I walked between the booths at the local carnival. I wasn't really paying attention to the rides or the stands. I dont really eat all that fried and battered food anyway. Watching what I eat helps me keep a trim, muscular figure. Before I continue with my story maby I should tell u a little about myself. My name is Kurt. I am 30 years old. I work for a local consulting firm which allowes me the money to do what I want and go where I want. I am tall with short, spikey black hair, piercing brown eyes, thin mustache and goatee and a lean, hard, muscular build. My cock is quite impressive if I do say do myself. It's at least 11 inches and thick. My balls are heavy and the size of lemons. I preduce alot of cum so I can pretty much cover you're whole body in my hot, sticky love juice. Anyways, back to my story.

I had come to the local carnival because I knew it was the best place to find hot, young twinks. I liked my men on the young side. Handsome, angelic faces, lean, muscular builds, nice size cocks and smooth, round asses. There was nothing I loved more than to buary my face and monster cock between two soft, smooth, supple cheeks. Also I liked my boys to be screamers. I loved it when the boy I'm fucking is moaning and wimpering like a two bit hooker.

A group of boys passed me but none of them looked like what I wanted. I may sound to you like a sadistic Master who loves chaining my boys up, applying clamps to their nipples and fucking them senseless. You'd be right about some of it. I don't use nipple clamps. I do however have a "playroom" in my big, huge house with leather slings, costumes and all the latest toys and gagets.

I passed by the dunking booth when I saw him. Tall with shaggy blond hair now wet and plastered to his forhead. His white t-shirt clung to his lean, muscular frame like a second skin. I watched as he climbed out of the tank and someone handed him a towel. "Here you go Josh." I smiled. He was the most lovely piece of homegrown, down on the farm boypussy I had ever seen. I made my move.

"From the looks of you, that water must be freezing." He gave me a smile that made my heart stop. He shrugged. "It's not too bad." I nodded. "I'm Ethan." I said using one of my many monikers. I never liked using my real name. I held out my hand. Josh grasped it and gave it a manly shake. "Josh." I looked him over. He wore a pair of red swimtrunks and flip flops. "How about we get you something hot to drink?" He nodded. "Thanks." I followed him to the refreshment tent and bought him a hot chocolate. I noticed as we sat there he was shivering. "You'll catch pnomonia if we don't get you out of those wet clothes." Josh laughed. "It's ok, I have some dry clothes in my truck." I nodded. "Would u like to change at my place?"

I saw a look of doubt and fear cross his face then he smiled and shrugged. "Sure, why not." I had to fight the urge not to floor it all the way to my place. I kept glancing in my rear view mirror to see if Josh's truck was still back there. I was worried he might have chickened out and turned around but nope, he was still following me. When we pulled into my drive it was dark. Josh's headlights lit up my garage as he parked behind me.

He followed me up the stairs to the front porch. "Wow, this is some place!" he exclaimed. I nodded. My house was situated on a secluded road with nothing but woods in the back. I opened the door and held it open for him. He marveled at the inside. I had a few expensive things but not much. My plasma screen TV, my collection of Ancient Egyptain artifacts. I noticed Josh's clothes were still damp. "Why dont you take those wet things off and I'll put them in the dryer. We can sit and chat while we wait." He smiled innocently. "What do you suggest I change into?" I grabbed a robe in the laundry room. "Well?" He blushed. "You want me to strip right here? Infront of you?" My cock twitched. "You dont have anything I haven't seen before." He raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?" I nodded.

Josh kicked off his flip flops and lifted his damp shirt over his head. I gasped when I beheld his smooth chest and flat, ripped stomach. He smiled at me and blushed. I knew he was embarassed. I sighed. "The bathroom's down the hall to the left" I said handing him the robe. He nodded. "Thanks" I watched him walk down the hall. His back was muscular leading down to a perfectly round ass. He returned a few minutes later holding his clothes. "Where should I put these?" I took them from him and put them in the dryer. "Want anything to drink?" Josh sat on one of the barstools infront of the island that sepertated the kitchen. "Got any beer?" I smiled. "You're a bit young for booze aren't you?"

That made him laugh. "How old do you think I am?" I shrugged. "I dunno, eighteen or nineteen?"He smirked. "I just turned nineteen this spring" I nodded and handed him a beer. We clinked bottles and I took a swig. "Want to watch a movie?" Josh shook his head. "I've been trying to think of a way to thank you for everything you've done for me." I shrugged. "I didn't do anything." He nodded. "Yeah, you did." I set my bottle of beer on the island. "So what have you decided?" I watched as he stood and walked around the island. "This." He put his hand behind my head and pulled me in for a hot kiss. "I've wanted to do that since I first saw you" he exclaimed.

I laughed. "That was only a few hours ago."He nodded. "Make love to me?" I took the bottle of beer from him and set it next to mine. "Come with me." I took his hand and lead him to my "play room." When I opened the door his eyes got wide and he smiled. "Wow, look at all this stuff!" I smirked. "It doesn't freak you out or scare you?" Josh frowned. I thought I had said or done something wrong. That is until he revealed his story to me. "I have been homeless since I was 14." I felt my heart ach for him. Do not suppose for a minute Dear Reader that just because I like a little Dominance with my sex, that it means I am a sadistic, cold hearted bastard because I am not. I nodded. "Go on." He walked over to the leather sling I had chained to the celing. "I sold myself for money and one of my 'clients' liked S&M." I nodded. "Weren't you scared?" Josh nodded. "I was. He was a gentle Master just like I know you're going to be. I know you would never hurt me or make me do something I didn't want to do."

I stood infront of him and looking into his beautiful blue eyes as I loosened the belt of the robe and opened it. What lay beneath was a sight to behold. His chest was smooth and chisled with two perfect nickle size nipples. I followed the line from his chest down to his flat, ripped stomach. I felt my cock gorge with blood when I saw the baseball size cock dangling between his legs. "Holy shit!" I eclaimed with a smirk "you sure are hung like a horse." Josh giggled. "My dad was big too." I nodded. "How big is that thing?" He grabbed it and stroked it a few times. "Almost 11 inches!" My mouth watered.

I reached behind him and put a hand on both cheeks. They felt smooth and round. I pulled him against me. He tilted his head up and we kissed. I slipped my tongue into his hot mouth and heard him moan softly. "Wanna try that out?" I asked indicating the leather sling with a nodd. Josh's eyes sparkled with excitement. "How?" I took his hand and lead him to it. "Lay on you're stomach." I helped him into the sling. "Comfy?" He nodded. It was a large piece of black leather supported by chains. I had a hold cut so the guy laying on it could stick his cock and balls through. I did this now. "You ok?" I asked. I was beginning to fall for this hot, young stud and was concerned I might hurt him. He nodded.

I laid down underneath the sling and stroked Josh's cock. Soon it was fully erect. I licked the head and heard him moan. "Yeah, suck my cock!" I wrapped my lips around it and began moving my head up and down. Josh's cock was so big, I could only get about half of it in my mouth. He didn't seem to mind. He was moaning and panting. "Fuck! That feels so good! I haven't had my cock sucked in a long time!" I slurped and sucked like a starved man. His cock felt wonderful in my mouth. I loved it's soft velvet feel as I slicked it up with my spit. I sucked and rolled his fleshy, smooth balls in my mouth. I could tell by his panting he was close to cumming so I stopped.

"Don't want you cumming too soon!" I exclaimed as I crawled around to his ass. I kissed both smooth cheeks and felt him jump when I licked the length of his crack from balls to tailbone. I put my hands on his cheeks and parted them. There in the middle like a rare pink pearl among velvet was his rosebud. I licked it and felt him gasp. "You like that?" I said giving his cheek a playful slap. He nodded. I dove in, driving my tongue between his velvety cheeks. He tasted so good. Slightly musky. "Uhhh! Yeah, lick my ass!" he wimpered. I noticed his horse cock was rock hard. I reached down and took it in my hand. I began stroking it as I licked his ass. Josh panted and moaned. "OOOH Fuck!" he moaned "You're gonna make me cum if you keep that up!" Again I stopped.

"You ready to be fucked?" He nodded. I helped him out of the sling and taking his hand, lead him to my room. I had a supply of lube and condoms in my "play room" but I wanted to really enjoy this young studs ass. We flopped down onto my bed and I kissed him passionately. "How do you want it?" I asked. He smiled his boyish smile. "I want you to fuck me bareback." I smiled. "I am desease free." He nodded. "As am I." I retrieved a tube of lube from the nightable next to the bed. By now my cock was as hard as a bar of steel and my havy balls ached with their huge load of cum.

I told Josh to roll over onto his stomach which he did obediently. Suddenly I stopped. I had an idea. I pulled my sleek black dildo out of the night table with the remote. It allowed me to controll the vibration. "Lube this up and stick it in your ass, then I want you to fuck me." He smiled. "I like the way you think." I watched as he lubed up the dildo and slowly worked it up into his ass. "Show me what this thing can do." I turned it on and pressed the low setting button. Josh jerked. "Holy fuck!" he exclaimed. I laughed. "Liked that did you?" He nodded. "Hell yeah I did." I Smiled. "Ok, stick that monster cock up my ass and when you're close to cumming, I'll crank this baby up."

Josh grabbed the base of his cock and slowly rubbed it against my hole. He thrust hard and I felt the head of his cock pop in. "MMM!!" I moaned. With a little more work, he was able to get it all in. "You ok?" he asked. I nodded. He grabbed my hips and began slowly moving in and out. It felt so good. "Oooh! Yeah, fuck me with that big horse cock!" I moaned. Josh's balls slapped against mine. Soon were were both panting and sweating. "I'm getting close!" he warned. He began pounding my ass. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum! Here it comes!" I cranked the remote up to ten and turned it on. Josh let out a holler of pleasure as he erupted like a firehose! "UUURRRGGGGG!!!" He screamed as his hot boyjuice flooded my insides.

When his cock stopped twitching, he pulled out and I heard the dildo come out with a loud, audible pop which made us both laugh. "Wow!" he exclaimed as he flopped down next to me. I nodded. "I know." He kissed me and smiled. "I've never cum so hard in my life!" I laughed. "I know, I felt it." Josh toyed with my left nipple, running his finger across it. "Can I ask you something?" I nodded. "Would you like to fuck me now?" I smiled. "Would I? My cock has been aching to get into that sweet boypussy!" He giggled and got up on all fours. "Well have at me then."

I lubed up my already rock hard cock and inserted it inside his velvety cheeks. "Oh fuck!" I exclaimed. His hole resisted me. I inserted my cockhead and pulled it back out. I did this a few times until he was loosened up. "OOOH! Yeah Fuck me!" Josh moaned. I rammed my cock all the way in and he hollered. "FFUUCCK!" It was like pulling the tape off a patch of hair. Do it real quick and get it over with. "You ok?" I asked. He nodded but said nothing. I didn't move for a few minutes, letting him get used to my big cock stuffed in his hot channel. "You ready?" Again he nodded but said nothing.

I began thrusting my hips back and forth, pulling my cock slowly out and pushing it back in. The velvety softness of his anal walls was almost too much. "Mmmm! So nice!" I murmered. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. Soon we were both covered in a sheen of sweat and both panting. "Oooh yeah! Fuck my ass!" Josh whimpered. "You like it when I fuck you with my big manrod?" He nodded. I playfully slapped his ass. "What was that?" "Yes!" he moaned. I smiled as I really let him have it. My cock was pounding his ass like a jackhammer.

"Oh fuck!, OO yeah! FFUUUCCKK MMME!" he hollered. I felt my balls draw up and I knew I was about to cum. I felt it inch it's way from my balls up to my shaft. I tried to controll it. "You want my cum?" I asked. He nodded. "Yeah, breed my ass!" That did it. I couldn't hold out any longer. Like a volcano I erupted deep into his love channel. My back arched. "UURRGGHH!! OOH FUCKK!!" I screamed as rope after rope of my molten hot spunk squirted out into Josh's intestines.

When my cock went soft again I pulled out and turned him over. He had cum on the bed while I had been fucking him. I lay ontop of him. "I love you." I exclaimed looking into those beautiful eyes. Tears welled up in his eyes. "I love you too!" After we showered we laid back in bed. "Move in with me?" I asked. His handsome face beamed. "I would love too!" He laid his head on my chest and we drifted off to sleep safe, sound and satisfied.

The End.....Or is it?



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