The dates have been changed... Sorry if its long its my first and sorry for the spelling. Let me know if u like it.

This happened not to long ago. By the way to day is november 13, 2011 and its my birthday. My name is daniel. I am now 28 and i live in the big city of odessa. I am six feet tall 170lbs and have a killer body. All of my friends are begging me to go to a club tonight and have fun but im not sure. All i want to do is stay close to home because of my best friend is stuck at home with his kids and all i want to do is be with him any way i can. So i took a chance and told the others that i had to go to work and check on things and ill let them know when i get done. Fyi i did not have to go.

Anyway this fullmoon is mine...

My best friend david calls me and wishes me a happy birthday and apologies for not going clubbing with us and i told him what i was up to. This guy i know he wont rat me out. Hell i cover for him with his girlfriend when hes 5ft 9inches and he could pass as a roman god. At this time i did not know how big or small he is. He says: hey when u get done doing what ever why dont you get some bud an come over the kids are asleep and the girlfiends wont come over and im bored.

Shit all i need is to drink on a fullmoon with a guy i just want to lick all over. Hell with it. It is my day and im going for it i said ill be there in 10 minutes. I run to my store and get a 30 pack of bud. When i get the he was in a tight tank top that looked like a small and a pare of jeans with holes in the legs and crotch area. Just enough to cover the best parts.. His ass is the perfect kind handfull and smooth. So we stay on the porch of his place and listen to the latest gossip he has and all i can think of is nice ass just begging to get out. Well you know the saying anything that can go wrong will. Guess what happens one of the kids wakes up and starts to cry because his kind luis cant find him. We run inside and he stops. And runs to him and say dad why were you outside. My friend always tells his kids the truth says im having a drink with daniel it is his birthday and ill tell you what well stay in my room so you and your sister can find me. And his kid kisses hima and goes back to bed. So we start walking back to the porch to grab the beer and our open cans and all of a sudden he screams and holds his back. He says his back has been hurting all day and cant figure out why. Know he knows i have my license to give massages and i said why not.

Here it is my birthday and luck has given me the perfect gift a chance to have my hands on his body..

Well we go to his room and he ask where do i want to give him the massage i tell him either the bed or the floor would do as long as it solid and i can move around to get any knott and tention out. Then he ask the big question what do i need for him to do.

Hmmm..... Hell lets go for broke

i tell him first go take a hot shower and come back in a towel and lay on the bed i have some oil in my truck. (the oil is the massage and play kind)

i get back just in time to see him get his pants unbutton and start on his shirt. And he screams out he cant get his arms out of his shirt with out screaming. Dang my luck is to much. So i go help him.

The shower in his room is perfect for at least four people i should know i helped put it in. It has the rain shower head that comes from the celing and both front and back shower heads that can massage.

Then i swear if i was going to die today i would be the happiest person on earth. He ask me to get in the shower and help him that way he can make sure he was clean and ready for his massage. I am not always stupid but sometimes i can be the biggest i tell him just keep his underwear on and just let the hot water hit him and just stay in there for about five minutes.

He comes out in a towel and says i took everthing off the shower made it where i could. But my back is still sore.

Damn im still in heaven and this time im going to let my dick do the talking not my brain.

Just like any time u get a massage i start at the top of the neck and run my hand down the back and legs that way he gets use to me. And then i lightly put the oil and start rubbing it in the back and notice there is no knots or tention.

I stop and i ask him whats going on. David being the player he his says i dont know what your talking about. So i tell him if you want me to continue i want the truth and dang he does.

My girlfrieds meet me outside not even 5 minutes befor i called you and showed up at my door saying im a closet whore and why dont i just go for the one i want.

Shit did i die and fall in hevean or did my wish finaly come true. Then he does the most perfect thing he turns over in all glory and i shoud say all glory 8 inches and at least 4 inches around pointing straight up and begging for attention. He grabs me and starts tearing and i mean tearing my cloths off and i start pulling away saying if u do this what am i going to wear???? He says look in the bag at the end of the bed it a bran new set of cloths but no underwear.

Well he wants it so why not i mean he only has had 2 he cant be drunk or anything. He gently starts kissing me on the lips then starts down to my kneck. Me being the type i am i really dont like blowjobs but love to give them so i stop him and i kiss al the way down his abs and follow the trail of all the way to the tip of his gorgous dick and i lick the tip to base and keep going to the balls. I mean come on u cant forget the balls they produce the cream if u like that stuff.

I start sucking him taking him to the base in one go. I keep going and going and he starts begging for more and more and then he says he needs to come. So i tell him go for it.

Im comming im comming

this goes on and on and nothing he says it happens when someone tryes to give him head. I ask so how fare do u want to go. He says i want u now. And he flips me over and me im always safe and for some reason it didnt occour to ask if he had any condoms. He just poors some of the oil between my ass checks and plows in than god for pillows i scream into them. He starts to pull out trying to see if im alright and if tell him not to pull out just go slow and let me get use to it. To bad he didnt hell it made it even better than i could ever imagine. Imean ive heard of people going for hours but hell we started at 1 and now its 3. All of a sudden out of no wear we hear a car pull up. Shit its the other not calling. He grabs some cloths and runs out and tell them ill be out in a minute. I come out in my new cloths and they ask whats wrong i look like hell all flushed.

Now i know david well and i didnt look at him i just say well i dont know i gues its the weather or something. You know anything just to give a answer. He does something i figure he wouldnt do he kisses me right infront of them and says please leave we arnt done and want to be alone and pulls me inside and locks the door. Well that did it for me i just atacked him and pulled him to the couch and said now lets finish i cant wait. This time dang it seemed different and going to quick. He just pumped and pumped then i did what everyone hates i pass out.

I wake up in the hospital the next day and i look around for him. Hes not there. A nurse comes in and says i had a car accident in front of my friends house and was brote in.

Right then david runs in white as a sheet and kisses me on the lips and says i love you i never thought my self gay but i cant live with out you. The nurse said he jumped in the ambulance and came with me with the kids. None of them left my side all night.

Well its been 3 years now and tomorrow is my birthday again and we are staying in like we do on all of our birthdays not taking any chances even if the moons not full.



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