I was 18 at the time and I was very straight. I like to play baseball and spend time with my best bud jim. He would always call me henry. Even though my name was lucas.

So one day me and jim were out playing some ball, and I got pretty tired. So I called a quites. He was like al right I continue playing. So I sit and watch and couldn't help to wonder what size his cock was. Was it bigger than mine and did it have a foreskin like me? So being the dum teen that we were I run up and pull down his basketball shorts, but they didn't come completly down. He laughs and says ' what are you a dum queer', and we both just laugh.

It was getting pretty dark. About 10pm, and we had school in the morning. We both went to the same school so I told him to ask if he could stay at my house. So we go to his house first and asked his mom and she said yes.

So we go to his room to get some clothes for him. I looking around in his room while he in the bathroom and I find some playboy books. I take them out and see a very sexy naked women with blonde hair and blue eyes, on the cover. He walk in and see me and say 'dammm! What the hell were you doing' then we both start laughing.

We go back to my house and I tell him I have to get in the shower and he say that he does to. Since no one was home, because I was an only child and my mother and father were out of the city for a few dats on buisness.

I told him that we could take it together. He siad 'no that gay'. I said 'only cause it late I said that and we I have school in the morning. So if we don't get in together. I not like we are gay so what the difference. We just don't look'. Jim says ' all right! Just don't do anything gay and I need a towel and a wash clothe'. I get it and we start to get undressed I get in first and close the curtain and I tell that I covered up so he can come in now. He comes in and looks very nervice. We start to wash up and I turn around and there it was. A 5 inch soft cock. Jim see that I saw and says ' stop looking'. I just laugh.

We get out and start to go to bed. I asked him if he wanted to sleep on my bed cause he couldn't sleep in my parents room and he sayed ' alright '. We start to go to bed and he asked me if how many times did I have sex. I answer saying never and he says him to. He asked ' if I ever wonder what it felt like and if a girl ever jacked me off'. I said ' yes and nobody has ever touched my cock instead of me'. We started to laugh. He asked if I could put on some porn cuz he was pretty horny. I turned on the computer and we both agthered around it I looked up websites for porn and clicked on one. I could see if hard on through his pants it looked so good for some odd reason. When the paged downloaded the was a pic of a guy witha 12' cock right on the front page cumming in a girls mouth. Both of us sayed at the same time wholey shit. We clock on it to see the video and I start to touch my self and so does he minutes later we both are jerking off. I see that his eyes are not on the computer but on me and I ask him ' what are you looking at. If your not going touch it then don't look at it '.

He just starts to smile and the he says ' if you do me then I will do you '. I say ' ok. So let go lay on the bed '. He smiles and goes on the bed we start to kiss and I am rubbing his rock hard body and start to go down to his 9' fully hard cock drippin with pre-cum. I then start to jerk him and he does the same to my 10' cock. I ask him to go down on me and he starts to nibble on my chest and then my navel. Hi then start to rub my pubes with his nose. Then he go all the way in. He take my cock and starts to suck the shit out of it. Taking all 10 inches in his mouth. I telling him imma bout to cummmmmmm!!!!!!

And at that moment he stops and says we just got started. Takes my vasline that I use for my sessions and he start to lube his cock and then lifts my legs up and licks my ass whole for a minute then he start to lube it he take his cock and suves half of it all the way in me. I let out a oud ' ahhhhhhhhh that hurts. Ohohohohohohoho' as he pumps his cock in me. After about ten minutes of fucking, he starts to cum in side of me. After he cums he starts to lick my ass and swallow his own cumm. I tell him it me turn he bends over backwards and take it dry like a professional. I stop right when I gonna cum and tell him suck it. He starts to lick the top of my foreskin and then take about all of it in his mouth. I shoot a load and he try not to gag and swallows it.

After that we lay back down butt naked and go to sleep the next morning we skip school and have lots of fun the next day too. These would stop but we continued to jerk each other off every time we slept over one of our house. I never would talk about these two times. But I still want his cock in my ass so I think I will ask him for it next week when my parents leave again.




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