You just have to find what it is that you enjoy. Like the hot mouth around your cock, sucking and pulsing, enveloping it. Having someone, like the young, toned man take it all the way down to the base, then pulling back to the tip. Repeating that, feeling your dick pressing along the velvety throat of a man, younger and more playful.

You’re looking down at him, and he’s looking back at you, dick in his mouth, slick with his spit. He then hits that spot, under the head of your dick where it meets the shaft, making you throw back your head in ecstasy and pleasure. Seeing this, the young man quickens his pace, starting at the tip and swallowing it all. He holds it there in his throat for some time, allowing you to feel his throat muscles contract around it, grasping and releasing it. All this time, he makes eye contact with you, showing that you are in charge. In his eyes, you can see that your dick is his source of pleasure by just being in his mouth. It’s what he craves, and you’re all too happy to oblige. You start getting a little rougher, thrusting your hips as he moves down your shaft.

Placing your hand on his head to steady yourself, you thrust in and out along the warm velvety orifice. He opens his throat to accept it and though tears well up, you don’t stop. He is still looking up at you, pleading that you continue because this gives him just as much pleasure as it gives you. His dick stands out, but he doesn’t bother with it. He is focusing on you and your shaft, keeping suction and the vibrations of his moaning going. You keep thrusting, fucking his mouth, fucking his throat. You slow down, on the verge of cumming, but not yet. It’s too soon.

You help him reposition. He now lays on the bed on his back, his head leaning back over the edge. He opens his mouth, and you continue your assault. This new position allows you to thrust deeper into his throat. Sometimes you hold it there to feel the throat tighten around it. It is the perfect muscle for your dick. While he sputters and sucks on your instrument, you decide to make him moan even more. You take hold of his erect and leaking dick that is so well displayed before you. His precum serves as the lube for you to stroke his cock, and you match your strokes of his cock with your thrusts into his throat. This makes him moan, louder and more often than before, sending the vibrations through your penis and into your ballsack. This is enough to start making your balls churn, aching to release the pent up protein down this younger man’s throat.

You can feel him tensing as you continue to stroke, as he continues to moan. The moaning gets louder, making your thrusts into his throat harder, and your strokes of his dick faster. His legs stiffen, and his ballsack contracts as he sprays his own seed onto his neck and chest. The resulting moans from his orgasm send waves of pleasure throughout your loins and, unable to hold back any longer, you release a wave of semen into his mouth, down his throat, with the last dribbles running down his face as you pull out of his mouth. He is spent, but seeing him like this keeps you hard. You decide that the night has just begun, and scooping up some of the white seed that covers his chest, you decide that it’s time to see how his ass compares to his mouth. You lift his legs and drizzle the cum on his asshole. He looks at you, tired and spent, but his eyes are alive and excited for what comes next… 

To be continued?


The Juice

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