I awoke in a abrupt manner, feeling jerked out of a rather pleasant dream involving both Jason and Zach, and felt disgruntled about it until I remembered what was going on. I still couldn't believe this was happening- Zach, and Jason, the two sexiest guys I knew, had kidnapped me to be a slave for the weekend. I shuddered in happiness and excitement at the thought, because I had fantasized about this many a time while jacking off. I realized, however, that shuddering was rather irrelevant as i was tied up on my back, with my arms secured at my sides, and my and my legs secured at the end of this... table? I had thought it was a bed, but it was too firm and had only a thin sheet between me and a cold surface. I tried to lift my head to look around, but couldn't- I was restrained in such a way that I couldn't move at all- above me, four bright white lights shined down, almost blinding me. Where the hell was I? Not in the locker room anymore, that was certain. I struggled a little more, and realized I was completely naked. As I lay in this room, the novelty of being bound began to wear off and i began to panic. What if Zach and Jason forgot about me, what if they left me here? I was practically hyperventilating when I heard a door open, and then close.

"Shane," I heard Zach say "No need to panic. You are here in Jason's dad's dental surgery (Jasons dad is an oral surgeon) for a simple procedure. You will address me and Jason as Doctors Z and J, respectively. Failure to do so will result in punishment." When I heard this I once again began struggling, and shouting, but the door opened and closed and again, and Jason walked in to my line of sight, and my screaming stopped. He was wearing a tight green speedo, with a white cross in front of his dick, like a medical symbol. On his face he had a matching green surgical mask, a green surgical cap on his head, and white rubber gloves on his hands. His muscular, brown skin looked almost slippery in the flat lighting, and I found myself starting to get aroused despite my fear. Then Zach walked up next to him, and my boner got even harder. He wore a similar outfit, only the speedo, mask, and cap were blue. His very large dick was clearly visible in his speedo, and Jason's smaller cock was clear as well, if not quite as large.

"Now, Dr Z and I will perform this operation on you- my father is on a trip and the surgery is sound proofed, so we won't be interrupted. As an oral specialist myself, i will inspect your mouth while Dr Z operates on your anus." Jason said.

"Jas- Dr J, what is going on?" I asked, remembering Zach's earlier comment.

"That is on a need to know basis, and you don't," he replied. He walked out of my line of sight, and then returned with what appeared to be a dental brace, that would hold my mouth open. He crammed it in, his gloved fingers sliding into my mouth, while Zach began to fiddle with something on the side of the operating table I was lying on. As Jason opened the brace to its full extent, stretching my mouth wider than I thought it could go, Zach activated some sort of machinery, and my legs began rising into a birthing position, leaving me very vulnerable.

"Alright, Dr J, i am prepared to begin the operation when you are," Zach said, holding up a rather large looking dildo for me to see. At this, I began panicking, and wiggling around, but I couldn't do much due to the restraints.

"Lets," Jason answered, with what looked like a grin beneath his mask. Jason took his gloved fingers, and carefully slid three of them into my mouth, and began thrusting them in and out as though he were fingering my ass. At the same time, I felt Zach start kissing my ass through his mask, the fabric brushing my hole and what little hair I had down there. These sensations caused me to start groaning involuntarily, and Jason's grinning, masked face stayed in my vision, and I admired his gorgeous face while he thrusted his hand in mine. Using my tongue, I liked his fingers through his surgical glove, and he chuckled.

"Eager, aren't you. Dr Z, let's move on to the next stage of the procedure." At this, Jason picked up the dildo Zach had shown me and began thrusting it in my mouth, where it fit easily due to the dental brace. At the same time, Zach removed his surgical mask and started rimming me, lapping at my ass. By this point my cock was incredibly hard, and I felt some sort of ring squeezing the base of it. This continued, and my dick began leaking a fair amount of precum out. I could still see Jason's face, and the sight alone was so horny I would have jacked off to it, but the other sensations were flowing into me, and I was getting even closer to climax.

"Dr J, perhaps now would be a good time to move onto step three?" Zach asked tentatively, in between licks at my ass. This surprised me because Zach was not only older, but more dominant during the earlier session in the locker room. Jason offered no response, merely removing the dildo from my mouth. At this, I had been extremely close to coming, and when Zach stopped rimming me, I felt abandoned as the pleasure faded away somewhat.

"Good call, Dr Z, he was too close to our eventual goal." Jason paused for a little while as they both appeared to examine my naked body, before continuing "Continue onto the next part of the surgery," while handing Zach the dildo. Zach slipped his mask back into place and they both returned to their former places. Jason slid his speedo down, pulled out his cock, and turned my head to the side before shoving it into my mouth, but thrusting in and out VERY slowly. At the same time, I felt Zach slide the dildo into my ass, lubricated only by my spit from earlier. It hurt, and I grunted onto Jason's dick as it slid in and out of the brace.

"Yeah, struggle against your surgeons," Jason said. "Dr Z, lets move into the final stage," he continued "You're going to enjoy this." AS Jason continued fucking my mouth, I felt Zach start to slide his dick into my ass alongside the dildo. Jason reached over while this was happening, and started fondling my face and chest with his gloved hands, stroking my nipples. Zach now had the dildo and his cock in my ass, which felt stretched beyond it's limit. He started sliding in and out, and I felt myself coming closer and closer to cumming as both he and Jason sped up their thrusts. The pleasure increased, and my cock started twitching, begging to be touched. Everything built and built, until finally I came, cumming everywhere in a incredible climax. This clearly pushed both my captors over the edge, first Jason cumming in my mouth, and then Zach in my ass. This lasted almost a full minute and a half before we were all through. They both pulled out of me, but Zach left the dildo and Jason kept rubbing me all over. Zach joined in, and again my cock was hard, which I couldn't believe because I was still panting from the earlier climax. Jason paused to take the brace out. and I gasped at the sudden freedom of my jaw from the brace.

"God, that was amazing," I said " Zach, Jason-" I was cut off short by Jason's slap across my face.

"You little faggot!" he yelled, "We are your surgeons and masters! I have to punish you now..." He trailed off. I was too exhausted and shocked to even struggle, and Zach placed a anesthesia mask over my face, everything fading out while I realized what a mistake I had made. were they ever going to let me go...?



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