My half-hard dick was bouncing around as I hurried into the large shower room. Only one other guy was showering, I was relieved to notice. His name was Jeff, a very good looking new member of the college baseball team I was on.

'Whoa! What's the rush, man?' he asked as he looked me over boldly.

I took the shower head right next to him, but before turning it on I leaned in towards him and whispered huskily, 'Juices are runnin' down my legs, man. I need to shower before I leave a wet trail.' I smiled at him.

'Juices?!' he asked with surprise, excitement in his voice.

I grinned.

'Wha... What kind of juices?' he asked hesitantly.

'Manly juices,' I said quietly.

You mean...?' He stopped mid-question, unable to put his thought into words.

I just nodded.

'I... I...' he stammered, looking for the right words, ' mean you've been fucked?...' He looked startled by his own words. ' the ass?' he added, genuine surprise in his voice.

I nodded, again, smiling. I turned on the water spray and slowly spun around, getting my body wet.

'Geeeez!' he sighed lowly. 'Who fucked you?' He sounded not only curious but turned on.

'I'm not kind to kiss and tell,' I told him. By now, I was using a small, white bar of soap to lather my ass and thighs. His eyes never left my body.

'Fuck!' he exploded quietly, not wanting this conversation to be overheard, 'gettin' fucked in the ass, man, just ain't the same thing as kissing!' He was staring at my pendulous cock and, almost as an after-thought, added, 'Did you come, too?' He seemed extremely interested, and that interest made me feel very good about him.

'Naw, just as I was really getting into it, he pumps a truly big load into me, pulls out, says 'Thanks,' and announces that he has to run to keep from being late for his next class. He threw on his clothes and as he was leaving the room, looked back at me and said, 'Sorry, to leave you like that!' as he motioned to my erection. He looked apologetic, but well satisfied with himself. The fucker!'

'Geez!' Jeff said, again.

'Yeah. So I had to rush in here, empty his load into the toilet, and now shower to clean myself up,' I explained.

'Looks like you're still... uh...interested in fucking around,' he said softly, almost hesitant to say it. I noticed, however, that his cock was elongating during this brief exchange.

'I'm always horny,' I admitted honestly.

'I know.' He paused. 'I heard about you,' he said softly. He was an eighteen-year-old freshman, while I was a junior.

'What did you hear, Jeff?' I wanted to know. My arousal was beginning to strengthen. I looked him over. He was well put together, indeed. Strong, well built, boyishly handsome, and his lengthening cock was starting to match the size of mine, looking thick and alert.

'Well...' he started, nervously, rather shyly, almost modestly, '...some of the guys told me you suck a mean dick.' Immediately, he added, 'But I don't mean to embarrass you.'

I laughed aloud. 'Hell, man, I never met a mean dick! All the cocks I've sucked were mighty friendly!'

'Wow!' he sighed, sounding really turned on. His cock was starting on the rise - not just elongating but starting to lift itself to point at me. 'You suck cock and take it up the ass, too!' He sounded very impressed and not at all repulsed by my lascivious behavior.

'Well, that's not all, Jeff,' I announced, amused by his startled expression.

'Wha... What else?' he asked in a strained voice of deep interest.

'Hell, man, I love jacking off. I love jacking off with another guy. Like you, for instance. I love jacking a guy off. I love being jacked off by a guy. I love circle-jerks. Besides sucking cock, which I love to do, I love having my cock sucked by someone who loves sucking cock. I love 69's. And besides getting fucked, which I love, I love fucking a hot, tight ass of a man who loves getting fucked.' I paused to let these honest comments sink in. Then, I asked, 'Do you think I left anything out?'

'Wow!' he sighed, again. 'I never heard anyone admit that they jack off.' It was almost as if that was the only sexual item he had paid any attention to. I figured that like most teenagers he'd probably been often admonished not to masturbate, yet I knew that like all teenagers he'd been beating off for many years. Jacking off was most likely his only sexual outlet.

'Do you like jacking off?' I asked casually. From the smile that lit up his face I knew what the answer would be.

'I love it!' he confirmed openly. 'But I've never told anyone before. I've never even talked about it.'

'Just touch that big cock of yours right now, and I'll bet it'll spring to stiff, complete erection immediately.' I wanted to flatter him but also to encourage him into getting a complete erection in front of me. I wanted him to realize that it was okay.

With no hesitation, Jeff grabbed his swelling erection, aiming it at me, and we both watched it firm resolutely to a grand erection.

I grabbed my erection, too, but to keep him from getting upset, I sighed and said, 'Man, you've got a terrific body, Jeff, and really big balls with a wonderfully large, beautiful cock! I'll bet you beat that big thing every chance you get.' I began an open and obvious up and down stroke on my own erection and was delighted to see him following my lead without embarrassment.

'Yeah!' he sighed proudly, actually posing for me as he pumped his cock, 'and I'm glad I've finally found someone, like you, who really understands what a pleasure it is for me to stroke this big thing.'

'Sure do,' I offered. 'And I'll bet that you can appreciate, now, how much I love jacking off, too. And watching you beat that beauty, is a real turn on for me. Do you like watching me jacking this fucker?' I asked, flaunting my crotch at him, balls squirming in their tight sac as I pumped fully, tip to base.

'It's awesome, watching you and pumping with you,' he admitted sincerely, shuffling slightly to get closer.

'Wanna pump mine?' I asked quietly. His eyes flew open wide as he looked up from watching me jack my cock to look me in the eye.

'Oh, Man!' he sighed. 'Just the thought of it is bringing me to climax!' He rose up on his toes, aimed the fully engorged weapon at me, sucked in his breath, thrust up his hips to raise the cock, pushed his hand down to the base of the giant piece of man-meat, and stiffened. Time stood still! Suddenly, a white spurt of sperm shot out, sailed upward in an arc, crossed the two feet or so between us and landed with a smack on my chest! The dam had burst. Spurt after glorious spurt flew out at me, hitting my chest twice more, then my abdomen, then my cock-pumping hand, then a few more weakening spurts fell to the floor. He gasped for breath as his orgasm wound down.

'Wow!' I sighed, impressed. 'What a mighty orgasm, man! A really big load! You came all over me!' I released my cock and was sliding my hand up my belly, collecting semen as I went, getting all of it from my chest, and then I put my fist to my mouth and noisily sucked in all of the nectar of this young god! It was delicious!

'Gee! You're licking up my cum,' he mumbled. He watched me for a moment and then asked, 'Do you like it?'

'I love it! It's the best! Ever!'

I saw his post-orgasmic worry leave him as he straightened up, looking proud of himself. 'Um... Er... Sorry I came so quick,' he stammered, looking embarrassed.

'Fuck! I'm glad you did!' I exclaimed dramatically. 'It was impressive! Wonderful! And delicious! I hope I can watch you come often! Anyway, you're so sexy I'll bet you probably come two or three times in a row.'

'You think I'm sexy?' he asked, sounding both surprised and pleased, and seeming both proud and bashful at the same time. The reaction was very arousing.

'Look at yourself. You're handsome, strong, masculine and your cock is still hard as a rock and your balls are still tight up against the cockbase! You're damn right you're sexy! You must be feeling great right now!' I smiled warmly.

'You're right. I do feel great right now! It's wonderful to be with someone who's as relaxed about sex as you are. It takes away all the usual worry and fear that normally comes with overtures of sex with a guy,' he said all in a rush. His admission sounded very honest.

'Ah Ha!' I exclaimed with a grin. 'You're so good looking, you've been approached for sex with men, before, haven't you?'

He simply blushed, appealingly.

'Often,' I added, 'if I'm any judge.'

Still blushing, he nodded.

'If you are anything like me...' I paused and restarted, '...I mean, I got so many offers from guys that I simply said 'Yes' and took advantage of all the opportunities to have some fun. Did you ever...?' I let the question hang in the air between us.

Jeff ignored me and asked, with a note of deep interest, 'Did you jack off with them?'

'In high school I jacked off with lots of guys, and I loved it,' I told him sincerely, 'but later I found that most of the guys who came on to me wanted to suck my cock and a lot of them wanted me to suck theirs, too. I discovered that I love getting my cock sucked.'

'But then you sucked theirs, too, didn't you,' he said as a statement, not a question. 'Did you like doing it right away?' As we talked, he kept looking down at my erection as I very slowly pumped it, keeping it stiff and oozing clear liquid.

'From the very first one,' I admitted.

'Wha... What was it like... uh... that first one?' he asked with that arousing hesitancy that made him seem so sexy. He wanted to learn what it felt like for me to suck my first cock.

'It was with a friend. We'd been jacking off together for months, when one day he asked me if I ever tasted cum. I told him that, sure, I had tasted my own.'

Jeff interrupted, saying softly, almost to himself, 'Yeah, I've tasted mine, too.'

I acted as though I hadn't heard that very interesting piece of information, and continued. 'Then, he surprised me...' I said in a husky voice, ' asking me if I wanted to taste his cum!' As I stressed the word 'his' Jeff looked surprised.

'How?' Jeff asked.

'That was my exact question! How? So he said, 'Well, you've played with my cock and you've helped me jack off, why don't you try sucking it for me?' Before I could react, he added, 'I've heard that both guys doing it really enjoy it! I'd like us to give it a try, now!' and he sort of flaunted his big erection at me. Actually, I found the idea of it thrilling. I had heard of cocksucking, so I guess I really didn't think the act was all that unusual, especially since I had been playing with his cock and was very familiar with it and liked it and liked him. So I said, 'Okay.' He grinned and said 'Do it, man!' and he sort of leaned back and thrust his crotch into my face I as leaned towards it.'

'Wow,' Jeff said softly. He had begun to stroke his hard cock, again. 'So you did it!' It wasn't a question.

'Yeah! It was great!' I said sincerely.

'How did it go?' he wanted to know. His interest in learning details was keeping both of us turned on.

'I took the head of his big cock into my mouth. It was leaking juice; was very hot and stiff, but smooth and tasted wonderful. He didn't jam it into me, like I had feared he would, but let me slowly savor it. I started to add some sucking pressure, which I enjoyed doing. The more I sucked, the more we both seemed to enjoy it! He put a hand on the back of my head and pressed, letting me know he wanted me to take more of his cock into my mouth. I tried, but I gagged a bit and panicked, fearful that he'd ram that huge thing into me and choke me, but he relaxed and drew back some, easing up, so I relaxed. He was very cooperative.'

'Wow, that's great!' Jeff sighed. Standing close to me, he was pumping faster, really getting excited. My description of cocksucking was really getting both of us excited.

'Because I relaxed, I was actually able to take in several inches more and felt the cockhead ease itself into my throat. I sucked, swallowed, and sucked and suddenly, without warning, everything about him stiffened. His cock got as hard as I have ever known a cock to get, and every muscle my hands were touching as I rubbed his body seemed to get completely stiff. He grunted once and I felt an expansion of his cock at my lips and realized he was starting to come. I backed up and caught the second, very large, spurt of cum in my mouth, and, at once, I realized how wonderfully hot and delicious cum tastes fresh from the spout!'

'Geez!' Jeff sighed. 'Did you swallow it?'

'Another big jet quickly followed, filling my mouth to overflowing, so I had to swallow. I wanted to swallow his cum! The last thing I wanted to do was to make him think that I didn't enjoy his mighty orgasm by letting any of his jism ooze out of my mouth. My reaction was instinctive. I was euphoric!'

'Did you come?'

'Yeah, I sure did! As he kept pumping sperm into me and I kept swallowing, I grabbed my erection, which felt incredibly hard, and, with only a stroke or two, I blasted off into a terrific orgasm along with him! It was wonderful,' I told him.

'Do you come with every cock you suck?' he wondered softly.

I wanted to lie and say 'yes' in order to impress him, but I decided to tell him the truth, so I said, 'No. I come with some, sometimes...' and seeing his disappointment, I added, '...because sometimes I've just had an orgasm, myself, before sucking the guy's cock. So if I've already come, it's not easy to come again so quickly. That kind of thing, you know?' I looked at him for a response.

'Oh, of course. I understand,' he agreed, adding, 'That makes a lot of sense.

'Sure,' I retorted, 'but right now...' I stopped talking and waited. He was a quick study.

'OH!' he exclaimed loudly. Then, catching himself, whispered, 'You mean that you'd come right now if you sucked my...' he didn't finish the sentence. But he did drop his hand from his cock, thrust his hips upwards, and offered the beautiful, hot cock to me and my eager, hungry mouth.

'Yes,' I hissed softly as I bent my head towards the object of my lust - his rigid, vibrating cock. As I kissed the tip, I felt his hand on the back of my head, urging me on. The size and heat of the cockhead as it slid into my mouth thrilled me, letting me know that I would come in a flash as I sucked this great guy's big cock, but I concentrated on giving him an equally thrilling experience and applied my best cocksucking skills to the effort.

'Oh, Man!' he sighed huskily. 'Lookit my meat slip into your mouth, man!' He paused, and then added, 'It feels so good! Man, you suck so good! Geez! You're going down on it. Way down! Man! You've got my cock in to the balls! Ugh! Ugh! I'm fuckin' your hot mouth and, man, this is great! Ugh! Ugh!' Each 'Ugh!' was emphasized by a strong thrust of his hips, driving cock into me.

As I sucked the long, hot pole, I realized how much I love sucking the cock of a guy who is cooperative and verbal, working with me yet telling me how good it feels. His enthusiasm was delightful. Since he had just had an orgasm, I knew the build up to this second one would allow us to take our time and really enjoy the connection, together. He was discovering just how good a cocksucker I really am! He was also letting me know that his enjoyment was complete.

'Ugh! I've let a couple guys try to blow me,' he admitted through clenched teeth as he humped cock into me with strong thrusts, 'but none of them ever made me feel this great. I can see how completely you've taken me in, and I can feel your tight heat and terrific suction on the entire length of my cock! This is awesome!'

I glanced up at him and it hit me how handsome and sexy this young man was and I felt like I would fire off into orgasm at any moment, but I struggled to hold back. I wanted him to see me come. Letting him fuck my mouth for the next hour was not my intention, so I raised my skill level even higher, sucked diligently, and grabbed his big ballsac with my fist and gently stroked it.

'Oh! Man! That's got it! I'm gonna come! Are you gonna join me?' he asked.

'Mmmm,' I hummed, vibrating his cock and balls, letting him know I would. Suddenly, my mouth was filled with that wonderful nectar I had already tasted, but this time its glorious heat and thick richness, combined with its manly flavor, made the experience of directly receiving his semen into my mouth unbelievably better. He humped and spurted cum into me, humped and spurted, humped and spurted, humped and spurted, until I was amazed at the length of his orgasm and at the quantity of his magnificent load. Even in my ecstasy, I was able to withhold my own explosion for a few moments longer.

As he withdrew and staggered back a step or two, I pumped my cock twice and soared into orgasm, sending the first two big spurts of cum right up onto his balls, bathing them with my sperm.

'Wow! Lookit you shoot, man! Oooh! You're hittin' my balls with you jism! What a feeling! What a sight! Lookit you pump that big fucker! That's it! Pump 'im dry!' He sounded both excited and, somehow, grateful, as I pumped out the rest of my overwhelming orgasm for his inspection. He ran a hand over his balls and rubbed my semen all over his crotch. It was obvious that he was really enjoying himself. So was I!

I rose up before him, holding my still hard cock, breathing hard. I knew from experience that what I was going say to him had to be something he would be pleased to hear and would remember.

'You're so handsome and so sexy! You fuck my mouth so hard! You taste so good! I want to do this with you every chance we get.'

'Yeah!' he sighed, breathing hard, 'every chance!' He gave me a big smile.

I smiled back, knowing that this handsome stud and I would be doing a lot of fucking around together.


Jack Sofelot


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