My sister informed us that her latest boyfriend was coming to stay for a week, he's a marine not long back from Afghanistan. This will be the 3rd boyfriend this year.

I'm Tom 18 years old 160lbs (73kg) 5'10" (178cm) tall, athletic body, good at most sports, black belt in karate. I'm no wimp! Gay and proud. Out to my family and friends. I was looking forward to meeting my sisters NEW! Boyfriend and thinking how long will he last?

My first impression at meeting Adam was WOW!!! He is so fucking HOT!!!. He's 24 years old, 260lbs (118kg), 6'4" (193cm) tall. I spent a most enjoyable afternoon around the pool with him and my sister.

Adam has a well-proportioned body; his body is not over developed. I actually don't like huge muscles. He had the perfect male body. I found myself in awe of his hard toned frame as he stood there like a god. I tried to tear my gaze from the outline of his magnificent form, but it was no use, His shining brown eyes caught mine and we smiled at the same time.

The silhouette of his big flaccid cock was awesome in his wet shorts. His handsome features shifted into a knowing grin as he caught me staring. I was already jealous and envious of my sister. I was starting to lust after Adam. That first night I jerked off twice thinking about him before I fell off to sleep.

Like everything my sister plans, she had not planned Adams stay with us very well. Due to her work she could not be with Adam all the time. Which was fortunate for me. "Can you and Adam do stuff together so he doesn't get bored?" my sister asked me. Would love too I thought but I don't think she was thinking about sex. So I was to hang with Adam during the time she was at work, and she would have him the rest of the time.

It was one of those surreal moments from first meeting Adam we gelled straight away. (My sister had told him before he came that I was gay, he had no problem with that) I drove him around town showing him different places and played pool ball and stuff over the first 2 days. I was in a dream world.

I had working parents so Adam and me were in the house alone during the day. Adam had been staying with us for 2days and I had got to know a lot about him and I really liked him, I think the feeling was mutual.

I was due to start University soon so I stayed in bed for as long as I could. Adam too liked to lay in bed. Unfortunately for him sleeping with my sister and her having to get up for work, his sleep was disturbed.

It was about 10am or 11am, early for me. When the duvet lifting suddenly startled me. I shouted "WHAT THE FUUUuuuu!" as I turned to see what was going on. My words faded as my eyes took in the awesome sight of his naked body and his flaccid cock and hairy balls swinging between his legs as he climbed into my bed. He had a big grin on his face. I felt his warm body press against me as he wrapped his arms and legs around me. "Mmmmmm!You feel nice and warm," he said as he ran his hands down my back making me sigh and shiver. "You want to suck my cock"? He asked. "Oooohhhhh Yeahhhh!!!!" I said in a somewhat shaking voice. "I've never done sex with a guy," he said as he looked into my eyes as we continued to hug each other. My cock was rock hard his was still flaccid. Looking down at his cock he said, "you think you can get me hard." "Hell I hope so," I said. I told him to straddle my face and feed me his cock. He kneeled over me with his hands on the headboard looking down at me. 

He held his heavy piece of meat in the palm of his hand pulling the foreskin back. The smell of his manliness wafted over me. Fuck it was massive. The glans peeping out just above his foreskin was a pink color. Even flaccid I could not get my hand around the shaft completely. I took just the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked vigorously. The cock grew and grew as I took it deeper; I love the sensation of a cock growing in my mouth. The feeling of it expanding in my mouth was driving me crazy. It was getting harder and stretching my lips and throat. I pulled it out of my mouth so I could take a good look at it now it was hard. The shaft was covered in veins some the same thickness as a pencil. They started from his bushy pubic hairs and ran down the whole length of his shaft. Precum glistened in his pee slit. He was looking down at me with a smile on his face. I moved my lips up and down on his now hard cock, spinning my tongue around its pink head and licking out precum that was now starting to ooze out his pee slit. A couple of times I licked along the length of his cock to his enormous ball sack sucking his balls before returning and attempting to take his hard cock deeper

He was inhaling and exhaling rapidly as I continued to look up at him. "MAN THAT FEELS SO FUCKING AWESOME," he exclaimed loudly. His legs were trembling and his body was shaking as he slowly started to thrust his cock deeper down my throat. I was determined to take as much as I could down my throat. I was amazed how deep he was penetrating my throat with his gentle thrusts. His copious amounts of precum coated my throat making it easier to take it deeper.

I stroked his hairy thighs and his firm ass as I let him take control. He would now and then withdraw his saliva covered hard cock almost all the way out my mouth so I could inhale. As my throat started to relax more I could take his shaft deeper and deeper. I was almost kissing his pubic hairs as he thrust more vigorously. I only met this cock moments ago and I was already in love with it! "FUCK I'M ENJOYING THIS," he said as he thrust and held then thrust and held again. I could see the muscles of his stomach flex and relax as he fucked my face. His body tensed and he gave out a loud moan. All of a sudden I felt a strong squirt of hot cum fill my mouth and throat. I was gagging, gasping for breath and trying to pull back as he squirted more cum down my throat. I gasped as I felt my chest heaving, fighting to get my breath back. I swallowed as quickly as I could. Cum was seeping out the corners of my mouth.

Choking makes you feel like you are dying; yet at the same time I didn't want him to stop!! He looked down and could see I was gagging on his cock. He pulled out, as he did his cock continued to squirt cum over my face. He knelt over me squeezing the last drops of cum over my face. "Fuck that was better than anything I've done with ya sister" he said as he kept inserting his cock into my mouth, until he finally wiped it over my face.

He was breathing heavily as he slumped onto his back. After awhile when he had got his breathing under control he said, "that was fucking awesome man." When he looked at me he burst out laughing, your face is covered in my cum he said. He leaned over and started to lick the cum off my face. Then there was a moment of hesitation as he gazed into my eyes. It was a fierce spontaneous kiss as he positioned himself ontop of me. His tongue licked the roof of my mouth gradually penetrating as deep as he could. Licking the back of my throat until finally circled my lips. We hugged and kissed wrapping our arms and legs around each other. Exploring each other's bodies with our eager hands.

I felt his hand on my hard cock as he started to stroke and squeeze it vigorously, in no time I was squirting powerful jets of cum. He scooped some onto his hand and licked it then offered some to me. Looking at me he said, "you taste as good as me". We lay there for awhile just enjoying and stroking each other's bodies.

He whispered into my ear, "Man I still feel so fucking horny." He held my hand and moved it down to his cock. I gazed at him with wide-open eyes. His cock was rock hard agen. " It's time I fucked you," he said. The thought of being taken by him sent my body into a state of uncontrollable spasms. I so wanted him to fuck me. In The short time I've known Adam I soon got to realise he's used to taking and getting what he wants.

I went and made sure I was clean and lubed my ass. I was trembling at the thought of being fucked in the ass by him. He was equally excited at the thought of fucking me I could tell his rock hard cock kept bobbing up and down. All I at to do was get his cock in me then he would take control and fuck me like he fucked his girls. I lay on my back, lifted my legs up and rested my ankles on his shoulders. Holding his hard cock I directed it to my hole and told him to press the head of his cock on my hole and thrust gently until you penetrate me. I was surprised how easily the head slipped in stretching my hole and inside. . Leaning into me and thrusting gently my sphincter suddenly relaxed enabling the head of his cock and shaft to penetrate me with it's full length. It was an overwhelming sensation to feel his cock slide inside me. My head jerked back, a mixture of pain and ecstasies running through me making me moan out loud. I could see the muscles of his arms and body glistening as he built up a rhythm. I ran my arms over his back and ass cheeks, running my hands down his sweaty ass crack over his anus making him shudder. His hairy balls slapped against my ass cheeks as he slammed harder and harder into me. "You take it rougher than your sister," he said.

He was almost drawing all the way out then thrusting as hard as he could all the way back in. I could feel his cock sliding on all sides inside me. We were both sweating profusely as he fucked me more vigorously. He fucked me continuously for over 30 minutes. He was breathing heavily and his body was shuddering. I could feel his cock throbbing as he squirted one two three four powerful jets of cum deep into my ass. He pulled out and squirted more cum over my face and chest. We lay there for awhile until he was in the mood to fuck me agen this time doggie position, which he said was his favorite. He fucked me every day he was with us until he left. Unfortunately my sister dumped him and he never came to stay again. I never saw him again. I have got to know a few of her boyfriends really well since............;)



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