Hi I'm Dean. 20 years old. 165lbs (75kg) 5' 10" (178cm) tall smooth skin, athletic body, I'm a car mechanic. I'm gay and out to my friends and family. My great passion besides sex, are motor bikes.

At school I never stood up for myself I always let people walk over me, I was a loser. When my hormones kicked in during puberty I had strong urges to look at guys. When I jacked off I was always thinking of guys. I have never been naturally attracted to girls. (I don't dislike girls. sex with a guy is more erotic for me) I was a late developer. My voice didn't change until very late into my teenage years. The need to shave and hair growth on my legs and genital areas were late. I was a little bit effeminate when I was younger. I was the ideal target for other kids to pick on. (By the few) I always had some friends (more like acquaintances) they to a certain degree were picked on by the Testosterone over flowing jocks. We were easy targets. Getting called queer or fag and that stuff.

When I left school and started working at the garage (The real world) I knew I at to change toughen up some, appear more a man, to survive in the jungle. I went to the gym and worked out toned up my body. Muscles not too big, I'm not a muscle Mary. I have good definition, swimmer and athletic body. I do karate and boxing, reached blue belt level so far. I can now defend myself I don't let people walk over me anymore, same time I don't go looking for trouble.

I'm proud of my body now I'm in good shape I flaunt it! When it's hot I just wear my boxers under my overalls. Unbutton the front down to my navel. When it's really hot I strip down to my waist. So if anyone wants to peep at my chest they are free to do so. I like to tease. Especially the guys that I catch looking. I get a lot of admiring looks from girls too.

The day started out quite ordinary at work. I was working on a car and was just at a crucial moment when I could not leave the job. I heard a motor bike approaching the guy had ridden up to where I was and switched of the engine. When I could I turned around to see if I could be of any help. Just as I turned around, he was walking towards me, lifting his helmet off as he approached. Shit this guy looks hot in his leathers I thought. When I saw his face I thought fuck it's the high school jock Brad from my high school days. At that very same moment he recognized me. His first words said in a sneering way were. "I didn't expect to see your sort working in a garage". He said it without thinking. Then suddenly realized what he had said. Before I could reply he blurted out. "I've a problem with my bike"...Is there anyone here that knows anything about bikes"... "I do". I said. He looked at me in a disbelieving way. He went to say something then stopped himself. The look on his face told me he had very little faith in me.

Brad is 20 same age as me. Muscular well-toned body about 190lbs (86kg) 6' 2" tall (188cm). He is your typical high school jock good at most sports had the pick of all the best girls at school. Demanded and got respect from everyone at school. Him and his buddies would walk down the middle of the corridors in school and everyone would step aside to let them pass. Those that failed to do so got pushed out the way.

I told him to start the engine. Wow when I saw him swing his leg over the machine. That nice well-formed bubble butt made my cock stir. After just a few seconds I knew what was wrong. For once I felt I was in control and I was not going let this opportunity to ride pillion with this leather-clad jock pass by. "Ok if we take it around the block I'll be able to hear how she runs" I said. He had a look of surprise on his face. Only this time he at to do what I told him. I sat on the back. I had him between my legs. If only I could have put my arms around him that would have been hot. We drove around the block and back to the garage.

I told him what was wrong and what I needed to do. "How long do you need to keep my bike? "Rushes garage told me they needed to keep it for 3 days. "I need my bike in 2 days time to meet up with some friends at a bike rally". "No problem. I just need to go and pick up some parts, then it will take me an hour at the most to fit and test her out". For the first time I saw a relaxed expression on his face. "Sure will appreciate it if you can do that," He said. "Do you want to wait here or can I drop you off somewhere"... "If it's ok with you I'll come with you". He said. We both drove over to the supplier. Picked up the parts and got back. It was during that trip to get the parts we talked and we discovered that we had similar interest. He was surprised when I told him I worked out and did karate.

While I was fitting the parts we talked more. It was that surreal moment when we seemed to bond. Tensions evaporated and I was completely relaxed in his company. His negative attitude towards me changed as we laughed and joked. It was when we were laughing and joking he said." don't be offended but I always thought you were gay". My straight physical appearance must have given him reason to doubt his original assumption. Without hesitation I replied "I am gay"... Is that a problem?" I asked... "No. No, why should I care what your sexual orientation is", he said. "Some folk do care and not in a good way". I said. For a split second he was quite then said, "No I told you I'm ok with it". I thought he would revert to how he was when he first turned up but he didn't. He carried on talking and laughing.

I fitted the part and checked it over. Even if I have to say it myself she sounded perfect. He was pleased to get is bike sorted in such a short time. I could see the look of relieve on his face. "I owe you". He said. Did I hear right he owes me? He said he would take me to a straight bar for a drink. I said I would take him then for a drink in a gay bar. We both laughed. Only I was serious.

I met up with him later. We had a few drinks in the straight bar. He questioned me about being gay. He said. "You are so different now, to how you were in school...I would never think you to be gay now"... "Wait till we get to the gay bar, then I open up". I said laughing. A worried look came over his face. "Hell I don't want to go to a gay bar". He said. "What you scared of?" I asked. Eventually after another shot of whisky he decided to go.

It was a new experience, a different world to him. Drink and the atmosphere were making me more confident at the same time I knew I at to make him feel comfortable in what was a hostile environment for him. He took it all in good heart. I didn't get him to dance he just looked on. Gay bars were not his scene.

Weeks ran into months and we were hanging out more. Then one day he suggested that we should take a vacation together and go to a bike rally and hook up with 2 of his buddies. His parents had a beach house we could use. So we decided to go on his bike. When we got there it was a small beach house on stilts on the beach. Some distance from any other beach houses.

We got some food in and I said I would cook the meal seeing as he had not much idea about cooking. I would be mother. After the meal we sat drinking cans of beer and looking out over the sea listening to the waves breaking on the beach. The sun was just starting to go down.

We sat talking for awhile then he said he was going to turn in for the night. He said. "There is only one bed, that's all I've needed when I have a girl with me" Looking at me he said. "You have a choice sleep in here on the floor I've got some spare bedding you can have or sleep in the bed with me". When he said that it made my body quiver. I was not going to let the chance of sleeping in a bed with him pass me by. It was a warm evening/night. I watched him best I could with my peripheral vision so as not to let him see I was watching him strip. Fucking hell he stripped off completely and lay on the bed. I was thinking anything you can do I'll do. So I stripped off and lay alongside him. The temperature if anything had gone up and I was sweating. And I had a semi hard that I was trying to conceal.

He was lying there on his back. Stretched out with one hand behind his head and the other stroking his flaccid cock. Fuck am I dreaming or is this real. Here I am lying next to the high school jock from my school and both of us naked. It was then that he started to ask questions about gay sex and what you do. He asked me what I had done. With the drink inside him he was more open and relaxed. "So cock excites you?" He asked. "Yeah". I said. "Are guys better at sucking cock than girls?" He asked. "I've never had any complaints" I replied. "You swallow," He asked. "Yeah". I replied. This talk was making me horny and my semi hard was now rock hard and aching. I was trying to hide it from him. His cock was growing. The talking was working on him too. "I've never had a guy suck my cock". He said.

He suddenly noticed my hard. Laughed and said. "Am I making you have a boner"? I wasn't too sure how to play this. I wanted so much to suck his cock. Same time I didn't want to put myself in an awkward position and mess it up. I was waiting for him to make the moves. He spread his legs apart. I could see his cock was getting harder. "Maybe you would like to help me out here", he said. I must have looked a little puzzled because he looked me in the eyes and said." You know what I'm asking you to do? I'm curious to know what it's like to have a guy suck my cock. So get your mouth over here". I didn't need telling twice.

I looked up to him as I knelt between his legs taking his now rock hard cock in my hand and pulling the foreskin back. Precum was oozing out the pee slit. I licked down his veiny shaft to his balls sucking and licking each one in turn. His cock kept springing up and down. I slowly licked the underside of his shaft up to the large mushroom head. I licked the precum out of his pee slit making him shudder and moan. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the whole of the head in my mouth; I swirled my tongue all over his glans enjoying the delicious taste of his precum. His cock twitched every time he felt my coarse tongue on his pee slit. I gripped his cock at the base and worked my lips down the hard shaft making sure my lips covered my teeth. My hand holding his cock twisted every time my mouth ascended, taking his cock each time deeper down my throat. I moved my hand so I could take his cock even deeper down my throat. I could see this was having an effect already. His legs were stretching and shuddering as I stroked his hairy thighs. He exhaled and inhaled rapidly his chest was expanding and contracting as the sensation of what was happening registered in his brain. He was in heaven. I liked the feeling the sensation was giving me, and I loved the taste of his pre-cum.

The feeling of his cock in my tight throat made him twist and wriggle his hip. I moved my lips up and down the shaft of his cock as he thrust with his hips. Brad was thrusting mindlessly into my throat as I thrust up and down rapidly on his cock.

Fuck this was so intense. I wanted to cum at the same time as him. I was jacking myself off as I thrust my mouth up and down on his cock rapidly. The whole of his body convulsed and he threw his head back; he was moaning with shear pleasure. I knew he was near to shooting his load and I was too. His first shot took me by surprise when it hit the back of my throat, some even shot down my nostrils. 2,3 and 4 more powerful shots of his sperm juice squirted down my gullet. I swallowed as much as I could; some was spilling out the corners of my mouth and running down my chin. I was gagging on his sperm juices as I pulled his cock out my mouth and let his cock shoot into my face. Soon after I shot my load all over his cock and abdomen. Fuck he tasted good.

I just hoped he would not regret what he had just done and turn nasty or start crying. He didn't he did the male thing. Lay there for awhile stroking my naked body, having been satisfied. Then he dozed off. I sucked on his flaccid cock and stroked his legs and body until I fell off to sleep.

The following morning (late) we awoke and showered. I prepared a brunch. We had nothing to do all day just chill out. The rally and hooking up with his buddies was 4 days off. Nothing was said about what we had done the previous evening. It was as if nothing had happened. Until the following night

So far it had been a beautiful day. Later on when we had digested brunch, we went for a run on the beach. Running on the tidal mark where the sand is wet and firm. Now and then I would let Brad run in front so I could see the cheeks of is beautiful bubble butt in his tight fitting black lycra shorts, and his broad shoulders and muscular back. Brad had an awesome snake and bald eagle tat on his back. Shit it looked so hot." Hey gay boy I knows you looking at me," said Brad. "Just taking in the scenery dude" I replied. "Fucking fag get up here". He said. I joined him. "You have a problem me calling you fag and stuff". He asked.... "Not now, before at school I did, now it's different. It works the other way, it's a kinda turn on". I said. "Oh, I know you gay boys get easily offended and turn into drama queens" Said Brad. "Yeah I would if it was threatening and malicious," I said.

We were running side by side. Brad for some reason kept looking at me and smiling. Unknown to me he had noticed a guy running towards us in the opposite direction. I hadn't noticed the guy because I was too busy looking at Brad. He pointed him out to me. "You like him" laughed Brad. "Damn yeah" I said. "You like him to fuck you silly? Gay boy". "Hell yeah" I said. The guy coming towards us was a tall black guy in skimpy white shorts. His massive manhood was swinging from side to side in his shorts. He was well toned, athletic body. Well developed thighs. Sculptured 6 pack. Glistening body. An Adonis, "Shit I could marry him" I laughed. "He can only have you when I've finished with you". Laughed. Brad. Momentarily I went all weak kneed and stumbled. Hearing Brad say that.

We went on a bit further then we turned and headed back. When we got back Brad ask if I would show him some Karate moves. I showed him a few basic Karate moves and the correct way to do them. I told him it was disciplined martial arts. Brad laughed and said. "Do you get a boner when you do Karate with guys". "No never, its weird I don't get a boner in the shower even". "Disciplined mind" I laughed. I could throw Brad easily. I let him throw me even though it would have been easy for me to counter his throw.
Fuck I had the power to get Brad to submit. The high school jock that used to bully all us wimps at school.

In the evening we sat talking, and drinking beer. It was a hot night and we had only shorts on. The beer was getting to work and our inhibitions were breaking down and we were both opening up more. I had time to observe Brad. He had a completely different personality to what he had when he was with his buddies at school. When he physically and verbally abused me in front of my peers, when I hoped the ground would open up and swallow me.

As we sat there talking I noticed that Brad had his hands inside his shorts and was stroking his cock. He moved his foot towards me and started stroking my thigh with his foot, stroking down to my shin and back up to my thigh. Making me shake uncontrollably. . My cock was tenting in my shorts. Reacting to the sensual stroking of my leg! I was trembling and shaking. His stroking of my leg was sending thrills up and down my body like crazy. I could see it was amusing brad. He was looking at me with a smile on his face. "Is that me that's making your cock tent in your shorts". I answered in a staccato voice "yeeaahh!"

He reached over and stroked my chest. Causing sensual shock waves to pulse from my head down to my toes and back he slipped his hands inside my pants taking my cock in his hands. Take off your shorts he said. I arched my ass and slid my shorts down kicking them off. My cock was rock hard and aching. He was looking at me with a smile on his face.

He stood up and reached over and grabbed my hand and slid it into his shorts. "You're not the only one with a boner". He said. I could feel his hard cock, which had fed me his juicy man sperm the night before. He pulled his pants down and kicked them to one side, as he did I held onto his raging hard cock. I went down on my knees to take his cock in my mouth; as I did he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. "No gay boy I'm going to fuck you". He reached down and grabbed my balls and cock. "I knew way back in school you wanted me to fuck you ". Brad said. Pulling on my balls and cock he led me to the bedroom. Pushed me down onto the bed. Flipping me over onto my back. He climbed on top of me. He stared into my eyes with those come to bed deep blue eyes of his. They made me submit to his control. He pressed me down on the shoulder with one hand and ran his other hand between my legs, stroking my thighs fuck it was making my back arch and I was moaning in ecstasy.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as his hand moved from my thighs to my butt making my ass cheeks tense at his touch. Stroking his hand between my ass crack. His hand was sending thrills up from down there like crazy. Checking where my man pussy was. He looked down at me and said " I tell you what, you have an ass that feels just like a girls. So fuckable, and enticing". He said. I could tell he was excited at the thought of fucking me. After all those years of being taunted, and called names by Brad. I was now willing to let him abuse and use me. To be his bitch. Same time I was using him to turn my fantasies into reality. (Weird how the brain can turn bad stuff into erotic pleasure.)

"Well sissy boy lets see if you are as good a fuck as you are at sucking cock". (Fortunately I had used my anal douche and lubed my hole. My ass was all ready for him) I spread my legs and moved them up to his shoulders. He held his cock and leaned into me trying to find my man pussy with the head of his cock. I at to help him he was aiming too high. (Brad was more used to fucking female pussy) I felt the head of his cock pressing against my man pussy. "Push harder man". I said. He pushed harder as he did the head of his cock popped into my hole. Making me yelp. "You ok" he asked. "Yeah that's painfully wonderful," I said. For the first time I saw a look of compassion on his face.

I could feel his cock on all sides slowly penetrating my gut. Now and then thrusting a little harder to get my sphincter to yield to his long thick hard veiny cock. Proceeding inch by inch he finally had it all in to the hilt and ground his crotch against my ass. Then he lifted my legs off his shoulders. I wrapped my legs around him pulling him more into me. He started with long slow strokes. Pulling almost out and then thrusting back in to the hilt, pressing hard each time against my ass. I looked up at him and I could see beads of sweat on his forehead, which dripped onto my chest. The sweat on his body made it glisten. My body was tingling as I felt his hard cock thrusting inside me.

I stroked his manly body. I knew I at to take Brad to the threshold of ecstasy and beyond. I at to find his erogenous zones to stimulate him. I at to be better than any girl he has had. The experience at to be better than any sex he's had before so he would keep coming back to me for more.

He pulled halfway out and with short strokes began a rapid rhythm. Gradually he thrust faster and faster. I could feel the sensation of his steel hard cock massaging my prostate with every thrust. The rough pleasant sensation I had already been experiencing became more intense in a way I had never felt before. I writhed and moaned in ecstasy. Swiveling my hips in a submissive way.

He was growling with male lust as the urge to fuck me harder took hold of him. Inhaling and exhaling rapidly. I had found the areas of his body that responded to stimulation, His body shuddered and jerked at my touch. He was sweating more. With each thrust he was nearing shooting his sperm laden juice into me. He held me tighter as his cock exploded inside me shooting one, two, three, four times. As he pulled out a fifth shot, shot over my belly and chest. I could feel warm fresh cum trickling out my man pussy as he pushed his cock back inside me. Thrusting deep in me. As he did I climaxed and shot my load over my chest and belly. Mixing with his cum sperm. We were both breathing heavily our chest expanding and contracting rapidly. I could feel my heart pounding. Then he slumped down on me. We lay there slowly getting our breathing under control. Waiting for our bodies to recover. I could feel his cock inside me shrinking. Then it suddenly popped out my man pussy, as it did a trickle of sperm juice ran down my ass cheeks.

I was stroking his back and running my hands threw his hair. He was looking into my eyes as he ran his hands threw my hair. "Man that was so intense and erotic." He said. I stroked my hands over his back and over his firm butt. Then unexpectedly he brushed his lips against mine, and snaked his tongue into my mouth. Licking around the inside of my mouth and penetrating my throat with his tongue in an erotic sensual way. I just lay there feeling the warmth of his body, and the warm sperm laden juice in my gut. I was absorbing his testosterone juice into my gut tissue. I had a feeling of complete satisfaction. I would do anything he asked of me. To have surrendered to the will of a man is a wonderful feeling. He withdrew his tongue out my mouth, and said with a grin on his face "I not finished with you yet queer boy, I want to fuck you loads more" And he did and still does!!



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