol. I did the same.

A few nights later, about half past one, I radioed Jim and asked him to go to channel five. That was for us to communicate car to car.

"Yea, what's up, Rob?"

"Want to meet me for dinner? My treat."

"Sure, where?"

"I'll pick up some burgers and sodas and meet you at the park."

"Sounds good," he said.

The park was on the edge of his district just about a block from the edge of mine. And at night it was deserted, dark and private.

I picked up the burgers shortly before two and we both went out of service seconds apart. I arrived first and went to an exceptionally dark area, parking and going to a picnic table. Jim arrived just seconds later and parked next to me.

He came up to the table and as we ate, We talked about things in general. Just as I finished my burger, I asked, "Do you ever find guys out here having fun together?"

"You mean having sex?"

"Yep. But when they see me pull in the hightail it to their cars and take off."

"You ever catch any in action?"

"Occasionally. Sometimes they head off into the woods and I manage to get in and follow the trail and walk up on them."

"What are they usually doing?"

Looking at me curiously, he said "Most of the time one is blowing the other, but I have walked up on three ways where one guy is blowing one guy while the other is fucking his ass."

"Damn! Do you manage o get all in cuffs?"

"Usually I just issue a citation for public indecency."

"It ever turn you on when you see them?"

"Why all the questions?" he asked.

"Just curious. I know it would me if I saw it. It's nice and dark here and a nice place to have sex."

"It would turn you on?"

"Yea, it would," I replied. "I saw two cars go into an alley a couple nights ago. I killed my lights and after a minute or so, I pulled in. The were standing next to one of the cars kissing and making out then one went down on the other. I was horny as hell and got boned in seconds. I sure could have used a blow then."

"You ever had a guy blow you?" he asked.

"Yea. When I was in the Marines and in the middle east, there were a couple of guys in the unit that were gay. Everyone knew it but kept quiet. They were good soldiers and always had your back in an emergency. They just enjoyed servicing the rest of us. How about you?"

He paused a moment before saying, "Yea, back in college."

"Man, I wish someone was here now. I'm so horny, I'd let them blow me right here in front of you."

"You're fucking serious, aren't you?"

"Hell yea. If guys like that sort of thing, I see nothing wrong with them doing it as long as it's private. I don't hold anything against them."

"Unbelievable," he said.

"Fuck, just talking about it has me boned, and i need to piss. If I go to the edge of the woods, are you going to cite me for pissing in public?"

Laughing, he said "Fuck no. I need to piss also."

"Care to join me?" I asked as I got off the bench.

"Sure," he replied.

I went to a spot where the moon light was making it way through the trees and stopped. I managed to get out my rock hard cock and aim it toward a tree. Jim stood next to me and I could see him eyeing my hard cock. As I glanced at his, I could see his stiffening.

"I told you I was boned. I need to get off bad."

"That's fairly obvious," he answered.

"Man, I sure wished you sucked cock. I'd let you do it all you want. I'd never tell."

"You mean that?"

"Hell yea. If you want it, it's all yours," I said turning toward him, shaking the last of the piss off it.

He looked at my hard cock then at me. As he looked back at my cock, I unbuckled my gun belt and eased it to the ground, then opened my pants, letting them slide down to my knees. I had intentionally not worn any underwear.

"Go for it," I said.

He slowly went to his knees and a second later he had my eight inch cock buried in his throat with his nose in my pubic bush.

"Oh, fuck yea!" I exclaimed. "Drain me, please."

Jim sucked me eagerly and I hadn't lied to him. i was indeed horny as hell and he was doing a fantastic job. It didn't take me long to climax into his hungry mouth. He collected every drop then swallowed, before standing up.

"Rob, you have to promise that you won't tell a soul about this," he said after standing.

I reached for his gun belt and as I unbuckled it I said, "I promise as long as you don't tell on me."

I eased his gun belt to the ground and began opening his pants. I let them drop as I went to my knees. I puled down his briefs, releasing his long hard cock.

"Nice," I said, then swallowed it in it's entirety.

"Mother fuck! I can't believe you suck too."

I worked him expertly and soon brought him to his climax. after swallowing his huge sweet thick load I stood and kissed him. We had a hot wet tongue kiss for several seconds before separating.

As we put ourselves back together he asked, "Were you one of the ones that serviced the others?"

"Yep. Our unit was small and we were assisting an Army unit there. Hell, I kept their commander, Col. Richardson serviced at least three times a week. Sometimes he wanted a blow job and other times he wanted to fuck."

"Shit, no kidding? Did he ever suck you?"

"No. If I sucked him he would jerk me off and if he fucked me he wanted me on my back with my legs pulled up so e could kiss while he fucked me."

"Holy shit!"

"Are any of the other officers into gay sex?" I asked, wondering it he would tell on them.

"I can't answer that," was how he responded.

"Well, I sure as hell wish Sarge was. I think he's hot as hell and I'd love sex with him any way he wanted it."

"Yes, he is hot," he replied.

We were ready to leave and I said, "next time we take break together I want you to fuck me."

"Sure, if you'll fuck me in return.

"Gladly," I replied.

We met several times on our breaks and either sucked or fucked each other. Sex with Jim was awesome.

The night shift worked every weekend with days off during the week. Weekends were usually slightly busier that the weeknights.

I asked Jim if he would like to come to my place during our time off, He said he'd like to but had plans to go camping with some other guys.

I overheard some of the other night officers discussing the camp out, so I knew it was other officers he was going with.

I noticed that when our days off were over several of the other night officers looked at me in a different way.

That night, as I was about to take my dinner break, Sarge came on the radio telling me he needed to see me.

I went to the station and went to his office.

"Come with me," he said.

I followed him to the squad room and there stood Jim, the booking officer and the two officers I had seen having sex earlier.

"You never did go through your initiation," he said. "Jim, blindfold him."

I knew sex would be involved so I didn't resist. Jim secured the blindfold and seconds later I felt a pair of hot wet lips on mine. By the moustache, I knew it was Sarge. I kissed him back eagerly as pair of hands removed my gun belt and lowered my pants. Seconds later I felt a hot wet mouth on my cock and a hot wet tongue licking and tongue fucking my ass.

A few moments later, I was put on my hands and knees and as one cock entered my ass another was pressed against my mouth. I hungrily opened my mouth, taking the cock in all the way.

As I eagerly sucked the mysterious cock, the blindfold was removed. I had Sarge's cock in my mouth and the booking officer in my ass. I managed to see the booking officer sucking one of the other guys cocks as he fucked me. Sarge was sucking Jim while Jim sucked the other officer.

I soon received a load in each end, and as the Sarge pulled out of my mouth he said, "Next."

Before it was over, I had sucked all five of the others there and Sarge had also fucked my ass.

When it was over, Sarge smiled and said, "Welcome to our club."

The others all kissed me welcoming me to the group. I did find out that there were others

in the group that worked day shifts.

I was invited to the next camp out and it was at a campsite out in the woods. We all stayed naked the entire time and had sex with each the the others there at will. Two of the others were married, but were totally wild when it came to male sex.

Jim and I frequently went to the station for our dinner break. I was offered a patrol position on the day shift but turned it down. On our days off, Sarge wuld frequently spend it with me, either at his place or mine.

I soon fell in love with him and he with me. We became lovers but i had no problem with him having sex with the others in the squad room and he had no problem with Jim and I meeting at the park for sex.

I couldn't work with a better group of guys.



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