**They've been friends since they were little and now Kevin feels its time to move up. does Robert feel the same?**

' i have to tell you something' said Kevin.


'its hard for me to say'

'come on dude you could tell me'

'i know but this could change our relationship. i think you're going to hate me.'

'Kevin what did you do that you're that afraid'

'its not something i did'

'tell me already please your scaring me'

- well im starting this story out a little late. first let me explain. my name is Kevin. the boy up there that im about to tell i love him; well that's Robert. he is or was my best-friend. im gay and ive had feeling for him ever since i ever came out. there is a problem though. our parents are religious freaks. when they found out i was gay i got my shit thrown in the street, my father disowned me, my mother never even looked at me as i walked out of their lives forever. i never looked back. the only people i kept in touch with after that was robert. we grew up together, we practically shared the crib. robert's parents are less strict i visit them for holidays. christmas, thanksgiving and everything else. its nice still having a family. the only reason they except me is cause of my relationship with robert which i am glad for.

me myself am from Latin descent. robert too. i am fairly tanned with jet black hair. and from hours of running and going to the gm at least 4 times a week. not that i look like a juice head but i have the works. 6 pack abs that i love to show to guys and get them all worked up. i had a nice bubble butt that was pure muscle. i stand about 5'9. and my dick stands about 8 and a half hard uncut with fair pubes right above the haed of my dick. my ass is hairless. robert also had great abs. not as defined as mine his ass was to die for and his cock on the one rare occasion that i saw it was at least 8 probably my size. his ass was hairless also and his body was the same except for his legs.

on with my story....

'its hard'

'come on you're freaking me out'

'okay dude. i... i like... i like you'

he looked down at the ground. ' what do you mean'

'i mean i have feelings for you. please dont hate me. i didnt mean for it to happen. it just happened.'

'you mean you like me or do you really like me'

'robert i love you, i cant believe im saying it but i really do. i cant explain it. i didnt want to admit it but i do. i denied my feelings for so long but i cant hold this in anymore'

'how long'

'how long what'

'how long have you felt like this.'

'ever since i came out'

he stayed quiet for a minute. then his eyes opened wide. 'you came out almost 2 and a half years ago.

i nodded. he looked back down. my eyes got watery. i knew this could have happened but i was hoping for another outcome. or at least for him to laugh and ignore it or anything. i thought we were closer.

'are you okay?' i reached out to touch him and he flinched. he never did that. i think its worse then i thought. i started crying silently. i wanted to let him think.


'why what?'

'why did you have to tell me?'

'i couldn't keep this hidden any longer. bye'

i got up to leave. i expected him to get up and stop me and say something. but he said nothing. i went for the door and nothing. i got in my car and he still didn't move. i cant believe it. when i got home i wanted a call saying anything along the lines of 'it okay dude just forget it' or at least a straight forward ' don't ever talk to me again you disgusting piece of shit'. but no not even that.

i didnt get any sleep that night. i kept turning in my bed. i cant believe i lost him as a friend.

i went on with my life. i went to all my classes. at my college. i lived in an apartment close to campus. Robert went to the same college. which didn't help although thank god it was a big campus i haven't seen him. i don't think i would've been able to look him in the face and not break down crying.

a couple days after i had told Robert i got a knock on the door. i thought it may be someone looking for the apartment to rent. but when i saw the time i got scared. it was already passed one in the morning. i got out of bed put the robe on since i slept in the nude and i didnt want to go flash and scare a potential roommate. i also got my bat out just incase it was someone trying to rob me or something.

'hello whose there' i called from the other side of the door. i looked through the peep hole but only saw a dark figure wearing a black hoodie and really couldnt make out his face.

'hey dude its robert.' hearing his voice made me so happy but then it faded. he probably wasnt going to be here long.

i opened the door and looked at him. he was wearing all black and a hoodie covering his face.

i missed seeing him.

he put down the hoodie and i saw that he had a black eye. 'may i come in.' he half smiled but then his hand went straight to his eye.

'yes yes come in. oh my god are you okay?' i asked. i wrapped my arm around his shoulder and sat him down on the couch. 'want anything to drink?'

'um yeah and an aspirin if you wouldn't mind'

he had a black eye. what the hell happened. i grabbed a cup of water and an aspirin. i hurried back to him.

'so you're gonna tell me what happened there?' i said pointing his eye. i got ice in a bag and put it on his eye.

'well. it really dosent matter.' he said looking down. he sounded sad. i didn't want to push but i had to know.

i hooked my finger under his chin and pulled his face till he was looking me straight in the face. 'tell me what happened please.'

his eyes began to water up and he started to shake. i wrapped my arms around him and gave him a tight hug. i heard him start to cry with his sniffles and shivers.

'my dad happened'

'what?!' i knew his dad although aggressive i wouldn't imagine this.

'i upset him'

'that gives him no right, what happened?'

'remember that day you told me what you told me.'

it pained me to think of it and what happened in between that day and this. i nodded. 'yeah i remember'

'well im sorry.'

'me too, but i dont see how that and your black eye have in common.'

'you dont get it do you' he got a little upset.

'no i honestly dont.'

he grabbed my face and kissed me hard and wet on the lips. i was shocked. i backed away.

'what are you doing, you aren't gay'

'Kevin really i dont know if i am or not anymore. all i know is that i love you and i want to be with you. that day that i couldn't say anything to you was because i was afraid'

'afraid of what.'

'afraid of this.' he said pointing at his black eye.

'he found out'

'i just told him. Kevin i love you so much. and i wanted it known. i never told you but i do have feelings for you.'

'what, why couldn't you just tell me that when i told you'

'i just told you i was afraid.' im sorry im sorry your right.'

i touched his eye and he winced. crap i felt so horrible.

'so you going to crash here tonight?'

'actually i was wondering if the room you wanted to rent was still available.'

'oh my god are you kidding of course, yes its available.'

'great ill take it, my dad kicked me out, do you mind driving me home to get my stuff. im afraid if we wait till morning it'll be gone off the street'

'yeah let me get dressed.'

i got dressed in jeans and and jacket. grabbed my keys and we were off.

'so are we just going to bust in and take your stuff unless he has it packed already'

'no he shouldn't be home, i think he went to go drink at some bar.'

when we got there, there was only a little clothes left on the lawn. the light was on. we walked in and went straight to his room. i saw his mom crying on the sofa. this brought back memories that i wish would've stayed away.

'theres boxes in the attic.' i already knew where. this was practically home. it was like i was leaving home all over again. it was sadder this time. but at least i wouldn't be alone.

we through everything in boxes as fast as we could. we didn't want to run into his dad. i could hold my own but it wouldn't feel right having to fight with his father.

'are you going to say bye to your mother?'

'why should i she didn't say anything to me when i told her. she just cried and listen to whatever my dad was telling her.'

i remember the same with my mother.

'could you tell her bye, for me'

he looked at me with a pained expression. 'ill try'

i wish i had told my mother bye. at least that. it kills me when i think of her. she was my best-friend till my father found out. and then i was officially dead to the family. and she wast permitted to talk with me.

we through everything in the car and went back to say bye to his mother.

she was still on the couch staring at their family picture. crying uncontrollably. she looked up at us.

'bye mom' he said bitter and sad filled in his voice. i looked at him and he understood what i meant.

he went over to her with tears in his eyes. she got up and wrapped her arms around him.

'robert please dont, just tell him it was a lie anything to just come back. please.'

'bye mom' he said kinder this time he gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

'bye miss.' i went over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

she mouthed the words 'take care of him please.'

i even began to cry. we heard his father walking up the porch stairs so we both said our final good byes and head for the door.

'so the fagots are here.'

i couldn't believe this was the man i thought of as a father.

Robert stopped in his tracks. he clenched his fist in his hands. i grabbed his shoulder and put him behind me. his dad came into view.

'what the fuck you think you're doing here?' he slurred pointing at me and standing off balance.

'nothing we were just leaving.'

'yes get the fuck out of my house. my son is gay now cause you'

i felt Robert try to get closer. i held him back before he got in trouble i didnt want anything else to happen cause of me.

'well then sir bye'

we were walking by him and he said 'i should have really broke your face in, dont ever come to my house again you piece of insignificant shit.'

this time i got upset. he just mad me angry with the punch in Robert's face, the words he was using and for being so ignorant. i clenched my fist and punched him across the face. he fell to the ground and didnt move. he was still alive but knocked out cold.

i grabbed robert by his hand and went back to my apartment. it was at least 5 in the morning when we got back.

when we got into the apartment we wasted no time. i hugged him and kissed him straight on the lips. i loved him and he loved me. we were kissing with tears running down our faces. i got him on the couch with me on top of him. he started to moan under me. it felt great just like i imagined hundreds of time. i looked him straight in the eyes and told him 'i love you'

'i love you too'

i took his shirt off and he took mine off. i started kissing his chest and wrapped my lips around his left nipple. he made a low moan i kissed my way down to his jeans. i took his belt off and unbuttoned his jeans. as they fell to the floor i saw these tight white boxer briefs that hugged his enormous cock and his ass.

'lets move to the bed'

when he got to my room it was his turn for some fun. he pushed me down on the bed and pulled off my jeans. and my underwear. he started licking the head of my dick and rubbing my nut sack. it was my turn to start moaning.

'are you sure your new at this. your doing fantastic'

he had me so close so fast. that i wasnt use to.

'okay hold on your about to make me cum and i dont want to yet.'

'aw damns.' i got him riled up by licking his dick outside of his briefs. i slipped them off and licked his head once. he moan and ooed. loud.

'i know for a fact youve had head before.'

'yeah but never from a guy and damn do you know what your doing.'

'okay okay no lay back down im goin to finish this.'

i licked the head again. and he moaned louder and wiggled his body. i went down on him completely with some difficulty.

'god your so big'

'look whose talking'

i smiled and kept going. i started getting wound up and went faster and faster.

'stop your gonna make me cum'

'okay on to step two.'

'which would be?'

'your going to fuck my brains out.'

he got excited and started jumping up and down.

'you act such like a virgin'

we laughed at that and then i got the lube ready.

i lubed him up and then my hole and got it ready.

'okay im ready. what position you want me in'

'on your back with your legs on my shoulders'

'wow youve gave this some thought?'

'ive seen videos on the internet.' he said smiling

i laid back while he positioned his dick to my hole. i helped him in since he wasnt use to being with a guy.

'oh my god your hole is tight.'

'yeah i could feel that. go slow your pretty thick.'

he pushed in slowly and my hole started giving into him. when he finally got all the way in i felt so full. his dick was so big and thick.

'okay now you can pull out and push back in. go a little faster now.'

he pulled out and pushed back in. it wasnt that hard anymore to get all the way in. and i could feel his pubes against my ass. finally my dreams of having robert fuck me were coming true.

he pulled out and slammed back into me. it felt better this time.

'okay now for some real fucking.'

he pushed my legs on top of his shoulders. leaned in close and started fucking me fast. i kissed him hard on the lips. both of our tongues wrestling while he fucked me.

'im about to come, do i pull out?'

'no just let it flow'

he pushed his body close and i felt his warm cum fill my insides. i hugged him close while his body fell on top of me exhausted.

i cuddled with him. we got under the sheets and started kissing again. our bodies were close and i guess he felt my hard on pressed up against his body.

'want me to take care of that?'

'sure, what you had in mind?'

'well i wanted to see how it felt to get fucked.'

'really? okay i think i can handle that.'

'but you have to be gentle'

'i promise but i do have to get you ready so you can enjoy it.'

'what you have in mind.?'

'youll see'

i laid him on his stomach and spread his legs so i could get in between them. i licked his hole and i heard the same moan from the beginning. i smiled and went back. i started really getting in there. he was moaning and howling. when i started to finger him he almost lost it.

'oh my god that feels fantastic. now i finally now why gay sex is so great.'

'you haven't felt anything yet. after i work you your hole then you will feel the amazing'

'just keep doing what your doing'

i added another finger and he was moaning uncontrollably. i cant believe my dreams could have happened. i thought it was lucky he fucked me but no i was going to take his cherry. i got too excited and i needed a release to i told him it was time.

'what position?'

'same one i was in'

i put his legs on my shoulders and worked my cock in. my head was bigger then his so it took longer to get in him.

'ow is it suppose to feel like this. is it suppose to hurt?'

'yeah dont worry im going to be gentle since its your first time. and its going to feel fantastic soon.'

i pushed in and he started ooing and moaning. it took almost 10 minutes but i got my dick in him.

'oh my god finally its in all the way'

'yeah now the fun begins'

i pulled out slowly and worked my way in. this time faster then before. i worked him faster and faster. while he was getting fucked his dick had gotten rock hard. so i thought i would give it a little attention. i jerked his dick while i fucked him and then i started to kiss him.

'oh my god you were right this feels so great. go fast please. as fast as you can. this feels so good.'

we stayed like this for at least 30 mins. it would have finished faster but when i was close or him i would slow down to almost a stop and wait till the feeling of cumming stopped.

'i cant handle it no more. please let me cum.'

so i jerked his dick off really fast and really began ramming his ass full length dick. when i felt his first jet of cum shoot out i unloaded in his ass. when we were done i fell over on my side and slowly sli out of him. i kissed him on the lips.

'wow fantastic, we're going to have to do this again'

'yes we are. and well lets clean you up.'

he was about to get up to go wash off.

'oh no we are not going to let that cum go to waste.'

i laid him back down and started to lick it up off his chest. i made my way up from his belly button to his nips. and back down.

'does it taste good?'

'you tell me' i took a finger and rubbed it in a pile of his man juice. then i put his finger to his mouth. he stuck out his tounge and licked my finger. 'mmmm it taste good.'

'ill say' i licked the rest up and we shared it between ourselves while we kissed passionately.

we fell asleep cuddiling and lived our life together. happy and gay.

This is the time when my Best-friend became my Lover



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