Brad ducked down into his short black car that he lovingly referred to as his fuckit bucket, an old piece of junk car that he was able to buy for cheap. It was originally red though he thought it looked too girly, so he painted it black. The paint job wasn't his best but at least he wouldn't look like a fag driving it to school, at least that was his way of looking at the situation. Brad was on his way to meet a kid from school, they had been chosen as partners for some shitty finals assignment. Normally Brad wouldn't give a fuck about the assignment, but he was the only 20-year old guy still in high school and he wanted out. Instead of simply dropping out, Brad decided to give it one last try for his diploma, in order to secure a job at the auto-shop he'd wanted badly.

The kid's name was Alex, some well-educated dude with a pretty fancy house. Unlike Brad, Alex was 18 and on his way to finishing high school, successfully. Brad wasn't too impressed though, the kid was pretty straight-edge and neither of them had anything in common, at least that's what Brad could tell from the short awkward conversations they had had in class. Alex was a shy dude, in fact Brad wouldn't even call him a dude. He was sure that Alex was a dick-suck, meaning a fag who wasn't very social, just waiting around thinking about penises all day. A weird guy. But Brad didn't judge, there was always a chance that Alex could turn out to be a cool dude.

Brad pulled up the driveway of the big house, it was about 9PM, dark and pretty late for an assignment. Of course Alex had other extra-curricular activities to tend too beforehand, so here Brad was flicking his headlights off, wasting a good Friday night to work on some shit assignment. He walked up the large, flat, stone steps to the doorbell. He pushed the button a few times just to be sure Alex knew he had arrived. It took nearly a minute, but eventually the door opened revealing Alex's short, thin body.

"Hi, um, come on in," Alex stepped out of the way as Brad stomped into the tall entrance-way, his thick, heavy boots echoing in the quiet house. Brad wasn't too heavy-a-guy, in fact he was quite slim but very toned, with large, protruding shoulders that stuck out from his wife-beater. Though his baggy jeans and large boots made him seem bigger.

"Uh, I can take that," Alex reached out for Brad's jacket, grabbed it like a little maid and carried it around the corner. Brad remained in the doorway, checking himself out in the mirror. He flicked at his short, black and slightly curly hair. Moved in closer to the mirror and rubbed his thumb across his freckled nose and hard, angular cheeks, then made a tough face.

"You can come in by the way," Alex called from the other room.

Brad looked away from the mirror and turned the corner, Alex stood in the other room, a room that seemed to sparkle with diamonds and ornate lighting fixtures. "Shit," Brad commented on the room, impressed and somewhat intimidated by it's elegance.

"It's my parents entertaining room, ya know, for when guests come over and stuff like that. Careful not to break anything."

Brad poked his finger towards a shelf full of framed, family photos and glass figurines, then looked at Alex jokingly,"just kidding, I won't touch".

"Okay," Alex remarked with little emotion. Alex had a difficult time being outgoing, being himself around other guys. He was intimidated by Brad's apparent toughness and the fact that he was beyond adult, being 20 years old. You might even say Alex was afraid of Brad. Back when Alex was in elementary school he discontinued playing with the other boys because they would play too rough. Whether it was tag or football, Alex was horrified of being tackled and hurt and this fear remained with him.

Alex was about to leave the room, then he turned and asked "You want something to drink?"

"Uh..sure, do your parents have alcohol?" Brad replied semi-jokingly. Brad liked picking on shy guys like Alex, he just liked fucking with their heads.

Alex stammered awkwardly, uhm...uh, yeah. Yeah we have beer, in cans. I'm not sure what label though."

Brad fell back into the couch and made himself comfortable. "Aw, it's okay you can just bring me whatever you find," he said.

Alex left to fetch the drink while Brad sat in silence, gazing around the spectacular room which he didn't care for all too much, he just wanted to finish the work and go home. His gaze caught a glimpse of one of the many family portraits on the shelves. In the portrait were Alex, his parents, his older brother, and his sister. His sister was pretty, almost hot, though Brad couldn't imagine her being much of a dick-slut. Her and Alex had similar facial features, square, pouty lips, and wide, dark eyes. Though Alex had a pale complexion, his hair was dark brown and feathery across the top of his head, but the length did not pass his eyes. Brad continued to stare deeply at the photo, just the feeling of being in that fancy room, starring at that pretty photo made his dong begin to fill out between his legs. Brad always had a healthy, large hunk of meat between his legs. The mere sensation of his boxers caressing his cock could engorge him. Though it took a lot to make his dick stand up straight, it was pretty big. The last time Brad could remember measuring his dong, it was a good 10 inches, it might have even grown since then. Brad tried to snap out of his daze and shifted his body, doing so he felt a wet string of cum dripping from his dick. Brad pulled the waist of his jeans up, opened the cock pocket in his boxers and pulled his dick out, then squeezed his balls through the hole as well. Just to let his junk breath.

Alex returned to the room with a can of Budweiser, "how's this?"

"Oh, perfect. That's some good stuff," Brad sat up from the couch and grabbed the can. He popped the tab up as Alex moved items away from a short table in the centre of the room, preparing for the assignment. He stepped around the table, eventually his butt sticking up in Brad's face as he cleared the crap out of the way. Brad just starred for a moment before snapping himself out of it.

"Hey," Brad nodded towards Alex, "you don't drink beer?"

Alex turned his head, "uhm, no. Not really".

"You haven't even tried it have you?" Brad grew a tilted smile on his face and reached out towards Alex's face, holding the can of beer in his hand.

Alex moved his face towards the can and slurped it, then Brad quickly jolted his hand closer to Alex's face, "no, take the can you faggot".

"Oh," Alex looked down, and clasped the can before taking another sip.

"Well don't get drunk, fuck we've got work to do," Brad reached back for the can. Taking it from Alex's hand.

Alex pulled out a large binder full of paper and silently set it on the desk before looking up at Brad for further instruction.

"What are you lookin at me for?" Brad pulled his head back, "you're the smart kid, get writing".

Brad shrugged, "I mean, I don't mean to be an ass but if you let me do the work we'll both fail".

"Good point," Alex picked up the T.V. Remote and handed it to Brad. "Might as well watch T.V. Then".

Flipping through the channels Brad held down the buttons on the remote until the rapidly rising numbers landed up in the obscure listings. "Around channel 300 you get porn, you know that?"

Alex looked up from his writing, "no," he replied. He really didn't know there was porn on T.V.

"You're dad probably watches that shit, let's see," Brad continued to slowly flick the channels, one by one.

A lump began to grow in Alex's throat, he was nervous, but something inside him wanted Brad to find the porn. Like somehow, both of them watching porn would validate Alex, like he could be accepted as one of the guys. Alex was never one of the guys, most dudes assumed he was gay so they left him alone. Alex hadn't really thought about it, he was quite sheltered and sex was never a prevalent discussion in his house.

Before Alex could finish his thought, the anchor man's voice switched to loud cheering sports fans, and then to the loud and shrill moans of a girl.

"Sweet!" Brad proclaimed, part of him wanted to find the porn for the mere satisfaction of being victorious. "Don't tell me you don't like that," Brad nodded towards the T.V.

On screen was a close-up of a blond girl wearing bright red, smeared lipstick, her arms folded towards the camera with her tits overflowing from her grasp. They bounced upwards each time the man in the background thrusted, followed by her loud squeal.

"Damn, that's a nice set," Brad slurped back his beer. "You wouldn't bang a chick like that?"

Alex shrugged.

"You'd let a dude like that bang you, wouldn't you?" Brad squinted his eyes and smiled. "You'd let him pound your ass hole until the shit pours out of it! Then you'd lick your own crap off his stick, because you're a little faggot," Brad tilted his head towards Alex. Waiting for a reply.

"No," Alex replied sombrely.

"Bro, it's okay. I won't judge".

Alex's face turned red and his eyes became irritated, as he looked down at his work he could feel Brad starring at him.

"You don't have to lie to me, who knows. I might let you suck my dick one day," Brad pulled himself off the couch and around the table to Alex. He rested his hand firmly on Alex's shoulder. "Eh, what if I told you being a fag was a normal thing". He rubbed his hand back and forth on Alex's shoulder, "There's a reason fags suck on dude's dicks".

Alex didn't move, he sat completely still as he concentrated on the loud sound of Brad's breathing from behind him.

'Alright, I'm gonna show you what fags do," Brad slide his hand down Alex's waist, and pulled him away from the table, Alex began to struggle. Alex was being wrestled to the ground and was terrified, he wasn't a rough guy by any means and could barely balance on all fours with Brad tugging at his shirt.

"Relax, dude. I'm not gonna hurt you," said Brad, hardly laughing and with a red face. Finally he stood up over Alex, grabbed the back of his shirt and dragged him to the centre of the room. Alex tightly grasped the neck of his shirt as it nearly choked him.

Brad let go of Alex's shirt and the momentum sent Alex's rolling onto his back. Brad came to his knees and began tugging at the ankles of Alex's tight jeans. With each yank Brad slowly pulled Alex closer to him until his pants came off, Brad tossed them behind his back and reached out for Alex's tighty whities. Alex quickly grabbed the top of his undies and held onto them, embarrassed.

"Nobody cares how big your dick is, you're a fag, you don't even need a penis," Brad tried to convince Alex to remove his underwear.

They both settled, still. Brad was starring anxiously at Alex's hand over his underwear, then shifted his eyes upwards to Alex, who was looking at him. Brad remained locked onto Alex's eyes, thinking maybe fags craves all that emotional crap girls did. Slowly, without looking away Brad reached up Alex's leg and touched his undies. He grasped the leg of Alex's underwear with one full grip and ripped them down.

Brad slowly removed his gaze from Alex's face and checked out the half-naked body in front of him. Alex's shirt was pulled up, exposing his belly button, shallow lines along the sides of his torso up to his protruding ribs. Alex oddly had no hair, aside from a sprinkling of pubes, Brad doubted that he'd shave himself, must be a late bloomer. The only cock Brad liked was his own, and it was hard to compete with. Brad just enjoyed stuffing his fat dong into warm, tight, gooey places because it felt good.

Alex's small dick lied across his belly. Brad noticed Alex had a boner, it was funny how small it was compared to his own cock. He slid his hand up and down Alex's leg, watching his cock twitch, knowing Alex wanted this more than Brad himself. Heck, brad was doing this for the poor fag, there weren't many handsome dudes like Brad around, with huge cocks.

Alex acknowledged the moment had ended and slowly pulled his leg up towards himself, breaking Brad's concentration, he looked up to Alex with a surprised and annoyed look. Brad then pulled the leg back down, grabbed Alex's arms, pulled them behind his back and pushed him to the ground. Alex could feel the hard floor against his ribs as Brad slowly lowered his weight onto Alex's back.

"Be a cute fag and don't move, Alex", Brad struggled with Alex's legs, fighting for room. Slowly losing his patience with the thought of his fat cock smothered up inside the tight hole, his face becoming red as he lost his temper. "Theeeree we gooo". His legs bent around Alex's forcibly.

Brad curled one arm below Alex's stomach, holding his light, cool body up to his chest. He looked up to the portrait on the shelf, closed his eyes and took in a big sniff of Alex's hair.

"What are you- " Brad abruptly cuffed his hand over Alex's face. His fingers were rigid and hard, but his hands big and man-like. The strange scent off Brad's fingers lingered around Alex's nostrils.

"Don't speak," Brad thrusted his clothed cock against Alex's bare ass.

Alex murmured in acceptance, "EH! What did I say?" Brad tightened his grip, stretching Alex's body further from the ground. Brad held Alex like that for a moment, then began licking the inside of Alex's ear. All Alex could hear was the sound of Brad's heavy breathing loud in his ear, followed by the sound of licking and a low moan. The feeling of Brad's warm tongue, wet with spit tickling around in his ear made Alex squirm more.

"Listen Alex", Brad spoke into Alex's ear. "I'm..." Brad began licking the inside of Alex's ear, "going..." he continued to lick vigorously, "to..." his words trailed with heavy breaths, "".

Brad's words stayed deep in Alex's mind, the heaviness, the warmth, and the bass of his voice relaxed Alex. Every muscle in his body began to give in, his hole becoming less tight.

Slowly releasing his grip around Alex's mouth, then body, Brad moved himself down towards the pale, bouncy cheeks, now adorned with red scratches from Brad's thrusting. His hands slid up each cheek, from the top of Alex's leg, over the deep crease, onto each lump of jiggly muscle and beyond. Prying them apart.

The brightness of the room made Alex's tiny cunt blinding. A tight red pucker tucked away in a valley of big, pale ass. Brad stuck his nose in and took a deep sniff, shutting his eyes as every muscle in his body seemed to relax with the scent of Alex's shitty fag pussy. A light grease glistened around the pinhole, Brad moaned and then dove his face between the cheeks. He made loud slurping, licking, and lapping sounds as the cheeks hugged his rigid jaw. He placed his hands beneath Alex's pelvis and pulled him up until his butt stuck out into the air. Brad then began pulling Alex's ass back and forth onto his face, his deep moans muffling in and out of audibility, his breath lost deep within Alex's relaxed boy pussy.

"Mmmm.." Alex began moaning, letting go and surrendering to Brad's rules. He found himself now pushing his plump cheeks against Brad's face. The pressure of Brad's nose pushing into Alex's ass crease made him crave a long dick like he'd seen on the T.V. . Alex had never felt this loose, his movements so fluid, flopping his jiggly butt up and down Brad's face. Ready to ride him. He just wanted to call out for Brad to fuck him, but he remembered not to speak. He didn't want Brad to get angry and stop, so he continued to moan.

Brad pulled his head out of Alex's cheeks, holding Alex's wide butt between his hands he looked to Alex, "yeaaah, that's a tasty faggot. Mm. Do you want my cock?"

Alex opened his mouth and then quickly shut it, remembering not to speak. He shook his head and pushed his bum into Brad's crotch. Alex began to realize how simple it was to speak without saying a word.

Brad unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his waist, his hefty shaft flopped out and began to grow until his large mushroom head poked Alex's cheek. It continued to grow, pushing further into Alex's cheek, and finally a drop of sticky pre-cum drooled out of Brad's swollen cock. Brad swept up his dude-juice with his thumb and leaned in closer to Alex, his shaft poking Alex's ass cheek even harder. He held Alex's jaw in one hand, prying his mouth open and sticking his wet thumb between Alex's soft lips. He pushed his thumb in and out slowly, prompting Alex to suck on his thumb, Brad had seen it in a porno before and he knew that's what sweet fags should do. Suck a dude's thumb to prepare himself for a massive cock. As Alex now held Brad's fist in both hands, sucking his thumb, Brad began rocking back and forth, slowly sliding his shaft up and down Alex's crack. Pushing in further with each motion, until his dick was wedged between Alex's cheeks like a hotdog in a bun.

"This is a big cock, Alex, you sure you're ready for it?" Brad slapped Alex gently, twice across his bouncy cheek to wake him from his daze.

Alex turned his head, leaving a trail of slobber from his mouth to Brad's thumb, he shook his head yes.

Brad then grabbed Alex by the ankles and dragged him towards the couch, wrapping his arms around Alex's ribs, he lifted him off the ground, and sat him on his lap. Alex sat upright facing away from Brad until Brad pushed Alex's chest back, forcing Alex to lay against Brad's own chest. They sat like that for a moment, in silence until the porn on the T.V. Broke free from the background and caught Brad's attention. Alex could feel Brad's dong sprouting out beneath him, it had to be at least 10 inches. Brad grabbed Alex's face and turned it, his other arm pointing at the T.V.

"You see that, Alex? You wanna do that?"

Alex tried to bounce on Brad's lap, without speaking.

"Okay, but it's gonna hurt. I mean it".

Brad placed both hands on Alex's waist and lifted him up and spun him around. Alex sat there starring into Brad's face.

"Alright, how are we gonna do this," Brad contemplated. His knee bouncing up and down, rocking Alex's relaxed body.

"Close your eyes," he said as he swept his hands over Alex's face. Alex obeyed.

Alex felt Brad's boner slap against his bouncy cheeks, once, then a second time, each time it felt harder than the last.

Brad pulled Alex's head against his chest, "each time I push my cock..." Brad grabbed Alex's hair and pulled his head off his chest, "are you listening?" Alex shook his head. "Each time I push my cock deeper into your pussy, you're going to moan in accordance to how it feels. The better it feels, the more you moan like this..." Brad closed his eyes, smiled and moaned "mmmm". Alex shook his head as he followed Brad's expressions. "Then, when it gets really painful, you make this sound..." Brad arched his head back and groaned, "arrrgghh!" Alex nodded.

"Okay..." Brad sunk into the couch and pulled Alex closer as he pushed the head of his cock into Alex's slimy pussy hole.

"Mmmm," Alex pushed his bum down onto Brad's boner.

Brad clasped both hands around Alex's waist and jiggled his thin body around, pushing his cock further into the warm fag hole. Alex was silent.

Brad slapped Alex's ass when he forgot to moan, and Alex would moan.

Alex sat up, his back curved and moaned, "MMMmmm"

Brad raised both arms and pushed down on Alex's shoulders, gently pulling him down some more. His dick deeper, and deeper in Alex's pussy. The gooey resistance inside Alex's hole made it hard for Brad to hold in his cum. He began pushing harder, "Aaak!" Alex squealed.

"Shh... shhh," Brad held his finger up to his lips, signalling Alex to be quiet.

"I have to keep going Alex, my dick needs to be way up inside your body so I can blow, my cum has to go inside your tummy. You're a little faggot, and a faggot needs my sperm to survive. You're already going crazy without it". Alex just starred into Brad's eyes, nervously awaiting a deeper intrusion of Brad's giant dong.

Brad began gently pushing himself up into Alex's boy cunt, beginning to thrust in and out faster, penetrating deeper with each movement until Alex's moans became more frequent and frantic.




Brad had sunk further into the couch, his head resting near the bottom of the cushions, red-faced and sweating, just barely holding onto his jizz. He picked Alex up, resting his cock halfway inside the tight pussy and stood up. Bouncing Alex on the tip of his cock until he could feel his legs ready to give way.

He dropped Alex to the ground and held his legs up, spread them apart and stood between them. Alex's torso was once again pushed against the hard floor, his arm's outstretched, gripping the rug as Brad pounded his throbbing hunk of dick deeper and deeper inside the messy hole.

By this point Alex's moans and squeals had become one, elongated sound. A mix of pleasure and pain as Brad's boner stretched his insides. He could only imagine how far in Brad was, what looked like 10 inches felt like 11, and he knew there was more to come.

"Mmm, ooohh fuuuck!" Brad moaned as he pushed his cock deep between Alex's sweaty cheeks, then pulled it out, then back in, harder and harder each time. Finally, giving into Alex's desperate groans, Brad dropped Alex's legs to the ground. He knelt down behind Alex who could barely hold himself up, "push your butt out Alex, come on. It's not over yet," Brad demanded.

Alex arched his back and stuck his bouncy cheeks into the air, his hole was stretched and his sweaty crack glistened under the lights. Brad clasped both cheeks and licked them, one after the other, like a hungry savage, his face more red and sweatier than before.

Brad pulled Alex's ass towards his dick and began ramming into the blushing, wet pussy without hesitation. He pried one cheek back to admire his huge boner thrashing back and forth, in and out of the tight faggot hole when he noticed a thin trail of blood leading from Alex's hole. At first this made him nervous, he didn't want to hurt Alex too badly, much less get in trouble for it. However, Brad was then overcome by great pride and satisfaction, that his huge dong could destroy such a tight, untouched pussy in mere minutes. Brad scooped Alex up onto his lap as he sat, crouched on his toes. He held Alex close to his chest again and observed a tear form in Alex's eye.

"Aww, you okay?" Brad consoled Alex and pulled him back onto the couch, sitting on his lap, laying back into Brad's chest.

"I have an idea," Brad smirked. "Why don't we give that hole a rest".

Brad picked Alex up and moved him to the ground. He spread his legs and sat back. "It's all yours".

Alex sat forward on his knees, placing his hands gently on Brad's hairy legs. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue out. Brad pushed Alex's head down into his crotch full of dark hair. It smelled sweaty and musty, a gross smell that hypnotized Alex. He began to drool into Brad's lap.

"Alright, have a taste," Brad gave in. He let go of Alex's head and his cock flopped out of his bushy pubes. Alex held the base of Brad's massive shaft in his fist and licked the cock from his hand to the tip. Suckling the light glaze of cum and pussy juice off. Alex continued to lick the cock up and down, he liked sucking dick, it wasn't hard. It was like licking a Popsicle, except it was warm and smelly, throbbing in his hands.

"Put it in your mouth, Alex. Open wide and eat it".

Alex gaped his mouth wide open and caught the tip of Brad's cock in hips lips. Alex pushed himself forward, the entire head of Brad's cock popped into his mouth and Alex became practically immobile. He tried to push himself forward onto the cock but it was stuck, lodged into his mouth and wouldn't move any further. Alex just moaned.

Brad grabbed Alex's head and pulled it up, his lips slid off the head of Brad's boner with a popping sound.

"Hmmm," Brad investigated. "That's not gonna work, is it?"

Alex shrugged, he enjoyed Brad's cock being lodged in his mouth, he couldn't breathe very well but it was relaxing.

"Here," Brad patted his hand on the couch. "Come up here and lay down".

Alex got up on the couch and lay down like Brad asked, "like this?"

Brad became wide-eyed. Alex had then realized what he did wrong and looked surprised as well.

"Oh, now you're gonna get it," Brad teased with his teeth clenched.

Brad positioned Alex so that his legs were rested at the top of the couch and his head hung off the cushions.

Brad stood over Alex's face, "say awww". He pushed his cock downwards and lowered himself into Alex's mouth. At first he could feel Alex's tongue dancing around his throbbing bone in excitement, as he pushed deeper Brad felt his dick drowning in Alex's slobber, finally reaching a tight, constricted throat.

Brad pulled Alex's hair and looked straight into his eyes. "Alright Alex, this is where I need you to sing for me. Go awwww".

Alex complied, "awwwww".

As Brad slid his cock deeper into Alex's throat, more and more spit began to surface, dripping out of Alex's stretched lips. Deeper inside Alex's throat and he began choking.

"Breathe, Alex. Breathe," Brad barked demandingly. It was for Alex's own good anyways. "Breathe through your nose".

Alex's breathing began to slow and his choking stopped as he relaxed his throat.

"Uggg, fuck. I'm so deep inside you faggot. I think I'm further inside your head than I was in your pussy." Brad closed his eyes and grimaced as he looked to the ceiling, trying hard not to blow. "Make some noise for me Alex".

Alex began moaning for Brad, like he was asked. "Mmmmm, oooaah, Muuuph," more spit began to pour out of Alex's mouth. Thick gobs of bubbly fag spit, perfect lube for fucking.

"I'm gonna fuck your face, Alex," Brad began dropping himself lower into Alex's throat. Down, then pull out, down, then pull out, Brad repeated in his mind to keep himself from busting his juice inside Alex.

Brad began fucking Alex's face faster and faster, with each thrust Alex would gulp and gurgle.

"Gulp, gurgle, gulp, gurgle..." until Brad couldn't take it anymore and spouted his come deep inside Alex's throat.

"Oooohh, no. Fuuuck!"

He dislodged his cock from Alex's throat, slid it out of his mouth and began demanding, "hold on to it Alex, don't let it out!"

Brad looked straight at Alex, nose-to-nose and said "Those juices belong in your cunt Alex, your fag cunt. I need you to give me back that cum boy, okay?"

Alex nodded, his eyes and mouth watering. He picture the beer being in Brad's cum, and he was getting drunk off of it.

Brad opened his mouth wide and gave Alex a big kiss, sucking in Alex's lips and all of the cum out of his mouth. Brad's mouth was full and he couldn't speak, he motion for Alex to get on the ground, Alex was slightly confused.

Brad's face red, sweaty, with his own cum dripping out of his mouth, grabbed Alex's arm and pulled him to the ground. Pushed his knees together and pulled his ass into the air. Brad grabbed Alex's cheeks and pulled them apart, he began digging deeper with his thumbs, into Alex's gooey crack, prying at his slippery pussy lips. Brad stretched Alex's hole wider, exposing the now-stretched and cavernous fag hole he had stuffed before. He pushed his face between Alex's cheeks and spewed his juice, Alex's spit, and his own spit into the deep fag pussy before letting go and watching Alex's cheeks slap against each other and jiggle.

Brad fell back onto the couch and sighed with relief as Alex sat in the middle of the floor, on his hands and knees with his ass still in the air.

"Don't move Alex, let it sink in," Brad picked up the remote on the T.V. And turned the volume up. The sound of a new girl squealing and moaning filled the room as Brad sat and stroked his throbbing bone with Alex's sticky spit.



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