After my initiation my mind was all over the place, it wasn't just the fact that I had let it happen it was also that I had enjoyed it and I had begun to crave more male sex. The next day, after practise I saw Tyler for the first time since the 'incident', he showed no sign of embarrassment and acted normally when we spoke but I was struggling not to be awkward. After practise he came over to speak to me.

'Hey man' he said slapping me on the back.


'You ok buddy? You seemed a bit awkward today'

'I guess what happened yesterday has messed me up a little'

'So it really was your first time?' he smiled.


'Ok you want you want to meet up later for a drink and a talk?'

'Yeah that would be cool'

'Alright, I'll see you later'

We didn't talk again while we got changed and showered in the locker room, mainly because I was in my own world. I guess I had always looked at other guys cocks, but just to compare size, but now I couldn't help thinking what they would look like hard and how would they taste. I left quickly before I got too aroused and prepared to meet Tyler.

He was already there when I arrived and Matt was with him, and even better, there was a beer waiting for me on the table. We said our hellos and had bit of small talk before we got down to the stuff we were there to talk about.

'So, you wanna talk about last night?' Matt said.

'Umm yeah, well I was just wondering have I accidentally joined a gay frat?' I said awkwardly and they both laughed in reply.

'Well I'm totally gay' Tyler said.

'and I'm straight, I just like to experiment' Matt smiled.

'So what was last night all about?'


'So you fuck all the pledges?'

'Well no, but they all have to do something, we just went a little further with you' Tyler said.

'But why, it's kind of fucked my mind'

'Because Tyler's got the hots for you' Matt laughed.

'Haha not just that, you just seemed really into it, you never told us to stop once' Tyler continued.

'I guess not'

'So you say it's fucked with your mind, you wanna explore more?' Tyler looked at me seductively.

'Oh yeah'

'I knew it, well you will have lots of fun in the house'

'Do all the other guys fool around?' I asked.

'Not all, most are like me, like to fool around a little and experiment, a few guys are bi but Tyler is the only guy who is totally gay' Matt said.

'I would never of thought you were gay, are you out?'

'I could say the same about you' Tyler replied, smirking. 'but no I don't want it to ruin my chances of a career in football'

I moved into the chapter house a couple days later and was soon introduced into Kappa life, there was definitely a lot of fooling around and even a gloryhole that I spent a lot of time giving and receiving blow jobs. My sex drive was the same as ever but less and less I was lusting after women and more and more I was on my back getting fucked as not many other guys were willing to take cock. I tried to not think about if it made me gay but I was certainly enjoying myself, I don't know how any of the frat guys had time for women living in that house.

A couple weeks later me, Tyler and two other frat guys who were also on the football team, called Bryce and Adam, were showering after practise and we had been talking for so long, we were the only guys left. Bryce and Adam had fooled around a little with us but they just liked to get their cocks sucked and sometimes fuck, which was fine with me as they both had nice big dicks.

'Looks like we're the only ones left' Bryce said.

'Yeah, and you know what we haven't done for a while' Adam said, looking knowingly at Tyler.

'Now that's a fine idea' Tyler replied and dropped to his knees in front of Adam.

'What the fuck guys, what if someone sees?' I said.

'Who cares, now get down here and suck my dick' Bryce said as he pushed my head down, forcing me to my knees. I didn't need any more encouragement and eagerly took his beautiful dick down my throat. Me and Tyler were side by side, happily sucking on cock we didn't notice the shadow that loomed over us.

'Well, what have we got here'

We all quickly jumped up to see coach stood there, naked with a huge dick sticking out in front of him. I know it wasn't the time to be thinking it but, man, his body was great, he was absolutely huge with great muscle definition covered in manly gray hair.

'I come to grab a shower and look what I find' He smirked as he pumped his dick as none of us said anything.

'I got a problem here boys and I think you can help me out' Me and Tyler looked at each other, knowing exactly what he meant but still none of us moved.

'Come on boys, you don't want me to tell everyone the football team is full of fags'

Tyler was the first to move and dropped to his knees and began working on the big tool and I quickly followed.

'There's room for two on there' Coach growled as I joined Tyler devouring the huge cock.

'What about you boys, you gonna join in?' Coach asked Adam and Bryce.

'Umm no, we don't do that' they replied quietly.

'Well get the fuck out of here quickly before I change my mind and tell someone about this'

They both sprinted out the showers as me and Tyler eagerly worked on the big dick, we took turns deepthroating it and making out with it between our lips as coach moaned loudly. We also took turns sucking on his balls whilst the other sucked his cock and lapped up the precum.

'Alright boys, give me a breather or I'm gonna blow, lets take this to my office'

We followed him to his office and he closed the drapes and locked the door before ordering us to both get onto all fours on his desk. We were knelt side by side, asses up on his desk as he slowly massaged our cheeks, before gently teasing our holes with his fingers.

'Oh man, it's been a long time since I've had a student in here and I know it's wrong but I can't resist these fine asses, but which one first'

He knelt down behind my butt and I felt the amazing, wet and warm sensation of a tongue flicking across my ass, and then it was gone. I realized he was quickly trading between our butts and teasing us making us beg for more. Soon fingers were probing at my hole and as he ate one ass he fingered the other, making sure both our holes were getting the attention they needed.

'Alright Tyler, feed your buddy your dick, he's getting fucked first'

Tyler climbed down and I hungrily took his dick as coach pressed his dick against my ass and I braced myself for entry. I cried out as he sank into me but the cock in my mouth muffled it as he continued to fill me up until his balls slapped against my ass. He began pounding away hard at my ass straight away and I moaned in pain and pleasure around the tasty cock in my mouth.

'Damn, Luke you gotta fine tight ass, let me try Tyler's before I shoot'

They both pulled away from me and left me with that empty feeling as Tyler took my place. Coach did the same to Tyler as he did me and began banging him hard straight away.

'Right boy, come and eat the coach's ass as I fuck your buddy'

I took my place behind the beautifully hairy ass, both cheeks were like bowling balls and I parted them with my hands to get to the tasty stuff inside. His ass still had that musky smell, which made me even hungrier to taste his hole. I eagerly stuck my tongue in his crack and I could hear him moan wildly as I tongued his hole and insides.

'Oh fuck, Tyler you got a hungry hole' Coach moaned.

'Yeah I can take two cocks in there'

'I got an even better idea' coach replied.

I stepped away from his ass as he pulled out of Tyler and went to a closet at the back, he returned holding a baseball bat in one hand and a pot of lube in the other.

'Think you could take this' he smirked at Tyler.

'I'm not sure, but I still wanna try'

'Alright get on your back and Luke, hold his legs back'

We got into position and I stood with my legs straddling Tyler's head, so that he could lick my cock and ass while I held his legs up. Coach began to work some lube into his hole, pushing it in with 3 fingers and gradually stretching his ass before lining up the bat.

'Ok here goes'

Tyler began sucking real hard on my dick to try and muffle his yells as the bat began to penetrate him. It took a bit of adjustment but he actually took it pretty easily, Tyler definitely had a hungry hole and it wasn't long until half the bat was buried inside him.

'Fuck, look at that' Coach smiled.

'Oh damn, that feels so good' Tyler moaned. Coach started to fuck him with the bat as Tyler jerked his dick hard and suddenly his dick erupted everywhere, all over his chest and abs and some even hit his face.

'Clean up your buddy Luke, but don't swallow' Coach told me. I quickly got down and licked up the sweet load, storing it in my mouth.

'Now come and share it with me' he growled. I was shocked but happily surprised that coach wanted a taste and we made out passionately, sharing the delicious cum between us.

'Oh man, nothing beats teenage cum. Alright Luke, swap places with Tyler, it's your turn now'

'Umm. I don't think I can take that, I'm pretty new to all this'

'Come on boy, you gotta try and take it like a man'

'I guess I could try'

I laid down where Tyler had been and he grabbed my legs, exposing my hungry ass, I did definitely want to try it but I knew my ass wasn't as experienced as Tyler's. Coach prepared my hole, like he had down with Tyler, working the lube in whilst stretching me out with fingers. I was moaning wildly already, his huge fingers felt so good and when he withdrew them I prepared myself for the bigger challenge.

'Ohhh fuck' I yelled.

The end of the bat popped through my hole, stretching it to new levels and fuck, it hurt. Coach took it slower with me, giving me more time to adjust as he inched slowly in. My cock stayed rock hard and the pain started to subside until I was left with an amazing stuffed feeling.

'There you go; you've taken as much as Tyler did'

'Holy fuck'

'How does it feel'

'So fucking good'

'Knew you could take it, you little stud, alright lets make you blow'

Coach started to fuck me with it and Tyler took my cock in his mouth, resulting in me blowing my load within a few minutes. Tyler took it all in his mouth and stood up to share it with coach, just as I had and it was a hot fucking scene.

'Ok boys. You gotta take care of this now' Coach said, waving his dick around after he had withdrawn the bat from my ass.

We both dropped to our knees and shared the massive tool between us, which was soon shooting a load over both our faces. We greedily cleaned each other up, licking and kissing each other, sharing the delicious big load between us, until sadly it was all gone.

'Well boys, don't let me catch you doing stuff you shouldn't in the showers again or I'm just going to have to think of another punishment' He winked at us as we left together and headed for the showers.


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