One hot summer day, me and my older brother went swimming in our pool.His name is Sean and he's 22 and I'm 18. We wore our boxers to swim and I could clearly see the outline of his bulge and it turned me on. I instantly got hard when I saw his ass so round and firm. He saw me with a boner and I turned away to get out of the pool. We went inside and hit lemonade and he wa standing thee soaking wet. I wanted his dick so bad. Shawn said "why are you looking at my sick". I said "cause your so hot". He smiled and walked up to he and grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I started to rub him a bit and then he took his dick out and I started playing with it. Rubbing it an squeezing it. He then told he to sit on the chair and he took his boxers off and then sat in my lap. He started grinding his adorable ass into my crotch and instantly got me hard. I then grasped his dick and started pumping it. When his fuck started oozing precum he turned around and stick his dick in my mouth. I licked it up and down and sucked in the head. I then locked up his happy trail, past his belly button, stopping in the way to suck each nipple and then lick up his next and finally stick my touché in his mouth. We make out passionatly and then I take my boxers off and sit on his dick. Sean said "are you sure you want to do this". I said "fuck me harder than you fuck your girlfriend". We started fucking hard and making out in his lap. He came inside me and then I busted on his chest. After I licked the cum off his chest, we took a shower. 




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