It was a hot summer night, or better, very early in the day. It was about 3 am and I was coming back home from a beautiful disco night with some friends. I was not drunk, just euphoric, and not really eager to hit the bed.

In the previous days, although I still hadn't made my mind up about boys and girls, I had stroked my thick 7 inches uncut dick at the thought of fucking a perfect stranger, a male stranger, and something brought it back to me that night. I was so horny, at the sheer image of askin someone for it, that I had my biggest hardon ever, and I promised myself to make my fantasy cum true (or at least try).

The problem was: it was freakin 3 in the morning, not a soul around!!

The very moment I thought this, a shadow crossed my path. I looked at him: too tall, too slim, ugly face...

I didn't have to look twice, I kept walkin.

I was very close to home an hopeless, when I heard a sound behind me. I turned around, scared, only to see my dream in the flesh, a mediumheight arabic-looking guy, black silky hair in a short ponytail, broad chest, less than twentyfive I guessed.

'Hey you scared the hell outta me, dude!' I said

'sorry man, I'm kinda silent' he answered with a white smile- my cock started throbbing at that sight, as if it wanted to tell me something

'Where are you going at this time, by the way?' I asked, standing and looking him in the eye, slightly moving my hips in his direction

'I'm going home, why?' he answered looking at my crotch

'Uh.. Nuthin... ... Would you like to cum at my place? It's close' I finally dared

He answered, always staring at my longing hardon'Sure mate, after you'

I almost couldn't believe that I would finally lose my verginity, to such a smokin hot man. My ass was wet with anticipation,and my mouth also... I wanted to do so much...

I opened up the door, let him in, and said 'before I suck your cock, is there anything that I should know?'

He simply said, without as much as an inch of foreign accent'my name is Seth'

I dropped to my knees, unbottoned his pants and looked at my reward: an 8anahalf inches long, dark, thick penis, circumcised and hard as rock.

I licked the violet, perfect, round head, then started to suck on it, emitting moans matched by Seth's. His dick tasted so good, I wanted more, took it until it bumped on the back of my mouth, licked it, smelled it, sucked on it, and finally coped to deepthroat it. I felt the taste change, with precum, and sucked harder, longing for his cum in my mouth, and he finally screamed spurting four loads in me, and I tasted it and swallowed it to the last delicious drop.

I rose to my feet and kissed his full lips, letting him taste his sperm on my tongue, a deep and long kiss, one grabbing the other's ass.

'You're so good... I like you very much' he said, then started tonguing me while undoing my pants.

'Let's go to my bedroom, I wanna see you naked and hard again!'

we went, and as soon as I was nude, my cock still pulsing, he layed me on the bed and gave me my first blowjob, his nose smelling my bush at every suck, his hand massaging my nutsack, the other one fondling my hot hole. He put his third finger up my ass, making me spurt three times in him. He licked it dry, then kissed me as deeply as before, playing with my nipples. I managed to stop my moaning to say, still panting 'I want to ride your dick, stallion'

He layed on my bed, his beautiful muscular body,not much more than my own and just as sweaty, his monster cock. I knew my ass was wet enough to take it all. I propped my hole on its massive head, feeling an amazingly pleasurable pressure, and it started slipping inside of me. I started moaning in waves of pleasure, until it was completely inside, I could feel it all the way in. I moved my hips in circle, wanting to keep it all into me, making him scream with me. After I started going up and down on it, at a slow rithm, every time feeling him to my intestines, a fire spreading from my opening to my antire body; he took my cock in his smooth long hand and stroked it, eyes close and throat purring with the rithm. Then he took over, slamming me on the bed, fucking me so fast, so deep, and kissing my welcoming mouth, until we screamed, cumming, I felt my ass filled with sperm and pleasure, and our chests pressed together hot with my loads.

Moving to get out of my rectum, he gave me a spasm that made me shoot one last load on my face. He licked it from my chest and face, and then from my ass.

He said 'It's been magic, but I really have to run now... give me your phone number... it's your turn tomorrow night'. We gave each other our numbers and said hello with a deep kiss.

Somehow I knew I'd see him the next night.

To be continued...?




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