I little more physical and rougher than my norm. But  very hot friend wanted some more action so here is my attempt at giving this stud what he wanted.  I hope that I did him well.

The surprise was not as much the sucker punch, but the young punk who threw it. The little shit is about half my age and I must be at least 50-60 lbs. of pure muscle heavier than he is.  Nerdy - skinny punk type, sort of hot - but what a dick, but I got to admit he packed a decent right hook.

He was a total hothead though. I had merely bumped into him by accident as I rounded the corner from the locker room and he got all bent out of shape and went off like a wild man. I apologized a couple times, but he was not having any of it. His verbal assault did not faze me at all, calling me names that he thought I would find offensive; meat head- muscle jock – gym rat type stuff. Yea right, I found no offense to being called that, hell if he only knew that it sort of turned me on. Hell he is even sort of turning me on. The more I look at him while he talks all of this trash, he is lean with a tight ripped body, shorter, dark hair and hairy body, the punk obviously works out and is good looking too. And yea I am a gym rat to the core and at 54, I am fucking proud of it.  When he saw that his “compliments” were not fazing me, and I waved him off dismissively is when his fist landed upside of my chin and snapped my head back pretty damn good.

“I will fuck you up old man.”  He starts yelling, but before he went any further a few regulars were dragging him out and tossed his ass to the curb.

“The fucker is always starting trouble.” One of the managers tells me. “This is the third time I have kicked him out of here. And he is not coming back.”

“Yea, what is up with that dude.” His side kicked chimed in, “he seems to always go after you really built guys too. Like he wants to get his ass kicked or something.”

They ask if I am okay. Of course I am fine. I just was not expecting a sucker punch and it caught me off guard is all. Rubbing my jaw I had to admit he did have one hell of a shot. I headed into locker room and grabbed my stuff to head out of there to get my weekend started.

Nothing was going to ruin my weekend, I had been looking forward to this party for a couple of weeks now. We were all on the way to the beach for Eric’s annual beach bash and the place was going to be full of hot studs of all ages and all types.  Eric always had the best parties and hottest men around show up for his affairs, a few were even paid dancers to get the vibe going in the right direction.

On the way home I made a few phone calls, one to Eric to let him know I am on my way, a few last minute work calls to get the week wrapped up tight and over with. I crank the music up and roll down the windows and enjoy the warm humid air rushing over my pumped up sweaty muscles. With a run of a hand over my pecs and abs - fuck – I was more than ready for this weekend, no matter what came my way. I was long overdue and I was horny as hell.

I toss a few items into an overnight bag, you know just in case, and jump in the shower. I had finished shaving and was getting out of the shower to dry off when the loud banging starts on the front door. The knocking and banging gets louder and louder as I grab a towel and head down the hall.

“Hold ON. I am coming”. 

 “You and I got a problem old man!”  The young fucker from the gym had followed me home. When I cracked the door open to look out he ducked his shoulder in and barreled past me into the house. 

“What the fuck are you doing” I square off to him shoving him back towards the door. “Get the fuck out of my house.”

“I am about to kick your ass.” He swings his hand out and swipes the loose towel off my waist. “And then I am going to fuck this sweet piece of ass!”  He swats my smooth butt cheek with an open palm. He gets in my face, toe to toe - pec to pec, or more like his skinny frame to my bulging slabs of pecs.  

“You’re kidding right?” I push his back telling his to get the hell out of here again while holding the door open for him to leave. I am not a fighter, never have been and I am damn sure not about to start with this young kid. I would squash him, but then again he did throw a mean right hook I can still feel it. Even that, Hell no. I tell him to get the fuck out. 

“And since I think you are so fucking hot old man” he is still in my face mouthing shit “I am going to let you get the first shot on me.”

He rips off the t-shirt that he is wearing and poses with both arms spread out ‘Like come on man go ahead and take your best shot’ type attitude.

Shaking my head no way. I grab him by the back of the neck to shove him towards the door. The fucker is quick, and a lot more powerful than I had ever imagined. With a spinning back kick he lands his left foot across my midsection and sent me to my ass. He reached behind him closed and locked the door. 

“I aint going anywhere until I am done with you.” The kick had knocked the wind out of me and I sat on my ass to catch my breath. All the while thinking I may have underestimated this guy.  He stands over me and grabs me by the back of my hair and pulls me up to his feet.

Flight or fight mode kicks in and I make a wild swing. He ducks out of the path of my fist, blocking my punch with his forearm, grabs hold of my arm and twists me around in an arm bar lock. Reaching around with his other hand and getting my left arm pulled back and locked up tight as well. Totally immobilized by this kid, I am beginning to get nervous.

“Come on man.” I try to reason with him. “We can work something out here.”  He cranks up the arm bar a little tighter and shoves me face first into the wall. With my body pressed firmly into the wall, he drops one hand, and cranks up the other arm tighter to lock me in good.

“Don’t you worry muscle daddy.” He rubs my bare cheeks “I already have this worked out and under control.” He gives my round glutes a firm slap that echoes in the open room then rubs his hands around the entire muscle, testing and squeezing my rock hard ass.

Involuntarily I arch my back and press my ass harder into his palm while he is rubbing. Even though the arm bar is painful, his hand is hot and driving me crazy and I can feel my cock begin to thicken and hang heavier.

“You muscle heads are all the same.” He slaps my bare butt harder again with a loud stinging slap. “It is almost like you built all of this muscle for punks like me to enjoy, didn’t you?”  He runs his hand between my cheeks, “I bet you want my big dick too.”

“If you had half a brain.” I bark back at him over my shoulder. “You could have already had this tight ass and all the muscle you wanted.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I can tell this confused him. “You gym rats are only into clones of yourself.” Still pressing me into the wall with the arm locked but not as forcefully. I can tell he is trying to figure this out on the fly.

“Listen, if I wanted another muscle stud that looked like me, all I have to do is jack off in the mirror.” I didn’t tell him that sometimes I do flex and jack off and get myself turned on, but hey he is listening and not cranking the arm bar as hard.

“Then why the hell were you glaring at me in the gym, like ‘get the fuck out of here you skinny fucker?” I can tell that this reasoning is getting to him now. And he has no clue what to do next.

“Before you made a total ass out of yourself.” I laugh at the absurdity of the situation now. “I actually thought you were hot.” 

I turn around slowly to face him and run my hand down his lean hard torso. My finger traces a very large bulge forming in his shorts. “Fuck man, all you got to do is flash this big dick. Well, that and not be a total prick, but half the body builders in that place would drop to their knees for a go at this.” I slide the elastic waist band down. I run my fingers through the hair on his chest and stomach as I reach into his shorts “Stop me any time.” I run my fingers around the fat shaft. “I mean you already proved what a bad ass you are. So whatever you say goes.” And I slip the waist band up under his huge sac of balls. “Holy shit.” I wrap my hand around his heavy dick. “You are fucking hung like a horse man.”  Literally a masterpiece of a dick. A good solid nine inches, uncut, heavy, thick and large veins running the length and a fat had already leaking precum.

I have his undivided attention now, and to test his resolve, to see if it really is the muscles that gets him off, I flex and make both pecs bounce and dance. And that does it. His hands make a beeline for the slabs of muscle but this time in lust and not fury.  A moan escapes my mouth, my eyes roll back a little and I exhale a sigh of excitement.

“These are fucking hot.” His voice is almost normal. I pop each pec one at a time while his hands enjoy the feel of my rock hard pecs. He balls his fist and punches into each mound, not in the aggressive way as earlier, but in a hot horny way that a lot of guys like to punch these big slabs and it feels hot.

“No fucking way?” he sort of asks me, but not really. “You mean you enjoy regular guys like me playing with your muscles, all for my big dick?” like he had no clue and still cannot believe it.

I drop to my knees and place his cock in my face. I run it over my forehead, nuzzle up under his heavy nuts and breathe in his male musk. I lean back and let the tip fall into my mouth and inhale him all the way to the base in one smooth swallow.

“God DAMnnnnnnnnnn-!” he hisses and enjoys my hot mouth. “That feels so fucking good.”  I can already feel his cock flexing like he is sort of close already. 

I want to taste his load so badly, even if it is a quick one, so I raise both arms and lace the hands behind my head forcing my biceps up into large pumped up knots of muscle and FLEX hard. He wastes no time grabbing each bicep and using them like handles to hang on to while he starts pumping my face. Slamming his big dick all the way to the base and pulling out only to slam back in as hard and fast as his skinny hips can move.

“Oh fuck!” His voice is shaking. “I am about to cum.”  He slams into my throat all the way and I feel the first hot jet as it shoots out the end of his cock. He pulls out some and the next few shots fill my mouth, and I slip the tip out and let the final few splashes land over my face as I look up. His eyes are rolled back in his head, his hands move from my biceps and are holding each side of my had to steady his balance and his cock is still jerking and leaking as it lays across my face.

I wrap my arms around his hips and swallow his sensitive dick back into my hungry mouth to nurse every last drop of cum out of his dick that I can get. His body is sensitive so I hold him tight and run my tongue up and down his shaft, pulling every bit of cum and sucking it out of his tube before he finally pushes me off. 

What surprises me, is when he lifts me up by my arm pits and licks his own cum off of my face then feeds it back to me in a very wet deep and passionate kiss. I had never expected that out of him. And believe me, I did kiss him back as wet and deep as he was feeding me his tongue and spit. 

His hands are covering every inch of my body that he can reach and it feels great. I reach between his legs and feel his still rock hard cock - got to love the younger men, they can shoot and stay hard for hours and I plan on taking advantage of him and his big dick. I will teach him a lesson in my way now.

“You got any plans for the rest of the day kid?”  I stroke his full length with one hand while cupping his big heavy balls with the other.

He shakes his head no, he hasn’t got his voice back after that massive load. So I lift him up and carry his body down the hall and lay him on the bed. Laying on his back his cock is still rock hard pointing straight up in the air.

“How about you just lay there and let me take care of this big dick for you?” He nods. “I am going to show you just how much I like you ‘average’ looking studs with big dicks.” Lubing up his big dick I can feel just how hard and thick he really is, he lets me handle his cock while looking up at me sitting on top of him.  He lays his hands behind his head while I lower my ass on his cock and slowly settle down until his hairy pubes are tickling my smooth ass and hole. That always turns me on, feeling a hairy stud against my smooth muscles only adds another level of excitement to the feelings.

Once I get the feeling of the big log in my ass I start to lift and grind his dick gently letting it explore every inch deep inside me. He says something I can’t make out. I keep grinding and gyrating my ass, using every muscle in my glutes to milk his rock hard dick. I can tell by the look in his eyes, having his big dick lodged in my ass is doing wonders for him, he likes fucking this rock hard ass and tight hole.

“Will you flex for me?” He repeats himself. “I want to see those muscles.” He is asking, not demanding. His attitude has calmed down to almost normal compared to his earlier demeanor, and I am glad to do anything he likes.

“You like fucking your big muscle daddy, don’t you?”  I tease him. “You want to see all these muscles huh?” and I pop both biceps up and flex as hard as I ever have. He does not say a word but I can feel his big dick throb and flex at the sight of my 18” biceps flexing for his own private show.

His hips start lifting up meeting my ass midair as I bounce on his dick. He is fucking my ass as much as I am riding his dick. I love his enthusiasm. I turn my head to face my left arm and start licking the pumped up peak while I flex it.

“Holy Shit!” His hips start really pumping up into me. “That may be the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen.” I rev it up and run my wet tongue over the entire biceps, leaving it wet with saliva and my spit. I keep sucking and licking to turn him on even more.

I reach my hand behind his neck, and pull his body up into sitting position while my ass bears down on his dick. I guide his face into the peak of my biceps and make the muscles pop and dance as his mouth attacks. I hold him tight to my body and use every muscle in my ass to milk his cock. I can tell he is close again, and so am I this time. I rub his face back and forth across my flexed gun and lean my own mouth over to meet his tongue tracing my arm. When our tongues meet, he loses his second load in less than 30 minutes.

His entire body stiffens as his cock fires hot semen up into my ass. But his mouth never stops licking and sucking on the muscle being fed to him. He is moaning and slurping and enjoying the taste of my muscles while filling my ass up with cum.

I let him enjoy his orgasm and all of the feeling of my ass and muscles, but I am getting very close myself. I can feel my cock start to throb and my big nuts pull up tight. I reach down between us to stroke my dick, and he slips my hand off and grabs hold of my cock and starts jacking me off.  He lays back down and uses one hand on my dick and the other cupping my balls when I start erupting a large shot of cum that nearly hits his chin. His hand picks up the pace and the next few loads cover his pecs and abs in a huge hot mess of my load.

Easing my ass off of his dick, I feel vacant when I let it slip from my ass, but I have got to lick his hairy torso and get every delicious drop of cum that I covered him in. I start at his neck, licking and sucking each warm pool of cum. When my tongue swipes across his tender neck, he moans with delight. Pressing up with my arms I am hovering over his body in a push up position forcing every muscle to explode while I lick down every inch from his neck to his navel and clean my cum off of his fur before collapsing back onto his wet sticky body.

As we both catch our breath and recover from the hot sex. He tells me that was the hottest sex he has ever had.  No shit, I tell him. And next time he wants a muscle daddy to fuck, how about just striking up a conversation like normal people do. He laughs.  But he adds, that I did have a hard on while he was tossing me around.

Yea, I kind of did.  But I love to wrestle and fool around I tell him, but only when we both are playing. He starts to get up, and tells me he would love to hook up again. Again? I ask. I was hoping for a few more fucks with that big dick.

His smile was as big as any I’d ever seen. Really he asked, you want more. I tackled him back to the bed and told him not only did I want more, but I wanted it all night long if he thought he could keep up with an old man like me.

“By the way.” I ask him. “How did you learn to fight like that anyway?”  The kid was fucking tough as nails and strong for his size. 

Turns out he had been in martial arts his entire life. His father, brothers – entire family were big time into every form of martial arts.

“Sorry if I hurt you man.” And I could tell he was serious.

“Not so much hurt me.” I told him, sort of scared me a little since I had no clue what was going on or what was going to happen.

“But!”  I add with a smile. “If you want to rough up this old man again. I could get off on some hot role play.”  I sit up and flex my muscles again for him. “Like you said it did sort of turn me on.”

“I bet I can make that happen.” He says as he tackles me to the ground, falling off the bed in his tight hold. Only this time we are laughing. Let’s see what this hot young fucker has got left in him? I could seriously get used to this, is the last thought I had before he used me for a martial arts practice dummy and a hole to fuck for the rest of the night.



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