It all started when I called the telephone number found in a local men magazine that I took from the local bath house. A sexy as hell voice of an apparently young black man answered me and invited me to come Saturday on a crisp October night. He said the rules were simple. Every one must bring 15 dollars. The party is in the nude and anything goes. Cloths will be put in plastic bags with name tag. He asked me to come not earlier than 10 in the evening.

I drove to the place. It was in a large apartment complex in suburb Detroit, Michigan. I knocked at the door. A man opened it and it was totally dark except from some candles. When I entered I saw whom I called couple of hours ago. A gorgeous young black man in his mid twenties and totally naked except his socks! I felt an electric sensation all over my body. I hugged the man and kissed him. He die not mind! He smiled and gave me a plastic bag. I took off all my cloth except my underwear. I was wearing two under wears for the occasion. I tend to get wet easily and so I had two to cover my wet pre-cum! The man made me wet from the moment I saw him.

He played cool and offered me some soft drink. There were three other guests in the place. He would walk around strutting his nude body and smile to every one. He had a marvelous hot muscular butt and a shaved pubic hair. His dick was dangling around and his ball sacks were big and hot. I was burning inside and oozing pre-cum.

I wanted him very badly and I was shy to ask him first. What I noticed though that he was staring at me!

The occasion came when I went to open the fridge and get another soft drink. He was in the kitchen alone. He turned around and smiled at me. He grabbed my balls and said in a very seductive voice. You remind me of some one at high school who I always has a lust for. I could not believe my self! The man wants me too. I held him in my arms and kissed him. He kissed me back. I started to fondle his moist hot dick and ball sacks. Then I moved my hands and inserted them between his ass cheeks. I played with his ass hole. He asked me to follow him inside a room.

I went with no hesitation and took off my underwear. He came with lotions and lubes. I held him and we dragged each other to a near by mattress. I tongue kissed him and I enjoyed his moist hot lips and inside his mouth. We messaged each other naked bodies and kissed like wild dogs. I licked his neck, nipples, chest, arm pits, and moved my tongue across his abdomen

licking and inhaling every inch of his sexy body. I arrived to the pubic area and mouth tongues his dick and ball sacks. They smelled so hot that I almost was going to cum. Then he suddenly turned around and spread his ass for me. I did not hesitate a second to dig my face inside his ass and smell the hot manly aroma of his ass hole. I tongue fucked him for about five minutes. He asked me to fuck him. He said he was never barebacked before and I asked me about my sex history. I told him that I always use condoms and I am disease free. He looked passionately at me and told me that he would never do that with another person. His ass hole was so tempting that I decided to go with it. I came inside him. It was my first time and he was the only man I ever dared to bareback. It happened three years ago.

Since I did it with him I checked my self several times for many diseases and all were negative. It was a fantasy fulfilled and would never be repeated again.

I met with this man for many Saturday nights and I was allowed to stay over. I had the most passionate sex with him and I never recall a man so passionate like him. I will tell you more in my next story. I promise you it will be a blast. The sex and stamina that we both had would be enough to make ten porn movies.


R Joe

[email protected]


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