It was the day before my mom's wedding and Scott - my soon to be dad - and I got up at 5 am to see my mom and all her friends off to the spa. 'Justin, you be good for Scott, ' My mom said to me. 'And Scott, don't be too rough on Justin,' My mom said to Scott. 'You guys have fun,' My mom said to both of use as she got into the car with her friends. After my mom drove off with her friends, Scott and I went back into the house. Scott and I went back to our room and to try and get back to sleep. I tried to fall asleep, but I kept thinking about Scott.

I've had a crush on Scott ever since my mom brought him home to meet me. He is 40 years old, 5'11' tall, muscular - works out every day - and naturally tan with a nice hairy body - from what I've seen. I wasn't too bad myself either. I was 18 years old - mom had me when she was 17, 5'10' - tall, muscular - play football and wrestle, naturally tan as well - have a litter tan then Scott.

After thinking about Scott for awhile, I got out of bed and went to his bedroom - since him and my mom aren't sleeping together the week before the wedding. I crept down the hall to his bedroom and slowly opened t his door. I heard him snore, so I knew he wouldn't wake up - since he's a heavy sleeper. I made my way to the side of his bed and slowly peeled back the cover to reveal his dick. His dick was 7' soft. I grabbed his dick and stuck it in my mouth and began sucking it. Before his dick got too big, I took his whole dick down my throat and left it there for awhile. His dick was getting hard and began to chock me, so I stopped deep-throating it. His dick was now 12' long and thick. After stroking his dick for a few second, I began suck it again.

'What the hell!' Scott yelled. I stopped sucking Scott's dick and jumped away from the bed. 'Explain yourself!' Scott demanded. I said nothing, I just started at Scott. Scott got up off the bed and came towards me. Before I could run out of his bedroom, Scott grabbed and said, 'Explain yourself.' It took me a moment to gather my thoughts. 'Sorry Scott! Ever since my mom brought you home I had a crush on you,' I said. 'Really?' Scott said shocked. 'Ya! Please don't tell my mom,' I begged. 'Tell your mom,' Scott said, 'I was enjoying it.' I was shocked at what I just heard, but didn't say anything.

I got back down on my knees, took Scott's dick back into my mouth and started deep-throating it. 'Fuck,' Scott moaned in pleasure. His dick started getting hard again and shocking me. I stopped deep-throating his dick and began sucking it. I didn't suck is dick for long before Scott picked me up off the floor. 'Is there something wrong?' I asked. 'No!' Scott said, 'I'm going to fuck you hard.' I was scared to have his hung dick inside me.

Scott pushed me onto his bed and then flipped me onto my back. 'You're going to hurt me with that dick for yours,' I said scared. 'Don't care,' Scott said. Scott spread my legs, grabbed his dick and shoves it against my hole. The head of his dick popped into my hole. I screamed in pain as Scott pushed the rest of his huge dick into my hole. 'You're so tight,' Scott said. 'Ya, that's because I'm was virgin,' I yelled. 'I took your virginity?' Scott asked surprised. 'Ya, you did,' I said.

Scott pulled 11' of his 12' dick out of my hole, and then slammed it back into my hole. This time my scream was a scream of pleasure instead of a scream of pain. Scott kept fucking me this way for awhile and going faster and faster with each thrust. 'You love my big, thick dick in your ass,' Scott yelled. 'Ya! I love your dick in my ass,' I moaned. Scott grabbed my dick and started stroking it with the rhythm of him fucking me. 'Ya! Stroke my dick,' I moaned. 'I'm going to cum,' Scott said, 'I'm going to fill your hole with my cum.' All of a sudden I felt his warm cum in my hole. 'Fuck Ya!' I said, 'Your cum feels do good.' Scott kept his dick in my hole and kept fucking me slowly. Scott leaned forward and we started making out. We final stopped making out and Scott pulled his dick out of my hole. 'I feel so empty without your dick in my hole,' I said. 'I bet you do,' Scott laughed, 'That was the best sex I've ever had.'

It was the morning of my mom's wedding and we had to be at the church at 2 pm. Scott and I got up around 9 am and took a shower together. Even though he was getting married to my mom, we kissed and played with each other while we cleaned each other. After we were done with our shower, we got dress, eat breakfast and left for the church early.

Once we got to our dressing room, we started talking about yesterday. 'About what happen yesterday...' Scott started to say until we started making out. Scott sat down in a chair and I climbed onto his lap. We made out for an hour until the rest the groom's party arrived.

Everyone got ready for the wedding. We bushed our teeth, styled are hair, and put on our tuxes. Once we were ready we head to the chapel and got lined up. Music filled the air as the bridesmaids and maid of honor made their way down the aisle. Then the bridal music started and every stood up and my mom made her way down the aisle. Scott grabbed my mom's hand and they turn towards the preacher. Scott gave me a glance and saw I wasn't happy that he was getting married.

The preacher started saying the basic wedding lines, 'We are gathered here today to join Scott and Anne in holy matrimony. If there is anyone here who object to these two being together, speak now or forever hold your peace.' After the preacher said that, Scott glanced at me. After no one objected, the preacher continued, 'Scott, Anne turn and face each other.' And they did. 'Do you - Anne - take Scott to be your husband?' 'I do,' My mom said. The preacher went on, 'And do you - Scott - take Anne to be your wife?' 'I don't,' Scott said.

Gasps filled the whole church. 'Scott, why not?' My mom said. 'I no longer love you,' Scott said. 'Then who do you love?' My mom asked with a tears coming down her face. 'I'm falling for your son,' Scott said as he came over to me and kissed me on the lips. Gasps filled the room again as we were kissing.

Scott grabbed my hand and we walked out of the church. We got to the limo and Scott said, 'Come with me to Las Vegas.' I thought for a moment, then opened the limo door and said, 'I be glad to go with you on your honeymoon.' Scott and I got in the limo and drove off.

'Why did you say no to my mom?' I asked Scott. 'After we had sex, I realized that I no longer loved your mom,' Scott said, 'I fell in love with you.' I leaned forward and kissed Scott on the lips. Scott zipped my pants and pulled out my dick. 'No underwear!' Scott said with a lustful look.

Scott stroked my dick until it was fully hard. Scott bent down and took my 7' dick into his mouth and began sucking on it. I moaned in pleasure as he deep-throated my dick. I ran my fingers through his hair as he sucked my dick. 'I love the feeling of your mouth around my dick,' I moaned. Scott stopped sucking my dick and began stroking it. He kissed me a couple times and then we began making out. 'I'm going to cum,' I moaned in Scott's mouth. We stopped making out and Scott went back to sucking my dick. 'I'm going to cum,' I yelled as my dick exploded with cum into Scott's mouth. Scott sucked my dick until I stopped cumming - making sure not to let any of my cum run out of his mouth. 'That was good,' Scott said as he swallowed my cum.

Scott and I started making out again and we didn't stop until we were at our hotel in Las Vegas



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