I was 21 at the time on summer break from college. I spent most of the summer working out, sleeping late and jerking off to internet porn. Occasionally I'd find time to work on the house but clearly my schedule was booked. This was a college bachelor's wet dream.

One random hot summer day, I noticed a message in my inbox from an older man telling me I had a nice body. The body is the only thing he saw because I needed to be discrete given my social status. Coincidentally enough, his body was the only thing I saw on him as well. Being the kind hearted soul that I am, I messaged him back acknowledging him and thanking him for the compliment. I was quick to notice he had a good looking body himself and he practically lived down the street. I returned the compliment letting him know I showed interest in his body too. Instantly I received a message back and the conversation took off from there. I was 21 with a walking hard-on, we weren't about to discuss the weather.

Even though I had played a little with females I was still very new to the 'gay scene'. I had a little experience and up until this day I had never fucked another man, only some snatch around my age. If I said I was curious, that would be putting it lightly. Ever since I was 15 I had this primal urge that wanted to penetrate another male. I had previously been with three older men prior to this meeting but all three were big alpha-male types who were strictly top. No way were they going to let a 21 year old inexperienced kid go to pound town.

This guy was different. He wanted me to fuck him. This was new to me because up until this day, older men I came across only wanted to fuck a younger guy. We didn't exchange many messages between us but we both shared the common ground for discretion. He didn't pry into my life and I showed the same respect for him. He said he would wear a blind fold so he would never see my face. To this day I still believe he said this because that was his fantasy, not mine. But it worked out well and I thought, what better way for discretion? It's very uncharacteristic of me to meet someone I don't know but curiosity got the better of me that day and 'Rosie Palm' needed a break.

I drove to his house and walked right in, just as he wanted. I took a quick look around. An office to the right, a set of stairs to the front and to my left was a naked man sitting on the couch with a blind fold on. This wasn't exactly a 'fork in the road' because I went left without hesitation. As I walked into the living room I took another look around trying to get comfortable with my surroundings. The first thing I noticed other than his naked body was the mattress on the floor. I thought to myself, 'how silly this guy probably looked dragging a mattress into his living room when I could easily just bend him over the couch'. To my right, hanging from the wall was a used fireman's suit, helmet and a pick axe. Interesting choice for wall decor but underneath on the table were plenty of pictures of him and coworkers and awards. Things just got a little more interesting. In the corner was a huge big screen TV with two hairless muscle guys, balls deep in each other. I lost interest at hairless so my focus was redirected towards my mission at hand.

I was nervous but the blind fold took a lot of pressure off me. I stood catty corner from him and I started to size him up. He was built and for his age he was definitely in good shape but I had him in the size department by about 30 pounds of muscle. I stood 6 foot and weighed about 215 pounds at the time. I would guess he was 5'9 in his early to mid-50's. He had blondish grey hair and not as much body hair as I originally thought. If he wasn't retired I'm sure he was getting close. I was bigger and stronger and he was about to find that out himself.

Not far from his face I undid my belt buckle. I unzipped myself and pulled my khaki cargo shorts and boxer briefs down to sit slightly above my knees. As I stood there naked with a halfcocked erection, his face wasn't far from my dick and he reached up to grab my genitals to confirm where I stood. Only seconds after he touched my penis I became fully erect and he wasted no time in taking every inch of me into his warm, wet mouth. I would frequently pull my erection out of his mouth and slap it against his cheeks and tongue sometimes dragging my entire penis across his face. (I've never done or been curious to try 'spanking' with another man but I compare this act to it. I view spanking as a type of submission to show dominance between the two just like slapping my dick against this man's face. At least that's the way I perceived it when my previous partners did it to me.) I wanted this man to know I was in charge and that I was the dominant male in this relationship.

A blow job is nice but I wasn't there for the foreplay, I knew what I wanted and at this point I had no intentions of leaving until I got it. I directed him to get on all fours and he did as he was told. There was a bottle of lube and condoms next to the mattress. Once I put the condom on I took my stance behind him and emptied a decent amount of lube onto my cock and his hole just as my previous partners did with me. I was excited to finally penetrate another man but I didn't want to get overly excited and be quick on the trigger. I didn't finger his hole which in hindsight I realize it might have been the generous thing to do for his sake but I got caught up in the moment and it didn't even cross my mind at the time. His hairless, pink asshole was staring at me begging to be fucked. I slid my lubed dick, up and down his crack a few times while I held his hips with a very firm grip. I wanted him to feel how strong I was. With my dominant hand I grabbed my dick and directed the head of my penis directly to the center of his man hole. With a little bit of force I pushed my hips forward slowly entering this firefighter till I reached the base of my dick. I finally had this man mounted. It was tight and warm. So tight that the pressure on my dick caused me a little pain so I can only imagine how he felt. It was comparable to fucking pussy but I don't remember a girl ever being this tight, even in our adolescent years. He didn't grunt or moan as I sat inside him. Through my own experiences I know it takes time to adjust after being penetrated so at least I had this part covered. After what I thought was a sufficient amount of time for him, I raised from my knees to my feet so I could sit high on his back side with my dick still firmly in his ass. I wanted him to feel my body weight on top of him. As I started to thrust my hips my dick followed every movement. I tended to look more at my dick going in and out of his hole as I did to him and what he was doing. In my head it almost became a game of trying to get as deep inside of him as I possibly could. I would push my hips into him with such force I wanted to see my dick come out his throat. He wasn't moaning, it sounded somewhere between a cough and a grunt. "Cuhh, Cuhh, Ahh, Ahh". In this position I knew I could have gotten my nut, but this was my first time and I wanted to try another so I told him to get on his back. Pulling out of him felt just as good as the initial penetration so I kept that in mind as he rolled over. I grabbed his legs behind his knees and pushed him up onto his upper-back. His hole was really staring at me now. When I penetrated him from this position I felt like I could get deeper inside him than I could in doggy and that was my goal. I got so deep in this man; I'm convinced he felt it in his belly. I enjoyed watching his circumcised dick flick and jump every time I thrusted into him. Our dick sizes were roughly the same; I was a little bigger than him but not by much. His mouth was open while I fucked him and I was tempted to put my finger in there. (When I was a little kid I snuck into my parents' closet and found a heterosexual VHS porno. When I watched this video in amazement I remember the guy putting his finger in her mouth to suck on and she seemed to really get a kick out of it. It's funny how an image at the age of nine can stick with a person for his life.) But I decided against it with this guy. When I realized I wasn't going to see my dick come out of his mouth I took to a new strategy. I would withdraw my erection from his ass completely and watch his hole close. At that point in time I would drive my dick into his broken-in asshole with plenty force. I started to sweat and I remember watching drips of my sweat land on his submissive limp body. Neither of us wiped it off. I constantly repeated this action and I think he liked it because now his sounds were closer to a moan. Knowing that he liked what I was doing drove me to the point of no return. I let go of his knees and sat back on my ankles still inside him. I shifted my body weight onto my hands that were placed not far from ankles but still behind my feet. His body lowered onto my dick and I began fucking him rapidly in this position. I couldn't get as deep in him as I wanted to but the friction felt on the head of my penis was felt a lot more. I knew I was about to cum. I wanted to pull out and nut in his mouth so I could gauge the amount of ejaculate I released but it felt too good to stop. (I gauge my load size to quality of sex or masturbation similar to the way I judge amount of sweat to the quality of workout in the gym. I know these are inaccurate measurements but I do it anyways.) As I began to shoot I closed my eyes with pleasure. I couldn't help but release an audible and lasting grunt. This feeling to grunt is very similar to letting out a sneeze as opposed to holding it in. Sure I didn't have to grunt, but why hold in that pressure when it feels good to let it out? I stayed inside of him for a good minute, still dripping sweat onto his naked body.

When I finally pulled out I saw the filled condom still intact and that my erection had officially turned into a chub. We didn't exchange words I just took the condom off and left it on the ground. I was looking at him once I finished and he reached up for the blind fold. He lifted up one side to get a glimpse of my face and when we made eye contact he quickly covered it back up. I didn't like that he did that but I didn't say anything. I got up, got dressed and walked out the door.

As I drove home I was glad I finally got that experience under my belt. I didn't feel bad that he didn't get his nut and that I showed no interest in trying to get him off. There weren't any feelings involved and it was strictly a one sided transition in my favor. That might sound selfish to some but I think he got what he wanted. He was easy, passive and submissive. Too quick to give me his hole I viewed him as an easy conquest and weak.

That night when I got on my computer I saw 6 or 7 messages from him asking if I wanted to come back over to fuck. Even better, he asked if any of my friends wanted to fuck him. Although it was somewhat flattering, I and we never did. For a fireman he sure did like the dick. 'The juice was worth the squeeze'...

--True story. He lived about 20 minutes from me in the neighboring town. We never exchanged names and never saw each other after that day. I frequently drove past his house to go home but never stopped. I will say I was somewhat tempted when I had that itch but I never scratched.



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