I sat drinking a beer in a straight bar down town with a fellow journalist peering out of the window when I noticed that there was one or two guys hanging around town who by their appearance looked to be homeless. They looked to have not shaved or bathed in awhile. I was thinking maybe there was a good story there. I asked my colleague if he knew anything about any of the guys. "Nothing definite just rumors." "What rumors?" I asked. "Mostly unemployed guys, some I've been told are Ex-cons and ex-military guys. I heard that some live in the forest," he said. "Wild men!!," I said. "Yeah you could say that, I don't think you will get a story there the last thing they wanna do is tell you their life story," he said. Yeah maybe, I replied.

I should tell you something about myself. My name is Alex I'm gay. 26 years old 180lbs 5'8" tall athletes body. I'm a free lance reporter traveling around the world searching out news, which I sell to the media. One year ago I inherited a house and some land plus some investments from my uncle. (Who also was gay.) Enabling me to have a certain amount of financial independence. I can be more picky when it comes to work.

It was later that day I had been out with a gay friend drinking at a gay bar as we came out I bumped into a guy that I recognized to be one of the homeless guys I had seen earlier around town. He had a vicious snarl on his face as he looked directly into my eyes; I Stared at him with wide open eyes. He must have seen the look of fear in my eyes as I quickly apologized. He gave me a slow once over then peered into the bar. Then he smiled in the way straight people do sometimes when they realize your gay. An annoying smile expressing scorn. My apology was met with a gentle push on my shoulder to move me out his way. My heart was beating fast as I sucked in my breath as he walked away. "Wow he scared the shit out of me," said my buddy. I was thinking the same yet also feeling stimulated sexually.

A few days went by and I had given up on writing an article on homeless people. My investigations and approaches to a few guys had thrown up no results. I soon gained the impression that they did not want anyone to know who they were and where they are. I decided I would concentrate on something else.

I was sitting at home in front of my computer putting a story together when there was a knock at my door. When I opened the door I recognized the guy standing there, it was the homeless guy I had bumped into when I came out the gay bar. There was a surprised look on his face as he looked at me. By the way he looked at me I felt sure he had recognized me. He seemed to be thinking something over in his mind before speaking, maybe wishing he had not knocked on my door. Then with hesitation he asked if I had any work needing doing. I just stood there lost for words overwhelmed by his rugged facial good looks. I regained my composure and I blurted out, "yeah." Fuck I had to think quickly. I had no idea what jobs to give him. Then I suddenly remembered that I had some logs that needed splitting.

I told him I had some logs that needed splitting and stacking. As soon as I said it I realized AXE!!! Fuck I hope he is not a maniac. I showed him where the logs were and gave him the axe and left him. After about 15 minutes I felt I needed to check on him to make sure he was ok and that he was doing the job. A window looked out over the yard where he was working; I could observe him without him knowing. Fuck he was stripped down to the waist. I felt a stirring in my loins as I watched the muscles of his back and shoulders tense as he brought the axe down. The split logs shot apart, he still had plenty to split. Fuck this guy was turning me on. I slid my hand into my crotch and fondled my hardening cock. I ran my other hand down the crack of my ass and fingered my tight hole. A feeling of ecstasy ran through my body. As I watched him I knew I needed to do more, I needed to get my dildo.

I went to the bathroom I douched and lubricated my ass and went back to the window to watch him some more. I undid my zipper and pulled my semi hard cock out and stroked it while watching him. My cock was soon rock hard precum was making my hands sticky. My legs were shaking as I unbuckled my belt and let my jeans drop around my ankles. I got down on my knees. A wave of extreme pleasure surged through my body causing a tensing of my muscles in anticipation of a good cum-spurting jerk off; I reached back with the dildo in my hand and slowly penetrated my anus with my 8" vibrating dildo.

I watched him stacking the logs. His jeans were loosely fitted around his narrow waist. When he bent over I could see the tops of his ass cheeks and his ass crack. I slid the dildo up and down inside my gut and stroked my hard cock imaging that he was fucking me. In no time my body shuddered as I shot pearly white threads of cum out the slit of my cock, at the same time trying to stifle the urge to moan out loud. I shot some into the palm of my hand and wiped my hand over my butt then licked the remainder off my hand.

Jerking off watching him was such an intense feeling. What would it be like having him fuck me for real? I knelt there as my cock softened in my hand. I continued watching him. He sat down and lit a cigarette; he inhaled on his cigarette deeply, threw his head back and blew smoke out his mouth and down his nose. Sweat made the muscles on his torso glisten.

He suddenly glanced up at the window I pulled away, fuck! Fuck! DID HE SEE ME! I was thinking, hopefully not. I pulled the dildo out my ass and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I decided it was time to take him a drink and chat with him, a good opportunity to check him out close up. I sat chatting to him just mainly small talk. I reminded him of our first meeting outside the gay bar. "You gay or just like gay bars?" He asked. "I'm gay; my names Alex," I told him as I held my hand out. "I'm Bill," he said. He gave me a firm handshake.

I didn't detect any signs of revulsion from him when I told him I was gay. He appeared to be very relaxed as we chatted. I was the one on edge. I felt nervous in an excited way; sitting there so close to a gorgeous looking guy with a well toned muscular body. He's approx 6'6" tall 220lbs. Tight lean muscular body. I avoided asking him any questions; I left it to him to tell me anything if he wanted too. His tight fitting jeans were soaking with sweat revealing the muscular contours of his legs. "You want to shower?" I asked. He looked at me momentarily with an intense gaze. "Yeah I sure could do with one," he said as he ran his hand over his sweaty chest down to his crotch. He stared at me and smiled leeringly. Was he teasing me?

We went into the house; I pointed in the direction of the shower and handed him a towel. He didn't step into the shower he stood there unzipped his zipper and peeled his jeans off. He was hopping on one leg as he pulled his jeans free of his feet. He had the largest cock and ball sack I had ever seen swinging between his hairy muscular legs. I could not take my eyes off it. When I did look up he grinned at me. He had noticed my wide-eyed stare.

When my eyes scanned his muscular body I could see he had a circular scar on his lower back and abdomen near his belly button, looks like something had passed all the way through him. He also had a large scar on his left thigh.

His eyes slowly traveled over my body, the look was so blatantly sexual. "You want me to fuck you, is that why you asked if I wanted a shower? He asked. When I heard him say that I was stunned and momentarily lost for words; I felt my face flush. Before I could answer he shifted his body towards me. He grabbed me around the neck I had both my hands on his forearm trying to pull his hand off my neck. While I struggled to get free he used his other hand to unbuckle my belt and undo my zipper my jeans fell down to my ankles. He then ripped my shirt off. "Why struggle I'm only going to give you what you want, a good fucking, he said.

It was futile trying to escape from his firm hold, even if I had wanted too. He was far stronger than me and determined to fuck me. My cock was rock hard: I was enjoying the way he was man handling me and scared at the same time. When he had me naked He grabbed my arm and flipped me around so my back was to him. He grabbed me around the back of the neck with his hand forcing me to bend forward. Holding his now hard cock in his other hand he ran it up my ass crack searching for my hole. He leaned back away from my ass and looked down at his cock as he thrust it at my anus making me squeal as the head stretched my anus and slipped in.

As the shaft of his cock slid slowly deeper into my gut he placed his left hand on my hip, digging his fingertips into my skin. He moved his right arm around my neck in a chokehold forcing me to arch my back. I could feel his cock head sliding against my prostate as he moved effortlessly into a rhythm of fucking, which sent waves of pleasure surging through the whole of my body. I could feel my hard cock leaking heavy loads of precum as he held me tight and thrust more vigorously into me. "Well queer boy you like the feel of my cock inside you?" "Hell yeah it feels so fucking goooood!!!"

Then he started fucking me like a wild man, bucking and pumping and slapping my ass from time to time, bringing his hand down hard on my ass cheeks. His thrusts were so powerful that now and then my feet lifted off the ground. The pain was shear pleasure.

The more I struggled the tighter he squeezed my neck. I could feel his cock hitting high up inside my stomach as I nearly blacked out. It gave him a great amount of pleasure to know that he had complete control over me. Only my toes touched the ground most of the time as he continued to pound my ass. My cock was rock hard, near to ejaculating.

I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. He was holding me tighter as he moaned out loud. I could feel his hard nipples digging into my back as he inhaled and exhaled rapidly. His body shuddered and he held me tight. I could feel his cock throbbing and swelling that little more as it does as sperm juice travels down the tube. I could feel strong jets of sperm juice being squirted into my gut. A warming sensation shot through the whole of my body. Threads of cum shot out my pee slit. This was an unreal moment my toes were tingling. He gradually loosened his grip of me as we stood there.

I tensed my ass muscles and squeezed his softening cock to get every drop of his sperm juices. I reached my hands behind me and stroked his firm ass with my hands. It was a sensual moment to have been fucked rough that way by a powerful guy.

All of a sudden he pulled his entire cock out of me and released hold of me. I stumbled to the ground, in a second he was on top of me forcing me onto my back. "Show me how dirty you can be Homo boy", he said as he sat on my face. I could see and smell his sweaty anus. "Lick it boy I wanna feel your tongue in my ass." I licked and penetrated his anus as deep as I could. I was doing my best to please him. Now and then he would give out a deep sigh. He made me suck and lick his balls and semi-hard cock when he had had enough of having his hole deep penetrated by my coarse tongue.

I sucked the whole of his semi-hard cock down my throat. His cock was soon hard and ready to fuck me rough again. He did twice more before he said he would now take the shower. I fed and paid him hoping he would stay the night. He didn't. He told me he had some stuff to sort out and he would be back if he felt the need. He never did come back.

A few days later I was glancing through the pages of one of our sister papers when I came across a face on one of the pages that I thought was familiar. Fuck it was a photo of Bill taken when he was clean-shaven. The headlines read, "DO NOT APPROACH THIS MAN, HE IS DANGEROUS." I swallowed deeply and a shudder ran through my body. I had every right to be scared. Bill was not his real name. He was an ex-marine, a trained killing machine, unfortunately he had problems readjusting back into society. To protect him I will say no more.





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