A new neighbor moved in next door. He's ex military, was in the Afghan war.  45ish, about 230 lbs.(104kg) 6'2" (188cm), muscular white male. I'm Jon 19 years old, 145lbs (66kg). 5'10"(178cm), swimmers body, white male. One of my bedroom windows looks out across to my new neighbor's house. I at to get up an open the window one night it was a hot night. The light was on in one of his rooms. I looked across and could see he was working out in his gym, he had tight shorts showing off his massive bulge. Tight fitting T-shirt. He must have been pumping iron for some time; his T-shirt was wet with sweat. The muscles on his arms glistened. I quickly turned my light off and went back to the window. I stood back from the window watching him. I was getting a boner just watching him.

He was unaware that I was watching him, which made it exciting. I stood there and jacked off squirting my pearly white juice into the palm of my hand, and then I imagined I was eating his sperm juice. Sometimes he would pull his shorts to reposition his manhood, rubbing his hand across his bulge. After the session he pulled off his T-shirt revealing his chiseled torso and wiped the sweat off his body.

A few days later I was mowing the grass, It was a hot day I had stripped down to my shorts. I was sweating profusely. I needed to empty the grass box, I cut the engine it was then I heard a voice, when I looked in the direction the voice came from it was him the new neighbor. "Man you sure are sweating," he said. "Yeah," I said. "I'm Brad," he said. "I'm Jon" I said. We made small talk for awhile (I welcomed the break from mowing) All the time we were chatting he seemed to be checking me out. (Or was that wishful thinking) "If I paid you would you cut my grass?" He asked. "Sure," I said.

The following day I arranged with him to cut his grass. It was another hot day. I was sweating profusely. I was only wearing my shorts, flaunting my body. "You like an ice drink," he asked. "Yeah thnx man," I said. He said, "join me on the porch." We sat there chatting. It gave me the opportunity to study him up close. Wow this guy had a fit tight body, broad shoulders, well-toned body, and gorgeous well-developed legs, fit guy for his age. "You want to take a shower?" He asked. "No, I'm ok," I said. As soon as I had said it I thought you fucking idiot you should have said yes.

Over the next few months I spent a lot of time with Brad and got to know him more. He had retired from the military, only once did he mention that he had been in Afghanistan, he said very little about his years in the military. He was a very deep and private guy. I went running with him and even did some weight training. I really like his company. He would look at me sometimes as if he wanted to say something then decided not too.

He invited me over to have a drink with him one evening. I was not used to drinking liquor. After a little persuading I agreed to have a shot of whisky. I started to sip it. "NO", knock it straight back so it lines your throat," he shouted. I did it felt like the whole of my throat was on fire, even made me cough and my eyes run. Brad was laughing.

He leaned over to pour me another drink. "Nah I'm not used to alcohol," I said. "One more, you can sip it like a girl it'll not burn your throat anymore," he said. He was right it tasted good. The drink got to work, I was totally relaxed all my inhibitions disappeared, I became very talkative.

Brad became very tactile, touching me at every opportunity, running his hands over my thighs. I was finding it overwhelming, my cock was getting hard and tenting in my shorts. There was no point in trying to hide it. "So what's making you horny man?" he asked. "The drink," I said. "Wow you get horny on drink? Then maybe I should take care of that boner for you." He knelt down spread my legs apart, he looked up at me and smiled as he unzipped my zipper, reached into my pants and pulled my boner out. "Nice cock boy," he said as he gently stroked it. I looked down at him with a deep inner sensual feeling; it was a surreal moment. The muscles on his arms and chest glistened with sweat.

Precum was oozing out the piss slit of my cock. He licked it with his coarse tongue making me shudder. "Mmmmmm you taste good boy," he said. Fuck was this real was it really happening. I felt his lips on the shaft of my cock as he swallowed more of my cock, taking all of it down his throat to the hilt. He sucked and stroked my cock sending erotic sensations from my head to my toes. I could not hold it any longer my whole body was contorting "Ahhhhhhhhhh," I screamed as I squirted my load down his throat. He didn't come up for breath until he had sucked me dry. Then he spat my juice into my face, then he licked my face and snaked his tongue into my mouth.

I could see the silhouette of his boner in his shorts. He undid his shorts and let them fall to the ground kicking them to one side. He moved forward holding his massive cock in his hands. "Ok boy open that mouth, time for me to feed you," he said.

He straddled my face. I could see his hairy balls and precum dripping cock. He slapped my face with his cock, laughing as he did. Pre cum was smeared over my face. I could smell his manly odor as he snaked his cock into my mouth. The thickness of his cock stretched my lips. He thrust gently into my mouth making me take more and more of his cock.

He held my head firmly as he forced his cock deeper down my throat making me gag and spit up saliva. "Come on boy you can swallow it," he said. I placed my left hand on his butt and kept my right hand on his groin ready to push him away should his cock prevent me breathing. He was gentle with me and let my throat adjust to his cock. I could feel his cock sliding up and down on all sides of my gullet. I looked up at him, I knew I was pleasing him by how he smiled at me.

His body convulsed and he held me firm as he squirted his load down my throat. He pulled his cock all the way out and squirted in my face. Making me blink as his sperm juice hit my face. He stood over me squeezing the last drops of juice into my face. He leaned down and licked my face. Then spat his saliva and sperm juice onto my face. "You like sucking my cock eh boy?" He asked. Mmmmmm, "HELL YEAH!!!" I shouted.

Brad looked into my eyes and said, " it's time you cleaned up and went home." I wanted more I was still horny. I flung my arms around his neck and waist running my hand over his muscular back. "No it's late your parents will be expecting you home," he said as he pushed me away. He was right. I cleaned up and reluctantly went home. I went straight to my bedroom, when I looked out my window I could see Brad pumping iron; I still had the taste of his cum juice in my mouth. I stood there jacking off watching him.

Brad soon made it clear by his way with me that we would only have sex when and how he wanted too. I was his bitch boy, for him to control. I always want sex, My hormones where bursting out of control, my ass is hungry for his cock, and he knew it.

My parents frequently went on vacation, it was during one of these times that brad asked me if I would help him dig out some bushes at the back of his house. The first 2 dug out fairly easily, it was the third one that had become more established that gave us a problem. We both dug deep and chopped at the roots, no way could we move it. We were both covered in dirt and sweat, knocking into each other as we struggled.

We were pushing and heaving when all of a sudden the bush gave way, as it did Brad fell on top of me. We lay there and just burst out laughing. He looked at me then wiped my face, "man you are covered in dirt." He was in no hurry to lift up off me. He wiped my face then my shoulders and chest. "Nah that's no good you need a shower," he said. Looking at him I said "and so do you man". He grabbed my arm and pulled me up from the ground, he whispered into my ear, "now your all dirty I'm going to fuck you, I know you want to feel my cock in you." When I heard him say that I felt weak at the knees.

We went into a room where there was a large mirror. I could see my reflection; fuck I was covered in dirt and sweat. I also had traces of blood where I had been cut by the bushes. It was then I noticed brad had cuts on him too. He pulled on my shorts, unbuckling my belt, undid the top button unzipped my zipper letting my shorts fall to the ground. My cock was rock hard. He dropped his shorts. His hard cock sprang up.

There was an old dirty mattress on the floor that we laid on. I laid on my back with Brad a top of me. "You've been bleeding," he said, running his hand over my shoulder. He licked and sucked the cut on my shoulder, then let me see my blood in his mouth before he swallowed it. Then he moved down to my stiff cock, licking my balls and cock, spreading my legs apart. He sucked on my cock sticking his clean white ass up in the air, sweat, blood and dirt covered his back making the muscles more pronounced. His triceps and biceps flexed as he worked on my cock, sucking it deep down his throat. My body shook and contorted uncontrollably; he had complete control of me. The sensational feeling I got from his hands stroking my legs and body as he sucked on my cock was over whelming. I was moaning out loud.

My body convulsed and went into uncontrollable spasms of delight as I squirted time after time into his mouth. After each squirt he spat the contents of his mouth into a glass he had at the side of the mattress. Sucking hard on my cock he made sure he sucked every last drop of cum juice out of me, draining my balls, they would soon fill again. He looked at me with those sexually satisfied tired eyes.

He told me to lift my legs up and spread them apart. When I did I exposed my hole. He picked up the glass and poured some of my juice onto his fingers, He ran his finger around the outside of my rim then slowly penetrated me with his finger. "Boy you have a nice firm tight ass," he said. He worked on my pussy hole, first one finger then two, three and four. Spitting his saliva into my pussy mixing it with my juice. Wow it was an awesome erotic sensation. Brad knew how to use his fingers to loosen me up and make me relax. It must have been the expression on my face that told him I was ready.

He then poured the remainder of my cum along the hard shaft of his 8" cock. He then made me lick what I could out of the glass. I watched as he knelt between my legs pulling his foreskin back and leaning into me pressing my legs back more to make my ass stick up more. Pressing the head of his cock into my pussy hole, making me yelp as the head slipped in stretching my anus. He looked at me and smiled. I could see our reflection in the mirror. I could see the contours of his legs, ass and torso as he heaved his body up and down on me.

My pussy was tightening around the head of his cock, he moved it up and down penetrating just a few inches into me, letting my inside adjust to the stretching of my gut, my sphincter slowly loosened for his cock to penetrate me more. Pain was giving way to an over whelming feeling of pleasure.

Brad knew how to use his cock to give me the maximal amount of pleasure. I felt his pubic hairs rubbing against the cheeks of my ass. The whole 8" was in me. My heart was pounding and I was breathing rapidly. Being covered in dirt, sweat and blood made it more exciting for both of us. I had never had anyone suck blood out of me before.

Brad lay a top of me kissing and cuddling me enjoying the sensation his cock was giving him as it slowly slid up and down inside my pussy. All the time I could feel his hard cock rubbing on all sides of my gut. It was an out of this world experience to lay there and be fucked by Brad. My hands explored every part of him that was in reach.

Brad gently fucked me until the urge to fuck me more vigorously took control of him. He lifted his torso up and supported himself by his arms as he thrust hard and deep into me. Dirt laden sweat dripped off him, as he inhaled and exhaled rapidly. He had a look in his eyes that told me he was enjoying the physical and mental stimulation fucking me gave him. To feel his body and watch his reflection in the mirror as he fucked me made me shoot another load without touching my cock. Pure ecstasy

His cock was stimulating my prostate sending an exhilarating sensation through the whole of my body. We both were moaning. Brad's whole body shuddered and contorted. He gave out a deep sigh his cock was throbbing in my gut. I had a sudden sensation of warmth inside me as Brad squirted his sperm laden cum deep into me. I could feel his warm wet cum spilling out my hole and running down my ass cheeks. He was trying to get his breathing under control as he lowered himself gently down onto me. I lowered my legs and ran my feet over his butt and down the back of his legs.

We lay there for awhile until Brad decided it was time to shower. We showered together washing off the dirt sweat and blood. I was still horny. When I looked down at Brad's cock I could see he was too. He stood behind me wrapping his arms around my neck and shoulders holding me firmly. I could feel his cock sliding up and down the crack of my ass searching for my hole. It didn't take Brad long to find my hole with his cock. He snaked the whole 8" into my love hole. He bent me over as he fucked me aggressively lifting me almost off the ground. I felt a sudden surge of warmth in my gut as Brad shuddered and hugged me tight. His warm sperm laden juice ran down the inside of my legs. He loosened his grip on me and ran his hands down my chest and belly, making me shudder and tremble. I was in a sexual daze. I could feel his 8" cock shrinking inside of me, then it slid out.

We finished showering, then sat on his porch drinking. He said, "it's time for bed." "So you want me to go home?" I asked. "No while your parents are away you can sleep with me, so when I want I can fuck you," he said. After that night I spent many more in Brad's bed



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