I work dispatch for a large A/C, heating, and plumbing company in a large city. The dispatch office is a separate metal building out across the parking lot from the main office and warehouse building. It contains our two-way radio equipment and is next to our communication tower. From the dark tinted window, I can see if anyone approaches.

I like the set up because I can surf the pron web sites, chat, and jerk off without being seen and have plenty of time to end my activities if someone approaches. Most of the time I work the second shift which is from three in the afternoon until eleven at night. On occasion, I will work the early shift from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon and rarely work the overnight shift.

Our company offers twenty-four/seven service calls, therefore requiring that someone be available to answer the phone and dispatch a technician at any hour of the day or night.

The work is not hard and dress is very casual and I work with a great bunch of people, mostly men. Younger, hot, muscular, good looking men and I love it. Even the owner, Don Sims, who is thirty-nine and married, is hot. He inherited the company upon his dad's death.

The specially tinted windows allowed me to see out during the day but no one could see in. However at night, it was more difficult to see out so i kept the lights off and only used a small night light to see my computer, phone and radio equipment. The parking lot was brightly lit, making it easy for me to see any activity there.

It all began when I was working the evening shift. I was watching a hot gay porn clip I found on the Internet and stroking my hard cock, when I saw Josh, one of our technicians pull into the lot. I paused the movie, minimized it, and pulled up my pants and put my cock away. The techs were required to come into the office and sign back in after each call so I knew he would be coming in. I turned on the small TV and waited.

Josh was twenty-six and single and extremely muscular. His blond hair was shoulder length and his eyes a sky blue. He projected the macho man image to the limit.

After several minutes, I began to wonder why he hadn't come in and became concerned. I headed out the door and as I did, I heard some soft moaning coming from behind the building. Easing back, I was stunned to see Josh on his knees sucking the eighteen year old dishwasher from the cafe next door. I watched as the kid climaxed into Josh's mouth before quickly returning to my office.

When Josh finally came in he acted as if everything was normal, still showing a noticeable bulge in his pants.

"Hey, Mark. How's the night going?"

"Not bad," I replied, then asked, "How's yours?"


"Josh, I'm curious about something."

"What's that?"

"Did the kid blow you in return?"

He became nervous as all the color drained from his face. "What do you mean?"

"When you didn't come in right away, I became concerned and went outside. I saw you on your knees in front of the kid from the cafe. I saw it all."

His face then turned bright red as he asked, "Are you going to report me?"

"Nope. I was just wondering if he blew you also."

"No, not this time. Why?"

"I just wondered. And what did you mean by 'not this time'?"

"He has in the past," he replied then asked, "Mark what are you getting at?"

"Well, I had no idea that you liked cock. You had me totally fooled. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that enjoys it."

"What? You suck cock?"

"Yep, but how did it start with him?"

"Man, you had me fooled also. I can't believe this, but to answer your question, about two months ago, I got back from a late call and just as i was leaving the yard, I saw him walking home from work and offered him a ride. He said he wanted to thank me and the next thing I knew he was rubbing my crotch then unzipping my pants. I pulled over and he blew me then I did him. Now, if it's dark, when I'm almost back to the yard, I send him a text and if he can he meets me."

"Did it surprise you at what he did?"

"Hell yea. I never expected it."

"Did he start out this way?" I asked as I reached out and began rubbing his crotch, easing closer to him.

"Ummm, yea, he did," he said softly as our faces drew closer to each other. Seconds later, our lips met and we began a hot tongue kiss. I felt his hand begin rubbing my crotch then unzipping my jeans.

The kiss ended as my jeans dropped to the floor. He quickly knelt and began sucking my cock. It was awesome and he knew exactly what he was doing. I soon climaxed into his mouth and after collecting it all he eagerly swallowed. He stood and I dropped to my knees unfastened his pants and sucked him dry, devouring his huge thick load.

After swallowing his load, I stood and after we both had our pants back up, I asked, "How long have you been into guys?"

"It started at the beginning of my senior year of high school with a guy that was on the football team with me."

"What happened?"

"We had messed around some, jerking together and jerking each other. We did some light kissing and talked about doing more. He invited me to his house. We were in his room both naked and after some kissing decided to suck each other. We were in a sixty-nine when his dad walked in on us. I was scared shit-less, but soon found out that it was all a set up so he and his dad could have a three way with me. he and his dad were already having sex. That day it ended with me sucking both of them and them both sucking me and me watching them suck each other. We started having sex regularly and before long we started fucking each other. I started looking for other men to have sex with and found that it was easy. I was soon hooked on male sex."

"Damn, he and his dad were doing each other?"

"Yea. It was hot watching them suck ad fuck each other," he said. Then after a moment he asked, "Can we play in the future when I come in from a call?"

"Hell yes. Every time if you want to."


"And don't worry. I wouldn't dream of outing you to the boss."

"Thanks. Same here."

After giving me another hot wet tongue kiss he left. I knew I would be sending him on more late calls.

Over the next few weeks, when he returned from a service call he would come in and we'd suck or fuck each other in my office. On a few occasions, he would call the kid from the cafe and we'd all suck each other or wed both fuck the kid. He loved cock up his ass.

Then there was Steve, a thirty year old married tech. He was out on a call one night and when he returned I was engrossed in a hot porn video and stroking. I didn't notice him pull into the lot.

He came into the office and caught me watching the movie and stroking wildly. He saw the movie and what I was doing before I could react. I tried my best to hide my cock and close the movie but it was too late.

"Hey man, it's cool. Don't let me stop you. I watch the same movies when I can," he said as he pulled up a chair next to me.

I was unable to move and before I knew it, he was dropping his pants as he sat down. His hard cock sprang out as he lowered his pants. As he began stroking his cock I returned to stroking mine.

"You watch this kind of movie?" I asked.

"Hell yea, I love them but my wife doesn't know. She would freak out."

"You ever do what they do in the movies?"

"Every chance I get," he said, reaching over and taking my cock in his hand.

I reached over and began stroking his and after a moment he stopped me and got up and knelt between my legs, swallowing my cock. I was already on the edge and soon filled his mouth with my load. He eagerly took it all before swallowing.

As he pulled off he said, "Ummm. that was awesome. I love cum and yours was delicious. It's been a while since I had any except my own."

He stood and before he could back away I swallowed his cock and sucked him to a roaring climax. After swallowing his, I smiled and said, "That's one load your wife won't get."

"Hell, for some reason, she's lost interest in sex. I think she may have a boyfriend on the side that she's giving it to."

"You mind?"

"Hell no. If I get horny or need a cum fix, I jerk off and eat my own. I do it frequently in the truck when on a call."

"Well, from now own you can save it for me."

"Gladly, as long as I get yours also."

"It's all yours," I replied.

Now I was having sex with both Steve and Josh. I wondered how many other techs played. We had twenty techs and I would gladly do over half of them if I had the chance.

I was sexually happy from the activity at work but still wanted more.

I had worked the morning shift one day and decided to stop by an adult video arcade on my way home. There was only one glory hole there ad I was hoping that I could get one of the booths.

Since it was before 'getting off' time, there weren't many there. I got one of the booths and waited.

About twenty minutes later I heard the buzzer on the door, signaling that someone was coming in. Seconds later the booth next to me was occupied.

I knelt down trying to see what he looked like but the booths were small and I couldn't see his face. He wore jeans so I new he wasn't a businessman. I could see his work boots, so I figured he was a blue collar worker.

He found a movie and after a moment he began to drop his pants. Seconds later he had them around his knees and was stroking. I put my open mouth up to the hole and immediately felt his cock sliding into it. He shoved his cock all the way through and I sucked him hungrily. After several minutes, I felt his cock head swell then explode, sending long thick ropes of cum into my mouth and down my throat. His load was huge and after taking it all I swallowed. He slowly pulled back and as he pulled up his pants he whispered, "Thanks."

Over the next hour and a half I sucked off four more cocks. I as about ready to leave when another guy came in.

I watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and balls. His cock was at least eight inches and his sack looked like he had two golf balls in it. I decided to stay and see if I could get him.

He began stroking and as he did, I stuck my finger through motioning him to put his cock through. He turned toward the hole and slowly slid his massive cock through. I immediately began sucking it and gradually managed to swallow it all. I wanted it to last so I took my time sucking him. Eventually, i felt his cock head swell before feeding me about the largest load I had ever received.

My mouth was completely filled with his thick creamy cum. With his cock still in my mouth, I managed to swallow his huge load. He slowly pulled his cock back and replaced it in his pants. I knew I had to see who that magnificent cock belonged to. I waited at the door of my booth until I heard him open his door.

Then as he exited his booth, I exited mine. the man and I were almost face to face. I immediately realized that I was looking into the face of Don Sims, my boss. I went weak as I looked into his face. He was momentarily stunned then he just smiled and walked past me. I knew my job was going to end.

I was scheduled for the afternoon shift the next day and expected to be called to his office as soon as I arrived. I went in and began work, scared shit-less. The next two hours drug by and the office staff began leaving, but Don wasn't one of them.

Then at about six, I saw him emerge from the main building. Instead of heading for his truck, he headed for my office. 'Here comes the axe,' I thought.

He reached the door, which was hidden from me by equipment, and paused. When he rounded the corner, I was stunned to see his cock and balls hanging out of his pants. He looked at me and smiled then said, "You want it again? This time I want to watch. Not many can deep throat it."

He walked up to my chair and I looked up into his eyes. He smiled and said, "Go ahead. I enjoyed it."

His cock had stiffened and was definitely at east eight inches and thicker than average. I leaned forward and took it in my mouth. As I worked his cock deep into my mouth he said softly "Oh fuck yea."

I soon had my nose buried in his bush and began sucking him. I again took my time and eventually brought him to his climax, which was as big as the one from the day before. After taking it all, I swallowed and pulled off then looked up at him.

Looking down at me he said, "Mark, you're better than anyone I've ever had blow me before. You can be sure I'll be visiting you regularly." He put his cock away and turned saying, "Have a nice evening."

I knew then my job was secure. He wanted me sucking his cock regularly and I would gladly do it.

I began sucking Don an average of three times a week. Instead of just taking it out, he began dropping his pants and I loved burying my nose in his carrot red cock bush. After a couple of weeks, I started eating his ass for him.

Then about a month later he cam by about eight one night when I was working. He was in shorts, a polo shirt and sandals.

After he walked in he smiled and said, "I'm glad to know that no one can see in. Are any techs due in?"

"Nope. No one is on a call right now."

"Perfect," he said. He began stripping and said, "Why don't you join me?"


"Let's get naked. The wife is out of town so I'm in no hurry."

I stood and began stripping and soon we were both naked. Looking me up and down, he said "Nice body. I've been wondering what you were packing."

Both our cocks were stiffening as he stepped up to me. I was totally shocked when he leaned forward and began tongue kissing me. As we kissed, he reached down and began stroking my cock. After a few moments he ended the kiss and stepped back. "This is our secret," he said.

"I don't kiss and tell," I said.

He turned and found a blanket the overnight shift used as a bed and spread it on the floor.

"With no one due in, come on down here," he said as he lay on the blanket. I joined him and we again began kissing. After a moment he moved from my lips to my chest, licking and sucking first one nipple then the other. He moved lower and licked his way to my bush.

Bypassing my cock, he began gently sucking my balls then lifted my legs and went straight for my hole, drilling his tongue in deep. I moaned in ecstasy. After another minute or so he lowered my legs and began sucking my cock, burying his nose in my bush. It didn't take long for me to climax. He eagerly took it all before swallowing.

After another hot wet kiss, I asked, "I assume your wife knows nothing."

"She knows I fool around. So does she, but she thinks my partners are women, not other men. She likes the lifestyle I can provide."

We kissed again and I did to him what he had done to me. We cuddled a while and were both soon hard again.

Looking at me he said, "Mark, fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. Treat me like a whore."

I did as he requested and it was awesome. I couldn't believe I was fucking my boss and he was begging for more. Afterward, I had him fuck me and to my surprise he was gentle and loving.

He left shortly after that and I was drained. My next day at work, he came out and we quickly sucked each other off. After he left, I noticed an envelope on the desk with my name on it. I opened it and found a note that simply said 'Thanks for a great evening. Hope there are more to come.' With the note was a cashiers check for a thousand dollars.

I was now having regular sex with Josh, Steve and Don. What more could a man ask for from a job. I was having sex at work almost daily.

A few weeks later, I noticed the schedule had me off on Saturday and Sunday. That was rare. Don called from his office and said, "I'll pick you up at your place at four Friday. Be ready. Just bring a toothbrush." With that he hung up.

I got off at three on Friday and at five to four, Don pulled up at my house. With a toothbrush in my shirt pocket, I joined him in his truck.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"My lake house. Evelyn hates it there. She thinks I'm taking a girlfriend up there for the weekend. I heard her on the phone inviting some guy over for the weekend."

"Nice," I said, "but no change of clothes?"

"Nope, not for you. I only brought some for appearances, but we're going to stay naked all weekend."

And stay naked we did, from the time we arrived until the time we left. There was either sucking or fucking numerous times a day. It was an awesome weekend.

The following week, Josh arrived back at the office just after nine. He entered the office and as I was ready to suck him, he asked, "Do you like three ways?"

"I love them, why?"

"You want on now?"

"With who?"

"Someone you already know."

I then saw Brad, another tech step into view, already nude. Brad was twenty-eight and single. Josh said that he and Brad had been playing for about six months. We had a wild three way and Brad loved sucking one cock while another was fucking his ass. 'One more to add to the fun,' I thought.

On the next trip with Don to the lake house, he asked, "Mark, do you know if any of the other techs play?"

"Why do you ask?"

"If they do and you trust them, I think it would be hot to have group sex up at the lake."

"I'll see what I can find out, without mentioning any names for now."

"Please do."

I had another get together with Josh and Brad, and asked if they knew of any other techs that played.

"Just one. We have had a three way with him a few times after some big jobs."

"Who? I also know of one other and am wondering if it is the same person."

"Why are you asking?" Brad asked.

"I have someone in mind that wants group sex at his weekend house. You can trust him to be discreet."

"Steve is bi," Josh said.

"That's who I had in mind. I've been with him also.

The four of us met and we discussed the group party. All were in favor of it, but Steve was concerned about getting away from his wife for the weekend.

"Tell her that the boss is having a party for some of the techs and you've been invited."

"That might work," he said.

The next day we all put in for a certain weekend off and I told Don. He asked me not to say who was having the orgy and that i should pick them up and bring them in my truck. He gave me the code to the gate and it was all set.

The weekend arrived and we were on our way. I told them that the clothes they brought could be left n the car because we would all be nude all weekend.

We arrived and Don had his truck hidden in the garage. After we parked, I said, "Okay guys, lets get comfortable," and began stripping. The rest followed my lead and once naked I said that I had been told that beer would be in the fridge on the deck. We headed for the deck and grabbed a beer. As we stood at the rail looking out over the lake, we suddenly heard a voice behind us say, "Welcome men."

We all turned to see Don standing there also totally nude and his cock rock hard. The others were speechless and halfway tried to hide their privates. They all looked at me.

"Relax guys, it's cool."

"Men, there is only one rule. Have plenty of sex, and do it when you want and with who you want."

He walked up to Steve and said, "With both of us being married, shall we start things off?"

Steve smiled and a second later they were kissing. It all went from their. All weekend there was almost continuous sex between someone. We all did it all with each other.

It was a great weekend and we had them about every four months. Plus there was frequent 'meetings' in my office.

The others got a nice pay raise as did I but every month I found a cashiers check on my desk for five hundred dollars.

It's been three years since my first encounter with one of my co-workers and it has been fantastic. I wouldn't trade jobs for the world.

I know that the monthly checks amount to me being a kept man but I couldn't care less. Sex with Don is awesome, even if he is older. He's still hot.




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