As I told you guys I loved swimming a lot all my free time apart from studying or resting at home I would be swimming and swimming for hours. I just can't help it I am too in to swimming.

It was a Friday evening; my best friend peter went to the library living me all alone. I felt seriously bored I didn't want to waste my time watching TV at home. So I just took my swimming shorts and grabbed a towel and started jogging towards my nearest swimming pool. I got into the swimming complex and paid my fair and started to change to my swimming shorts. I walked towards the deep pool; oh thank god there are not many people in the pool. I got in and started my normal laps I swam and swam till I got tired and I took shot breaks in between.

After another few hard laps I took a shot break by watching the guys in the pool. There was this really hot blonde guy he was just entering the pool for a swim. Just looking at him made me get a instant hard on blood was leaving my brain and was entering my dick fast it was painful pleasure my dick was getting so hard my eyes glues right at him. He gave a glance back wow he had the bluest of the blue eyes and I faint *** (I was dreaming actually)

Came back to sense from my dream (ahem ahem) coughing seriously, at that point of time I was out of control sexual interest was driving me crazy I really wanted him with me there and then. Still having a hard on I knew I had to do something before the other guys think I have gone nuts. So I started swimming once again I swim another few laps just thinking of that guy. It was my final lap before I had a break, but this time I bang in to something I mean something that was obviously not the wall. I got up and heart a heart attack 'OH MY GOD' It was him. I was shocked excited and frightened at the same time so I just said'opps, sorry '. He just smiled and taped my shoulder and said 'it's ok buddy'. And he swam away.

After swimming for another hour still thinking only about him, I got tired and wanted to go back home. I got out of the pool and went towards the shower .while walking my eyes were searching for that hot HUNK. My heartfelt heavy I couldn't find him. I entered the showers and almost screamed 'yay' that hot hunk was in the showers getting ready to have a bath. This time I couldn't take it any longer I just sat down there and started to rape him just with my eyes. This time I noticed he was getting a boner. I looked up at his face, oh god he was looking at me directly we were having eye contact. I just stare back at him with love and lust in my eyes. He went in to the shower and on the tap and let water run all over him I wished I was the waters running over him. But he still hasn't got naked.

By this time I am super hard I had a very big tent my 9 and a half inch dick was standing str8 up it was kind of painful too. That hot blonde winked at me I knew this was the invitation to start something hot. I went into the showers to the next thing I know our mouths met our tongues desperately searching for pleasures in each other's mouth. We were hugging so tight I could feel his hard on being pressed against my hard on which got me hornier. I pulled his shorts down and a massive size dick 10 and a half inch sprang directly at my face. I hungrily took it in my mouth and started sucking it and milking it. The hot blonde guy was moaning away which made me suck him harder and faster only. He started to moan louder and started to fuck my mouth, I knew it won't be long before he will shoot a hot load in my mouth. One last loud moan I could feel his cock swell so big and it explode the salt sweety taste of it made me go mad I drank every drop of that hunks love juice. He pulled me up and started kissing me my mouth was full of his cum. Without saying another word he dropped to his knees and started returning me the favor he sucked and lick and moaned while sucking my dick. And I was amazed by his skills. Suddenly he stopped and got up and said please fuck me hot man. I just couldn't believe my ear is this really happening to me 'yes show me that ass' I said. I played with his ass with my tongue getting it ready for my hard dick. By now he was screaming fuck me now man fuck me. I stood up and shoved my dick directly into his hole and started riding It slowly .it was very tight and warm the feeling itself made me close to cum I controlled for a while and started to fuck his love hole. He moaned in pleasure. I started moaning to he knew I would cum he got up and my dick was out of his hole. 'Can I please take your first cum in my mouth 'he asked . even before I could reply he was sucking me hard again just another 3 slurps and I burst watts after watts cum came hot and salty in his mouth his mouth was filled with cum and some were flowing down his hot cheeks , I bend down to lick then hmm my cum taste hot too. He got up and kissed me again we kissed for a long time just playing with my tongue. I bathed him and he bathed me and we changed our clothes and i knew it was time to go I was getting late I kissed him for one last time and told him my telephone number he took it down and promised to call me again for another session of swim and sex. After waving him good bye I started rushing back home.

The end.



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