Atum was already getting bored of waiting and getting angry from waiting. He had just entered his chambers when he heard the blast of the welcome trumpet tune meant for prestigious guests. Without thinking he ran as fast as he could to the balcony facing the sun gate to catch the glimpse of his assigned tormentor. Bumping his foot on the solid image of anubis made him leap the rest of the journey cursing under his breath. And finally there he was. A gigantic frame upon his massive black horse. Ridding slowly and fearlessly through the sun gate along side his two escorts and a caravan pulled by 4 horses made atum wonder if this man was some sort of reincarnation of some feared god whose birth in the realm of men was a huge relief for the gods above.

Even though it wasn't a very clear vision from the heights which atum stood,he could tell that that this stranger wasn't originally Babylonian for he seemed a shebite from afar. Only shebites have panther skins. Without wasting time or thinking, atum hurried back into his chambers and struck the medium sized golden gong which immediately ushered his chief servant into his chambers. Prepare me for the guest. A touch of Babylon please. His servant bowed lowly and hoped no one would hear the princes politeness to him cos it may cost his life. Despite how earnestly he has pleaded to the prince to address him in a manner suitable for a servant,it only had fallen upon deaf ears.

Atum knew in no time,he will be summoned to meet his guest and subconsciously he wanted to make a good impression. Undressing himself,he stood in front of the huge well polished brass which served as a mirror in the corner of his bath pool room. His lightly chiseled frame and smooth cinnamon skin which has been moisturised by the rarest and finest of Egyptian and Babylonian oil almost gave him a sort of glow. His skin was beautiful to behold and more beautiful and supple to touch. He looked at his eyes....lips....face....neck....shoulders.....chest....nipples...flat stomach and then his thighs. His manhood was also a lovely sight to behold. It hung handsomely as a reminder that though atum may have every resemblance to a beautiful goddess,his manhood was the prize given by the gods for him to be part of both species. Yes. He knew he was gorgeous. He smiled to himself as he slowly immersed himself into the bath. He didn't know why he had a tingling sensation. The arrival of this stranger should spell doom but somehow..deep within he felt a purpose. A much higher purpose. Perhaps it was the psychic intuition in him that made him feel this way. Taking a slow inhale,he sank beneath the surface of his bath.

Your majesty your guest awaits. Hearing these words tied a knot in the princes stomach. Finally...this is the long awaited moment. The moment he will stand face to face with this creature who for some reason brought curiosity to him. It's been over 4 hours since the stranger arrived and preparing for any meeting was a ritual to atum. The beauty therapy,the invoking of the Egyptian and Babylonian goddess of beauty,the incense,the numerous application of ointments,perfumes and herbs before a simple bath made even his mother wonder what would have happened had he been a woman. Dressed in white and gold silk short tunic with a blue chiffon cape that draped to the floor and glided when he walked made him look celestial.

His name is gallamta uddua commonly called gal.He is the greatest warrior in all Babylon. Brought as a captive from sheba as an infant and was raised in the courts of the great king of Babylon. Chief conquor and a general. His strength is a gift from their gods and he is here to serve your lordship. His assistant quickly made the introduction of the stranger as atum walked to the room which his guests awaited. Gal....he whispered to himself...he who goes forth in strength. Growing up in the courts of pharaoh,his mother ensured he knew,wrote and spoke the language of the Babylonians fluently. Smillimg to himself as he whispered the name over and over,he signalled his assistant to leave as he descended down the richly embroidered rugged stair case which led to the large oak door which was richly painted with the story of the great god Amun ra. Two large sphinx which faced each other separated by the slit which was the door opening reminded atum of how much culture and heritage Egypt had. His heart began to thump rapidly and once again the stir of energy began as the trumpeter introduced him with a tune meant only for him. Two guards bowed and pushed the large oak door inwards....and there he was. Gal. Still mesmerised at the enormous paintings that filled the entire chamber he stood backing the door and didn't notice the princes presence. Atum was almost petrified looking at his back view. Strong thick built back whose muscular definition made it look like a work of art,solid thighs and calves which where slightly bowed artistically resembled the pillars that upheld the temple of Ra. he wore a white short monostrap linen tunic which exposed clear,velvety dark but scared skin which caught the reflection of the burning lamps on the wall. Babylonian gold bracelet clasped on both arms as he stood at ease. Standing clearly at over 7 foot, it was clear he was far from a mere mortal.

A warrior with an interest for art? Said atum as gallamta uddua turned around. By the gods!!...Not a single hair was on his head. His face seemed frozen in a perpetual frown that made his striking handsomeness feared. His cheek bones and very unusual soft eyes made him look like a child. Beating his right hand to his chest in a manner that sent chills,he knelt on one knee and bowed. Even when bowed lowly,he still looked like a black massive rock. Your tale doesn't do justice to your appearance gal. You are indeed a work of art to behold. Please arise. Clapping twice to summon the royal waiters to bring in the feast,he ushered gal to have a seat. While he sat,atum could swear he saw shyness in the eyes of this feared war lords. was it that he is never used to compliments that addressed him outside battles and conquest or was it just the psyche in him that is making him assume? Thought atum. You behold me in a manner I find very curious to understand;gallamta uddua. Your highness his thick voice thundered expectations....I knew it! atum cutting inn.throwing his hands in a gesticulation that made gal arched his both brows. You think am cut out for this? I just don't know what the world expects from me. They can't allow me live in peace until am dead. But they have no idea what they are in for.Rolling his eyes and sighing,gal was dumb struck. He let out a silent chuckle....something he has never done in many years if ever at all he has. He caught himself almost immediately and wondered what was wrong with him. A part of him wanted to be repulsed. Men ought to be strong,fierce,bold...Not weak ,soft or beautiful....beautiful? Soft? Maybe that was the reason he wasn't totally repulsed.....he felt amused by this prince....his beautiful face held such innocence that gal would give and fight anything to protect. This prince doesn't need a sword....he needs his pure essence kept for all eternity. Gal once again wondered what has come over him as he caught himself harbouring such thoughts. The meals where delicious and atum indeed was a good company. No sooner where they done that the special adviser to the pharaoh walked inn. Badru was a short,stout and a foul mouthed man who was detested by all Egypt. Had it not been for his deep knowledge in the affairs of the pharaoh which of course has been the business of his ancestors, Badru would have been a smuggler, a thief or something worse ....well,he was already. Just that he wore fancy clothes and wore a royal ring of authority.

Walking inn unannounced made the bile in the throat of atum rise. Forgive me for intruding my prince but am here on the behalf of the great pharaoh squealed Badru. His high pitched voice was nothing but out rightly annoying. My lord bids you welcome and has asked me to see that all your needs are met. I know it's been a long travel and a soldier like you needs some sort of soothing relaxation. With a snap of his finger,5 Egyptian harlots entered the room. Perfectly curved and clothed in transparent silk which revealed their stark nakedness beneath made atum bow his head in disgust. This was typical of badrun. That won't be necessary said gal. I intend to retire alone. Am sorry my friend but this is on the kings order. Lies. every single person innthe palace knows badru has an insatiable appetite for prostitute and that was his standard taste for hospitality. Immediately he called a guard to take them to gals room. Feel free to speak to me if you need anything said the stout man. as he left,it seemed as if badru had forgotten to take one of his ugly evil spirit he left behind. Atum sat quietly as the servants quickly cleared the dishes. they have finally succeeded in showing the world that he was nothing and was worth nothing but disrespect. In the name of the gods why prostitues for guest?what impression would that give? Maybe gal would think he patronises prostitutes too. tears appeared in his eyes as his anger boiled. he fought hard not to let gal see his weakness by avoiding eye contact. Gal never said a word to the prince even though part of him wanted to. The atmosphere had changed. Rising up,back straight,shoulder squared and head held high just as a prince would,he cleared his throat and said.." I would now retire for the night gallamta uddua". I hope you enjoy your first night in egypt. feeling stupid for making such comment their eyes locked and he knew gal saw deep into his soul. Nothing else was hidden or private. In a weak smile he turned and left.

That night as gal lay awake in his bed,he thought of atum and how odd and unnatural sadness seemed on his beautiful face. How come meeting atum made him feel strange inside? Why does he have such tender thoughts towards him? was there a time in his life he had such innocence? ..surely ....Yes there was....focusing,he let his thoughts go back in time. Many years ago as a child in the land of Sheba. He remembered walking with his mother and laughing. Yes. Laughing. Laughing as she stooped and tickled him so hard he screamed his lungs out in joy. Maybe a lost part of him was in atum....just maybe there was hope to be human again. Like so many nights before,this sacred vision served as a brief remedy that protected him from the ghosts that haunted his sleep. Holding tightly a shebite relic,he prayed..begged and asked the gods to save him. Gal never touched the prostitues that night. Infact he had never communed his flesh with anyone. An agreement he made with the gods to Let bloodshed be his only vice which he vowed to keep.



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