Well a lot of things have changed in my life recently. I have made lots of new friends here and there and they all seem to be totally hot, and straight which is so frustrating!

However one day last week whilst I was at work and was just about to head home when something happened between me and a colleague. So basically I was getting changed out of my uniform in the male staff locker room when this totally cute lad who I have had my eye on since I started a couple of months ago walked in the locker room just as I was taking my shirt off. I caught his eye as he walked past me and I made sure I got a good look at his cute ass wiggling away from me in his cute tight trousers that he wears. Anyway, he heads to the other side of the locker room and I can feel myself boning up a little so I strip a little faster than normal and wrap a towel around my waist and head to the showers.

So I'm stood there in the showers trying not to get too hot under my metaphorical collar so not to embarrass myself in front of my cute colleague when 10 minutes pass and then another 5 minutes pass. I assume that I am alone in the locker room so my dirty little perverted mind turns to this cute lad who I fancy the hell out of and I start to get hard under the shower head.

Anyway, I'm massaging away and I don't realise that the lad who passed me in the locker room had not actually left but was still there as I found out when he sneaked into the shower room and casually and quietly mentioned that I looked kinda good stood there.

I blushed immediately and said my apologies to him as I didn't want to offend anyone and he just responded 'it's cool, if I looked like that I wouldn't do anything different' which kind of confused me a little. I had no idea what he meant whether he meant it if he was me or if he fancied him, yeah I don't really know but all I know was that I was totally embarrassed. I finished my shower and left my colleague alone in the showers so that I could recompose myself in the locker room. I just sat on the bench with my towel around my waist waiting for him to return. A few minutes later he followed me out and we made idle chit chat as we each dried off.

I remembered that in the haze he had seen my bare arse naked so I thought I would just whip my towel off and just continue to towel down and dress naked. He followed suit and I was totally digging him more and more as we spoke.

We both started to get dressed and he commented on my CK briefs I changed into and how much he liked that sort of thing but never really knew what he would like so just wore boxers all the time. I told him how comfy they were and that I could lend him a pair if he wanted to try them out some time which he complied with and said that would be awesome. So we got fully dressed and walked together to the colleague car park. We chatted for a bit whilst he had a cigarette and I then made my excuses and said I had to run to catch my train home. He told me not to be daft and that he would give me a lift home if I wanted.

I jumped at the chance and as we headed to his car I told him the way to my flat. So after about 10 minutes in the car talking about girls and stuff I came to the conclusion that I think he was bisexual. Anyway I thought no more of it and as he had been so generous as to give me a lift home I offered him a drink inside. He said that would be cool and he went and parked his car.

We headed in and we both sat down on the sofa with a nice cup of tea after a long days work. I mentioned he wanted to borrow some briefs from me so I went to fetch them from my laundry basket in the kitchen. When I came back I was in total shock. He had stripped down to his boxers and looked at me and laughed then took the briefs from me and proceeded to change into them.

I was totally flabbergasted and what he was doing. He turned around and wow he was a sight for sore eyes. He looked absolutely stunning in my briefs in the middle of my living room. It totally turned me on, I was in heaven.

Well one thing sort of lead to another and I ended up on my knees pealing my undies off of my hot colleague in the middle of my lounge. I didn't know what had come over me but he didn't seem to mind. I proceeded to give his dick the time of its life. I worked his tight hairy balls as I worked my hot wet tongue on the head of his massive cock, now standing to full attention. As I massaged his balls I felt them tighten slightly which was the code for me to back off and tell my little solider to calm down. He pulled me into a tight embrace and we shared a short but sweet passionate kiss. He told me to get on the sofa where he stripped me down to my own orange CK briefs.

I sat down on my sofa still just in my orange CK briefs and Liam starts to kiss me all over from the feet upwards. It felt so amazing, tickling and caressing my legs as he made his way up to my stomach where he proceeded past my briefs and made no effort in stopping his quest over my body. He made his way to my abs, slowly running his tongue over the ripples of my stomach whilst working my nipples with his thumb and fingers. I was in heaven but still he continued, up and over the mounds of my chest and proceeded up my neck to my chin, breathing slightly over my awaiting lips before setting off back down my chin, my neck and kissing his way back down to my treasure trunk.

He worked his mouth all over my package whilst running his silky smooth fingers up and down my sides. There were no words to describe how I was feeling at this moment in time. Then, with nothing more than his teeth and my body to steady himself he slowly but surely inched my briefs down until they were around my ankles so I could kick them off for him. As I did, Liam paid great attention to my balls and the area between them and my arse crack. It felt so amazing getting this kind of massage that I had never experienced before. After about twenty minutes of extreme teasing of my balls he took me by surprise and devoured my cock whole. 7 inches down the hatch in one swift movement. I almost let the flood gates open and released my load down his throat but as he lifted his head off of my cock I realised that is all I was going to get.

He had teased me enough and I grabbed him in a strong embrace and fucked his mouth with my tongue. I was so horny right now and he knew exactly how to excite me even more. He pulled away slightly and breathed ever so lightly in my ear before nibbling on my lobe. I took the opportunity to caress his back and grind my cock into his package letting him know what I wanted.

He slit back and twisted me around on the sofa so I was laying and one end and he was kneeling at the other end. He glanced and my face and I just smiled. There was no need for lube and I certainly didn't care about a condom right now. he leaned over and I spat in his mouth giving him perfect lubricant for my cherry and his little solider. he worked my spit in my arse with his tongue, round, and round his tongue went making me all wet and loose enough to gain him access to my bud.

He laid ever so slightly on top of me as I felt the mushroom head of his cock press against my rose bud. I embraced him again as he started the ascent into my waiting hole. I thought that he filled my throat well, all 8 inches of his cock but having it in my arse was a totally different experience. I felt connected, warm, and full with love and lust for him. When all of a sudden i knew he was balls deep in me. He hit my love button inside my arse and I feel the light fuss of his pubic hair touch my arse. I whispered in his ear 'give it to me, now.'. And with the permission from my arse, Liam went to town on me. He let go of all his inhibitions and started to pound the living day lights out of me. Each time hitting my prostate sending me into a high of love and excitement.

He was pumping me for almost half an hour and apart from the internal connection I had made no other connection with Liam but as I slid my fingers down my body, over my cock and over his sides I immediately felt his cock tighten inside me and with several more thrusts Liam pumped his seed 8 inches deep inside of me.

It was the first load I had had for a long time and boy did it feel good. I looked lustfully in his eye and told him to stay there as he hadn't done the job properly as I was still waiting to burst my load. So, with his slab of now slowly softening meat inside of me he arched his back down and as he did previously, swallowed my cock in one swift movement. I arched down on his cock and lifted off slightly with each thrust he worked my cock in his mouth. He then took my cock right down his throat and worked his muscles on my cock where as he started to slowly slide his throat off over my cock he knew he had done the job as I started to explode, spurt after spurt down his throat and in his mouth as he lifted off of me. By the time he had reached my head he had sucked my bone dry but kept a small mouthful back and he took me in a warm embrace on top of me and slowly worked his tongue, covered in my warm seed all around my mouth. I swallowed some and gave him a small dividend for all of his hard work.

We both smiled at each other and I started laughing a little. I grabbed the blanket from the table next to the sofa and threw it over us. We both just laid there taking in the scent of one and other where we then continued to slowly drift off into a wonderful hazy sleep.



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