The game was rained out. It was fucking rained out. We had waited all of a really shitty work week for this, and it was rained out. We stared at each other. 'Well,' Jack said. 'What the hell do you wanna do now?' I shrugged. 'I don't give a flying fuck. I'm depressed.' To illustrate this, I lay back on the couch and put a pillow over my head. 'How depressed?' Jack asked thoughtfully. I raised the pillow. 'Am I being graded on this?' He shook his head and took a business card out of his pocket and handed it over. 'I got this from a guy at work. His brother just had a bachelor party.' I took it and looked at it. Shiny black card with gold script. The name 'Angelina' and a phone number. I looked at Jack. 'And Angelina would be...who, exactly?' He looked serious. 'She's a hooker, Danny. A prostitute.' I snorted. 'I know what a fucking hooker is...hey, that's funny if you think about it.' Jack didn't think it was that funny. 'She'll do both of us for $200.' I stared at him. Jack was a solid guy, as sober and levelheaded as they come, and not the type to wave a hooker's business card around. 'You're serious, aren't you,' I asked. There was a knock at the door. He was serious.

Angelina was a well-stacked blonde, with big innocent blue eyes, fair skin, an easy smile, and a soft voice. She was also all business at first. She wanted $200 cash, up front, and rattled off a list of things she would do, followed by a list of things she wouldn't. Considering Jack and I had both only done half the things on the 'would' list, and hadn't even heard of half the things on the 'wouldn't' list, we reached an agreement rather quickly, handed over the $200, then stood around and stared at each other. She smiled. 'Separately or together?' she asked. I opened my mouth, but Jack got there first. 'Together,' he said quietly. I shot him a look, but he was looking at Angelina. She waved a hand vaguely. 'Bedroom?' Jack pointed. 'This way.'

We went into the bedroom, where I stood awkwardly, shifting from foot to foot as Anglina stripped naked, and Jack took off his clothes with his usual calm. Soon, they were naked on the bed, and I felt stupid, so I took off my clothes. I walked around and slid into bed on the other side of the hooker. She urged us to relax, then started kissing us both in turn. I put my hand on her left tit and squeezed gently. Jack was doing much better, his mouth latched to a nipple, his cock already hard. I looked down at my flaccid friend and sighed. This wasn't my scene, I thought, and started to get off the bed. The hooker grabbed me. By the balls. I froze, and she got on all fours and took me in her mouth and gave me some expert sucking. I lay back, grateful my cock was starting to stiffen, and watched as Jack knelt behind Angelina and started to pump her pussy from behind. I dug watching him fuck her as she sucked me, and my cock woke all the way up. I got into it, and the sights and sensations had me hotter than hell. Angelina switched suddenly, and sucked Jack while I fucked her hot cunt.

Jack got off the bed at one point and got the tequila, and said a couple of shots would relax us. We all got a nice buzz, then went back to the eager Angelina and the 'would do' list. I dove between her legs and sucked her hot snatch, determined I was going to make the hooker cum. I sucked her to a frenzy of hot lust, and Jack mounted her face. She sucked his cock as I ate her pussy.

I looked up once at Jack's ass. I'd never seen it before, so I'd never noticed how taut and firm it was. How tasty it looked. I startled myself with that thought, and tried to focus on the clit in my mouth, but my eyes kept drifting up. I loved ass fucking. Did it feel different in a man's ass? Would my cock like to...I closed my eyes tight. Shit, I thought. I can't be thinking this. When I opened my eyes again, I didn't look at Jack's ass. I looked at his swollen purple cockhead that was right in front of my face. His hand stroked it slowly. I raised my eyes and looked up at him, my mouth still full of pussy. He looked down at me, expressionless, his hand stroking slowly. He was getting off watching me eat the whore's pussy. Wasn't he? Something was getting him hot. A drop of precum oozed out the tip of his cock. I raised my head slowly, my mouth still open, my tongue out. He swallowed hard, then leaned forward and touched his cock to my tongue. I licked it, then licked it again. I opened my mouth wider, and he slid his cock into my mouth. I closed it around him gently and began to suck.

It was an experiment, I told myself. experiment. I wasn't...but there was a cock in my mouth, I was sucking it as hard as I could, and my own cock felt ready to burst. My hands were on him, then, stroking, caressing and I heard him groan. I looked up at him, and he looked down at me with a smile I'd never seen before. He ran his fingers through my hair. I slid his cock out of my mouth and knelt before him. We looked at each other, eye to eye, or hardons touching silky heads. I wasn't surprised when he kissed me. What surprised me was the intensity of my heat as I kissed him back.

His fingers brushed lightly up and down my spine as he sucked my tongue, then slid down to gently touch my ass. He massaged me, then his hand slid around to my cock and stroked me. He laid me down, and bent his mouth to my throbbing cock and began to lick and suck so gently that it was sweet torture. I fought for control, looking around for Angelina. I heard the front door close. The hooker was gone. I looked at Jack, eyes closed as he licked and nibbled at me. He'd used the whore to get me naked, hot and in bed. Because he wanted me himself. I wanted to say something to him, but suddenly his teasing of my cock brought me to the edge. He knew it, and closed his mouth around me and sucked harder. My brain told my body not to cum in Jack's mouth just as my cock gave him what he wanted. My back arched as my cum shot out in a long shuddering pulse. It was ecstasy, prolonged, intense ecstasy.

He sat quietly and stared at me. He looked like he was prepared for anything I might do to him as vengeance for what he had done to me. I touched his thigh with my fingertips. 'How long have your felt like this?' I asked quietly. He shrugged. 'Always. I've always felt this way,' he said with dignity. 'Why didn't you say anything?' I asked. He gave me a rueful smile. 'Like what, Danny? That my cock gets hard just being around you. What the hell would you have said?' I just looked at him. I knew what I would have said. I couldn't say that now, knowing what it felt like to stare at his ass and wonder, knowing what it was like to cum in his mouth.

I stroked his thigh and he looked down at my fingertips as they caressed his skin. His cock looked painfully hard. I looked down at myself. Unbelievably, mine was starting to return to life. Jack looked at it with longing. 'What do you want?' I whispered. 'The most. What do you want the most?' He looked at my stiffening cock, then met my eyes. 'I want you to fuck my ass and cum inside me. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, as long as you can. Then I want you to not hate me.' I looked at my long time friend and my very hard cock. I grinned at him. 'Well, if we're going to dance, you're gonna have to lead, my man.'

His mouth came down on mine and he thrust his tongue in. I sucked it, hungrily. We rolled around on the bed, kissing and touching each other. Finally, I got him on his hands and knees and stroked his ass. He had a fine, tight ass, with soft, smooth skin. I got a tube of lubricant out of the dresser drawer and got my right index finger nice and slippery. I slipped it between his ass cheeks and touched the hole. He jumped, and I stroked his ass to calm him, realizing suddenly that he had no more experience with this than I had. He'd just been aware of the desire longer. I worked the finger in gently, then slid it in and out, gradually increasing the speed and pressure. His breathing changed, and he started to gasp. I bent and kissed, then bit his ass. I liked doing that, so I did it more, kissing, licking and biting his sweet ass. He started to tremble. I slid in a second finger, working him open for my now aching, oozing cock. I wanted to fuck him as much as he wanted to fuck me.

I drew the fingers out carefully and knelt behind him, rubbing my cock up and down his slippery crack, then rubbing it against his hole. 'You sure you want this?' I asked. He took a deep breath. 'Fuck me,' he said loudly. 'Fuck my ass. Fuck me, Danny. Fuck me.' I thrust my cock into him and grabbed his hips. I pumped him slow and easy, tormenting him, making his firm ass wiggle and butt back against me. I wanted him so hot he couldn't stand it. Fair's fair, buddy. I thought. You got me so fucking hot I can't stand it. I pumped in slow even strokes until he started to beg, then slowed down more until he started to howl. Then I got a good grip on his hips and fucked the hell out of him.

I'd never pumped my cock into anything as hard as I did into Jack's incredibly tight asshole. I fucked him long and hard, slamming into him, our balls banging together, feeling my balls fill to the bursting point, but refusing to cum. I wanted him to have what I now fucking the hell out of him. His ring was so tight as it stroked the length of my swollen pole. I was going to fuck him forever. However, I hadn't counted on what it would feel like to me when he came, and he did, long, thunderous waves that I could feel as his cock erupted cum all over the sheets. I held on to his hips for dear life as my cock exploded, firing my load of hot jism deep in his ass. I slammed my cock deep and held it there as it throbbed into him, filling him, flooding him. We collapsed in a slippery pile of arms, legs and cocks.

A long time later I turned to the sleepy face on the next pillow and smiled. 'I understand about using the hooker to get me into bed,' I said. 'But there's one thing I don't understand.' He forced his eyes open. 'And what's that,' he mumbled. I grinned. 'How in the hell did you make it rain?'


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